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Creating Email Messages That Convert: The Basics

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Creating Email Messages That Convert: The Basics

When you use email marketing, remember that what you’re doing is talking to your reader. Sure, it may not be a live conversation like on the phone or by instant messenger. And depending on how many people you got on your list, your message could end up being read by anywhere from a few dozen to several thousand subscribers. Even if email marketing is essentially a mass mailing, you still need to keep the reader engaged and make them feel like you’re writing to them one on one. Think about how sales copies are written. They make the reader feel like the author is talking directly to them and forget the fact that there are thousands of other people who are reading the same message.


It is a well known fact that email messages convert well. Once the reader clicks that link and goes to your website, you get a better chance of them making a purchase, or taking any other action that you would want them to take, such as filling out a form to get a quote, or booking an appointment. Studies have shown that email marketing has better conversion rates than other forms of online advertising, such as pay per click ads on search engines or display ads on websites.


But this doesn’t mean that email just causes products to “sell themselves” no matter what some of the gurus will try to tell you. Yes, there is a higher chance that someone who ends up clicking on your link will buy from you. But in the first place, you need to get them to open your message, read it and then take the desired action.


Now this is the tricky part and this is also where many online marketers have the most difficulty. They may have a subscriber list of a respectable size. Sometimes, it can have thousands of subscribers who are interested in the niche. They send email after email, but the results simply aren’t there. Is it that their product is just not good enough, or the landing page wasn’t optimized properly to deliver maximum conversions? Perhaps. But one of the main reasons why email campaigns fail is simply because of the email messages themselves.


You need to convince people to open your message, pay attention to it and then take action. This, of course, is easier said then done. Your users may have subscribed to plenty of other email lists, so they will not take several minutes to attentively read each message and then decide whether they want to continue on to your site or not.


There are lots of resources out there on how to write good messages when you market your business by email. They provide a lot of detailed information on the topic and many of these guides are available for free. But there are some basics that you need to understand before you do anything else. Tomorrow we will take a look at some of the most basic tricks in getting your email campaigns to work.

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Building Authority Through Social Media: What is It All About?

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Building Authority Through Social Media: What is It All About?

Many people who have been following online marketing news for the past few weeks know that Google has stated that social linking will have an effect on how a page ranks in search results. This has of course, generated a lot of interest in the topic of social linking. Those who use social media already are wondering what they could do to integrate their SEO efforts together with social media. Those who don’t are now rushing to create accounts on Google +, Twitter and Facebook for their businesses and websites.


Search engines using the social media standing of a website as one of the factors in determining its page rank shouldn’t surprise anyone. Whether you like it or not, social networking sites have become a powerful tool where users share information with each other and this includes the websites that they’ve visited. It’s only normal that search engines look at how popular a site is getting on a social network.


Another word that is often used in online marketing circles is “authority”. Being an authority online means being a excellent source of information on a certain niche. An authority site is one that receives a lot of traffic and has shown that it can give users what they want on a consistent basis. This is different from a website that goes viral and gets a few hundred thousand visitors who go to it and look at a funny picture or video and then progressively disappear as the popularity fades away.


But how do you combine social media with your overall online marketing strategy and use it to truly become an authority in your niche? If you heard some self proclaimed gurus claim that they have a strategy to become an authority quickly and easily, then you should know they’re not telling the whole truth about the matter. Building an authority site is difficult and involves a lot of work. It also involves a lot of time. Remember, a site can’t be considered to be authoritative in its niche just because it receives a sudden spike in traffic over a few days. This popularity among visitors needs to be consistent. So you should opt for gradual growth.


What you want is for your content to be widely shared on social media by the user’s own actions. People have to come to your site, see some of the content and then decide to share it with others, giving an indication that they’ve found it interesting. Self-promotion efforts, such as linking to a blog post that you’ve made on your Facebook fan page, will not lead to your site being authoritative in itself. You can spend all day publishing news stories on your feed and providing links to every page on your site, but if nobody shares it, you’re really out of luck.


There’s a whole lot more to it and there are differences between the various social networks. Later, we will take a look at how you can leverage Facebook and Twitter to get your site the respect that it can have in the online world.

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Some Easy to Avoid SEO Mistakes: Part 2

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Some Easy to Avoid SEO Mistakes: Part 2

Yesterday, we have seen some common mistakes that can be made when it comes to SEO. These are errors that plenty of webmasters make, regardless of their level of experience, as they are often caused by following bad advice and not researching things thoroughly enough, rather than by simple ineptitude. There are also a few other mistakes that are made by webmasters which are important to know, so that you can avoid them on your website. Here are some more things that you should be aware of when dealing with SEO issues.

Not Optimizing For the Proper Keywords

There are some keywords that you will want to target on your site and these would be the keywords that your site visitors would be the most likely to use when they search for something you would be offering. Your website visitors will probably not be typing in industry jargon, or obscure names for products when they search for them, but rather words that they would commonly use in everyday conversations. So for example instead of using “hooded sweatshirts”, they would use the keyword “hoodie”, which is far more popular in current language.

Not Using the Title Tag Right

The title tag is very important, as it is the place where you can include a keyword or keywords that accurately describe your site or page on your site. So instead of having just “Welcome” on your title, having something like “New York Real Estate” or “Discount Electronics Imports” would be far better for SEO.

Relying on Software Tools Too Much

Despite what some sales pitches and self proclaimed gurus will tell you, there’s no software, script or plugin that will make your website go from page 20 on Google to page 1 in just a few days with no work on your part. This is something that simply doesn’t exist, no matter what the tool costs or what testimonials it has. If it were true, then the word would spread like wildfire (the webmaster community is one where information is shared a lot) and everyone would begin to use.

This is especially true with regards to tools that claim they can instantly generate tons of high quality backlinks for your website. While these tools can definitely submit your site to directories, or submit your articles to content sites that accept them, their usefulness is often questionable at best. In many cases, the backlinks come from obscure directories that themselves are not well ranked in search engines. Also, the article directories where these tools submit to are basically repositories filled with low quality spam articles that were clearly designed only to have SEO in mind and not actual readability.

While there are some tools that could work well and help analyze your pages, plus in some cases make the needed changes automatically, if you want to have some SEO success, then you need to use your brain and take action, rather than simply relying on a tool to do everything for you.

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Getting the Most Out of YouTube

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Getting the Most Out of YouTube

It is no secret that video marketing is an excellent way to bring in visitors to your website, and simply to promote your business on the internet. However, just like any other kinds of marketing activities, video marketing needs to be done well in order to bring you good results. While many online “gurus” claim that YouTube can bring you instant success, the reality of things is a bit more subdued. Yes, video sites such as YouTube are an excellent marketing platform, but they are not magical solutions where you can expect to get thousands of visitors to your website just because you have uploaded one video. Here are some quick tips that will help you get the most out of the time, money and effort that you spend on creating videos. You will see that by applying them, the returns that you get from your YouTube videos will probably increase.

And remember one thing, while many experts mention “YouTube” all the time because it is the most popular video sharing site, these tips will work on any other video sharing site that you can use as well.

  • Keep current about recent news developments related to your industry

When something new comes out, or people hear about something that they are interested in happening, they increasingly turn to YouTube to watch some information about the issue. It is thus important that you upload a video as soon as something interesting happens in your niche. For example, if you sell mobile phones, this could be the release of a new model of the iPhone or BlackBerry.

  • Give practical information (how to videos)

In addition to finding out about recent happenings, people use YouTube for video guides on how to accomplish something. If possible, provide some interesting content which tells the viewer how to do something that is related to your niche and don’t forget to include a link to your site for them to find more information and related products and services.

  • Integrate your social media efforts

This simply means that you can include a link to your Twitter or Facebook profiles in your videos or in the video description. The more people you have that follow you on social networks, the more effective your efforts will be and using video sharing sites to gain more followers is definitely a great idea.

  • Give something for free or another type of special offer

People always like to feel special and to have something given to them for free. The possibilities are endless with video marketing. For example, if you promote IM related products on your site, you could offer a free report on how to make money online and include a link to it in the video description.

If you don’t have anything to give away, why not instead give a special discount for viewers of your video who click on your link and proceed to your website? It is much more effective than simply linking to your site with no special offer for your viewers.

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WHY Do People Fail In Online Business?

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WHY Do People Fail In Online Business?

They say most people who decide to build an online business end up failing. While there is no way to get the exact numbers, some estimate that over 75% of people who start an online business end up failing. Others put the numbers as high as 90%. If you are thinking of starting or expanding an online business, these numbers are not quite encouraging. They just might push you to think that there is no way to have success in the online world. Obviously, this is not true. Just like in any other business, there are some people who will do better than others.

Now the main question remains, WHY did these people actually fail. And did they really “fail” or simply gave up? Don’t believe for a second the “gurus” out there who tell you that people fail in IM because they didn’t know the “top secret success formula” that they are selling. This is simply a marketing tactic and nothing more. In the online world, there is no such thing as “lack of information”. In fact, there is plenty of information available out there, for free, to anyone that wants it. People can find free ebooks, guides, blog posts, videos, discussion forums, etc. where they can find all about online business methods, techniques and strategies. You just have to find the information and apply it.

But you have to ask yourself a question: are you an entrepreneur, or just someone looking for a quick buck. There are some differences between the two. The true entrepreneur will always look for ways to make their business achieve its goals and grow. He is willing to adapt to change and learn new ideas to make money. Someone thinking that internet marketing is about “making money fast from home” simply wants that: to make some money easily. The problem is, once they have made the money they needed this month to pay their bills or go shopping, they are happy. They stop. They don’t think of ways they can reinvest their profits to make even more money. What’s more, they don’t structure their business properly.

In the online world, diversifying your activities and having multiple backup plans available will make or break you. Bad things happen. Affiliate programs fold without paying members. Servers can crash. Products could lose their popularity, etc, etc. Someone who is actually building their online business understands that and will have multiple tools, strategies and income streams at their disposal so that they can continue operating no matter what happens. And if a project they are working on doesn’t give them the results they want, they ask themselves why. Then they apply the necessary corrections and try again, until they found something that actually works and let them achieve their goals with regards to the income they want to generate.

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Some Ideas On What to Do Online – Creating Your Own Product

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Some Ideas On What to Do Online – Creating Your Own Product

As you are learning to earn money online, it is important to find out about various money making methods that you can use. Even though you may not be planning to use a certain method right away, it is always a good thing to know about various ways to make cash. This is in case one of your previous money earners dries up, you would always have a backup strategy in place.

Creating your own product

If you’ve been into the online money making scene for a while, you have probably seen the names of various gurus come up, such as Frank Kern, Mike Filsaime, Jeff Walker and company. These people are without a doubt earning millions of dollars by selling something that a lot of people online are searching for: information.

Now, can you become as successful as them? Maybe, maybe not. But one thing that is true, it’s the fact that if you make significant efforts, you are likely to earn a decent amount of money by creating and selling your own informational products online. But first, don’t get sucked into all of the hype out there. Success in this industry doesn’t come overnight. Even the top names in internet marketing did not become rich the first time they have put something up for sale online.

The first thing that you would need is an idea for a product. Ask yourself, what are your areas of knowledge? And you don’t need to be a professional on the subject matter either. You simply need to have gained a level of knowledge on the subject matter that is above that of the average person. If you take a look at many of the info products out there today, they consist of little more than information that is either simply common sense or freely available online if one would spend a few hours searching for it. The info is simply neatly arranged and rewritten in a way to make it simpler to understand for the target audience.

You would also need a web site, payment system and sales page for your product. Notice those long sales letters, filled with underlined words, calls to action, bullet lists of how the product will help the customer, etc? You can easily find freely available or inexpensive templates for your sales page that will make it resemble that of the top gurus. Of course, the words on the sales page matter: they will basically say to the reader “You have a problem, and I have a solution for you.” The most professional sales pages are designed by professional copywriters who charge thousands of dollars for their services. At the beginning, you probably won’t be ready to put up such an investment on your first product. You should know, however, that there are freelancers out there who can write a decent sales copy and even customize your product’s complete web site for around $50 to $100.

Once everything is set up, now is the time to promote your product. There are various ways to do so, but one of the most effective one is to advertise by buying ad space on websites, blogs or forums that are related to your niche. For example, if you are selling a dog grooming guide, you could buy ad space on a dog related forum.

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5 Important Internet Marketing Tips

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5 Important Internet Marketing Tips

Internet marketing is a great way to get your message out to a wide variety of people. No matter who your target audience is, they’re online looking for the answers to their questions, and the solutions to their problems. Promoting your products, services, or your company as a whole online is a necessary part of doing business in today’s economy. Internet marketing may be challenging, but there are some things you can keep in mind to make the process go smoothly.
Be Creative
Being creative is one of the things internet marketers forget about. They are always following the latest trends, reading forums to get the latest tips, and following what someone else told them would work. Stop. Go out, be creative, and think of a unique way to market, make money, and to attract great affiliates.Market Daily

Never stop marketing your internet marketing properties, whether you are a blogger, affiliate marketer, or product creator, you always need to be marketing whatever you are doing. Evangelize your message.

Always Be Thinking
Instead of following the crowd into the latest and greatest affiliate marketing program, be thinking about what they are doing and what parts of it can be put into your already existing business plan. Don’t stop being creative, always be thinking of ways to get more clicks, how to better optimize your site, etc.

Stop Listening to Gurus
Gurus are not much help in all honesty. They create products that are meant to lure people in with get rich quick without work schemes. Internet marketing is tough work, it takes time and effort. Don’t listen to the gurus and do your own great work.

Create Unique Products
If everyone is doing a video series, don’t do a video series (only). Add something else to make your products unique and different. Think about how others are being successful and create your own mashups of their thoughts and ideas.

No matter what type of business you run, you need to be involved with internet marketing. If you keep these tips in mind, you’ll be able to reach out to your audience effectively. Everyone’s looking for answers online, and by putting yourself out there, you can be sure they’ll find your company.

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