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Niche and Content Ideas for Info Products

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Niche and Content Ideas for Info Products

When you want to create an info product, one of the important things to think about is what exactly your product will be based on. This is the part where you will do your research on your niche and try to find one that will be right.

A good niche is one which has people interested in paying for a product that will solve a problem and answer their questions, but is specific enough to not be too saturated with other products. So for example, instead of a general product about “affiliate marketing”, you could create an info product about “Using Twitter for Affiliate Marketing”, etc.

Doing niche research will take a bit of time to complete, but it’s not a complicated task. You can use Google’s keyword tool to see search volumes and competition levels for specific keywords that are related to your niche. You can also read Yahoo Answers, blogs and discussion forums to find out the type of questions that people are asking the most often about your general niche and see if there’s a more specific, sub niche that you can exploit from that.

Also, doing niche research involves looking at the competition. Are there any other info products which target the specific niche that you are after? If so, what do they claim they offer and how much do these products cost? What can you do to make your product better than competitors and thus more appealing to buyers? These are all valid questions that you would need to ask yourself when you’re in the niche selection phase of product creation. Remember, a successful product will often be one that offers something more and actually stands out from the crowd, rather than simply being the same thing that has been done dozens of times, just under a different name.

Now that you have thought about and selected your specific niche, it is time to consider the content that you will put in your product. There are many different ways that you can deliver the content, such as in the format of an ebook, videos, interactive tutorials, audio guides, etc. Sure, some formats might be better in certain niches, but the actual content of your product is the most important part, regardless of how you will be delivering it to the buyer.

Obviously, when creating a product, having some solid knowledge and experience in the niche of your product will help out a lot. You will already have an idea of what you will want to include in your product and how you will structure the information contained in your future product. This is why it’s also recommended that you select a niche that you actually have an interest in, as it will make creating the content a lot easier and less time consuming for you. Tomorrow we will explore some further ideas on how you can put together a product that will be genuinely useful for your buyers and will have a higher chance of getting a positive reception.

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Attracting Local Visitors To Your Website: Do Your SEO First

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Attracting Local Visitors To Your Website: Do Your SEO First

One of the main attractions of advertising your business in the online world is that you are able to reach people all over the world. Anyone, from anywhere can visit your website and do business with you. However, for certain small businesses, this is not what they need, especially if they only do business in a certain local area. Therefore, for them, receiving visitors from all over the country and all over the world will be quite useless and will simply result in wasted time and wasted bandwidth on their website.

Think of it this way. If you run a local landscaping business, you don’t need people from the other end of the country seeing your website. It will be as useless to them as it is to you. The visitor will simply see that you don’t serve their area and then leave your site. For them, seeing your website would have simply been nothing more than a waste of time. But how do you target visitors that are only from the area that you do business in? There are many ways in which this can be accomplished. We will take a look at some of the techniques that you can use to make this happen.

Proper Local SEO

Sure, there are many different ways to get people to see your website. With dozens of different advertising options, many business owners don’t focus much on SEO, considering it too complicated to perform on their own and too costly to outsource to a professional firm. As you will see, both of these assertions are not necessarily true. In any case, even if you don’t expect search engine traffic to be your main source of clicks, doing some SEO work on your site is recommended, even if it is just the most basic type.

Basic SEO is not complicated at all for a local business. It simply consists of targeting the right keywords in the proper way. Therefore, you should optimize your content towards keywords that are more “local” than simply general keywords. So if you run a landscaping business in Boca Raton, Florida, you would optimize your content for keywords such as “Boca Raton landscaping” or “landscaping in Boca Raton”. By doing so, you will only be competing for rankings with local businesses, which is easier than trying to rank for the more general “landscaping”. Furthermore, a person doing a search for (product or service) + city is more likely to be in buying mode and seeking out a place where they can GET the service in your city. Even if they are not ready to make a decision yet and are just comparing prices, they are much more likely to contact YOU if they notice that your business offers the best value. On the other hand, someone searching for “landscaping” could simply be looking for landscaping tips and tricks and not interested in hiring anyone’s services.

But is it really hard to do SEO for local businesses and is it really costly to get help? These are topics that we will discuss in the second part.

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Adsense Alternatives – Chitika

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Adsense Alternatives – Chitika

As a website owner you have definitely heard of many different ways to monetize your site and its content. Some ways include running ads for affiliate products, CPA offers, or publishing pay per click ads. The latter is very popular with a lot of webmasters as it doesn’t actually require you to sell or promote anything. You get paid simply for users clicking on the ads and won’t have to worry about whether the click will convert on the advertisers side.

Any webmaster has probably already heard of using Google Adsense to monetize their site. Sure, they are the most commonly heard of name in the pay per click publishing industry, but this doesn’t mean that they don’t have any competition. Many other advertising networks are in operation right now and other competitors are sprouting up on a regular basis.

One advertising network that has proven to be reliable and innovative is Chitika. Generally speaking, they operate in a way that is similar to Adwords and the majority of advertising networks out there: you publish ads on your site and get paid every time a visitor clicks on them. But they also have a unique delivery option called Chitika Premium. It uses a concept called “behavioral targeting”, which means showing ads to visitors based on things that they are interesting in. This is accomplished by their service seeing which search terms visitors have used in order to locate your website or blog. Then, this keyword is displayed to the user, in addition to relevant ads specially targeted to that keyword. So if the user typed in the keyword “hotels”, they would see “Are you looking for hotels?” in the ad box, together with ads that would best fit this keyword. One small drawback of the premium service is that it only works for traffic that comes from search engines and is coming from the United States or Canada. If you have other types of traffic to your site, or international traffic, don’t worry though. Chitika will still display “regular” ads to these users, so you won’t lose out.

Payments are made on a NET 30 basis, which means that, for example, earnings that you have accumulated for the month of March will be paid at the end of the month of April. This is pretty much standard procedure among pay per click advertising networks and most CPA networks. One advantage of dealing with Chitika is that they support payment by PayPal. You just need to have earned over $10 for the month in question. You can also opt to receive payment by check, however in that case you would need to have earned a minimum amount of $50 in your Chitika account.

If you have a lot of search traffic that is coming from the US or Canada, then Chitika offers you a good way to get better CTR on your ads and it is definitely something worth trying.

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Some Ideas On What to Do Online – Selling on eBay

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Some Ideas On What to Do Online – Selling on eBay

As we all know, there are many different ways to make some cash online. Whether you simply want to earn a few extra dollars, or are planning to start a full-time online business, there are various methods that you can use to generate income. One thing that you should do is to familiarize yourself with as many of them as possible. This will not only help you determine what you want to do to make money, but you will also have knowledge of some extra methods should your primary ways of making money slow down for some reason.

Selling on eBay

eBay is definitely the world’s best known online auction site. It also receives millions of visitors from around the world, every single day. This makes it one of the largest online marketplaces and a great place to sell all kinds of merchandise.

Now the question is what to sell on eBay. You can either sell items that you produce yourself or resell merchandise bought somewhere else at a profit. I’ve personally known a few people who have a small clothing label and made a good amount of money selling their items on eBay. One of my friends specializes in selling t-shirts with funny slogans or pictures of internet memes. He sends the design over to a local business who print it on the t-shirt for a few dollars, and then resellers the t-shirts on eBay for a profit.

You don’t really need to make your own items in order to profit from eBay either. You can simply apply the concept of “buy low, sell high” to many different types of merchandise. The key here is to find a supplier that will sell items at a relatively low cost that will enable you to make a decent profit on the markup. Remember to take into consideration eBay fees as well as PayPal fees when determining how much profit you will actually be making.

The best sources for cheaply priced merchandise are most definitely trading websites such as AliBaba, TradeTang and DH Gate. You will find many different items, such as clothing items, electronics, jewelry, etc. for sale there. Usually, those items are sold directly from the manufacturer or from wholesalers. As for distributing the items to your end customers, you basically have two choices. Either you can place an order for a quantity of items in bulk, or you can have the supplier ship directly to your customer, which is a process called “drop shipping”.

A word of caution when ordering merchandise through these sites. While the majority of trading partners there are honest, there are still quite a few scammers operating there. Therefore, it is always best to place a small order, typically one or two units and have it shipped to you in order to determine whether the provider actually sends you an item and whether the items sold accurately match the description given on the site.

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Another Simple Offline Business Idea

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Another Simple Offline Business Idea

If you are reading this, you are probably looking for ways to make money on the internet. Sure, there are many different ways to conduct business online and earn money. But what about those of you who were more inclined to set up a “real” business. Then read on. Here is a simple idea that you can use. Remember, you don’t have to copy exactly what you see here. Feel free to apply your own ideas to the project.

First of all, starting a business, especially a “brick and mortar” one is not something for the lazy. You will need to do some actual work for this idea to pay off for you. Remember, taking action is the key to success!

If you have been browsing eBay, you may have seen many relatively inexpensive electronic items for sale. These include MP3/MP4 players that are designed to look like the iPod but are actually clones designed to replicate their look, cheap RC helicopters, cell phone accessories, toys such as robot dogs, no-name Chinese netbooks, etc. A lot of this merchandise is sourced from vendors that advertise on wholesale sites such as TradeTang and AliBaba. Many eBay sellers have the merchandise dropshipped to the client, while some actually buy the items in bulk and keep a certain quantity in stock to send out to buyers themselves. In any case, these items sell quite well.

But perhaps, you may have seen the same items for sale at certain small electronics stores or kiosks at malls. Chances are the owners of these businesses get their merchandise from the same wholesalers than those who sell on eBay. So why not try to do the same?

The concept is simple: you purchase a certain quantity of merchandise from wholesale sites and then offer it for sale at your kiosk and make profit. Seems simple enough, but there are a few things to take into consideration. First, is the type of items that you will be selling. Based on my observation, cheap MP3 players seem to do quite well, especially with parents who want to buy one for their kids but don’t want to spend $200 on an iPod that will be obsolete in 2 months. During the Christmas holiday season, people will be looking to buy gifts, so why not diversify your offerings and also carry some toys, like RC helicopters, RC cars, robot dogs, sunglasses, watches, etc. All of these items can be obtained very cheaply from wholesalers located in Asia.

Of course, there will be expenses involved. First, you would need to buy some merchandise, which will cost you around $1000 to begin with in order to have enough items in stock. Also, you will need to pay in order to rent the kiosk. If you are a bit unsure or just want it to be a “seasonal” business, some shopping malls let you lease a small cart or a “hole in the wall” place on a weekly or monthly basis. Here’s a tip: as this is an actual business that you are setting up, check with your government if there are any small business grants that you can take advantage of. In some regions or countries, the government can give you a grant to help you start a business, especially if you are a young entrepreneur or are part of a minority group. It never hurts to ask.

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General SEO Tips and Information

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General SEO Tips and Information

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a group of techniques to make any sort of content on your website appear higher on search engines such as Google or Bing, meaning more towards the first page of search results.  There are many different ways to achieve higher search engine rankings.  First off, the text of your webpage as well as your title will both bring your page into the search engine database.  Using a keyword or phrase multiple times on that webpage will easily boost the ranking of said page.  Usually, about an overall 4-6% keyword phrase density is recommended in the text of the page to receive maximum results of this technique.

Linking is another very popular SEO technique that is easy, yet effective.  All three types of links (inbound, outbound, and internal) can help boost your page rankings.  Links from sites that also specialize in the same keywords, as well as links from .gov and .edu websites are especially beneficial as far as links of the inbound type are concerned.  Your internal links’ anchor text can also make a huge difference.  Instead of using the word “here” as many webmasters tend to do, try using your keyword instead, as it can really make a difference, especially down the road.

While many argue that meta tags are one of the most important factors in SEO, they are still secondary to content.  Remember, content is king!  Sure, meta tags can help you out initially, but keeping your pages updated with fresh content and proper keyword density will help you out much more in the long run.  Unique content that is updated frequently, combined with the proper meta tags, will be able to outs higher ranking sites that never have their content updated, no matter how well the meta tags are done for the previously higher ranked website.

Finally, file names as well as URLs are also fairly important.  Using key words in both of these will also easily boost your SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).  This might seem like common sense, but think about how many broken links you encounter when browsing, or how many pages are simply named “1” or “2”, and think about how search engines index websites.  They go through every page and file, and record what it’s called.  If a page is called “2” it won’t be entered for the keyword that it is aimed at, same with broken links.  So, remember to name your pages and files appropriately, and to double check all of your links.

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How Do Bloggers Make Money ?

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How Do Bloggers Make Money ?

blog for moneyA blog can be monetised in so many different ways, for example:

  • Google Adsense (earn money from readers clicking on links on your blog)
  • Amazon Associates (earn money from referring your readers to buy products from Amazon)
  • Affiliate Marketing (earn money from referring your readers to buy products from companies you are affiliated with)
  • CPA Leads (earn money from Cost Per Action, which means referring your readers to other websites that pay you for every lead you send them e.g an email opt in form)
  • Click Bank.  Earn money from selling clickbank digital products
  • Creating an email list.  Building up an email list is a great way to make money from emailing your lists with affiliate products.

If you keep your blog updated daily/weekly your blog will grow nicely and will get good traffic coming to it and you will start to see money being made from your efforts.  Top successful bloggers are making $1,000 a day from commission.  Because they have so many readers everyday and if that reader clicks on a Google advert or clicks on any of the affiliate banners and makes a purchase the blogger earns a nice commission.

If you’re serious about making money online with your own network of blogs then I highly recommend you to join up to my membership program and watch my video tutorials on how to set-up a successful blog and drive traffic to them and make money from affiliate marketing.

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Make Money With Niche Blogs and Websites

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Make Money With Niche Blogs and Websites

andrewHi, my name is Andrew Fitzgerald the creator of the WebsitesForSaleWorld.co.uk membership program.  I have over 10 years experience in building and marketing websites and have a network of successful blogs that are viewed by over 100,000 visitors a month.  Most of my income comes from affiliate marketing and membership websites.


As a member to my program I will show you how to set-up a network of successful websites built on WordPress.  WordPress is a content management system that is free to the public and is mainly used for Blogging.  A blog can be used as a personal diary to write daily articles about anything you like.  Nearly all online companies uses a blog, as blogging is a great way to drive traffic to your website and attract a reader base.  The reason blogs are so successful is because search engines love a website this is updated on a daily basis with unique information.


The best way to make money online is to start your own blog on any niche you like.  My advice is to set up a blog in a niche that you have a personal interest in.  For example if you’re into gadgets or electronics set-up a blog dedicated to writing reviews and news about electrical items.  If you have an interest in health and beauty set up a blog writing about the latest health and beauty products and so on.  If you have an interest in finance set up a blog about the latest news.


Now once you have chosen the niche you would like to blog about, you need to go ahead and set-up your blog (more on that later).

 How Do I Make Money From Blogging? (I hear you say)

 A blog can be monetised in so many different ways, for example:


  • Google Adsense (earn money from readers clicking on links on your blog)
  • Amazon Associates (earn money from referring your readers to buy products from Amazon)
  • Affiliate Marketing (earn money from referring your readers to buy products from companies you are affiliated with)
  • CPA Leads (earn money from Cost Per Action, which means referring your readers to other websites that pay you for every lead you send them e.g an opt in form)


If you’re serious about making money online with your own network of blogs then I highly recommend you to join up to our membership program and watch our video tutorials on how to set-up a successful blog and drive traffic to them and make money from affiliate marketing.

 Click Here To Sign Up

Picking Your Domain Name


When you have decided what you are going to blog about then the next step is to pick your domain name.  I recommend you pick a domain name that will have your main keyword in the URL.  A keyword is the word that is searched on Google everyday by users that will hopefully get directed to your blog.


To research what keywords are searched on a monthly basis on Google I recommend the following free tool:




As an example I am going to target the keyword “LCD Tvs” in this guide


You will then be shown a list of the commonly used keywords used in that niche, with the Global monthly search volume is the amount of times a month that keyword is searched on Google worldwide and the local search volume is the country your in.  On the “Match Type” box on the right select “Phrase” and this will highlight the keyword phrase with “commas”.  Now what you want to do is go to Google.com and see what competition there is for this keyword.  What you want to do is find a keyword that has less then 50,000 competing websites because the less competition for that keyword the more likely you will rank on page 1 for that keyword.


For example go to Google and do the following with your chosen keyword (The keyword I chose from my list was “best flat screen tv” which has a monthly search volume of 9,900) making sure to put the quote marks around you keyword as I’ve done below:


Now once you have chosen the keyword you want to target, next is to search online to see if there is a domain available that has your main keyword within the domain name.


The ideal domain extensions you want are


  1. First option for .com if its available
  2. 2nd option if .com is taken is .org
  3. 3rd option if both .com and .org are taken then get .net


If all 3 extensions are taken then what you can do is add something to the end of the domain for example:







Make sure you don’t have any dashes (-) in your domain name and make sure your keyword starts at the beginning.


Click Here To Search For A Domain Name


Once you have purchased a domain name, the next step is to set-up a hosting account so you can host your blog.

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How To Build Up Your Backlinks To Increse Your Page Rank And Google Rankings

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How To Build Up Your Backlinks To Increse Your Page Rank And Google Rankings

backlinksThe only way to succeed online is to make sure your online marketing promotion is perfect.

First you need to make sure your website is fully optimised for search engines

The next step is to start link building.  There are many different ways in which you can start link building e.g:

1) Submit articles about your websites to press release and article sites

2.) Submit your website to free directoris and social networking sites

3.) Blog commenting on other websites

4.) Forum posting in forums and blogs

5.) Answering questions in yahoo answers

6.) Creating classified ads

7.) Purchasing links on other websites

8.) Sponsoring wordpress themes

All of these will take alot of time and patience to do manually.  I have found and created an automated system that will do all your link building for you for free which you can install this system onto your website and does your link building for you by itself.  The system is whitehat and only takes about 1 hour to install.

Take a look on the following post – it shows you how to build millions of backlinks:


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