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Creating a Good Content Marketing Campaign: Part 1

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Creating a Good Content Marketing Campaign: Part 1

Content marketing is something that’s talked about a lot in online marketing circles. If you search any forum or online marketing information site, you will find tons of entries about it. Some people may think that it’s something that affiliate marketers use to push shady nutritional supplement CPA offers or the latest “make money now” ebook from Clickbank. Sure, it can be used for that. But it can also be an important element in a businesses overall online marketing strategy. It can help a company connect with its audience, promote its brand and draw attention to itself. Sometimes it can lead to direct sales. Other times, it will just inform the site visitor and let them make the decision as to whether the company’s products are right for them at this very moment.

If you’re serious about deploying a content marketing strategy for your business, then you need to do things in a well planned way. You wouldn’t start a Google Adwords campaign without doing the proper research beforehand. You shouldn’t start content marketing without a plan either. Before you even define your objectives and see what you want to accomplish by using this kind of marketing approach, there are a few questions that you need to ask yourself.

Here are some of the main ones:

Do you really know your company and your brand?

You may say “sure I do!” but when it comes to creating content, you need to ask yourself: what exactly does my company do and what is its purpose. What do you want it to do in the future and how do you want to get there successfully. This will help guide you into producing the right kind of content.

You also need to be aware of your brand and its overall style. Do you want to keep going as you’ve been doing right now, or are there certain things you want to change? If until now, you’ve taken a more traditional and serious approach, it may not be a good idea to start loading every page with jokes and using memes just because it “looks cool” and you’ve seen others do it. If your brand isn’t that popular online yet, changing direction may be possible, but you should know that it will affect the way your audience sees your company for a long time. Therefore, you need to think about both the short and long term implications of the content that you’re going to post online for marketing purposes.

These are the two main things that you need to reflect about when you’re starting an online content marketing campaign. Of course, there are other elements that you need to keep in consideration to build a complete marketing strategy that you can use in the long term. There are additional elements that we will explore tomorrow and will give you a clearer picture.

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Making Your Business Look Trustworthy Online

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Making Your Business Look Trustworthy Online

When shopping online, one of the things that makes many internet users hesitant at buying from a specific site is their perceived reliability and honesty of the business that they’re dealing with. Sure, you can offer the best quality products and offer your customers with top notch customer service, but you will need to convince them that this is something that you truly offer. There are quite a few methods that you can use to make your site appear more trustworthy in the eyes of online shoppers. It’s nothing too complicated, really. All that you have to do is to include certain elements on your website.


  • The main design


Your site should be neatly designed and load correctly in all browsers without errors. Every element should work, such as the links and graphics. Text on your site should be free of grammatical and spelling errors. It has been demonstrated time and time again, a site that looks “professional” will immediately get more trust from visitors than a website that looks like it was put together in 10 minutes.


  • Contact information


If something goes wrong, buyers will want to have the assurance that they will be able to contact you to resolve the issue. They also want a quick way to get in touch with you should they have questions about your products.


The contact information that you provide will depend on the type of products that you sell and the specific kind of business that you run. If you have a physical location, including your address prominently on your site will help reassure visitors that they’re dealing with a “real” business. But even if you only sell digital products, posting some contact information prominently on your site is still a necessity. Include a phone number and email address if possible. Make sure that the “Support” or “Contact Us” button is well visible on your site.


If visitors need to read through the fine print at the bottom of the page just to see your contact information, this gives the impression that the only purpose of your site is to sell things, but that you don’t really care too much as to what happens after the buyer completes the purchase.


  • Social media buttons


Linking to your company’s social media pages from your website will give the impression that you’re a more established company, rather than a fly by night website. Therefore, you should include some links on your website to your Facebook, Twitter or Google+ pages. Not only will this help with marketing, but it also reassures the visitor that they would have a way to contact you or post comments about a purchase that they’ve made from you.


While these are some of the top elements you can include on your website, they’re not the only ones. Tomorrow, we will take a look at a few other things that you can do which will help instill trust in the people who come across your website.

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Good Customer Service is Important for E-Commerce Websites

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Good Customer Service is Important for E-Commerce Websites

Previously, we’ve seen an example of how you can improve your online shopping site by ensuring that your site is fully functional and easy for your customers to navigate. There is however another thing that is important when running an online shopping site: providing good service and support to your customers, both before and after they make a purchase.


The service level provided by an online business could also determine whether a visitor will turn into a buyer and whether someone who has already bought an item from your website will come back to buy from it again. Here are some ways to make sure that you provide the best possible service to the visitors on your site:


Pay attention to their comments.


If you have a social media page, pay attention to what the people on your wall are posting. Also, take into consideration any comments that they send to you by email. This could give you some good opportunities to improve your site and business, such as by getting a product that many customers would be willing to buy, or improving an element of your site.


Respond to emails promptly


Try to respond to emails from your customers within a few hours if possible. The faster you answer one of your customers, the more likely it is that they would be satisfied with your business.


Provide different ways to contact you and make it easy for your visitors to do so


Your visitors shouldn’t have to spend 15 minutes combing through your site to find a way to get in touch with you if they need to have a question answered. For this reason, you need to ensure that your contact information is featured prominently on your website. There are many different methods that you can use to provide support.


The most simple one is email. Simply provide an e-mail address on your website where your visitors can contact you. If you run a relatively small operation, this could be sufficient for you to provide support. You could also integrate a form on your website that your customers could fill out with their inquiries.


A live chat option is also possible to set up easily and there are even free scripts available that are provided by web hosting companies which could allow you to do so. One of the other ways that you can provide customer service is by phone. It is possible to get a toll free number that you can redirect to another phone. No matter what methods you use, simply make sure that you remain accessible to your customers.


After you’ve sold a product, it’s always a good idea to send a follow up message with a survey asking for feedback about your products and your business. This is another way to show to your customers that you care about their opinions and are available to solve any problems that they might have.

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SEO Considerations for Blogs: Internal Linking

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SEO Considerations for Blogs: Internal Linking

When it comes to SEO, whether it’s for blog or any other type of website, everyone knows the importance of having a good linking strategy. Now most people associate linking with building backlinks. These are the links that are found on external websites which point to your blog, or to specific pages that you have on your blog. So if one of your articles gets referenced on another blog, or if you include the URL to your blog on your social media profile, for example, then this would be a backlink. Having plenty of good quality backlinks is widely known to have SEO benefits for any website and this is why plenty of people devote a lot of time and attention to getting them.


Of course, since they are useful for SEO, this is not a bad thing. However, there are other considerations that would need to be taken by those who would like their blogs to rank better in search engines. This would be the internal linking, or how pages on your blog are linked together.


One of the top reasons as to why internal linking is good is that it will help search engine spiders navigate your blog a lot easier. By making the job more simple for them, you will increase the chances that your pages get indexed a lot faster. Another element is the user experience. A proper internal linking strategy means that your readers will be able to quickly find what they’re looking for in your blog. They’re also more likely to spend time on your blog reading other entries, which can increase interest in your blog, grow your ad revenue and also increase the chances that content will be shared. A reader may not think the first post that they were reading was worth sharing on Facebook, for example, but they may like another one of your posts that they’ve clicked on and share that.


Good internal linking is easier than building external backlinks. Simply put, if you refer to a topic that was covered in a previous post, link to it and use the appropriate anchor text. Furthermore, if your blog allows readers to navigate to next or previous posts, then don’t leave this text as the default setting. Instead of using “next”, you should include the actual title of the blog post that the reader will be sent to as anchor text.


Another of the important things to remember is that you need to structure your blog well. Every page should have a link back to the home page. Also, your posts should be categorized according to what topic they are covering. This will not only help the readers find specific information that they may be interested in, but it has also shown to be helpful with SEO, as a blog that has posts in different categories is seen as being more of an “authority” in its niche by the search engines.



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Tips To Start Your Blog Right

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Tips To Start Your Blog Right

If you’re thinking of starting a blog, then there’s obviously some things that you would need to do in order to get started. While starting a blog may look easy, if you’re going to make some money from it, then there are a few things that you need to think about before you get going. Here are some things that you need to do in order to start a profitable blog:

  • Decide on a Domain Name

Avoid using free hosting services that don’t give you your own domain name. It’s now possible to get a domain for about $8 and the most basic hosting service for less than $5 a month, even without paying in advance or taking a commitment with a web host.

  • Install Blogging Software

There are a few blogging platforms that are now popular, however WordPress remains a favorite. Other content management systems that you can use for your blog are Joomla and Drupal. It’s recommended to go with WordPress if you don’t have too much experience as a webmaster, due to the fact that it allows easy customization and is also relatively simple and straightforward to use.

  • Customize the Look and Feel of Your Blog

Actually changing the design is quite easy, since WordPress has a library of hundreds of free blogging templates. There are also many more commercial templates that you can buy and use together with your WordPress blog. The main issue is that these templates will determine just how your blog looks, so it’s important to pay close attention to them. What you can always do, is to install some templates, make some test posts and look at them one by one to see which of them would be the best suited for the type of blog that you’re going to be putting up. You can also ask others for advice about which blog theme would work best for you.

  • Think of Your Content

Create a strategy to add content to your blog before you even launch it. This is because content is the most important element of your blog and what draws readers to it. The more interesting content you post on a regular basis, the more others are likely to find your blog informative, come back to it and also link to it from their own blogs.

Will it be something informative, something related to recent news, or will it be more of an opinion blog where you share your views on a variety of topics with your readers? Will you add other kinds of content besides text, such as graphics, diagrams and videos? How often will you post? Will you be doing all the content writing yourself, or will you hire a freelancer to do all or part of your blog posts? Before you launch the blog, these are the most important questions that you will need to ask yourself.

Tomorrow, we will see some more ideas on how you can get more traffic to your blog and optimize it to get the maximum amount of visitors possible.

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Some Web Store Ideas

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Some Web Store Ideas

If you are going to build an e-commerce site, then there are many different things that you would need to think about. We have seen that you need an idea as to what to sell, a website, as well as ways to get traffic to your site.


But the most important element of creating an e-commerce site would be the first idea: what you will be selling on your website. This will determine the overall niche that your business will be in and will also play a big role in determining how much money you will be making from your site. This is simply due to the fact that there is more demand for certain items online then for others.


However, the point here is not to dive into every possible item that can be sold online and then try to analyze whether it is good or bad. The fact is, any item can be sold online, however some items are easier to sell than others. Here are a few ideas as to what you could sell online. Of course, this is just to give you examples and inspiration, you could sell practically anything that you want.


Items That You Create Yourself


These are items that you have designed, created and in some cases, actually built. This distinguishes them from items that have already been created and manufactured by another business, that you are simply distributing at a profit. Here are some examples of items you can make yourself and sell online:


  • Toy cars, trains and aircraft


These are some of the most popular things that you can build yourself and sell online. Many people have a hobby in which they collect and use remote controlled model cars, train sets, as well as aircraft like helicopters and airplanes. All that you would need to do is to buy the parts needed and then assemble them. You can then sell them online. This can be quite a lucrative business, depending on the quality of the parts used and the construction. On the low end of the spectrum, these items can sell for just a few dollars. But there are also models that are bought by serious hobbyists which can be sold for several thousands of dollars.


  • T Shirts and other clothing items


It is relatively easy these days to design your own clothing. There are plenty of companies that can print a t-shirt, hoodie, or other clothing item with your own designs. If you are thinking of starting your own fashion line, then this is definitely a good opportunity. Some websites well clothing items with funny designs, pictures and logos, while some others are more “classic”. The success that you experience will largely depend on how your customers like the clothes that you are selling. If you become really popular, then you definitely have the potential of getting hundreds or thousands of orders per month.

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Understanding Viral Marketing

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Understanding Viral Marketing

The term “viral marketing” often makes people think of viruses. Actually, viral marketing has nothing to do with computer viruses, or illness. Viral marketing is the process of creating a piece of content that both serves as an ad for a product or service, and gets spread around by the people that see it.

One of the best examples is willitblend.com. If you’re not familiar with the site, they post videos of non-food items being put in a blender. Generally, they put new products that people are excited about in a blender, turn it on, and see if the product will blend. Each video features a Blendtec blender, and you always see the Blendtec logo on the blender. These videos are extremely popular online. Each time a new Will It Blend video is released, it gets spread around quickly, and with minimal effort on Blendtech’s part. Each time someone sees one of their videos, they’re also seeing the Blendtech logo. As a result, the Blendtech brand becomes stronger every time they launch a new video.

Now that you know what viral marketing is, you probably want to know how to use it for your business. The most important thing to remember when attempting to launch a viral marketing campaign is that the advertisement needs to be secondary to the entertainment. You want to feature your brand in your viral marketing campaign, but in a passive way. In the Will It Blend example, Blendtech blenders appear in every video, but they’re not directly telling you to buy one. They’re just showing you that it can blend something that wasn’t meant to be put in a blender, and letting you draw you’re own conclusions from there. It’s entertaining, and it makes the point that Blendtech blenders are powerful. The entertainment angle is the real focus of the video, with the advertisement being more of a passive element. The result is a video that people want to share with their friends.  When was the last time you shared a commercial for a blender with a friend? Probably never. Will It Blend videos, on the other hand, get spread around quickly, and by a great many people.

Viral marketing is an inexpensive way to get your message out to your audience. After the content is created, you don’t have to do much to get it to catch on. If you’ve created something entertaining, people will share it with one another without being prompted to do so. That’s the key to viral marketing – create entertaining content, and let your audience do the rest.

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