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Promotional Offer Ideas for the Holidays

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Promotional Offer Ideas for the Holidays

During the holiday shopping season, it is important that you make some additional promotions on your online merchandise for your website visitors. When shopping during the holidays, everyone wants to save money, so retailers often respond to that by giving discounts on some or all of their merchandise for sale. This applies both to e-commerce sites and brick and mortar businesses. But in addition to lowering the price of your items for sale, there are many other things that you can do to make your online shopping site more attractive to visitors during this upcoming holiday shopping season. Remember that creativity is always a good thing in the online world and if you have many competitors in your niche, making your site and your holiday promotions stand out from the rest will definitely put you at a strong advantage. Here are some examples of things you may offer to your buyers:

  • Free Gift Wrapping

Many people who buy holiday gifts online have them shipped directly to the recipient. This is definitely a good idea if that recipient doesn’t live in the same area. Offering to gift wrap the items for free is a good service that you can give to the buyers on your website.

  • Free Shipping

One of the things that turns people off from shopping online for the holidays is the shipping fees. But some e-commerce sites have responded to this by offering free shipping on some or all of their items. To do this, you would just need to calculate the cost of shipping certain items to see if it would be still profitable for you to sell the item and offer free shipping. Consider offering free shipping on certain orders, such as those over $100. Take a look at the rates offered by shipping carriers to see if you can get cheaper shipping rates based on the volume of packages that you send out every day.

  • Loyalty Offers for Existing Customers

If a buyer purchases something from you, consider sending them a discount code in their email which is valid for a certain percentage off their next order. While this is more complicated to integrate into a site, you could also set up a points based rewards program, where shoppers could earn points and exchange them for discounts on your merchandise.

  • Deeper Discounts for the First Buyers

You could offer an even better discount offer than what you currently have for, say, the first 10 buyers of an item. This can help you sell one of your items that is not too popular. If the price is low enough, it can also serve as promoting an impulse buy, especially if it is something small and relatively inexpensive.

These are all some great examples of offers that you can make for your website visitors during the busy shopping season. But of course, the key element is creativity. If you believe that something else will work well with your audience, then don’t hesitate to try it on your website!

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Making Good Use Of PLR – Part 2

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Making Good Use Of PLR – Part 2

We have seen in the previous post that PLR content can be very useful if you need articles to put on your website. It’s easy to use, flexible and most of all, very affordable. But it also offers you a lot more options as well. Let’s take a look at some other things that you can do with PLR:

Articles are quite useful, but what if you actually needed some more content. Then don’t worry, because PLR ebooks are available online in massive numbers. The prices will vary from vendor to vendor, but in many cases you can find a collection of dozens of PLR ebooks for $9.99, $7 or even lower. Now, sure, some of them have content that is useful and interesting to read. In fact, you may even learn something new about internet marketing from them. But this is not the main reasons why people buy PLR packs containing ebooks.

You can make profit by distributing them to others. Have you ever thought about creating your own informational product to sell, but didn’t want to take hours to write it or spend a lot of money to hire a ghostwriter? In that case, you can actually take content from PLR ebooks and resell them yourself. All you have to do is to set up a sales page and draw traffic to your site. Some PLR packs even include templates for squeeze, sales and landing pages that you can use. All you have to do is to include your own sales copy and advertise so that you can get some visitors to your site.

Other than directly selling them, you could also give them away as a gift for a visitor performing a certain action at your site. For example, if you want to encourage people to sign up for your mailing list, you can offer them a gift of a PLR ebook that is related to your niche if they join your mailing list.

If you are already selling your own product, or providing services, these ebooks make a great bonus offers to your customers. For example, you can tell your visitors that if they buy your main product, they will get a free gift valued at $XXX. You would then send them one or several PLR books. People love to get something as a free bonus when they buy something online. This method can definitely boost your sales.

For those of you who own membership sites, these can make a great addition to your “downloads” section. You can take a collection of several PLR ebooks and make them available for download to those that join your site. Offering a large collection of guides available for free download is a very good tactic to make people see the “value” in becoming members of your site. Especially after you tell them that each of these ebooks could be worth anywhere from $15.95 to $77 if sold individually.

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Making Good Use Of PLR – Part 1

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Making Good Use Of PLR – Part 1

If you were looking for content to add to your website or for some ebooks that you can resell, then you may have come across someone selling PLR content. You may have been surprised that it is quite cheap or even free. In fact packs of PLR such as articles, ebooks, website templates, graphics, etc. are often given as a free gift when you buy some products in the internet marketing niche or you join a membership site about making money online. Can using PLR really earn you money, or is it just something that is good as “filler” content for your website?

As you may already know, PLR products give you “Private Label Rights”, meaning that depending on the license included with the content, you can do pretty much anything you want with it, including republish it, modify it, bundle it in another product, etc. This creates a wealth of opportunities in which PLR products can be used, some of which could indeed be very profitable for you.

Let’s take a look at PLR articles. Obviously, we all know that in order for a web page to be both attractive to readers and search engines, it needs to have regularly updated and unique content. PLR articles can help you with that. However, there are certain things that you should know about using them. If all you need is content for your site and you don’t care too much about SEO (i.e. you don’t expect to get most of your traffic from organic search results), then you can simply use the articles as they are on your site.

However, if you want to increase your ranking in the search engines, the content that you supply on your site needs to be actually unique. You will therefore need to rewrite it. However, we all know that rewriting content is far more simple than actually writing an article from scratch. You don’t really need to think up of original ideas, just say the same thing than the PLR article is saying but in different words. For example, if the original text is: “I saw a huge dog running on the street”, you could spin it to “I looked at the street and saw a big dog barreling through”. You get the idea. You can, of course hire a freelancer to do it for you. In that case you will save money, as rewriting is usually quite cheaper than writing original content. You can spin the PLR articles as many times as you desire to suit your needs.

Remember that you actually don’t have to use the entire article on your site. For example, if the PLR articles are 600 words each and you only need a 300 word blog post, you can use only parts of the article on your site. You can also split the article into two different posts as well.

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Giving Away Something to Your List

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Giving Away Something to Your List

When you finally start getting a list together of perspective people interested in what you are doing, you need to give them something.

Once they are opted in – giving them a free gift such as an audio book, ebook, video series, or access to premium content (limited of course) gives them an incentive to stay tuned to what you are doing next.

For example, in order to get people to opt in you could offer a free 10 step guide to starting your own internet business (if that is your niche) to get them to sign up to your newsletter.

Once there, that is when you start giving them away information for free. Don’t simply spam them with links to affiliate products. Create value for them.

If you are trying to sell a video series on outsourcing, a great lead in to that would be a video of yourself giving a quick overview of what the program offers, how much it costs, and some great things they will learn from doing it. Even give away the first 5 minutes of the first video for free.

Giving free content without commitment from the buyer is a great way to build social proof and trust. You can show them the quality of the offering without them having to worry before buying it what the content will be like.

There are many times I am interested in a video series or ebook but without a sample I will not purchase it — simply because I haven’t had a chance to see the quality. So give a sample in the email and let the people know what they are going to be getting into (in a great way).

Another thing is to space your affiliate or selling emails out. Maybe once every two to three times you email is a good idea to try (test it out to see how your list responds). That way, it doesn’t feel like you are trying to consistently push an idea or product on them, something that will deteriorate your relationship with them and cause them to be skeptical of your intentions.

In conclusion, provide value and gifts to your followers without asking for much in return. Give away plans, ideas, short ebooks, and videos. Without expectations. Create value for them, build trust, and when you finally decide to sell to them, you might just find they are more receptive to your offering.

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Optimizing An Opt In Email List Page

Keeping your email opt in page clean and professional is important to showing your users trust and respect. Make sure you emphasize privacy and the purpose of your list. List the benefits of being a member of your email list such as giveaways, free information, gifts, or whatever benefits your list might have. This helps gain trust right away from your users and makes them feel like they will benefit from joining your list, rather than giving away their privacy to a third party. Trust is the most important thing you can build on your opt in page.

The opt in email page takes some time to perfect, but the main objective is to keep the person interested enough to want to give you their personal information such as an email address to offer them solicited information. This is known as opting in to receive the information and allows you to send them related information. Most people will not simply put in their information if they see no incentive or gains that they would receive for doing so. This is where you would provide a free gift for giving you their information. This allows you to provide a free gift as the ethical bribe to earn their email address information.

This means that you will be tasked with gaining the trust of opt in subscribers. The more that you work to gain the trust of the potential subscribers, the more likely they will be to opt in. Once you do get their trust to give you their information you will have to continue earning their trust. Sending them the free gift via auto-response scripts is important to utilize. Do not bombard them with spam and offers they do not need.

Delivering on the join request is very important. You will have to ensure that they will be receiving important information that they will want to read without asking them to buy anything at first. Once gaining their trust has gone on for a few days to a week, your email responses could be tailored to ask them politely to purchase a product. If they do not continue on, the next email should outline why they should buy it. After this, the emails should explain why not using the product is less effective than other products or methods. This will usually provide them with a reason to purchase within a set time frame if their interest is caught well enough.

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Using Youtube To Drive Traffic To Your Website

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Using Youtube To Drive Traffic To Your Website

affiliate marketingYoutube is now becoming a major tool for searching online for breaking news similar to how twitter is being used.  For example if there is a news story people will most likely go to youtube to search for a video relating to this news piece.  Some people will use Twitter to search for information regarding this news piece.

A great way to use youtube to drive traffic to your website is to be the first to upload any breaking news to your youtube account and you will see a massive increase in video views on this video.  You can download the news video from any major news site as long as you mention where you got the video from in the description.  To drive the traffic to your website you can simply place your website link in the description offering a free gift to intice your youtube viewers to click on your link and give them a free gift to download in exchange they give you their email to help build up your email subscribers for example.  Once that user is on your website then you have a better chance of getting a sale if you are selling something or a service on your website.

You can also use it to build up your twitter followers by placing your twitter account in the video description.

Also once you have reached over 150,000 views on your videos you can then apply for the youtube google adsense partner programme and make money from your videos aswell.  Joining their partnership programme means you will make money from any advertisement that is shown on that page from youtube.  You will earn commission if a viewer clicks on those adverts.

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