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Getting Started In Online Writing – Part 1

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Getting Started In Online Writing – Part 1

If you think you have what it takes to become an online freelance writer and want to get started, then read on. I will give you some advice on how to get started and to build up your income over time.

The first thing that you need to take into consideration when you get started is the amount of money that you will make. There are a few products out there which claim that you can make $150 – $300 or more each day by writing online. This claim is similar to those of websites that claim you can make $500 a day pushing affiliate products on Google Adwords. It is not a lie: yes, you CAN make these amounts. And yes, some people do make several hundreds of dollars each day writing online. However, it would be VERY rare for you to make such amounts from the beginning, unless you already have significant experience in writing (say in journalism or magazines) and have contacts that can get you high paying jobs. So don’t quit your day job just yet.

Much like in many “creative” industries such as cinema and graphic design, those who start out usually get the lower paying jobs. But how do you get some jobs to start your career?

Well, you basically have four choices where to look for work: online writing sites, internet marketing forums, freelancing sites and other sources such as classified ads. Each of them have some unique advantages and drawbacks. Let’s have a look:

Online writing sites.

These are places such as Textbroker, Helium and Constant Content. The way they operate is relatively simple: some allow you to accept orders from customers and start writing, while on others you will write articles about certain topics and wait until a client purchases them. Depending on the site that you work with, you may be required to either submit samples of your previous work or pass a writing test.


  • Many of these sites offer a lot of work and writing on various niches.
  • In most cases you will be sure that you will be paid as long as the work is done correctly.
  • May allow you to get repeat orders from the same client.
  • The pay per article is relatively decent when compared to other places to get work. However, bear in mind that this means you must submit articles which are always of the best quality.


  • Payment is usually not immediate. Certain sites pay you every two weeks, some once a month.
  • Could be difficult to get accepted if you do not have previous writing experience, as some places ask you to submit a CV along with a portfolio of your previous work.

Check back tomorrow for more information on where you can find online article writing work, as well as some advice on how you can maximize the amount of your earnings in a short amount of time.

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Becoming An Online Freelance Writer: What Does It Take

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Becoming An Online Freelance Writer: What Does It Take

For those of you who have thought about being an online freelance writer, here is some information that will help you out on your new journey to making money by writing content on the internet. Being a freelance writer in the online world is not as difficult as it may seem in the first place. In most cases, you won’t need to have much literary talent. After all, most online writing jobs involve writing information and advertising, rather than works of fiction. Therefore, you won’t need experience in writing epic novels that have won awards for best literary work of the century.

But there are a few things that you will need. One of them is a capacity to learn quickly. When you freelance online, you will be writing about various different topics. Sure, you could be an expert in one or two of them, but it’s going to be quite hard to only get work related to things that you are knowledgeable about. When you write about things that you’re not very familiar with, you are going to need to do some research on the topic quickly. This isn’t like in high school where you get two weeks to turn in your research paper. You will need to be able to find the necessary information that you need online and use it to write the article. For example, you may need to write a review about a certain model or cell phone or car. This would involve finding the specifications and details on the subject, as well as looking up online comments to see what other people are saying about it.

This is why it is always a good idea to keep yourself on top of the news and what goes on in different industries. That way, you would be better prepared and already have some information about your disposal if you are asked to write about, say a new social networking site that has become very popular, or a revolutionary new mobile device that is changing the world of communication.

As a freelance writer, you need to be reliable and be able to meet deadlines. You also need to pay attention to client instructions in order to make sure that your work will reflect what the client wanted. By doing quality work and delivering it on time, you will be very likely to get regular clients which can be quite profitable for you.

Another thing that you must have is the ability to work fast. Especially when you are just starting out, most article writing jobs will only pay you from $5 to $10 per 500 word article. Now if it takes you all day just to produce one article, it will not be a very lucrative activity for you. Learn to optimize your research to be able to get the info that you need quicker and also be able to rapidly write down what you are thinking about.

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Becoming A Merchant – The Other Side Of CPA – Part 1

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Becoming A Merchant – The Other Side Of CPA – Part 1

Are you pushing CPA offers? Have you ever wondered who are the merchants behind many of the rebill/trial offers? Some of you imagine them being some large corporation, with hundreds of staff members and an owning an entire skyscraper in downtown New York. Nothing could be further from the truth. In many cases, these companies are owned by one main owner or a few people. They may also employ a handful of employees. But that’s it. How do they make money? And HOW could you become a merchant, rather than a publisher of CPA offers?

I will explain it to you in a simplified way. But a BIG word of caution here. This is not for the lazy. It demands some hard work and a lot of entrepreneurship. If all you want to do is whip together a web page with some nice graphics and call it a day, it is not for you.

What do you need? First: a product.

The product doesn’t need to be an advanced revolutionary breakthrough that will marvel people for generations to come. Nope, it can be something very simple actually.

There are 2 categories of products that you can base your business on: digital products (most commonly the “make money online” niche) and physical products (usually “health products” niche).

If you go with the digital products, what you have to offer is simple. A series of guides related to your “make money online” idea, i.e. earn with Google, earn with eBay, earn with Amazon, earn by being a freelance writer/online photographer/ etc. or a more general “start an online business” which explores various possibilities to earn money online.

The main guides don’t have to be groundbreaking and revolutionary. All of the information on how to earn money with various methods is freely available online. But you will also need to provide some content that will make the users want to keep their membership active month by month. This includes updates, new methods that are added, or services such as affiliate tracking services, PPC tools, etc.

If you go with providing a physical product, think of filling a need. People want to: lose weight, get rid of acne, whiten their teeth, etc. Now you don’t have to spend millions of dollars researching, developing and testing a product. Here’s some news for you in case you missed it: all of these health products sold through CPA offers are no better than generic stuff you would find in a natural products store or your local pharmacy. The rest is just hype. The “super results” and “great benefits” are based on anecdotal evidence at best, pseudoscience at worst.

What you need is to find a supplier which can provide you with the product related to your niche and simply apply your branding label to the packaging, and then send it out to the end customer. You start by offering a free trial, and if the user didn’t cancel, they get a monthly shipment of the product. Your profit margin will be quite high, since these products can be purchased in bulk very cheaply.

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