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Some Data on Email Open Rates

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Some Data on Email Open Rates

Are you wondering how many emails sent by marketers are actually opened and read, at least in part, by their intended recipients? Many online marketers and small business owners are actually asking themselves the same questions. We all know that email marketing is a powerful way to reach clients and potential clients in an effort to get them to generate more revenue for an online business. But emails are only useful if they are actually opened by the recipient. Otherwise, they simply rot in the recipient’s email box or end up getting deleted.


There are many reasons as to why an email doesn’t get opened. It could be because the recipient didn’t like the subject line and didn’t feel like reading the message. Or, they already get too many emails and don’t really have the time to pay individual attention to each of them. Then, there is another possibility, that the recipient created an email that’s just used when signing up for websites and is not their main email. They don’t really check it that often, sometimes emails go for months without even being looked at, as the user doesn’t receive any personal or important mails at that address.


But are more consumers opening their emails? A study recently done by Return Path gives a few details of this. During the period from March 2011 to March 2012, email opens have actually gone up. There is an increase of 82.40% of email opens during this period. Obviously, this is welcome news for marketers who want their message to be seen by their audience.


But one thing that should be noted is that mobile devices, such as smart phones, have accounted for 30% of all email opens during this period. A more detailed breakdown shows that all Apple devices, like the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad represented 85% of all email messages that were opened. Furthermore, email opens done on mobile devices were more likely to be done by users on weekends. For regular PC (laptop and desktop), the opens usually happened during the weekdays.


This is a useful piece of data for email marketers. An ever increasing number of internet users browse the web through a mobile device like a tablet or smart phone. Since Apple device users have a higher open rate than others, it would be beneficial for marketers to more aggressively promote their email lists to these users. On your mobile site, you can make sure that the email subscription option is featured more prominently. Perhaps there could be a certain incentive that you could give to mobile users so that they become more likely to open messages that come from your business. And since messages are more likely to be accessed during the weekend by these users, it would only be logical that you send out your more important emails to mobile users on Saturday or Sunday. This is where properly segmenting your email list by device type used could be very important as it will let you get more exposure for your messages.


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