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Increasing Visitor Engagement For Better SEO

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Increasing Visitor Engagement For Better SEO

Yesterday, we’ve seen that SEO is not dead yet and it will remain very much alive for a long time. There are, however, a few changes made by how Google evaluates the quality and relevance of websites when deciding which sites get to rank best for their keywords. One of the things that are the most talked about on SEO blogs (the normal ones, not those who claim SEO is dead and who try to sell you some traffic generation “tool”) is the importance that Google is giving to user engagement with a website.

User engagement is simply a way to say that website visitors are interacting with the website’s content. Sites which allow more opportunities for interaction are not only better seen by Google, but they are also more liked and respected by visitors themselves, thus giving you more opportunities for sales, whether you’re an affiliate or you got your own products that you’re selling.

Here are some tips to create better engagement:

  • Let users review or rate your products

This can mean letting them leave actual comments about a certain product, or simply give ratings, such as a number of stars or a grade from 1 to 10, either for the product in general or for certain attributes unique to the product (quality, price, functionality, etc.) Allowing reviews is a good way to earn trust from your users, as a site that deliberately sells junk or is scamming buyers will not want to let users say what they think publicly as they would get rapidly flooded with complaints and bad comments.

  • Allow commenting on blog posts and articles

Blog / article comments are a way to exchange with your readers. Some of them may simply say that they liked what you wrote, while others may have a question or reaction that you may want to respond to. More participation from your users, and a better chance at a good ranking on Google. Of course, there is the issue of spam or potential trolling/flaming/general idiocy in comments. But a good automatic spam detection tool and checking the responses each day to remove anything that is not a productive comment can go a long way. After all, unless you manage a huge site with tens of thousands of daily visitors, you are unlikely to get more than a dozen or so user comments a day, which makes it easy to keep tabs on things.

  • Include social networking features

Social networking buttons, for the major social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Google +, etc. is now becoming a must. Yes, don’t forget Google +. While there is still some debate going on about whether creating a Google + account will truly bring noticeable changes as far as SEO is concerned, general consensus is that it helps slightly and in any case will not hurt you. So include sharing buttons on your content pages, as well as general buttons that lead to your business social media profiles, allowing your visitors to subscribe to your updates through their chosen social network.

There are a few other ways to increase engagement which we will see tomorrow.


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What Social Sites are Used by Marketers?

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What Social Sites are Used by Marketers?

Are you using social media sites and want to know which types of sites are being used by other marketers today? Is Google + picking up steam or will it probably stay behind for a while? A study of over 3 500 marketers and business owners asked them what they use to market their business or products in the social media world. Here are the results:


  • Facebook: 92 %
  • Twitter: 82 %
  • Linked In: 73 %
  • Blogs: 61 %
  • YouTube and other video sharing sites (Vimeo, DailyMotion, etc): 57 %
  • Google + : 40 %
  • Photo and image sharing platforms: 21 %
  • Discussion groups and forums: 19 %
  • Social bookmarking and news sites: 16 %
  • Geo location services: 14 %
  • Daily deal-type coupon sites: 6 %


As we can see, Facebook is at the top. There’s no need to go into too much details as to why it’s there, as we all know that Facebook is currently the most popular social media site in the world and marketers tend to go where the most people are. After all, you wouldn’t install an advertising billboard in the middle of the forest.


But there’s not just Facebook in the social media world. Google + is starting to gain some steam, with 40% of marketers using it. Even though it had a slow and difficult start, it’s now beginning to attract more users, both consumers and businesses. In order to boost the network’s popularity, Google encourages users to visit it in different ways, such as by integrating Google Places with Google +. Marketers also have an interest in Google’s social networking service. 70% indicate they want to learn more about it and 67% are planning to increase their participation in it for the future.


Now let’s not forget that by “social media” we don’t just mean social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google + and LinkedIn. Other types of sites are “social” too, as they allow sharing and interaction between their users. This explains why many business owners and marketers also create videos to post on YouTube and maintain blogs where they provide industry news & updates, while giving users a chance to respond to the content in the comments section. Discussion forums could be an excellent way for a business to gain visibility in their industry through active participation in the forum, as well as using its advertising features such as signature links, “Buy/Sell” section, paid ads, etc.


Marketers and especially local business owners also need to be aware that there is a lot of traffic that can be captured from the smaller or more local sites too. For example, in the field of arts, video sharing sites like Vimeo and Daily Motion remain quite popular, even though YouTube is still the most popular video sharing sites. Understanding where your target market is online will be very helpful in getting your message in front of them.

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More Tips to Build Your Authority Online

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More Tips to Build Your Authority Online

If you’re using social media to try to build your authority on the internet, you’re using one of the best tools available to accomplish this. But in order for this to bring you the results you expect, there are certain things you need to do in order to succeed. We’re now presenting you some more tips that you can use to reach your goals:

  • Ensure That Your Website Works and Works Well

Building authority means that you will get more traffic to your site and that you will get a lot more interaction with your visitors, such as getting comments on your blog posts. For this reason, you will need to make sure that your website is accessible at all times and doesn’t run into any type of problems. Using a shared web hosting account for a site that gets 50 visitors a day and a few comments on your blog may be fine. However, many webmasters have reported running into problems as soon as the traffic picked up, people started interacting with their site more and viewing more pages on it, as well as using interactive features such as comments and discussion forums on a site. Because of this, you need to start thinking of your options about what happens when you outgrow your shared hosting account. If you stay with the $5 a month “unlimited” hosting account you have now, you may soon realize that it wasn’t all that unlimited when your site keeps crashing all the time or your host takes you offline because you’re putting too much strain on their server. Consider getting a dedicated or VPS web hosting solution instead. It will cost a bit more, but you will also be making a lot more money from your website to compensate.

  • Make Sure That All Pages of Your Site Are Sociable

People love to share information that they found interesting, such as a blog post or article on your site. But this can also apply to pages that talk about products that you’re selling, such as sales pages. Include buttons for social media on all areas of your site, no matter what kind of content they carry. Enable comments on your blog posts and articles. Include social bookmarking options as well. And don’t forget email lists. While many people will be following you on Twitter or Facebook, this doesn’t mean that e-mail marketing is dead and doesn’t work anymore. Have an opt-in square where users can input their e-mail address and include a call to action as well. This works especially well for content pages. If a user is reading something and finds it interesting, they may be looking to get more from you later on. An opt-in link that offers access to more updates and information may work well for you.

There are a few other things that you can do to develop your online authority. Tomorrow we will take a closer look at what you can do to attract some followers and keep them interested.

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Building a Successful Blog: Part 2

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Building a Successful Blog: Part 2

There are a few others things that you need to know if you’re going to create a blog. Understanding how blogs work and the best kinds of content to add to one will make it more likely that your blog will appeal to its targeted audience. Here are some more tips that you can use in order to make your blog popular when it launches:

  • Understand That Blog Are About New Ideas

If you browse many blogs, you will notice that most of the good ones contain collections of new ideas and information. As such, keeping your blog updated on a regular basis will help you maintain your readership. Remember to keep the content original and fresh. Blogs aren’t only meant to be used as a reference tool on your niche, where you explain how to do certain things to your audience. Instead, include other types of posts, such as information on new events happening in your niche, as well as commentary on issues that you think are relevant. Your readers will enjoy having varied content to read on your blog a lot more than simply having one kind of article posted again and again.

  • Blogs Are Social By Nature

One thing that you need to know is that many of those that read blogs are also bloggers themselves. As such, if you write content that is good enough, you may have it syndicated on other blogs as well. There are many other opportunities for sharing and interaction with blogs. For example, allowing comments on your blog may add some useful content to it without you needing to take any action. RSS feeds allow readers to subscribe to your blog and be instantly notified if something new is posted. Also, adding social media buttons that allow people to like and share your blog posts is of course highly recommended, as it can increase your traffic and the popularity of your blog.

  • Your Blogs Headlines are Important

Creating compelling headlines for your blog posts is very important, especially if for when your blog gets indexed in search engines. The headline alone in that case could be the difference between someone reading your post and not reading it. There are many free guides and articles that you can find online about creating unique and captivating headlines, so it doesn’t have to be as difficult as it may seem at the beginning.

  • Organize Your Content Well

Content structure and organization are vital to a good blog. This can be achieved by dividing your posts into different categories. On the home page of your blog, you should make it as welcoming as possible to new readers, with your best content featured on the front page. Remember that the easier your blog is to navigate for your readers, the more likely they are to like it, come back to read it again and share it with others. Simply making it easier for them to find what they’re looking for can go quite a long way.

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User Interaction and Why It Is Important

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User Interaction and Why It Is Important

If you have a website of any kind, then you probably use it to either sell or promote some of your products. One of your main concerns as a webmaster would be how to make the user experience more enjoyable for your website visitors. Also, you are probably looking for ways that you can use to improve your overall search engine ranking for the keywords that your website is targeting. Both of these things can be achieved by allowing user interaction with your website. This is not something unique or radical, in fact many of the world’s biggest websites such as Amazon and eBay follow these tips, so learn from the successful guys and implement them.

  • Allow User Ratings on Your Items

If you sell merchandise, allowing your users to give a rating, usually in terms of stars, can be a very good way to have them interact with your website and give feedback on products and services that you have and that they have used. Unless you deliberately sell junk and don’t really want your customers to come back to your site (well… they might kind of complain and this annoys scammers, you know), then there should be no problem with letting your site visitors rate your products.

  • Allow Comments, Reviews and Testimonials From Users and Encourage them to Participate

This is good for SEO, as it creates unique content which is user generated, so you didn’t really need to take any action in order to put it there anyways. So it saves a lot of effort for you. Are you selling some products? Let buyers post some reviews of them. Many big name shopping sites do that, such as Amazon. Did you post a news article, blog post or made a YouTube video for your website visitors? Let them comment about it and encourage them to leave feedback, by using a call to action such as “What Do You Think of This New Service? Let Us Know Below!”. Monitor your comments to delete spam and obvious trolling or stupidity, but also keep an eye out for visitors that have a question or concern. You can then either respond to them in the comments, or ask them to communicate with you in a private way such as by email or by sending a message through your website.

  • Include Social Media Buttons

This really isn’t complicated at all. All you need to do is include buttons for social media, such as your Twitter and Facebook profiles, or your YouTube channel. You can incorporate these to your website very easily and many large companies and even government agencies now have them on their sites due to the prevalent use of social networking sites. You also don’t have to use the icons provided by the social networking sites, instead you can use custom ones that would better match the layout of your website. Of course, you could always download the trial edition of Photoshop and design the logos yourself too. Social media buttons will allow your visitors to get social with you on various networks that your business participates in.

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Creating Passive Income

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Creating Passive Income

One term that is often mentioned when it comes to online business is “passive income”. However, many newcomers to the industry do not really understand what it means or why you should work to create such a source of income for you. While the definitions will vary somewhat, passive income for me would mean income that will come to you without you having to make ongoing efforts to get it. Too many people get discouraged when it comes to operating their own online business for one main reason : it takes too much work. After all, who wants to trade a $15 an hour job to make $15 an hour online, even if you are working for yourself. Furthermore, nobody wants to spend their entire day in front of the computer to run their business.


There are many ways to make money online, some of which require more interaction from you on a regular basis, some less. Let’s explore some of the ways that you can create an online business that will not require you to spend 10 hours a day in front of your computer.


  • Creating your own product


Of course, creating an information product and selling it will require a lot of time and effort in the beginning. However, once the product is created and you have sent some traffic to it, the amount of work that you need to devote to it will diminish as well. This is even more so when you have affiliates that are promoting your product. They will be the ones who will work to create advertising campaigns and get some sales for you, while you can simply sit back and spend an hour or so every day checking your stats and making sure that everything is going ok.


  • Selling on eBay


While many would say that selling on eBay is not a “passive income” activity, it all comes down to what you sell and how you do things. Let’s say that you have found a product that is very popular and that you can sell for a $50 profit on eBay. If you get just 2 sales a day, that will mean $100 a day of profit. To allow this to happen, all that you need to do is to work with a drop shipper. The buyer pays for the item. You then place an order with the drop shipper and tell them to ship the item to the client. The deal is done. All you would need to do is to place the orders as necessary and also place new listings. All of this would take you less than an hour a day on average and can bring you very nice profits with little effort. For you to make this work, you would just need to spend some time at the beginning finding a product that is in demand and that can be shipped to your buyers by a supplier which does drop shipping.

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Why Writing a Great Sales Page Matters In Everything

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Why Writing a Great Sales Page Matters In Everything

One of the things that is so essential and that has transferred over from old media is writing great sales copy. Sales copy is the writing and information that you get people to opt-in to your list, to buy your product, or to see you as a professional and authority on a subject. Great sales copy is hard to come by, so many times it is overhyped crap that people use to scam people into purchasing their products. I have fallen for the many “get rich schemes” that people sell online, but no more. Learning to cut through the crap and finding great writing will help you find truly quality products, as well as save you some money.

Here are three areas that you need to make sure your copywriting is great, in order to best maximize your return and user interaction.

Concise And Clear

Your sales copy needs to be both clear, and concise. If you write a lengthy, hard to read sales page, you’ll lose your reader’s attention. Instead, write clear, brief copy. Make sure you hit all of the necessary points you want to make, but don’t overdo it when you’re writing details about each point. Stick to detailing the facts of whatever it is you’re selling, and the benefits to the customer.


Your sales page needs to grab the customer’s attention. You need to write your sales page in a way that effectively sells the product. Be sure to use positive, and exciting terminology when describing the product, and it’s features. For example, if you were writing a sales page about a product that would help the reader to learn HTML 5, the sentence “You could learn HTML 5 in just 21 days!” would work much better than the sentence “This guide will give you information and tutorials to help you learn HTML 5 over a fixed period of time.”


Make sure your copy is organized well, so that the reader is able to take in all the information easily. Organize your information into short paragraphs, and numbered lists whenever possible. If your information is easy to take in, the reader will be more likely to read the entire page.

So keep your copy concise, enticing, and easy to consume, and you’ll create a strong sales page.

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Facebook Marketing Introduction

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Facebook Marketing Introduction

Facebook can be a great platform to market your business or products on if you do it right. The biggest thing to remember is that Facebook is a social network where two way engagement is important. People who spam Facebook with links, and information that looks like spam are going to be classified as such and potentially ignored or even shut down by Facebook.

The problem with Facebook is that you need to have a very engaged audience in order to be profitable through the social media part of it. That is what we are going to talk about today – the social aspect of Facebook, not the advertising platform.

On Facebook you have two real ways of marketing for free to individuals. The most prominent now is through Facebook Pages as they are called. The other is through Facebook Events.

Facebook Pages are the best way to promote and connect with your readers or fans online, except through mailing lists. Facebook pages are a great way to promote your content because you can easily share links to your website, interact with fans and hold contests and more.

It is important to remember that your Facebook page is only a compliment to your site, not your only site. Due to the interaction levels being so high, it can be easy to use Facebook Pages as your only source of interaction and content creation. Spread the love around to other social networks such as Twitter and see your brand grow even more so.

The best way I have found to get my Facebook page numbers up (right now it is around 1,400 for a pretty small community’s website) is to hold a “fan drive.” A fan drive is simply a plea to get people to “like” your pages in order to achieve a goal. My goal was 1,000 fans in one month and I would donate $150 to the local Hospice. Within two weeks my page had over 1,100 fans and I was writing a check.

Those 1,000 fans are worth so much more than $150, and the cost was well worth it.

Depending on your situation, there are other ways to get people to join if you are not working on such a local level. For example, giving away an iPod or something to a random fan is a great way to get people to join, even small things like books and gift cards are a huge motivator.

Be creative when using Facebook to market your product or page, but remember, don’t be a spammer or you will lose fans a lot faster than you gained them.

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