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Online Business Security Tips: Part 2

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Online Business Security Tips: Part 2

Yesterday, we have seen some tips that you can apply when doing business online, which will help you protect the security of your online enterprises. Here is some more advice that you can use to help your websites, as well as your overall business be safer in the online world.

  • Make backup copies of everything

Creating backup copies of your website, as well as your other files is very important when it comes to securing your online business. All good quality web hosting service providers have a service in which they can make an automatic backup copy of your website every day, or you can make a manual backup at any time that you want. It would also be a good idea to download and store an additional backup copy of your websites either on your local computer, or on another server that is not connected to your main web hosting provider. This is because there have been cases where even some of the top hosting companies have had equipment failures or security breaches and were unable to restore all of the data from their own local backup copies.

When it comes to files that you keep in your computer, such as sites that you’re currently building, or databases of business contacts, etc. it’s always a good idea to create a backup copy of those as well. You can store them on an external device such as a USB drive that you store in a safe place, or upload them to an online backup facility. For increased security, encrypt the backup data if it contains any sensitive information. There are plenty of free encryption programs that you can download online to do that.

  • Be careful who you give access to your websites and accounts to

It can be quite convenient to hire freelancers or assistants to help you run your business. However, be sure to research the people you work with before. You wouldn’t want someone copying your website or going into business for themselves and stealing your niche marketing ideas.

  • Watch out for scripts and software that you use on your website

If you use scripts, plugins or site management software, be sure that the product that you’re using is legitimate. It’s better to get software directly from the website of the developers even if it’s free software, rather than use programs that were uploaded to online forums or file sharing services. Some scripts could contain hidden malware that could facilitate intrusion into your website or steal sensitive information.

  • Use the most up to date software

Any software that you use with your websites should be up to date to the latest version. This is because there are sometimes security vulnerabilities that are patched when new releases of web scripts, content management systems or plugins are made available to the users. Taking the time to check for updates every few days could avoid you a lot of trouble, so this is definitely something you should get into the habit of doing.

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