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Start Making Money With Blogging Today

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Start Making Money With Blogging Today

Over the last few years, blogs have grown in popularity and it would seem that now everyone and their dog has a blog. If you check out some opportunities to make money online, you will see that there are many who claim that it is possible to make decent money by blogging. But is this really true?

In reality, it is possible for anyone, with little experience in the blog world to start earning money from blogging. But it may not always be as straightforward as many would think it is. If you want to make money from blogging, you will first need to be patient and learn how to do it properly. There are two main ways to make money from blogs. You can either have your own blog, or write for someone else’s. The second option is far more simple and can allow you to make money more quickly, so we will look into it first.

  • Ghostwriting

Here, you will be creating blog posts for someone that owns a blog and will be paid either as a share of the revenue that your blog posts bring in, or more commonly, a fixed price ranging from $3 to $50 for each post that you make. The blog that you write for could be an informative one, or it could be a businesses blog that serves mainly to promote the products and services of a certain company. Your posts will usually be published under the name of the blog owner or a pseudonym. If you want to get started with blogging quickly, then this is one of the fastest and easiest ways to make money from it. You can make some pretty decent coin if you are hired by numerous clients to update their blogs on a regular basis.

  • Guest blogging

This is similar to ghostwriting, in the sense that you will be writing posts for a blog that isn’t your own. However, there are a few differences. As a guest blogger, the posts that you make will usually be credited to your name, along with links to your own blog, website or social networking profiles. This allows you to gain some notoriety in the online world as people can more easily find the content that you have written online, even if it wasn’t published on a site that you own. If you create good content, it is also very possible that you will get regular assignments.

  • Other tasks that don’t involve writing

You can also make some money without having to create any written content. For example, someone could pay you to design logos and graphics for their blog. Or you could act as an administrator for one, uploading already made content at specified times, moderating and responding to comments left by visitors, keeping track of usage statistics, etc. You might also have the opportunity to take written content and to transform it into another type of media, like videos that will give a better explanation of what is being discussed.

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Paid Social Media Ads – Are They Good For Internet Marketers?

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Paid Social Media Ads – Are They Good For Internet Marketers?

Advertising on social media has been a topic that is widely discussed in internet marketing circles. Given the fact that social networks are receiving millions of visitors daily and have hundreds of millions of active users around the globe, it is no wonder that internet marketers are trying various ways to make profit from them. It is, of course, possible to create a page for your business on social networks and have people add you to their profiles. While it can be quite effective if you run a local business, such as a bar or restaurant, or otherwise provide a very unique and interesting product, this may not always be the best choice when trying to market something on social networks.

There is an alternative, however. Social networks such as Facebook and MySpace have an advertising platform in place where you can pay for ads on a cost per click (CPC) or cost per thousand impressions (CPM) basis. The way that these advertising networks operate are similar to the Google Adwords content network, but with a few differences. First, your ads are only distributed on pages in the respective social network’s site and not on third party sites. You also have the opportunity to include a small graphic next to your ad text.

One of the main things that makes buying social media advertising attractive to internet marketers is that you get the ability to targeted various groups of users with your ads. You are not limited to simply targeting people based on their location. You can choose things such as gender, age, relationship status and interests in order to better target your ads.

But one question remains and is subject to a lot of debate among internet marketers: is it really possible to make a profit when using paid social media advertising? Well the answer is yes. It actually HAS to be. You see, if no one was profiting from these ads, advertisers wouldn’t pay for them and social do networks would lose their source of funding.

The main consideration for an internet marketer using social media ads would be what type of offers you would be running. Remember that those visiting social networks are usually not currently on the lookout for things to buy. Check out the social networks for yourself and see what kinds of ads are being served on their pages. You will notice that most of them are offers that do not require the user to buy anything, such as ads for survey sites, dating sites, coupons, credit card applications, insurance quotes, etc. These are the types of offers that typically are the most successful when promoting via social networking ads. A good strategy would be to check out the ads that you get served with while browsing the site. Ads that stay there for longer than a week or so are usually the ones that are bringing in some profit for the advertisers.

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