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Becoming A Merchant – The Other Side Of CPA – Part 1

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Becoming A Merchant – The Other Side Of CPA – Part 1

Are you pushing CPA offers? Have you ever wondered who are the merchants behind many of the rebill/trial offers? Some of you imagine them being some large corporation, with hundreds of staff members and an owning an entire skyscraper in downtown New York. Nothing could be further from the truth. In many cases, these companies are owned by one main owner or a few people. They may also employ a handful of employees. But that’s it. How do they make money? And HOW could you become a merchant, rather than a publisher of CPA offers?

I will explain it to you in a simplified way. But a BIG word of caution here. This is not for the lazy. It demands some hard work and a lot of entrepreneurship. If all you want to do is whip together a web page with some nice graphics and call it a day, it is not for you.

What do you need? First: a product.

The product doesn’t need to be an advanced revolutionary breakthrough that will marvel people for generations to come. Nope, it can be something very simple actually.

There are 2 categories of products that you can base your business on: digital products (most commonly the “make money online” niche) and physical products (usually “health products” niche).

If you go with the digital products, what you have to offer is simple. A series of guides related to your “make money online” idea, i.e. earn with Google, earn with eBay, earn with Amazon, earn by being a freelance writer/online photographer/ etc. or a more general “start an online business” which explores various possibilities to earn money online.

The main guides don’t have to be groundbreaking and revolutionary. All of the information on how to earn money with various methods is freely available online. But you will also need to provide some content that will make the users want to keep their membership active month by month. This includes updates, new methods that are added, or services such as affiliate tracking services, PPC tools, etc.

If you go with providing a physical product, think of filling a need. People want to: lose weight, get rid of acne, whiten their teeth, etc. Now you don’t have to spend millions of dollars researching, developing and testing a product. Here’s some news for you in case you missed it: all of these health products sold through CPA offers are no better than generic stuff you would find in a natural products store or your local pharmacy. The rest is just hype. The “super results” and “great benefits” are based on anecdotal evidence at best, pseudoscience at worst.

What you need is to find a supplier which can provide you with the product related to your niche and simply apply your branding label to the packaging, and then send it out to the end customer. You start by offering a free trial, and if the user didn’t cancel, they get a monthly shipment of the product. Your profit margin will be quite high, since these products can be purchased in bulk very cheaply.

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Optimize Your Social Bookmarking Habits

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Optimize Your Social Bookmarking Habits

Unless this is your first time on the internet, you’ve probably heard of social bookmarking sites like Digg, Reddit, and StumbleUpon. These sites can be very effective marketing tools, but only if you use them the right way.

It’s important not to submit too many things to any one social bookmarking site. If you post a lot of things, and only a handful of them ever get popular, you account won’t be looked on favorably by other users, or the site itself. Most social bookmarking sites have anti-spam policies in place to prevent their users from abusing their site. If an account posts too many things in a given day, week, or month, that account will eventually be flagged as a potential spammer. Instead of posting a lot of links to one social bookmarking site, consider posting a handful of links to a lot of social bookmarking sites. If something does well on one site, it’s likely to do well on another.

Don’t just submit your own links to a social bookmarking site. Again, most of these sites have strong anti-spam policies in place, and if they see an account posting nothing but links from the same site, or the same handful of sites, that account is likely to get flagged as spam. Instead, try to find a few interesting things from other sites to share on days when you’re not sharing anything from your own site. Also, consider asking other users to submit your content. If your content is high quality, you won’t have trouble finding someone else to submit it for you. That way, you still get the benefits of having your link on a social bookmarking site without the risk of having your account flagged as spam.

The key word in the term social bookmarking is social. Remember to make friends with other users. If you have a vast network of friends on a social bookmarking site, those people are more likely to vote your link up on that site. Taking the time to make some friends can lead to a significant increase in the amount of traffic each link you submit gets.

So remember, post nothing but high quality links, avoid posting too many of your own links, and make friends. By doing those things, you can ensure that your social bookmarking account will grow popular, and your links will get popular along with it.

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