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Tips for Running CPA Offers on Craigslist: Part 3

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Tips for Running CPA Offers on Craigslist: Part 3

Previously we’ve seen some ways to get your ads on classified ad sites to stay there and also to make a maximum amount of money while minimizing problems. Here are some final tips on how you can run successful affiliate campaigns by using classified ad sites:


  • Look at the other ads


When you want to put ads on Craigslist or any other classified ads site, the first thing that you would need to do is to take a look for yourself about how all the other ads in the section look like. Look at the titles, the formatting as well as the wording used in the ads. Do people post pictures? Do they post contact information in the ad? What words or expressions are used more often? These are all things that will help your ad look normal and make it less likely to be flagged or reported as spam. Also, you should obviously avoid making any outrageous claims in your ad to draw attention to it such as “Get a free house!” or things like that. If you do, it would probably be flagged as spam very quickly.


  • Use a local IP


Classified ads sites such as Craiglist and Backpage are mainly designed for local people to post local offers. So if you post an ad in a city that is not yours, you will need to use an IP address that is located in the area that you are targeting. You might not need this for all the classified ads sites, however Craigslist is known to be very strict regarding this and your ads in many categories will not appear if the IP address that you are posting from is not local to the area. To solve this problem, there are various workarounds. You could use a proxy, or a VPN service that will give you an IP address in the area where you are intending to post your ad.


  • Don’t mislead people or make false promises


Selling something from a CPA offer is one thing. However, deliberately misleading people by making false promises is another. Examples of this would include: promising someone a job if they fill out a survey, telling someone they are approved for a mortgage if they get a free credit report from your offer, etc. With some creativity, there are quite a few ways that you can promote CPA offers on classified ads sites without promising people things that don’t exist.


  • Check the rules for the offer you are promoting


Many affiliate networks recognize that classified ads sites are an important source of traffic and are used by thousands of marketers. However, some may have specific rules as to what kind of ads can be posted, as well as the sites they can be posted on. On some offers, classified ad traffic may be banned altogether, while on some you are not allowed to direct link to the offer itself. In any case, make sure you check the terms of every offer you want to promote before starting a campaign.

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Email Advertising: The Do’s and Don’ts

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Email Advertising: The Do’s and Don’ts

Email advertising is just one of the ways for you to get the word out, either about your own business or product, or about an affiliate offer that you are running. Unfortunately, this method of advertising is often associated with unsolicited email (spam) and as such is avoided by many marketers. But there are ways to leverage the power of email advertising and have great results, as long as you follow these tipis outlined below.

Make sure you are allowed to do it: If you are promoting an affiliate or CPA offer, be sure that the offer in question can be promoted by email and what the restrictions or rules are. Certain offers are barred from email promotions, while on certain others the messages and subject lines have to be entered exactly as provided by the merchant. If you fail to follow these instructions, at best you will be warned by your affiliate manager. At worst, you can get banned from the network outright and even lose all of the money that you have accumulated during the month.

Make sure you have permission to email these people: This means that they have opted in, either by entering their email on a dedicated box on your website, or were aware of the fact that they will receive promotional emails when registering for a site that you own. You should always keep the logs which include the timestamp, email and IP address associated with the subscription, as you may be asked for it if you are running affiliate offers.

Be wary of certain “email marketing” providers: Some companies may claim that they are able to send your message to “millions of targeted opt-in subscribers”. Unfortunately, in many cases these email addresses are simply scraped from the web to form a list. If not, they are sent to a list of emails that have opted in on a certain site (usually a contest or freebie site) which had a mention stating that “we may give your email to our promotional partners”. While this may not be against the rules of most offers, you will get poor results, as these lists have been sold and resold and resold again. Chances are your email will just end up in the recipient’s “Junk” folder or simply be deleted.

Don’t waste time with “paid to read” email providers: While all of these people did indeed opt-in to receive these mails, and the provider guarantees that people will click through to your site, you will once again get poor results, meaning little or zero conversions. Why? The people clicking on the link in your mail are earning points or a small sum of about half a cent to do so. They don’t care about what’s on your site and will close it just as soon as the timer runs out. You will indeed get a lot of traffic, but chances are none of it will convert anyways.

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