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How To Get Started With Little Or No Money

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How To Get Started With Little Or No Money

If you are starting out an online business, you have probably heard that you need money to make money. While this may be true in most other types of businesses, in the online world you can get started for little or no money at all. There are many opportunities for you to take advantage of and once your business grows, you will be able to reinvest the profits that you have made.

What you will need to begin will usually be limited to a web site and advertising. Today, web hosting has gotten very cheap. In fact, it is possible to get a website up for $5 a month of less, without needing to pay in advance for a period of time. Two webhosts who provide both affordable and reliable web hosting services are GoDaddy and Hostgator. They also have inexpensive domain registration which usually costs around $8 for a .com domain. In order to save even more, you can Google “hostgator coupon” or “godaddy coupon” to see if you can find any coupon codes that could further reduce the cost of getting a website or domain name.

There are also free web hosting providers, such as ByetHost, which provide you with a basic web hosting package for free without showing any banners or popup ads on your site. You can find them by simply googling “bannerless web host.” Note that although the service will be free, there are no guarantees of reliability.

There are many places where you can advertise your own products or affiliate products without having to pay anything. You can make use of techniques that do not require you to use paid advertising services in order to get some traffic to your site. Some examples include uploading videos to video sharing sites like YouTube, writing articles and submitting them to various article directories like Ezinearticles and GoArticles, and posting on free classifieds sites such as Craigslist and Gumtree.

Even many PPC advertising services can be used for free if you know how to do it. For example, Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Miva, Adcenter and many other advertising providers often provide coupon codes that can get you anywhere from $25 to $150 or more in ad credit when you open up a new account. Those coupons are often given when you sign up with a web hosting services and can also be found posted on certain websites as well. It is also possible to buy many of these coupons on internet marketing forums such as Digital Point. That way, you can get a lot of traffic and test out campaigns and various strategies without you having to spend a dime on advertising.

Remember, in the online world there are always plenty of opportunities to earn some cash without having to put up a significant amount of your own money. All you have to do is use some creativity and you are bound to have success.

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The Biggest Lies Free Traffic Providers Tell

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The Biggest Lies Free Traffic Providers Tell

We’ve all gotten the e-mails, and seen the ads for services that claim to boost your traffic in some significant way. Usually they offer a free boost in traffic just for signing up with them, and giving them some information about yourself, which will likely then be sold to other companies for marketing purposes. Most of the claims these traffic providers make are completely false. Let’s take a look at a few of the common claims they make and the truth about them.

“We’ll submit your site to 5 thousand search engines, you’ll get so much search traffic, it will blow your mind!”

Claims like this are rarely a direct lie, but they are misleading. Sure, they will submit your site to all of the search engines they promise to submit it to, but the actual impact on your traffic won’t be anywhere near as amazing as they claim. Most of your search traffic is going to come from Yahoo, Google, and Microsoft’s Bing. The thousands of other search engines might collectively generate 100 hits per month… if you’re lucky.

“We’ll get you to the top of Google”

Again, not a direct and total lie, but extremely misleading. Services making this promise will get you to the top of Google, but it won’t be for keywords that anyone is actually searching. If you have a site about cars, and you choose to use a service like this, chances are you’ll wind up being the first search result for “how to properly eat cheese while driving your car”. Sure, you’re the first result, but who is actually searching for that? No one, that’s who.

“100% Guaranteed”

If a service is offering to boost your traffic, and they try to make lofty promises and guarantees, you should just walk away. SEO and internet marketing are extremely complicated. No one can make a blanket guarantee that your traffic will be effected in a fixed way without looking at your site, and what’s going on in your niche.

The best way to get more traffic to your site is to take the time, and effort to optimize your site for search, and post relevant and interesting content to it. If you absolutely can’t resist using a traffic boosting service, be sure to do some research before picking a service. Avoid free services that make promises like the ones above, and if you’re going to use a paid service, look up some reviews before sinking any money into it.

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