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Using Yahoo Answers To Get Free Traffic

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Using Yahoo Answers To Get Free Traffic

As we all know, traffic is king in the internet marketing world. No traffic to your site equals no money for you, since there is no one visiting your site. There are various ways that you can use to get traffic to your website, but many webmasters are looking for free traffic. Is it even possible? Don’t you need to spend money in order to make money? Well, thanks to the power of the internet, it is possible to get free exposure for your site and thus draw visitors to it.

Yahoo Answers is a very good way to bring people to your website. For those of you who don’t know, Yahoo Answers is a place where people ask questions about various topics and others give them answers. The good thing about this platform is that you can insert a link to your site in your answer. Also, the site gets a lot of traffic from all around the world. What makes it a great marketing tool is that anyone can see the questions and answers, not only the person who asked the question.

But in order to stay out of trouble and get the maximum benefit from Yahoo Answers, you need to conduct your marketing activities properly. Remember, this is a place where users seek information. They don’t come to Yahoo Answers in order to be bombarded with commercial advertisements. After all, if someone wanted that, all they have to do is to open up their “Junk Mail” folder in their email account, there’s plenty of ads there all right.

When you answer a question, be sure to state some useful information and not just say “Here go to this website NOW!!! (your link)”. For example, if someone asks whether online surveys are legit or a scam you would say something like “While there are a few scam sites out there, most online survey sites are legit and pay you either in cash or by giving you stuff like gift card, I found a list of legit survey sites that are free to join here: (your link)”. It is better for you to build a landing page, rather than insert affiliate links. This will seem a lot less suspicious to Yahoo.

To stay below the radar, vary your answers, don’t simply copy and paste the same answer to everyone, even if the question is the same. Give answers in different topics as well, without inserting any links. Even if the site you are promoting is related to online surveys, for example, answer some questions about other things such as dogs or computers or whatever else you may know about as well. This will make it look like you are a legitimate contributor, rather than someone who is just answering questions related to their niche to get clicks to their own site. You should give more answers without your link than those with it.

The traffic that you will receive may start slowly, but if you keep at it you will soon get enough visitors to make some decent commissions or sales each month.

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Learn From Social Media

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Learn From Social Media

Social media sites like Twitter and Facebook can be a great marketing tool if you know how to use them the right way. They can also be an incredible source of valuable information if you know what to look for. Social media sites can teach you a lot about your target audience, and their needs and wants.


Take the time to do a series of searches related to your niche on social media every week. Pick a set of terms, or phrases that relate directly to what you’re doing, and search them on social media. The results will contain people talking about your niche, and what’s going on in it. If you take the time to read through some of those results, you’ll get two things out of  it. First, you’ll get new friends and followers. By taking the time to connect with the people you find through these searches, you’re gaining high quality friends and followers. Second, you’re gaining valuable information about what people in your niche are talking about. The more you know about their interests, the better off you’ll be in the long run.


Set up a poll on your website that asks questions about your customers, and their wants and needs, and what they think of your products. Use social media to spread that poll around to your friends and followers. If you’ve been using social media the right way, and interacting with them on a regular basis, they’ll most likely leap at the chance to give you feedback. If you don’t get the response you’re hoping for right off the bat, create a contest around the poll, and offer one lucky poll taker a prize.


If you want to know something about your customers, just ask. By asking questions on social media sites, you’re achieving two different things. First, you’re interacting with your friends and followers in a meaningful way. Second, if they’re answering your questions, you’re learning about them and their needs at the same time.

By spending some time with social media, you can turn it into a valuable market research tool. The more you can learn about your customers, the better equipped you’ll be to sell your products to them.

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What Type Of Blog Should You Start?

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What Type Of Blog Should You Start?

If you’ve decided to start an online business of any sort, you probably know that blogging is a great marketing tool. A blog can help you get the word out about any products you’re promoting, and adding a blog to your marketing campaign is a great idea. There are a few different types of blog you can use, and it’s important to pick the right one to suit your needs.

Personal Blog

Personal blogs are typically written from the first person perspective, and they detail the happenings of someone’s life. Personal blogs are very effective at creating a sense of trust between the blogger and the reader,  because the blogger is sharing pieces of their personal life with the reader. As you make mention of any products or services you might be promoting on your personal blog, include affiliate links to them so that you can use your blog to bring in some money. Personal blogs tend to be the easiest for people to write, but the hardest to profit from. It can be difficult to work in links to products you’re promoting without sounding fake, or impersonal, and being personal is the cornerstone of a successful personal blog.

Niche Blog

You’ve probably read at least one niche blog today – in fact you’re reading one now. A niche blog is just a blog that covers a particular topic or set of topics on a daily basis. Niche blogs are a great way to generate ad revenue. Just write about what you want to write about, and put ads related to that topic on the blog. As time goes on and your traffic grows, you’ll start generating ad revenue without even trying.

Product Blog

A product blog displays various products in an informative or entertaining way. Most of the time, those products are tied together by some common factor, and most every product displayed on the blog leads to an affiliate link so that the blog owner can generate profits from the blog. If you’re going to run a product blog, it’s very important to keep the writing high quality. If the blog is boring, or if it comes of as “spammy” to the reader, your blog won’t get very far. Whether or not a product blog succeeds is directly related to how good the write ups for each product are.

Each type of blog has some strengths and weaknesses, and it’s important to figure out which one is right for your project. Choose carefully, and you’ll have a profitable blog in your future.

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Give Your Customers A Voice With Social Media

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Give Your Customers A Voice With Social Media

If you’ve been reading this site, you probably know social media sites can be a great marketing tool. By building up a strong social media account, you can get your message out to your target audience quickly and easily. Social media can serve another, equally important purpose too. It can also allow you to give your customers a voice.

Your customers care about your products. If they weren’t interested in your products, they wouldn’t have bought them, or they wouldn’t be thinking about buying them. In short, people are looking at your social media account because they are interested in what you have to offer.

If you give them the chance to interact with you, and get to know the person (or people) behind your business, you can generate a lot of positive attention from your customers, and your potential customers. By interacting directly with them, you’re giving your company a personality, and by doing that, you’re helping people to identify with your company, and develop a positive attitude toward your products.

Pay attention to the people that comment on your blog frequently, and post on your Facebook wall all the time. If someone reaches out to you on a regular basis, return the favor. Be sure to take some time and acknowledge them, and their loyalty. By acknowledging your frequent commenteors, you’re showing the rest of your visitors that you appreciate their attention, and you are glad to have them as customers. When you do that, you generate a great deal of brand loyalty among your customers. People will continue to shop with someone they trust, and feel appreciated by.

So remember, when you’re setting up your social media accounts, it’s extremely important to get personal with your audience. By drawing them in, and showing them the personal side of your business, you can generate a real sense of customer loyalty. If your customers feel personally vested in your brand, they’ll keep coming back. Over time, those repeat sales will be great for business.

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