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Profiting From Tablet Devices: Part 2

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Profiting From Tablet Devices: Part 2

Yesterday, we’ve seen some ways that you can profit from the increasing number of people who are interested in using a tablet as their secondary, or maybe main internet access device. There are a few more ways for entrepreneurs to make money from them. Here are some more ideas that you may want to consider:


  • Developing and marketing apps


As the amount of tablet users grows, so does the demand for applications that run on the common tablet platforms like iOS and Android. In the last 2 years, the demand for these apps has, in fact, exploded. Businesses are looking for a way to get their brand better known and would love to have an app made for tablets. Software developers are looking to cash in on this new trend by making various kinds of programs that can run on these devices.


So if you have some experience developing software, you could make some money either by creating apps that someone else requested, or by coming up with unique ideas for apps and creating your own. One business model that works really well for many tablet apps like games and accounting tools is the “freemium” one. The basic version of the app is free, but in order for the user to unlock more levels, or to get a more powerful version of the app, they would need to pay a small amount. This helps draw users attention to the application and like it, they may want to spend some money in order to upgrade.


Furthermore, it is also possible to integrate ads in some types of apps, which means that you can profit either from selling a paid version of the app, or get ad revenue from the free version.


  • Selling Tablet Insurance


When spending anywhere from $200 to $700 on a tablet, people naturally want to protect their investment. Obviously, there’s a manufacturer’s warranty available, but the problem is that it only covers manufacturing defects for a year or so and nothing more. Mobile devices that people often take with them anywhere they go are naturally prone to some hazards such as accidental damage, loss or theft.


There is a small, yet growing market for mobile device insurance, which provides repair or replacement in case someone’s device gets lost, stolen or damaged. While selling insurance can sometimes be a bit complicated as you would have to follow some regulations and obtain the proper permits in many jurisdictions, it can still be quite a profitable venture if you’re willing to try and enter a relatively new industry and act as a true entrepreneur.


These were some ways to make money with the rising popularity of tablet PCs. Of course, there are definitely many more that you can find if you make a bit of effort and research some money making opportunities.

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Market Your First Ebook

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Market Your First Ebook

An ebook is a great way for you to market your business, website, or blog to fellow enthusiasts who read your blog. If you have a carpet cleaning business, write an ebook on the 10 things carpet cleaners can clean that you can’t. If you have a technology blog, write a howto book on whatever subject you write about. If you have a computer repair shop, write an ebook on installing a hard drive.

When you start your first website or blog, one of the last things on your mind is to write a ebook. But it can be a truly remarkable marketing tool and money maker as well.

There are two types of ebooks, ebooks that cost money, and ebooks used for marketing, please note how I didn’t say they were “free,” more on that in a minute.

When you sell an ebook to your readers and viewers of your website, you are marketing to them because you want to make an immediate profit from the sale of the book. This is a great way to bring in some cash to pay off some expenses, upgrade your hosting, or to put a little cash in your pocket.

Another popular thing to do is to create a “report” rather than an ebook, this is something that you use to lure people into your products and other ventures. When I say lure, I don’t mean it as a bad thing. When you give them something free, you need to get something in return. Whether that is a click to another one of your websites, or a new sign up onto your newsletter, you need to profit from them in some way.

A great way to do this is to have a free giveaway to market a bigger product. So if you have an ebook on how to repair home theaters and you have every known brand and every possible problem in the book, why not create a mini version with only a bit of general information and then up sell from the free version to the paid, more in-depth version of the ebook.

Marketing your first ebook can be very challenging and difficult. But once you get that first one out of the way and written, the only thing to do is to market the heck out of it. Blast it everywhere you can think of, post it on your Facebook, Twitter, message boards, forums, newsletter, and anywhere else you can, and if you do it write, it will be a profitable and great learning experience.

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Choosing Your Domain Name By Keyword Analysis To Increase Your Serps Positioning

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Choosing Your Domain Name By Keyword Analysis To Increase Your Serps Positioning

choosing a domain nameWhen your deciding on your next website you need to plan your domain name purchase very carefully as this is probably the most important part when setting up your website and achieving a great search engine position

First what you need to do is understand your niche, understanding the market and your website niches main keywords and also LSI keywords.  Its also good to find out your long tail keywords.  There are 2 tools you can use, one of them is free and the other is a paid version which is the most respected and used by experienced internet marketers because the many features and detailed results it gives.  The free version is the Google Adwords Keyword Tool

The second tool which i highly recommend and i personally use on a regular basis is the Keyword Elite 2.0 . The reason this tool is very good is because it will find out all the keywords that are searched everyday on search engines and will also give a much better list then the Google adwords free tool.  You will also find all the LSI keywords and long tail keywords which you can use as part of your optimisation phase when building your website.  Use the tool to do a search on your main keyword and see what the competition is like, how many times a month it is searched for.  Then filter through the results and then see if a domain name matching one of your main keywords is available.

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Another great use of the Keyword Elite 2.0 is that you can use it to look for low competition keywords that you can dominate the search engines with if the domain name for that keyword is available you can pratically have a website on page 1 of Google within a few weeks if the competition for that keyword is below 12,000

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