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How You Can Keep Going Even When Google Changes

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How You Can Keep Going Even When Google Changes

As we’ve seen before, Google has made some changes to their search engine, which has a goal of improving the relevance of search results by displaying pages that are more likely to be relevant and more in tune with what the searcher is looking for. When it comes to consumers, this move is likely to be well received and even welcome by some. The reason behind this is that there are a lot of users who are getting tired of seeing “spammy” pages show up in search results, which don’t give them what they need at all. But for online marketing experts of all specialties, such as e-commerce site managers, SEO experts and more, it simply means that they would need to be more vigilant so as to not fall in a trap and have problems with Google.


For marketers, it mans making a few changes to their approach. Now that cheap marketing solutions exist, such as spinning programs that can automatically generate unique content from an original document, Google has taken notice of this impact on their business and stated limiting their scope of operation.


There is a lot more emphasis placed on the human aspect of marketing and this has been emphasized a lot in a recent article that was published by many online news sources regarding Google updates. Primarily, it means never resolving to using cheap outsourcing providers to create web content that is “just passable”, meaning that the English is readable but the text seems to be riddled with spelling, grammar mistakes plus in many cases just doesn’t answer what the searcher wanted. For example, if after typing a query of “How Do I Change A Flat Tire”, the user is simply given pages which serve as advertising outlets for a certain product, such as a car maintenance guide or e-commerce site that actually sells new tires. While some may think that this could be profitable from marketers, this is never a long term strategy. So, how do you avoid these problems? Here are some simple ways you can do that:


  • Write quality content and publish it on your site or blog.
  • If you need to outsource some of the creation of your content over to someone else, be completely sure that they would do it the right way, rather than the cheap way. They would need to know that the content you need has to be mainly unique and interesting.
  • Don’t focus on strategies to try to outsmart the search engines, as your business will come out losing in the end. Rather, focus your efforts on developing your site over time.
  • Now, more importantly than ever, don’t buy links from poor quality sites, as too many of these will get you penalized very quickly.
  • Adapt your keywords targeted to the type of visitor you want. Do you have an informational site that makes its money by publishing ads or some affiliate offers, or are you selling a specific product? Remember that you don’t want people looking for free stuff as visitors if you’re selling something.


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