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Twitter Changes The Way it Does Promoted Tweets

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Twitter Changes The Way it Does Promoted Tweets

Advertising on Twitter is somewhat different than what you would see on most other social media websites. Twitter, a popular microblogging platform, has grown to be used by millions of people around the globe who use it to share information with their followers, as well as by businesses who create a profile on the site and keep their clients and potential clients in the know about what is going on in their company. We’ve previously discussed some of the ways that one can join Twitter and start using it to promote their business. However, there are some other advertising options available to Twitter users as well.


Just like any other social media website, Twitter needs to have businesses which pay to have their ads seen if they want their social network to keep functioning. One of the ways that Twitter would do this was by making Promoted Tweets available to their business users. A company would first need to write a regular Tweet and post it so that it’s seen by all of their followers. This can give a company a lot of exposure in itself, especially if they have thousands of highly targeted followers that are paying attention to what they’re tweeting. But there is a way to get even more exposure for your message: sending out a Promoted Tweet. This tweet would be the same one that you posted to all of your followers. However, it does have one main difference: instead of being promoted to just your followers, it would get sent out to a much larger audience. This provides your business with a lot more views for your Tweet, and of course it gives Twitter the revenue that it needs to keep their service running.


There has been a slight change to the way Twitter handles sponsored tweets in the last few days. It’s not really much of a radical change that will shake the world of social media forever, but it’s still worth noting. Advertisers that send out Promoted Tweets will no longer have to create a “regular” tweet and send it out to their followers. They can go straight to making a Promoted Tweet and sharing it with the world of Twitter users, based on certain targeting factors such as demographics and the geographic region of the user.


According to internet marketing news updates, Twitter will be encouraging advertisers to make their promoted tweets look similar to regular ones. Promoted tweets that see more user engagement may “appear more often”, according to information from Twitter.


If there’s one thing that can be learned from Twitter is that it’s possible to have a social networking site that is both popular and profitable, without cluttering up the page with 10 different ads all over the place. Promoted tweets are seen as a lot more “friendly” and unobtrusive by Twitter users than the standard text or image ads that are seen on other social networking websites.

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Getting Followers to Build Your Online Authority

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Getting Followers to Build Your Online Authority

Previously, we’ve seen how important it is to build social media authority and what benefits it can bring to your online business. Many online marketers are curious to know how they can build up their authority on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. The first thing that you need to think about is that authority has to be built over time. For this, you need to create an online presence that is solid and large. Of course, this may sound easy in theory, but in practice, it will demand that you make a lot of efforts.

The first thing that you need to think about is to attract as many people as possible around you. Give them an opportunity to comment on your updates and to share information about you. The more people you get following you, the better. What you post is extremely important, as it will serve to build interest. If you simply post links to a few popular articles that you’ve found on the web, this will not do much to increase the amount of followers. Simply because there are so many people doing it already.

On Twitter, you will want your account to be followed by the most active users. Those are the users which will frequently retweet messages to others. Find out more about the people who are marketing in your niche on Twitter. Look at their followers. See what they comment about and what they retweet.

Getting followers is important, but you will also want people to find out more about your business. Now how do you do this if you’re sometimes sharing third party content? There are some ways around this. If, for example, you found a certain YouTube video to be interesting, instead of linking directly to it, why not create a blog post and embed it? That way, you can give your own opinion on it and allow users to comment on it. Chances are, some of the people who ended up on your site will be curious to see what else is there and keep exploring it.

Encourage your users to share the content you’ve placed on your site. Make sure that you’ve placed some buttons for Twitter, Google + and Facebook on all of your pages. But simply placing the buttons may not be enough to get the full effect. Including a call to action on your page to encourage users to share the content could make a big difference. If you’ve watched YouTube videos lately, you will find many users encourage their viewers to not only subscribe to their channel, but also to follow them on Twitter or Facebook. So if you produce your own YouTube videos and post them on your website or blog, include a call to action in the video itself may serve to increase the number of users sharing your content. Then of course, more people will see it and more could eventually follow you. This is how you build a network of followers by leveraging the power of social networking.

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What to Include in Your Facebook Page

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What to Include in Your Facebook Page

If you’re planning to set up a Facebook fan page for your business, then you’ve made the right decision in getting more social media exposure for your company. But how do you use social networking sites to their fullest potential? The first thing that you need to know is what you should include in your Facebook fan page. Here are some general tips that will be helpful in that aspect:

  • Your basic contact information

You want your page visitors to be able to contact you if they have any question about your business or a product that you offer. Include your phone number, e-mail address, as well as address if you have a physical location.

  • A link to your main business website

Putting a link to your website on your Facebook page means that you get one more, high quality backlink to your site, in addition to potentially getting more traffic from social media visitors that are interested in learning more about what you offer.

  • A link to your blog

If you have a blog, then include a link to it as well, for the same reasons as you would include a link to your main website. You get a backlink and potential traffic coming directly from your Facebook page, which is a winning combination in the world of online marketing.

  • Links to your other social media accounts

Do you use any other social networking services, such as Google +, MySpace, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. ? In that case, include a link to your other profiles as well, as this will allow you to gain more followers on your other accounts.

  • Pictures and descriptions of your products

If you sell physical merchandise, include some pictures of featured items on your Facebook page. The goal here is not to copy your entire catalog (unless you sell only 3 or 4 products), but to showcase some of your products to your visitors. Of course, you should link to the relevant page on your main website which sells these products.

  • General information about your business

Include a brief description about how your business works, such as the type of items you sell, services you provide, opening hours, payment methods, etc. This will give the visitor enough information to know whether what you sell is right for them. It will also cut down on some questions being sent to you by message, such as “Do you take Paypal” or “Do you sell such and such products”, etc.

  • Updates about your business and industry

Keep your page lively and up to date, by posting information such as new products, price reductions, promotions, etc. Even if you have nothing that changed, post some information that’s related to your niche, such as advice on using some of your products, or news that’s related to your niche. This will make your page look more “alive” and keep your followers interest, as opposed to a page that hasn’t been updated in several months and looks abandoned.

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Tips for Promoting Your Blog: Part 2

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Tips for Promoting Your Blog: Part 2

Now that you know about the importance of good SEO, as well as inclusion in your email marketing, plus linking from your main site is important, you may be wondering if there are any other tips that you can apply to promote the blog you’ve just build and get a steady stream of interested visitors. There are a few final tips that I’m going to share with you regarding how to accomplish this easily. The key here would be integration with other marketing efforts, which will result in plenty of good traffic if you’re diligent and patient in your traffic building efforts.

Be Social

Social media is a topic that comes numerous times when discussing traffic generation techniques as well as internet marketing in general. This is not without good reason: the majority of people visit social networking sites, so the traffic on these sites is already there. You just need to direct it to your blog. The two best examples in this case would be using Facebook. When you post a new article in your blog, share it on Facebook. Readers will see the title of the post and a summary, where they can click through to your blog to read more if interested. For Twitter, just send out a Tweet about the update and include a link.

Also, don’t forget to include buttons so that users can like and share your posts on their social networking profiles, thus giving you exposure to their friends and followers, generating a potential for more traffic in the process.


RSS feeds are a good way to get people to follow your blog in a way similar to following someone on Twitter or Facebook. When they subscribe to your RSS feeds, people will be able to see in their browser if you’ve made a new blog post. If it’s something that interests them, they will then click through to your blog and read the article you just posted.

Be Patient

Building a steady amount of traffic to a blog is something that takes time and patience. It’s quite unlikely that you will receive thousands of daily visitors after just taking one of the actions presented here. But keep posting good content and keep using the techniques shown here and you will soon start seeing a few visitors on your blog. This can grow in time, you will just need to be patient and continue blogging and actively taking efforts to generate more interest and thus more traffic on the blog you’ve built.

Be Creative

You’re not limited to what was presented here when it comes to getting traffic. Think up of your own strategies to bring in high quality visitors and read up more about things such as social media, SEO and traffic generation to blogs. You may discover some new methods and techniques that you will want to try, which may very well be the solution that you were looking for to finally get the amount of visitors you wanted.

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Free Ways to Get Visitors to Your Business Website

When it comes to getting visitors to your business website, there are plenty of ways to do it. Some of these methods are free, while some others require an investment to be made in terms of advertising budget. But what if you don’t have that much money to get started? Is it still possible to get free visitors to your website? The answer would be yes. Here are some of the ways that you can employ.

  • Get Listed in Google Places

Time and time again, online marketing experts will recommend that anyone who has a website for their business gets a free listing in Google Places. Why? A few simple reasons: its free and can help you get visitors, both to your website and to your actual business. All you need to do would be to list your business and it would appear in a few days.

  • Put your website on your receipts, bags, printed materials, etc.

Some of your existing and potential clients may not even know that you have a website. By putting it out in front of them, you are increasing the chance that they will see it and go visit it. This also has the effect of increasing customer loyalty. A customer who visits your website will be more likely to buy from you again in the future, as it serves as a reminder that your business exists.

  • Use social networking

Facebook is the second most popular website in the world, right after Google. So if you don’t have a Facebook page, then you are leaving traffic on the table. Simply create a Facebook page for your business, filled with information about your latest offerings, and prominently include links to the relevant portions of your website. Create special, Facebook only discounts and promotions to boost its efficiency.

Twitter is also a popular social networking service. It works a bit differently from Facebook: you send out short messages to your followers, called Tweets. These Tweets can include a link to the relevant part of your site, such as the page for a new product, or to a promotion that you are having for the season.

  • Have your website on your business sign, your vehicles, etc.

This can serve as a very effective way of getting free traffic. For example, if your business is closed and someone passes by who might be interested in what you have to offer, they could remember your website and then check it out later. Keep in mind that very few people will actually note down your website URL, but will rather remember it from memory. Therefore, it needs to be something that is memorable and something that would not be confused with one of your competitors websites. Remember, you can have multiple domain names pointing to your main website, so if you think your main domain would be too hard to remember, consider getting an alternate one. This definitely has the potential of getting a few extra visitors to your site when you need them.

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Using Fiverr To Make Money: Part 3

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Using Fiverr To Make Money: Part 3

Previously, we have seen how it is possible to make money from Fiverr by selling your services. But there are other ways that you can profit from this unique freelancing site and this is by being a buyer. While making a profit buying things may not seem very obvious at first, there are actually some ways that you can make this happen. Let’s take a look at some of these ways:


  • Buying Traffic and Social Media Promotion


Let’s say you have a product or service that you are selling online and could use some traffic to get some exposure for it. There are many sellers who offer social media promotion on Fiverr, such as sending out Tweets or putting a link to your website on their Facebook fan page. Many of these people have tens of thousands of Twitter followers or Facebook fans, meaning that your message will be seen by a lot of people. However, it is still important that you check the reputation of the seller, just to make sure that their fans or followers are actually real people rather than bots. You can do this by checking their feedback and seeing what others have left as comments about the service that they offered. Still, for just $5, you are getting a lot of potential exposure and are not risking a lot of money if you don’t get the results that you were hoping for.


  • Outsourcing Services


While I have mentioned it in another post some time ago, I will say it once again: there is a lot of profit to be made from what is referred to as “services arbitrage”. What does it consist of? Quite simply, you would sell your services at another place, such as an internet marketing forum and then outsource it to people on Fiverr for a lower price. So let’s say that you get paid $7 to write a 600 word article based on an offer that you’ve made on an IM forum. You would then outsource that article creation to someone on Fiverr and have them write it for $5. You keep the $2 difference as a profit. Sure, the $2 doesn’t sound like much, however this can quickly add up. So if you are outsourcing 10 articles a day, this can generate a profit of $600 a month. Not bad, considering the fact that you could spend less than an hour a day managing this.


Here again, the trick is to make sure that whoever you are outsourcing the work to will do a quality job so that you can maintain your reputation as being a provider that offers great services to your client. Check the seller’s past feedback to see if it is good and give them a small assignment to begin with. If you notice that they do good work and follow your instructions well, you can then send them more regular work and you will have found a great partner that you can outsource your work to.

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Aweber Basics

     One of the most successful email marketing software companies is Aweber communications. Aweber.com is centered around creating a strong relationship with customers so that a business owner can in turn generate revenues. Although there are fees associated with the products offered by Aweber, they are in no way going to take food from your mouth, instead these services are going to pay for themselves.

     Aweber has a strong and accurate autoresponse system that will take the worry out of managing a successful email campaign. All you have to do is create and email and assign a day when it will reach the members on your subscriber list. There are even services available to let you know how many people actually open your business emails or merely threw them in the trash bin.

     There is also a subscriber list service offered by Aweber that allows you to generate lists of subscribers based on categories that you group them into. You can create categories for new subscribers, previously purchased clients, and so on. This service also allows you to personalize your emails with the name of the recipient, making the client feel a little more valuable to your business.

     Additional services offered by Aweber include template emails, in case you are not creatively-inclined there are great templates for any business. Blog to newsletter creation is a genius implementation that allows you to take information from your websites blog and place it into your upcoming newsletter, this is a great way to highlight an important conversation with followers to your other consumers, and a great way to advertise your blog to subscribers.

     Just these few benefits should be enough to consider seeking out some of the services Aweber.com has to offer online businesses, especially if you need just a little more help with your marketing campaign.


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Social Media For Small Business – Choosing The Right Network

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Social Media For Small Business – Choosing The Right Network

If you own a small business, you may have heard about the possibility to use social media in order to increase your bottom line. While this is certainly true, there are a few things that you need to know about social media before you jump in. It is always important to have a properly made marketing strategy in order for your efforts to be beneficial for you.

The first thing that you would need to consider is what social network to use for your marketing campaigns. There are various networks out there and they all have their unique advantages. For example, Facebook has a demographically diverse user base and the highest number of users. This makes it a good all around choice to promote your business.

LinkedIn is more geared towards business users. It’s main purpose is for individuals and businesses to connect to each other and share information. This makes it a poor choice if your goal is to promote your products or services online. However, it can help you find qualified employees who are looking for a job. It could also be a great tool to network with other business owners and vendors. This will allow you to form partnerships with other businesses and individuals that could have something useful to offer you. For example, if you need your main website redesigned, you can network with a web design company that can do it for you.

Twitter is a network that lets users post Tweets, or short message to keep others in the know as to what they are doing. It is often used by people to share some information about their lives with friends. But it does have significant advantages for businesses as well. You can post updates about your products or services, or announce a new promotion to your followers. It is also possible to put your website link in your Tweets to drive additional traffic to your website.

Despite the fact that social networks can be a powerful tool for the promotion of your business, remember that their main purpose is for users to be entertained and share information. After all, people do not log in to a social network just to be bombarded with advertisements and promotional messages. If your postings consist of nothing but that, it is quick way to simply get ignored. Offer your users some useful content that doesn’t sound too promotional. For example, you can post how to guides or links to news articles that are related to your industry and that the users will have an interest in.

Also remember to update your page frequently with fresh content. People always want to see something new and if you don’t post anything to your social media page in a while, they will simply lose interest in it rather quickly. Do everything possible to make them want to visit your page on a regular basis.

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Learn From Social Media

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Learn From Social Media

Social media sites like Twitter and Facebook can be a great marketing tool if you know how to use them the right way. They can also be an incredible source of valuable information if you know what to look for. Social media sites can teach you a lot about your target audience, and their needs and wants.


Take the time to do a series of searches related to your niche on social media every week. Pick a set of terms, or phrases that relate directly to what you’re doing, and search them on social media. The results will contain people talking about your niche, and what’s going on in it. If you take the time to read through some of those results, you’ll get two things out of  it. First, you’ll get new friends and followers. By taking the time to connect with the people you find through these searches, you’re gaining high quality friends and followers. Second, you’re gaining valuable information about what people in your niche are talking about. The more you know about their interests, the better off you’ll be in the long run.


Set up a poll on your website that asks questions about your customers, and their wants and needs, and what they think of your products. Use social media to spread that poll around to your friends and followers. If you’ve been using social media the right way, and interacting with them on a regular basis, they’ll most likely leap at the chance to give you feedback. If you don’t get the response you’re hoping for right off the bat, create a contest around the poll, and offer one lucky poll taker a prize.


If you want to know something about your customers, just ask. By asking questions on social media sites, you’re achieving two different things. First, you’re interacting with your friends and followers in a meaningful way. Second, if they’re answering your questions, you’re learning about them and their needs at the same time.

By spending some time with social media, you can turn it into a valuable market research tool. The more you can learn about your customers, the better equipped you’ll be to sell your products to them.

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General Tips For Social Media Success

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General Tips For Social Media Success

Social media sites like Twitter and Facebook have become an important part of any online marketing strategy.It can be tough to run an effective social media marketing campaign, but if you keep some simple things in mind, you can succeed with social media.


Try to use the same username across all the sites you sign up for. If your Facebook friends see your username pop up on Twitter, they’ll follow you, and if your Twitter followers see your Facebook page, they’ll friend you. Being consistent about your username makes it very easy for other people to figure out who you are quickly. If you can’t get the same exact username on all of the sites you use, try to pick something very similar. The easier it is for people to figure out who you are, the more attention you’ll get in the long run.


Every social media site lets you upload a picture to use as your icon. A lot of people will tell you to use a professional looking head shot of yourself, but that’s not necessarily the right choice. The picture you use is going to depend on the niche you’re marketing to. Sure, sometimes the professional head shot will be the right choice, but if you’re running a website about TV shows, and you’re using your social media accounts to promote it, you might want to use something TV related as your icon instead. The one thing to keep in mind when picking your icon is that it be memorable. Whether it’s a head shot or not, your friends and followers should be able to identify you by your icon easily.


Take the time to fill out your profile completely. The more information you include, the better off you’ll be. People use social media to have a social interaction with other users, and the more you tell them about yourself, the more likely they are to feel like they’re getting that interaction from you.

There’s a lot to learn about social media, but if you keep these things in mind, you’ll be off to a good start. You can’t build a strong social media marketing campaign without taking the right steps when setting up your accounts. Keep that in mind, and you’ll succeed with social media.

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Giving Away Something to Your List

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Giving Away Something to Your List

When you finally start getting a list together of perspective people interested in what you are doing, you need to give them something.

Once they are opted in – giving them a free gift such as an audio book, ebook, video series, or access to premium content (limited of course) gives them an incentive to stay tuned to what you are doing next.

For example, in order to get people to opt in you could offer a free 10 step guide to starting your own internet business (if that is your niche) to get them to sign up to your newsletter.

Once there, that is when you start giving them away information for free. Don’t simply spam them with links to affiliate products. Create value for them.

If you are trying to sell a video series on outsourcing, a great lead in to that would be a video of yourself giving a quick overview of what the program offers, how much it costs, and some great things they will learn from doing it. Even give away the first 5 minutes of the first video for free.

Giving free content without commitment from the buyer is a great way to build social proof and trust. You can show them the quality of the offering without them having to worry before buying it what the content will be like.

There are many times I am interested in a video series or ebook but without a sample I will not purchase it — simply because I haven’t had a chance to see the quality. So give a sample in the email and let the people know what they are going to be getting into (in a great way).

Another thing is to space your affiliate or selling emails out. Maybe once every two to three times you email is a good idea to try (test it out to see how your list responds). That way, it doesn’t feel like you are trying to consistently push an idea or product on them, something that will deteriorate your relationship with them and cause them to be skeptical of your intentions.

In conclusion, provide value and gifts to your followers without asking for much in return. Give away plans, ideas, short ebooks, and videos. Without expectations. Create value for them, build trust, and when you finally decide to sell to them, you might just find they are more receptive to your offering.

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Choose A Social Media Manager

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Choose A Social Media Manager

Running a social media marketing campaign can be a tricky process. Each different social media site has it’s own pro’s and cons, and if you don’t know how to work within the confines of a particular site, you’re not going to be able to use it effectively as part of your marketing campaign. If you’re not familiar with all the ins and outs of social media marketing, you might want to hire a social media marketing manager.

If you’re going to hire a social media manager, it’s important to hire the right person for the job. Your reputation can take a lot of serious, irreversible damage if your social media marketing campaign is run poorly, so you need to be sure you’re hiring someone with experience, and knowledge about how to use social media effectively.

When you’re talking to a candidate, don’t be afraid to ask for references. Take a look at any other social media campaigns they have worked on or are currently working on, and take the time to examine those accounts closely. Make sure that your candidate handled themselves professionaly on the social media accounts they ran for other people. If you see any signs that they may have been inconsistent, or anything other than professional when dealing with previous clients, they may not be the social media manager for you.

It’s also a good idea to take a look at their own social media accounts. A good social media manager will have accounts set up to promote themselves. Those accounts should be updated regularly, and they should have high quality friends and followers. Numbers aren’t everything – just because they have a lot of friends or followers that doesn’t mean they are high quality friends and followers. Look to see how often they interact with other people on social media sites, and you’ll get a good idea of how well they manage their own social media accounts

If you take the time to pick the right person for the job, you’ll be on your way to a successful social media marketing campaign. Social media can have a huge impact on your reputation, so it’s important to treat it with the right level of importance.

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Using Forums to Market Your Website

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Using Forums to Market Your Website

Using a forum to market and monetize your website is a great idea. There are two different ways you can do this, one is by marketing on other people’s forums, and the second is to create your own forum.

Forums are a great way to market to a very specific area. Sure, you sometimes see a forum that is about general topics, but mostly the topics discussed are very narrow minded (in a good way). For example, there are massive forums on cycling, soccer, social networking, making money online, or knitting.

There is really no limit of what a forum can be about, if there are passionate and interested people about a subject, they will most likely find their way to a forum to discuss the topics.

Using Other People’s Forums
The easiest and cheapest way to market your website via forums is to use someone else’s already established forum. This way, the cost of entry is much lower, in both monetary and time terms. All you need to do is register on the forum, read the rules, put your website in your signature with a catchy phrase that will entice people to click on it, then start posting on the forum. It is important to engage in conversation, rather than spamming the established members already (they will not take kindly to that). Engaging and holding an intelligent conversation is essential here, because this is the first time your potential visitors will ever see what you have to say. Make sure you add value to the forum and post several times a day or week in order to maximize your results.

Creating Your Own Forums
Another way you can use forums is to create your own forum to allow your followers to engage with you and one another. This will help create a sense of community around your site, especially if you are already getting comments. The problem with this method is that you need to have viewers already to leverage them into becoming forum members. This is usually one of the later aspects of a website to come along, simply for that reason. But once you do have established readers, it could be a great way to promote your topics, engage in conversation, and even get new ideas for content and products.

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What You Can Learn From Twitter

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What You Can Learn From Twitter

If you read this site, you probably already know you can use Twitter to promote your website. What you might not know is that it can also be a valuable market research tool. Twitter can help you learn a lot about your audience, and their opinions about your products.

Solicited Feedback

If you have a large number of followers that are interested in your products, poll them whenever you want some feedback about a feature. Just ask your users a question, and wait for some responses. If you don’t get any responses right away, ask again later. The responses to your questions will give you some idea of the overall attitude of your customers toward your products.

Unsolicited Feedback

If your followers care about your products, they’ll @reply you and let you know what they think of your stuff. Take that criticism to heart. Unsolicited feedback is the most honest feedback you’ll ever get. Unsolicited feedback comes from customers that genuinely care about your products. If you get a lot of positive feedback about a product, try to apply the best features of that product to other products. If you get a lot of negative feedback about a product, try to improve the features your users didn’t care for before launching another product in the same line.

Search Results

Even if they’re not addressing their comments your users might still be talking about your products. Once a week, do a Twitter search for your products, and your company name. Keep an eye on what people are saying about you in the search results, and you can get a good idea of how people feel about your company and your products. You can also use the search results to get an understanding of what topics your niche is interested in.

Twitter is an extremely useful tool for marketing your site, and your products, but it’s just as useful in developing your marketing strategies. Pay attention to your user’s feedback, and keep up on your niche’s interests by doing frequent searches, and you will be able to keep evolving your marketing strategies in a profitable direction.

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