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What You Can Learn From Twitter

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What You Can Learn From Twitter

If you read this site, you probably already know you can use Twitter to promote your website. What you might not know is that it can also be a valuable market research tool. Twitter can help you learn a lot about your audience, and their opinions about your products.

Solicited Feedback

If you have a large number of followers that are interested in your products, poll them whenever you want some feedback about a feature. Just ask your users a question, and wait for some responses. If you don’t get any responses right away, ask again later. The responses to your questions will give you some idea of the overall attitude of your customers toward your products.

Unsolicited Feedback

If your followers care about your products, they’ll @reply you and let you know what they think of your stuff. Take that criticism to heart. Unsolicited feedback is the most honest feedback you’ll ever get. Unsolicited feedback comes from customers that genuinely care about your products. If you get a lot of positive feedback about a product, try to apply the best features of that product to other products. If you get a lot of negative feedback about a product, try to improve the features your users didn’t care for before launching another product in the same line.

Search Results

Even if they’re not addressing their comments your users might still be talking about your products. Once a week, do a Twitter search for your products, and your company name. Keep an eye on what people are saying about you in the search results, and you can get a good idea of how people feel about your company and your products. You can also use the search results to get an understanding of what topics your niche is interested in.

Twitter is an extremely useful tool for marketing your site, and your products, but it’s just as useful in developing your marketing strategies. Pay attention to your user’s feedback, and keep up on your niche’s interests by doing frequent searches, and you will be able to keep evolving your marketing strategies in a profitable direction.

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