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Better Use Of Social Media for Business Networking: Part 2

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Better Use Of Social Media for Business Networking: Part 2

Now that you know some ways to ensuring that your social media profile can be a good business tool, here are some more tips that you can use to ensure that it will always stay a valuable asset to you.

  • Be Clear About What You Do

For some business types, it can be pretty self evident. But for others, you need to ensure that your description details the specialty services that you provide. For example if you run an online marketing firm, you can give details as to the type of services that you provide, such as SEO, on site advertising, etc. That way, your profile visitors will have an immediate idea of what services you provide.

  • Keep Your Page Updated

Keeping your page updated on a regular basis has many benefits. For your end customers, it can keep them interested in your business and make them want to keep coming back to be repeat buyers. It can also keep them up to date on new products and developments that you’re making. For those who may want to partner up with you or offer a valuable product or service to you, keeping your social networking pages updated serves to show that your business is “alive”. This will increase the chances that someone will contact you about it.

  • Start By Getting Some Connections

Creating a page on a social media site for your business is not really difficult. In fact, it can be done in just a few minutes. But one of the harder parts would be to get people to like, follow, connect, or whatever term the social network you’re on currently uses to denote the fact that someone has subscribed to your page and will be receiving its updates. Of course, it goes without saying that if you’re the only one that sees your page, it won’t be too useful.

Getting customers to follow you on social media involves various strategies such as putting up buttons on your website, etc. But what about getting other business people to pay attention to you? Start by making your employees, clients and current partners to like your page. This will give you a bit of exposure to begin with.

Another good way to get more people to see your page and subscribe to it is to participate in discussion forums that deal with your industry. You will get to connect to like minded people and many of them would be interested in networking with other entrepreneurs in their industry. Include your social media link in your forum profile or signature, as allowed by the forum.

  • Link Your Personal Account and Your Business One

This is quite easy to do. On Facebook, for example, all that you would do is to like your business page. You can also add a link to it under the “occupation” section of your personal profile. Again, this will serve to give more exposure to your business page.


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Is Google + a Good Business Marketing Tool? Part 2

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Is Google + a Good Business Marketing Tool? Part 2

Previously, we’ve taken a look at some of the talking points related to Google +. There is still ongoing discussion as to how useful this new social networking service can be for businesses that are looking to establish or to increase their online presence. While it may look like Google + is nowhere near its rivals in the social networking sphere and recent numbers don’t look too encouraging, there are more points that someone will need to consider when evaluating whether establishing their business presence on the network will be worth the time. Here are some more points to consider about the site:


  • Some of the Top Businesses Have Already Established Their Presence on Google +


A study of the world’s top 100 brands by financial performance has shown that 64 of them have established a page on Google +. Statistics collected during the period from November to March 2012 show that these top brands have made more than 5 000 updates during that period. Furthermore, they have more than 250 000 “points of engagement”, which are responses to their updates, users indicating that they like the content (the “plus”) and the content being shared by the users.


Now ask yourself this: if the top players in the business world are doing something, shouldn’t you be at least considering it? These brands have become financially successful for a reason and creating a Google + page for your business will not cost you anything, just the time needed to create your profile and update it from time to time.


  • Not All Social Networking is Focused on the Consumer


One thing that creating a social networking profile can help you with is finding new business opportunities and connecting with other business owners. Remember that social networking use for businesses doesn’t have to be simply about interacting with consumers to sell them your products, but can also be used to network with other businesses. Data shows that business owners are increasingly using Google services and are including Google + as part of the list of websites that they check on a regular basis. Even though LinkedIn is currently the champion when it comes to business to business networking, Google + may have some interesting potential in this area.


  • Google + Pages Can Become Significant for Search Results

Search marketers may find it useful to create a Google + profile, if only for the possible SEO benefits that it can bring, either now or in the future. Again, the topic of whether Google + profiles will have a significant influence on SEO and search engine marketing in general is one that is now being talked about a lot in online marketing circles, with no clear answer being given. But in any case, it is highly possible that the Google + profiles, as well as individual pages and posts that a company makes could have some impact about how visible they will be in search engine results. Participating in Google + would then be seen as a low expense way of improving a company’s SEO standing.

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Is Google + a Good Business Marketing Tool? Part 1

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Is Google + a Good Business Marketing Tool? Part 1

Whether or not Google + actually has enough potential to be a useful marketing tool has been a matter of debate for quite some time in online marketing circles. There are those who believe that the social network launched by Google has some potential and will end up growing in popularity. On the other end, there are those who believe that it will be a flop and join Google’s list of “failed products” and therefore businesses shouldn’t waste their time building a significant presence on it.


But what is going on with Google + in reality? Is it something that you should bother paying attention to as a business owner that is seeking different ways to advertise online? The decision as to which marketing channels you will use to promote your business online is all up to you. Remember that in addition to social networking sites, there are plenty of other online advertising avenues that you can use. And if these are already working for you, then you should by all means keep using any method that is bringing you a satisfactory amount of website visitors and revenue. But what about those that are seeking to enlarge their online advertising options, or who have just started a new business and are looking for ways to get some traffic going to their website?


There are a few things that you should know about Google + and about how it can be used to promote your business in social media.


Google has Fixed Several Problems With the Site


When it was launched, Google + was only meant to be used as a platform for individuals to connect to each other. This meant that business accounts were not allowed. However, Google has quickly changed course, allowing businesses to use the platform for networking, just like Facebook now allows different types of organizations to use their social networking service to connect with fans, customers and potential customers.


Certain functionality issues, such as the ability to put in additional page managers, as well as verify a profile to make sure that it is the official Google + page for your business, have now been resolved and are working quite well. Google has also worked on improving the overall look and feel of the service, which is always a bonus point for increasing use.


Adoption Among Consumers Remains Low


Google has reported that there are now 90 million users of Google +. Of course, this is far less than its rivals, which are now chiefly Facebook and Twitter. Furthermore, the amount of time that users spend on the service on average is not too encouraging at the moment. Reports show that users of Google + spend just 3.5 minutes on the service. Again, this is low compared to other social media websites. However, there are a few reasons as to why you may not want to discount Google + as a marketing tool just yet and may want to create a profile on the service for your business.



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What Draws People to Online Shopping: Part 2

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What Draws People to Online Shopping: Part 2

Yesterday, we’ve seen some examples of what draws people to shop online during the holidays, as well as what you can do to ensure that you profit from these advantages. There are a few more reasons that would make holiday shoppers want to do their shopping online. Here are some more of these advantages of buying online for consumers:

  • Better availability of products

It is a well known fact that the internet is a global marketplace. And it is not called that for no reason. You can purchase any product that you want, even if it would be difficult to get in stores in your area. While international commerce has existed for decades now, ordering something that’s not available in the stores of your area would be quite a hassle before the internet. Now, all that’s required is for the visitor to find what they’re looking for online. To profit from this, a good business model would be selling merchandise that is unique and not too easy to find in stores.

  • Lower prices

One of the big advantages that online businesses have over physical ones is the lower overhead. Running a chain of stores would often require millions of dollars of investment and then a considerable monthly outlay just to keep things running. A store also needs to provide good customer service to their visitors, have their shelves neatly stocked, etc. But to run an e-commerce site, all you need is a location where you’ll be shipping your items out of. If your business is relatively small, this could be run from your home or from a “warehouse” located in your attic or garage. Price conscious consumers are increasingly turning to online shopping during the holidays, mainly because of an abundance of great deals that can be found on a wide range of merchandise on the internet. By making sure that your merchandise is priced lower than what retail stores charge, you will attract those that want to save some money on their holiday shopping.

  • More shipping and delivery options

Again, before the internet, when you ordered something from a catalog or by phone, the only shipping option available was regular shipping, meaning that you had to wait several weeks for your merchandise to arrive. Holiday shoppers obviously don’t have that much time to wait until they receive their order. But with the increased popularity of online shopping came faster shipping options at very affordable prices. Many online shopping websites now offer free standard shipping that takes 3 to 5 days to arrive at the customers door. Expedited shipping options, such as overnight are available as well to anyone who wants to get their order faster. The important thing here is that you give your buyers a good range of shipping options, which would allow them to choose the one that’s right for them. Some people need their order fast and will be willing to pay extra for it, while others can wait a few more days without problems.

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Are MLM Opportunities a Good Way to Earn Money? Part 3

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Are MLM Opportunities a Good Way to Earn Money? Part 3

Previously, we’ve seen some of the issues regarding making money online with MLM offers. But what if you’ve decided that you would like to make some money with them? Here are a few tips that will help you profit from this kind of business opportunity.

  • Don’t stay stuck on only one opportunity

If you take a look at some of the leaders in the MLM business opportunity world, you will see that they participate in various different money making opportunities. The reasons are simple: if one opportunity dries up, there are others that can be scaled up to make more money. Therefore, don’t get attached to only one program and treat MLM opportunities for what they really are: a vehicle for you to make some money.

  • Choose business opportunities with good products

The product is an important part of any business opportunity. There are certain things that you need to ask yourself about it: is it something that is really useful? Is it priced in a way that will enable you to make a decent profit from selling the product instead of constantly hounding others to become distributors? It is something that will last for at least a few years, or just a fad that will be over in a couple of months?

  • Go with MLM opportunities that do not focus exclusively on promoting to friends and family

While some people may be able to pull this off with success, promoting to friends and family is not the best way to go. Sure, a few may sign up, but if you limit yourself to just people you know, then you have a limited pool of prospects, who are actually low quality prospects to begin with (they probably aren’t interested in a business). A good business opportunity to take part in is one that will provide you with some tools and training on generating leads and prospects by advertising online.

  • Join an opportunity early

This gives you a good advantage over those who come later on. There will be less marketing material online about the business that you are in, meaning that you will be dealing with a lot less competition when you start out. Essentially, this will make acquiring leads and prospects, as well as clients who are interested in the products, much easier than an opportunity where there are already hundreds of thousands of distributors competing for the same resources.

  • Learn independently

While many MLM businesses give you some training materials on how to make your business grow, there is plenty of third part material available online for free that will teach you how to do that as well. You may even discover some things that you didn’t know and that wasn’t covered in the training materials of your business opportunity. Therefore, if you want to succeed, you need to be able to find information independently and use that information to build and grow your business as needed. Spending a few hours a week on research and learning can definitely go a long way.

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Online Reputation Management – Part 1

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Online Reputation Management – Part 1

The internet is known to be an excellent place for consumers to find out information about a company that they have done business with, or have the intention of doing so soon. This has given the rise to various websites, such as consumer advocacy sites, industry review websites, complaints boards and various discussion forums and social media groups.

Many of these sites have also become places for people who are dissatisfied with a certain company to voice their their displeasure and make it known to others. So, how do you, as a business owner, deal with this? Here is some useful advice:

  • First, conform to standards of good business practices and ethics

Whether you run a physical business, or one that is strictly online, you really need to have good relationships with your customers if you want to avoid complaints and negative information about your company appearing on various websites and blogs.

Make sure that your prices, policies and service terms are clearly indicated on your website. Provide good support and customer service and respond to inquiries in a timely manner. If someone is not happy with your company or its products, make sure that you take action and correct the situation, or at least make a genuine effort to negotiate a solution with the affected party.

Also be aware that your actions as a business can affect your corporate image very quickly. News spreads very fast in the online world. So obviously if your business is involved in things like disloyal competition, dumping toxic waste, selling weapons to dictators, well, be prepared for the fallout because the news will soon be on dozens of websites.

  • Monitor any information posted about your business regularly

This is not hard to do at all. Do a Google search for your business name, or the name of one of your products if applicable. Add the words “scam”, “ripoff”, “sucks”, “is evil”, well you get the idea,  to your name and see if you get any results. Browse social networks and see if there are any posts or discussions about your business. Check out YouTube. Search for your business or products on consumer advocacy sites like RipOffReport or ComplaintsBoard. Of course, you don’t have to do these things every single day if you don’t have the time for it, but depending on how big your business is and how many customers you have, you will need to do so regularly enough. Know that the more customers you have, the higher the probability that one of them could be unhappy, and that, even if you think you do everything well. By being aware of what is written online about your business, you will then be able to take the necessary actions to respond to it and prevent it from affecting your online reputation in a negative way.

Tomorrow we will take a look at what to do, and what not to do, if you find complaints or negative information about your business on various internet sites.

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