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Getting the most money when selling your internet business

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Getting the most money when selling your internet business

If you are thinking of selling your internet business it will be worthwhile going through these points below as you will get more money for your website.  Having an internet business that makes a regular income can be sold very easily but there are many other factors that a buyer will look for that you can implement to get more money from the sale of your internet business.

1) Make sure you have proof that your website has made regular income for at least the past 6 months

2) Make sure your website ranks well for its main keywords. If it doesn’t spend a couple of months building up your backlinks which overtime will increase your websites position within search engines and also increase your websites page rank.

3) Make sure you have a unique design for your website. I highly recommend having your website built on wordpress as wordpress rank very well on search engines. Also many webmasters know how to use wordpress due to how easy the interface is.

4) Make sure you have unique content on your website, having duplicate content on your website just lowers the value of your website to both the buyer and also to search engines.

5) Try to build up an email list on your website.  The more emails you have on your list the higher the value of your website.  The value of 1 email address is $1 a month. So if you managed to build up an email list of 1,000 leads, you can get at least $1,000 extra for your website.  I highly recommend using Aweber as an email autoresponder as they provide cusomised templates you can insert into your website to make the optin forms look very professional. Its also a recognised leader in email lead capture.  A very good way to build up your email list is to give a way a free ebook related to your websites niche.

6) The addition of a forum to your website can be very useful also if you can build up a large community of users, as a buyer can see this as a great way to market to this large community of forum users, which will increase the value of your website.  Not only that it will also increase the amount of traffic to your website. The more traffic you have coming to your website the more valuble your website is.  Because any internet marketer looking to buy a website also looks at the amount of traffic coming to your website. The more traffic you have the more opportunities your website will have for your buyers to monitiese from.

7) Age of domain – Its important to have a well aged domain, i would say at least 12 months, the older the domain the better.

8.) Social networking followers. Another good idea is to setup a Twitter and Facebook fan page and try and get as many followers as possible because this is another very good way to get traffic to your website and also increase the value of your website because its another avenue the buyer can market to your followers.

9) Make sure you have as much statics as possible, potential buyers love to see as much proof as possible when deciding to purchase an internet business.  For example – Google analytics, Income stats from any affiliate accounts you have, any transaction proof you have from paypal. Maybe even creating a video of you logging into your accounts to proof your website has made the income you state on your listing.

10) If your website doesn’t have a blog, get a blog setup with at least a months unique content. A blog is very good for optimisation on search engines, and a buyer will be looking to make sure the site has a blog.

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