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Securing Your Privacy When Doing Online Business

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Securing Your Privacy When Doing Online Business

Previously, we’ve seen some of the privacy concerns that people could have when they do business on the internet, either as an affiliate or an e-commerce site owner. But what about ways to reduce these privacy risks? There are a few very easy strategies that can be employed by online entrepreneurs and which will allow you to get a better control over what information you give out to your online business partners.

The first thing you would want to consider doing is registering a business that will be used for all your online activities. There are various legal forms that a business can take, such as a sole proprietorship, limited liability company, or a corporation. Rules and regulations regarding business registration will vary depending on the jurisdiction that you reside in, so it would be best if you read up on applicable laws and regulations. By having a registered business, you can receive payments under that name and list it as owner of the websites that you operate. This also has the advantage of making your online operations look a lot more professional.

One of the other privacy issues that arise when you do business online is giving out your home address. But there is an easy and relatively inexpensive solution for this. You can get a PO BOX or a mail forwarding address for about $10 per month. You can either use the post office, a company such as Mail Boxes Etc. or an online company that receives all your mail for you and then forwards it to you. This will allow you to do business online without revealing your home address to your partners, vendors, clients, etc. You also won’t need to pay extra for WHOIS privacy for each domain that you buy, as you can simply use your company name and “virtual” address when you register websites related to your online marketing activities.

Another thing that you need to consider is your phone number. Again, many wouldn’t want to give their personal home or cell phone number out as they don’t want their phone number to end up on dozens of marketing lists and get calls every day soliciting them to buy things. Once again, the solution to this is simple and rather inexpensive.

You can get a cheap cell phone on a prepaid plan and use the number as the contact phone number for your online business. This could be a good solution if you’re not going to be making or receiving a lot of business related calls each month. There are some other solutions as well. You could use a VoIP phone number and phone service that you can get for around $15 per month. There are also services which provide you with fax to email, voice mail, call forwarding, as well as numerous extensions. If you’re looking for a second phone line to use for your business, then you will definitely find a solution online for this.

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Getting Back on Adwords After a Ban

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Getting Back on Adwords After a Ban

Previously, we’ve talked about how to keep your Adwords account from getting banned. But what if it’s now too late and your account has already been given the boot by Google. Is it possible to ever use Adwords again? Yes, however there are a few things that you need to make this happen.


New domain names.


If your account was banned, chances are that some or all of the domains that you have used are blacklisted as well. You will need new domain names for all of the campaigns that you will be promoting. It is also a good idea to use Whois privacy on your new domain names, so that Google will not be able to determine who owns them.


New IP address


If you get banned, chances are that Google will ban your IP address too. If you have a dynamic IP, simply switching your IP should do the trick. Or you could instead use a VPN service to get your own private IP that you have not used for Adwords before.


New address and phone number


Your home address and phone number are blacklisted when you get banned from Adwords. This means that you need to get new ones. Well, you don’t have to move or anything. You just need to use a different address. You can use one of a friend or relative, as long as it is OK with them. Or, just use a mail forwarding service or a place that rents mail boxes. These services are used by plenty of online entrepreneurs who want to keep their business information separate from their personal one. When signing up for websites, many people will use a rented mail box rather than their address, out of privacy concerns and also to prevent receiving 1001 pieces of junk mail and solicitations every month.


For the phone number, it is much easier. You can get a prepaid cell phone SIM card for a few dollars and then just top it up with $10 or so of phone credit every month. Or use one of the internet phone services, such as Skype In. If you look around online, you will also find a few services that can give you a very cheap ($4 or so a month) or free VOIP phone number that you can use to receive calls.


A new credit card


You will need to use a different credit or debit card to sign up for the new Adwords account, as any payment cards that you have previously used are now blacklisted and will get you banned again if used on a new account.


By following these tips, you should be able to get a new account up and running rather quickly. Remember to review my posts in the past few days to get an understanding of what could get you banned, so that you simply do not get your account canned again. Because, you don’t want to go through all this trouble just to get the boot once more now, do you?

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