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Simple Business Types You Can Start

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Simple Business Types You Can Start

Many individuals would like to have a simple business to start as an online entrepreneur. The advantage of the internet is that it gives you access to potential clients from all around the world without having to spend a fortune on advertising costs. There are thousands of different kinds of businesses that can be started online. But many would like something that is simple to do in order to earn some extra money. Here are a few examples of businesses that can be easily started depending on your skills:

  • Computer Support and Repair

Now practically anyone owns a computer. But the issue is, the majority of PC users don’t have the knowledge required to troubleshoot problems when they occur, nor do they have the time and patience required to look for a solution. This is where you can come in. The computer support and repair business model can take several forms. The most simple one to operate is a purely online type of business.

Here, you will provide remote technical assistance to users who are having problems with their PC. You can accomplish this by having the user install a remote desktop software, or use a plug in that is built into many commonly used programs such as Google Chrome or Skype. You can now gain remote access of the client’s computer and fix most kind of issues, as long as their PC can still boot normally and they can access the internet. You can set the pricing according to many different models, but for small, one man operations, this would usually be on a per incident basis. Advertising can be done through various ways, such as classified ads sites, social media, or placing ads in local newspapers.

Another thing that you can do is to offer your services as an independent technician to individuals and small businesses. Here you will troubleshoot and repair computer related problems by going to the clients location and fixing the problem. While there is usually some competition from larger support firms, especially in bigger cities, one of the advantages is that you can charge much less for each visit, thus earning you more business from those who can’t afford to pay such high prices.

This business model is not only limited to PCs, depending on your skills and available parts & equipment. For example, you could offer repairs and modification services for smart phones (replacing broken screens, jailbreaking, unlocking, recovering data, etc), tablets, gaming consoles, etc. Depending on how much time you’re willing to devote to your business and how much you advertise, this can be a good side job, or you can also turn it into a full time business, even renting out a physical location and hiring staff, etc. It all depends on what you want to accomplish and what your business objectives are.

Tomorrow we will look at some other small business types that you can start right from home and that you can use to earn some extra money online.

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Marketing For Local Businesses: Your Options – Media Buying Part 3

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Marketing For Local Businesses: Your Options – Media Buying Part 3

Now that you know about the kinds of ads that you can run when you buy media, let’s take a look at where you can actually place your ads. While there are plenty of places where you can place them, you will need to choose wisely so that you are able to get the maximum benefit from them. Many websites sell advertising space to cover their hosting costs and make a profit. You will often see “advertise here” or “your ad here” somewhere near the ads on the site. If you don’t, you can always contact the webmaster directly to see if you can place an ad for your business on their site.

  • Sites Often Visited By People from Your City

These could be the websites of local newspapers, TV stations, radio stations, etc. Basically any website where people that live in your city will visit. This will give you exposure to the local traffic that you want.

  • Sites Related to Your Niche

Obviously, you can’t advertise on the website of a business that offers the same thing than you. Would you ever see an ad promoting Honda cars on a Ford dealer’s website? Definitely not. But you can find websites of businesses that are related to your niche without being competitors. For example, if you run a moving company, then you could advertise on a site that people who are about to move will visit, such as real estate sites or websites that list rental properties.

  • Discussion Forums

Web forums that are related to your niche can be an excellent place to get traffic from. For example, if you sell mobile phones, placing your ad on a mobile phone discussion forum would be a great match. However, if you only do business locally, be sure to deal only with forums that have mostly local traffic, or at least that offer geo targeting for their ads, which will let you display your ads only to people who are from the area in which you do business.

Advertising Networks

When you look for places to place your ads, you will see that many websites are affiliated with an advertising distribution network such as Adbrite. The main reason is that managing advertising on a website can be quite time consuming for the webmaster, as he will have to manually put up the ads, collect payment for them, etc. This is why many websites instead sell advertising space to networks, who then resell them to advertisers.

This is also advantageous to you as an advertiser. By signing up for an advertising network, you will discover many other sites on which you can promote your business. All you would need to do is select the payment options, choose any settings such as geo targeting and then give them the ad copy you want to use. You can thus easily manage your media buying campaigns and keep track of things more efficiently.

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Three Ways to Profit from Your Blog

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Three Ways to Profit from Your Blog

Bloggers are making money from there blogs in a host of different ways, but there are three clear winners in terms of payout.  Advertising, sponsorships, and other writing opportunities gained are the three top earners for bloggers.  While there are many other ways to make money from blogs, we will focus on just these three for this article.

Firstly, advertising is seen on about 99% of blogs.  Why? Because it makes the most money in the easiest way possible.  Most advertising on blogs goes through Google Adsense, where you can select pre-made templates and plug the code right into your site.  Of course, there are tons more advanced customization options, but many people opt for the plug-n-play feature, which allows them to begin making money straight away.  There are many similar services such as Chikita’s Mini emails as well as Widget Bucks, both of which pay fairly well.  Bloggers can also sell their ad space privately, which makes a lot more money, but also requires time to manage.  So, it’s up to the blogger to choose.  Do they want to spend more time managing the ads to make a lot more money? Or do they just want to do a few mouse clicks and automatically have ads served on their website?

The second top way of making money for bloggers is sponsorships.  Some companies buy exclusive advertising rights on blogs.  Some also pay for bloggers to make posts about their product.  The problem with sponsored posts is that many people lose trust in the blogger for being a “sell out”, and going with the exclusive advertisement way is a much better option.  The occasional sponsored post, though, can be alright, so long as the blogger actually has some experience with the product.

Other writing opportunities gained from writing on their own blog can be a big money maker for bloggers.  Many get publishing deals for books, or columns in local newspapers, or even national ones.  Other blogs or websites might also approach bloggers with the opportunities to get paid to write for the other blog or website.  Obviously, the print jobs generally pay a whole lot more than the other online jobs, but hey, income is income, and some people have to take what they can get in this day’s economy.  Plus, there are many websites out there that will treat their writers very fairly, and of course, there are a fair share that still do not.  Bloggers choosing to work for other blogs should just be aware of what the going rate might be, and what a realistic rate should be in terms of payment per word or article.

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