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Understanding the Target Market for Your Info Product

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Understanding the Target Market for Your Info Product

If you’re going to be selling an info product, one of the things that you need to do to get the most sales is to understand who your target audience really is. This will help you set the price of your product at an appropriate level and also advertise, promote and market your product through the right channels. Understanding your audience means knowing who your potential buyers are going to be, as well as how much they would be willing to spend in order to find a solution to their problems or to answer the questions that they have. Here are some questions to ask yourself about your buyers:

  • How Motivated are They to Find a Solution to Their Problems?

Are your buyers people who are going to be really hungry for the information, or are they going to be people who will be merely curious about the niche? For example, if you create a beginners guide to online marketing, chances are that your buyers may not know that much about the niche and would be simply curious to see how online business works. However, if you’re selling a complete course on using social media to make money online, your buyers will already have some knowledge about the topic and have a stronger interest in it.

  • Have They Already Seen Plenty of Ads for Similar Products?

This depends on just how “unique” your product is. Is there a high chance that your potential buyers have already seen information about competing products and maybe even bought some of them? In this case, the price of your product will be a bit more important, as you will be competing for your buyers attention with other products out there.

  • Is Your Product Aimed at Newbies or People Who Already Have Experience?

Products that are at the introductory level and aimed at newcomers to a certain niche will usually do better if they’re priced at low, attractive rates such as $9.95 or $14.95. People who already have experience in a certain niche and are looking to expand their knowledge, on the other hand, are often willing to spend more money to get that information. They would be happy to pay more, as long as the product that they would be getting will genuinely give them what they’ve been looking for.

  • Do Your Buyers Spend a Lot of Time Online? What Sites do They Visit?

Knowing this will help you with your marketing and advertising. Is your target audience known for spending a lot of time on the internet each day? What kind of websites do they usually frequent? Do they visit niche related sites such as discussion forums? By knowing this, you can have a better idea as to where you can advertise your product for maximum exposure to your targeted audience. Remember that the more targeted your advertising will be, the more likely it will end up being seen by someone with an interest in what you’re going to be selling them online.

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Creating Your Info Product: The Content – Part 1

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Creating Your Info Product: The Content – Part 1

If you decide to create the content of your info product by yourself, in that case you have quite a bit of work to do. However, just like any other online business project, it can be done if you apply the right methods, knowledge and effort into it. For many people, the creation of the product itself can even be a very enjoyable experience. Before we get started on how to put the product together, there are a few general tips that you need to be aware of, which will help make sure that your product will be well received by its targeted audience, meaning your buyers:

  • Offer something useful and really informative – solve your readers problems and answer their questions

One of the common complaints about information products, especially those in the online marketing niche, is that they don’t offer any real and usable information to the buyer. Think of it this way, a guide on earning money online that simply tells the reader to put up a website, sign up for Adsense or a CPA network and then “somehow” get some traffic to it would be quite useless, as it doesn’t actually give any details or methods on how they can accomplish that.

  • Don’t just rewrite free information that can be found online

This is another complaint that people make about info products that they’ve bought. There is a lot of free information available online to people who are looking for answers to their questions about any given topic. Is your product actually going to give more than that? This is where you get the occasion to really make your product shine. Add some unique methods and strategies that you’ve thought up of and that you’ve tried. Use your experience and knowledge in your niche to share some personal advice with your readers about how you’ve solved the problem that they’ve been having and how you’ve accomplished what they’re trying to do. While some things, such as SEO methods for example, are commonly discussed at length online, this doesn’t mean you just need to rewrite existing information about them. Give something better to your buyers and they will definitely appreciate it.

  • Quality matters more than quantity

When creating a product that is supposed to be informational, you’re not writing a novel or creating the next big movie. You want the information transmitted to your readers to be concise and educate them on your niche. Nobody wants to read an e-book or watch a video course where half of the content is about the author boasting about his accomplishments or telling his life story to the buyer. This doesn’t help the buyer in any way. Essentially, you will want to give your buyers the necessary bits of background information about how some of the concepts work, then give them the actual methods on how they can actually make things work for themselves. Don’t say things simply for the sake of taking up space.

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Money Making Ideas Consistent With Your Objectives

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Money Making Ideas Consistent With Your Objectives

There are a lot of people who want to earn some money on the internet. There are also plenty of guides, some free, some paid, which describe various ways to do so. The problem with these is that they often tend to take a “one size fits all” approach and make no difference between someone who just wants a few extra dollars to pay their bills or someone who wants to make a six figure income by building a complete online business.

Also, the issue is that these guides, courses and ebooks, while useful and interesting, tend to focus exclusively on one online money making activity, such as affiliate marketing, digital product creation or eBay selling. This, in itself, is not entirely a bad thing. After all, if someone wants to learn how to be a Power Seller on eBay and make thousands of dollars in sales each day, it would be much better for them to have a complete guide on the topic, rather than just reading a few pages in a more general money making ideas guide.

However, for those who do not yet know which specialty, or specialties of online money making they want to get into, this may not be the best choice. In that case, it would be much better for these people to read something that describes various ways to make money on the internet, so that they can choose which activities they would want to perform to earn.

Even though many individuals with no knowledge of online business wouldn’t know much about different money making activities, they typically know what their objectives are in terms of income. Some people only want to make a hundred or so dollars each month, while others want to make a thousand dollars each day.

There are basically three different categories of objectives in terms of income:

Micro online business: $0 to $500 a month.

This is for those who only want a few extra bucks at the end of the month, to do things like pay some bills, buy a few extra things that they want, etc. These people typically do not want to invest much time or money in their business and just want methods that will bring them a bit of cash without being too complex.

Part time online business: $500 to $2500 a month.

This is often used by people who want to supplement an existing income or those that are willing to put in a bit more effort in their online activities and spend about 15 to 30 hours a week on it. Some investments might be required, but they will usually be relatively small sums of money.

Full time online business: $2500 a month +

Here, things start getting serious. Those who have this objective need to know that they will essentially be building a complete online business and they must be willing to put in 30 or more hours per week into it, as well as make the necessary financial investments to get their business off the ground and to keep it growing.

We will keep exploring some money making ideas for each of these categories tomorrow.

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Want To Become An Internet Marketer? Do You Have What It Takes?

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Want To Become An Internet Marketer? Do You Have What It Takes?

A great number of people are seeking to become internet marketers these days. This is no surprise in itself, given that the internet offers a lot of opportunities for anyone wishing to make money. Furthermore, many are attracted to the world of online business due to the income opportunities that it presents as well as the potential of being your own boss. But do YOU have what it takes to be an internet marketer? There are some qualities and skills that an internet marketer needs to possess in order to succeed. Here are a few of them:

The ability to work independently.

When you run an online business, no one is constantly breathing down your neck to make sure that you are actually working instead of just goofing off and wasting time. For many, this is a good thing. But for some, it can present a challenge in itself. You will need to be motivated to do the work that needs to get done in order to get your business operating even if no one is “forcing” you to do anything.

The willingness to learn… on your own.

To my knowledge, there are only a few internet marketing courses taught in universities. And based on what I have seen, they are usually not worth the money, as all the information given in them can be found online either for free or for far less money.

It comes down to the fact that you need to be able to not only work, but also learn independently. You will have to locate the information you want online, analyze it and take action on it. As the world of internet marketing is constantly evolving, you will always need to be ahead on new developments and do research on new ways to make money. This means devoting some time to continued learning.

The ability to plan and organize things efficiently.

Any successful internet marketer will tell you that the key to earning a lot of money online is having multiple sources of income. The advantages of this are quite obvious, even to someone with no experience in online business: if one of your sources of income dries up for whatever reason, you always have other ones that you can fall back on and scale up. This means that you would probably be operating several websites, dealing with various vendors and service providers, have accounts at multiple affiliate networks, etc.

If you want your business to work well, all of this will have to be neatly organized. You will have to make decisions as to which projects you want to work on, which affiliate offers you will promote this week, which tools and services you will need to accomplish your goals, etc. Needless to say, if you don’t even remember which sites you own or where you are running your ad campaigns, things won’t work out too well for you.

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Why Is It Hard To Succeed With An Online Business?

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Why Is It Hard To Succeed With An Online Business?

Starting a new online business can be tough. We’ve covered some of the things you will need to do, and some concepts you’ll need to keep in mind, now let’s take a look at some of the challenges you’ll face.


Many of the tasks you’ll have to complete for your online business are extremely tedious. Keyword research, copy writing, and setting up a website all take a great deal of time to execute. None of the tasks you’ll have to do are terribly difficult, but most of them take up a good bit of time. It can be difficult to stay focused on tedious tasks, especially in the beginning. When you’re first starting out, the rewards for your efforts won’t be clear, and it might feel like you’re doing a lot of work for a little yield. It’s important to push through this part of the process.


In the beginning, you’re not going to make a lot of money. In fact, you might go as much as a month or two without bringing in a single penny. One of the main reasons why people fail with online businesses is that they give up when their new business isn’t profitable right away. It’s important to keep going even if you’re not seeing a monetary reward for your efforts. If you keep going, you’ll get to a point where you’re profiting.l If you quit, you’ll never make a dime.

Learning Curve

While most of the tasks involved in running an online business are pretty straightforward, a lot of the knowledge necessary to perform those tasks effectively is not. There are a lot of new terms,a nd concepts to learn about when you’re starting out with an online business, and if you don’t take the time to do the learning, you’re just setting yourself up for failure down the line.

Starting a new online business can be very challenging. The secret to success is persevering through the hard parts, and making your way through to a time when it gets easier. The key to online success is sticking with it. The challenges you’ll face early on might make you feel like you should give up, but if you don’t stick with it, you can’t succeed with it. Hang in there, and you’ll see the rewards before you know it.

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Tools for Successful Attraction Marketing

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Tools for Successful Attraction Marketing

A great attraction marketing guru, Seth Godin.

Attraction marketing is simply drawing people into your products and services by attraction. Pretty straightforward huh? Well if it isn’t, the best way i can think about attraction marketing is by telling people and showing them what you are capable of and what sort of value you can bring to them. There are a ton of great ways you can do this — but the general system is to create valuable content, no matter the medium, that shows you are an expert in what you are talking about and can teach someone (or provide someone) with the knowledge you have for a given area of expertise or need.

Offering eBooks is one of the attraction marketing techniques which is useful towards providing leads which will eventually turn into conversions for your marketing campaigns. The use of eBooks can be diverse as you can take advantage of preexisting options which are free to distribute or even write your own eBook which can provide some information samples which readers will want to learn more about. This makes it possible to ask them to continue learning more by purchasing a product or joining a system.

Social media attractors are some of the most effective options that you have at your disposal for attraction marketing. Creating an account on a social media website is easy and provides plenty of people to start networking in. Make sure to add in a large amount of interests which are similar to what you will be marketing and send requests to others for mutual associations. These requests can be friendship, followers, and many other types of associations depending on the social media network. Once a network of about 50 or so people has been achieved, start providing interesting information about the product or system that you are marketing. Most users will be intrigued and at least check out what you posted.

Conventional websites are the tried and true method for attraction marketing. Using the old process of creating a website, specializing in a niche or range of niches and creating content to fill the sites with information that readers will want to stick around for is the real way to make use of the sites. Visitors to websites will usually make an assumption about the website in the first few seconds of their visit. It is always true that the more pleasing the aesthetic feel of the site is, coupled with what information it contains, will always help to provide attraction marketing leads.

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