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Invalid Clicks a Growing Concern for Mobile Marketers

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Invalid Clicks a Growing Concern for Mobile Marketers

Mobile advertising is something that’s relatively new. It has only been about 3 years that the availability of innovative devices, combined with well priced data options has caused many consumers to use the internet on smartphones on an increasing basis. Naturally, what followed was an explosion in the demand for mobile advertising solutions. Of course, some of the major ad distribution networks such as Google Adwords have stepped in, ready to cater to the needs of advertisers, publishers and consumers. There are also many smaller networks, some of who are just new start up companies that are trying to get their name out there in the mobile advertising scene.


But no matter whether you deal with a giant or with a smaller network, there are some problems that have started being reported with mobile ads and which marketers and advertisers everywhere are following with a closer look. Publishers who run ads on their websites naturally want to maximize their earnings by getting as many people to view or click the ads they run. Advertisers want traffic. But just like with regular PC traffic, they want good quality traffic, meaning clicks from users who are actually interested by the ad and who have a chance of buying something from the advertiser or taking any other action that they want, like downloading an app for their smartphone.


But a new study that was recently published by Market Watch shows many problems with the mobile advertising industry. Up to 18% of clicks on mobile ads were probably fraudulent and 22% are probably accidental.


These accidental clicks can happen even on a PC, but on a smartphone, they are unfortunately more likely to occur, as it is much easier for someone’s fingers to slip and cause them to click on an element of the page that they didn’t really want to. Accidental clicks are usually characterized by a user who stays on your page for a couple of seconds and then leaves to return to the previous page right away. The only way to prevent these is to ensure that the sites where you publish your ads on are well designed and don’t have important elements, like menus, located in an area very close to your ad, where the chance of accidental clicks is a lot more common. Advertisers that target mobile sites should therefore be more selective on the sites where they advertise on. If they notice that there is a large number of accidental clicks coming from a few websites only, then there is more than likely a problem with the way these sites are laid out.


But there is a percentage of clicks that aren’t accidental, but are rather downright fraudulent. Click fraud has one simple goal: to get paid for clicks sent to your site which don’t come from a legitimate visitor.


Tomorrow we will examine more closely some of the methods that you can use to rapidly detect and prevent click fraud before it starts to become a major problem for your business. This is something you should look into if you advertise online, whether you target mobile users or are simply targeting PC traffic, as with click fraud, you’re paying for visitors that are of no use to your business.

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Some Overrated “Work From Home” Offers: Part 3

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Some Overrated “Work From Home” Offers: Part 3

If you want to make some money online from home, there are quite a few opportunities out there for you to take advantage of. However, you need to be careful when selecting the best online business opportunity for you. There are plenty of programs that are perfectly legitimate, but you need to watch out for some which make exaggerated claims of potential earnings and misstate the true nature of the business that you will be involved in. Here are a few more things that you should be careful of when you search for online earning opportunities.

  • Freelance work programs

You will find a few websites that claim to offer you access to exclusive opportunities to find freelance work, as well as promise to give you highly valuable information on how to succeed as a freelancer. They often claim that it will be easy to find work and that you can earn a full time income from freelancing online right from the start.

It is definitely possible to make a living online from freelancing. Even a full time income, depending on the projects that you find and your skills. But there are no “secret databases” of freelancing opportunities. Freelance jobs, such as transcription work, article writing, programming, translation, graphic design and more can be found for free on various sites, without you needing to join a membership site and pay anywhere from $30 to $100 a month for this privilege. Just take a look at sites such as ODesk, elance and more.

As for tips and advice on how to increase your earnings, these can be found for free just by searching for information on blogs and forums. All that these sites do is to collect information from other sites and then charge you to read the same things you can find for free if only you spend a few minutes doing some research.

  • Day trading / forex

You will also find sites which claim you can make money from the markets by day trading stocks or participating in the foreign exchange (forex) market. Again, it is possible to make money this way and many people have been highly successful with it. But it is simply not as easy as a lot of sellers of guides and systems tell you. First, you will need to have access to a significant amount of risk capital if you want a shot at making more than just a few dollars a day. Then, you will also need to gain an understanding of how markets work and how you can profit from them. There are no magical systems which allow you to make guaranteed profits from the markets. Otherwise, everyone could become a millionaire in just a few weeks. Remember that while you can make money, there is also the very real possibility of losing money, especially in the beginning.

If you want to try out some strategies or systems, it is best to practice for a few weeks with play money first before you invest real funds. This will give you an idea as to whether this type of work is right for you.

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Some Overrated “Work From Home” Offers

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Some Overrated “Work From Home” Offers

If you’re looking for a way to make money online by working from home, you will find a great deal of perfectly legitimate and profitable business opportunities that you can take part in. The amount of time, effort and investment required for each of them will vary, but if you do your research correctly and don’t let yourself get influenced by marketing hype, there are great chances that you will find something to do. But there are a few types of “work from home” offers that, while generally not being fraudulent, are often overrated. This means they are presented with unrealistic earnings projections that often don’t live up to reality. Here are a few of them:


  • Paid survey offers


Yes, it IS possible to make SOME money from paid surveys. But unlike what some of the ads say, you probably won’t be able to get anything close to a full time income from them, at least not on a regular basis. If you sign up for some paid survey panels, you will probably get only 1 or 2 survey invitations a week, maximum. These surveys usually pay about $5. So even if you’re a member of several different panels, your earnings potential isn’t that great. While it may be an attractive option to get some beer money, doing paid surveys isn’t a “business” or even a job. Just a way to get a few extra dollars that may cover the cost of your internet connection and cell phone bill, but not much more.


  • Network marketing


There are plenty of perfectly legitimate and well run network marketing opportunities out there which have been running for decades now. But you should be aware that most of the income claims that are posted on websites touting them assume that you will be going out and recruiting more and more people every month into the program and that these people that you’ve recruited will take an active part in the program and also recruit some of their friends to join up.


Yes, there are people who make five figures a month from network marketing. But they’re the exception and not the norm. If you want to reach such a level, you will need to make extreme efforts to get people on board and then motivate them to actually do some work when they join the program, rather than dream about the money that they will supposedly be making. This will obviously demand extra efforts from your part.


The most successful people in the multi level marketing field are actually members of several different programs at the same time. But if you want something small, say for a part time income, you can join just one opportunity and produce results. But in that case, investigate the product THOROUGHLY! Make sure that it’s something solid which has long term (at least a few years) potential. You don’t want to join a fad (diet products are notorious for this) that will fizzle out in a few months, leaving you to build your business again completely from scratch.

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Using Fiverr to Make Money: Part 2

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Using Fiverr to Make Money: Part 2

Now one thing that many sellers of services on Fiverr want to know is: how do I get my gigs to become more popular and thus make more money from them? Obviously, this is a quite a valid question as the goal of everyone that provides services on Fiverr is to make as much money as possible. So how do you increase your earnings? Here are some very efficient ways that you can employ to make the most out of Fiverr:


  • Give People What They Want


If your gigs are something that a lot of buyers on Fiverr want, then you will obviously get a better chance at making money from them. When you are on the Fiverr main page, you will see a section in the bottom right that consists of gig requests. If you can do some of the gigs that many people need done, then you should definitely offer them up for sale.


  • Create a Catchy Headline


Unless you are offering a gig that is extremely unique, chances are that there will be many other sellers on Fiverr who will be offering the same thing than you. In this case, you will really need to do your best in order to make a good first impression and stand out from the crowd. Your headline, which is the title of your gig, should be interesting, unique and catch the eye of the viewer. Basically, it should stand out from all the other headlines and create interest in the mind of the viewer.


  • Offer Samples of Your Work if Possible


If you do a gig where you can easily show a sample or two of work that you have done previously, then you should definitely include a link to it in your offer. For example if you design small web pages, you could include a link to some websites that you have built. This will make you appear a lot more trustworthy in the eyes of buyers, as they will have proof that you are capable of doing what you say you will do.


  • Build a Good Reputation


Fiverr uses a feedback system where people can leave either positive or negative feedback, accompanied by a comment. If you want more people to buy gigs from you, then you will need to srive to build a good reputation on the site. This is very simple: provide good quality work on time and you will get positive feedback. Buyers are more likely to buy gigs from those who have a lot of positive feedback, so doing great work will pay off in the long run.


  • Learn From Others


Look at some of the top sellers on Fiverr, especially those that are offering the same kind of gig than you. How do they word their headline? What do they put in their description? These are all things that you would need to consider, as you would be learning from those that are the most successful on Fiverr.

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Using Craigslist for Affiliate Marketing: What Not to Do

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Using Craigslist for Affiliate Marketing: What Not to Do

There is a lot of talk in internet marketing communities about using traffic from Craigslist to publish affiliate or CPA offers. While it is possible to do so, there are certain practices to avoid. Here are some things not to do when using Craigslist.


  • Don’t use it for offers where it is not allowed


CPA networks are aware of the fact that some marketers use Craigslist. Some networks ban this type of promotion outright, some forbid it for certain offers, while certain allow it as long as you follow some rules set forth by them. If you do not want to get banned from the network and possible lose the earnings that you have made, you should comply with any rules that they have. When in doubt, contact your affiliate manager just to be sure.


  • Don’t simply put in your affiliate links and banners all over the place


Craigslist is mainly designed for local businesses and individuals to post ads and not a place to spam affiliate offers. Any blatant affiliate links and offers will be flagged down rather quickly by users of the site. Simply put, do not direct link from a Craigslist post to an affiliate offer. Your post will probably be gone within minutes anyways.


  • Don’t post in the wrong category just to get traffic


If you post an ad in a category that is irrelevant, it will get flagged down almost instantly. The bottom line is, keep your postings to categories where they are relevant if you want them to have any chance of staying up.


  • Don’t attempt to trick or mislead people


This is one of the biggest things not to do when using Craiglist. While it was quite popular with black hat marketers about 2 years ago, Craigslist, affiliate networks and merchants have all come down on this and took action to prevent it from happening.


Now, what exactly is “misleading” people? Some examples would be: posting a fake job offer, telling people that they got the job, but that they simply need to complete a biz opp offer to “verify their info”. Or putting up an ad for an apartment and then telling people that they need to pass a credit check, then sending them over to a credit report affiliate offer. One other trick that was popular consisted of offering people a job and then telling them to buy a video conferencing software from an affiliate offer as the “training” for the job would be done remotely. In all cases, this is misleading people, as the apartment or job that was promised to them simply does not exist.


If you do this, soon enough, somebody will complain to the merchant and say “Hey! You promised me a job if I signed up on your site! How come nothing happened?” and you will simply end up banned.



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Affiliate Programs and CPA Networks: How to Recognize and Stay Away from Scammers

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Affiliate Programs and CPA Networks: How to Recognize and Stay Away from Scammers

Many internet marketers make their money by dealing with affiliate programs or with CPA networks that have various kinds of offers they can push in order to make money. Most of these companies are legitimate and will pay you the earnings that you have made on time, every single time. But there are a couple of bad players in the industry. Here are some ways to spot and avoid them:

  • Do some research first

Before even signing up for a network simply doing a Google search for their name can bring you a lot of information about the company. You will often find blog posts, forum posts and articles that mention them. Read these. See what other internet marketers are saying about them and look at whether the general opinion is positive or negative.

  • Be wary around “start ups” and smaller networks

If a company has not yet established their reputation in the industry, remember that things can go in two ways with them. Either they will grow to become a productive and successful network or they will fold. If it’s the second thing that happens, things are not likely to be pretty. There have been several cases of networks going under and skipping out on tens of thousands of dollars of payments to affiliates. The large majority involved CPA networks which were operating for less than a year.

  • Be careful around networks who seem to approve everyone

While there are some notable exceptions to this, such as Commission Junction and ClickBank, which are very reputable networks, as a general rule you should be quite wary around a network that seems to approve every publisher that applies without giving them a phone call or emailing them to ask them about their marketing methods. While you may think it is convenient, this can cause problems down the road, if large amounts of fraudsters manage to sign up and merchants start dropping the network.

  • Carefully check the terms of any offers that you run and ask questions if necessary

This is especially the case for “trial” or “membership” offers. While you may be offered a good amount for every sign up, some merchants have been known to use underhanded tactics if not enough of the sign ups that you refer have converted to full members on their end. Some may falsely accuse you of sending fraudulent leads or deliberately using bad quality traffic and refuse to pay you. For this reason, it is very important that you check the terms of the offer to see if the merchant has any special requirements with regards to the type of traffic you can send and its productivity.

  • Work with multiple networks and run different offers

It is not a good idea to focus all of your marketing efforts for the month on just one offer or on offers from only one network, no matter how profitable they may seem. Spread out your traffic around several different offers in the niche on different networks. That way, if there is any problem with one of them, you will still be getting paid by the others.

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What To Watch Out For When Looking At A Work From Home Website

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What To Watch Out For When Looking At A Work From Home Website

Now that you have seen some examples of some work at home offers which are actually scams, you may be wondering what you need to watch out for when you look around for legitimate opportunities. Here are some elements that you will find in dodgy work at home programs:

Lots of testimonials from supposed happy participants.

Many sites include testimonials from people who have supposedly signed up for the opportunity and made tons of money with it. These are designed to give the visitor the impression that real people have made money with it. Now here’s the problem: very often, these testimonials are not real. They are simply made up by the site operators. As for the pictures, they are either generic stock photos found on the internet, or simply models that posed for a picture. What about video testimonials? These must be real, correct? Well… no. You can find plenty of people on the internet who would be more than happy to record a short video of themselves reading a script that you’ve prepared and acting all happy on camera for a few bucks. This is very often what happened here. Or they are simply friends of the owners posing as customers.

Proof of income and earnings.

You will often see pictures of checks, bank statements, Paypal screen shots, etc. These could be photoshopped in 5 minutes. Even if they are not fake, there is no way for you to know whether all this money was made by doing the things that the site promotes.

But the site gives a real address for their company and shows their business certificate! Must be real, no?

The address you see on scam sites is very often nothing more than a “virtual office” or mail forwarder. For a small sum each month, anyone can get a mail box at a prestigious office building in downtown Manhattan. This doesn’t mean they actually have an office there. Furthermore, just because a company is registered doesn’t mean that they are running a legitimate business. In many jurisdiction, all it takes to register a company and get a shiny certificate complete with a business registration number is to fill out a form or two and pay the registration fee.

If a work at home site is scamming people, why haven’t the authorities shut it down?

Many reasons. First, they have limited resources and can’t spend their time scouring every “make money online” site to determine whether it is legitimate or not. Also, add the fact that many of these scam sites are “fly by night” operators. They set up their site, collect the money and then when complaints start pouring in, simply shut it down and re open under a different name or slightly different approach. Furthermore, there is also the question of jurisdiction. Many of these operations are based offshore in locations where there is either little legislation regarding online businesses, or the government is simply too inept or corrupt to do anything to stop them.

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Getting Started In Online Writing – Part 4

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Getting Started In Online Writing – Part 4

Now you have seen a few ways to find work if you want to become an online article writer. The main places where you can find work are internet marketing forums, article writing sites and freelancing sites. Even if those are the main places to get some work, they are not the only ones.

You can try searching for article writing work on classified ads sites such as Craigslist, Gumtree and Backpage. Although it is not guaranteed that you will find something there, if you do it will more likely be long term projects rather than just people who seek to order a few articles. This can work out to your advantage, as you will then have some regular clients who will pay you for your writing. Some of them could even offer you full time work for many months in a row.

Another way to find work is simply by networking with others. By participating in various online marketing communities, you will make contacts who could offer you some projects if they need content written for their sites or introduce you to someone who does. In the internet marketing industry in general, networking can be very profitable for you. Just because you are self employed doesn’t mean that you can’t share ideas and information with others in the industry. Networking will also give you the chance to learn new things or find additional sources of income that you wouldn’t have discovered on your own.

Now that you have some ideas on how to find some projects to work on, you are probably wondering about some ways to increase your earnings from freelance writing. The first thing that you need to keep in mind is that the amount you can earn will increase gradually. While it is possible to make a full time income from article writing, it may take a few weeks or months before you are able to reach that level.

Here are some tips to maximize your profits:

Always do the best quality work and follow the instructions of the clients. By doing so, you will increase your chances that they will either give you repeat work or recommend your services to one of their friends or business partners that could use them.

Respect deadlines by submitting your work on time. Believe me, there is nothing worse for a client than to have a service provider not complete a project by the time they need it. Clients don’t want to hear excuses or be left wondering as to whether you are actually going to complete their order or not.

Seek out long term partnerships and projects. These tend to pay more in the end as you will be spending a lot more time actually writing rather than searching for work all over the place. You are also more likely to get work on a niche that you are familiar with, which will be easier to write about than a few different articles on various topics that you are only vaguely knowledgeable about.

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Getting Started In Online Writing – Part 3

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Getting Started In Online Writing – Part 3

If you want to be an online freelance writer, the main thing that you will need are clients that will pay you to write articles and other content for them. This is the 3rd part in the series which will present you some ways to find work:

Online freelancing sites.

Online freelancing sites are marketplaces where both clients and service providers meet. Think of it as a marketplace for online freelance work, kind of like eBay is for buying and selling merchandise. Examples of sites include RentACoder, GetAFreelancer, oDesk, Fiverr and Microworkers. In general, you would create a profile that includes information about you and samples of your work. With the exception of Fiverr, on most freelancing sites you would actually need to bid on projects to show your interest in doing them rather than the client seeing your profile and then contacting you.


  • Lots of work is available in the writing field. This includes not only articles, but also copywriting, ghostwriting ebooks, translating documents and web pages, etc.
  • Good security. Most sites have a system that prevents the client and service provider from scamming one another and have a dispute resolution process. This decreases the chances of not getting paid for your work.
  • Ability to build a positive reputation as you complete projects, similar to iTrader on forums or the eBay feedback system.
  • Multiple ways of cashing out your earnings. Freelancing sites offer you payment methods such as PayPal, check, bank wire, Western Union or can put your earnings on a Visa or MasterCard debit card. This can be very useful if you would like to be paid by something other than PayPal. Take note, however that certain withdrawal methods, such as Western Union or bank wire could carry a relatively large fee so it is best to check the withdrawal fees before you select a way to get paid.


  • Lots of competition. You won’t be the only one offering your services and far from it. If you live in the “West”, know that you will be competing against writers from countries such as India or the Philippines, who often take up projects for far less due to differences in the economy.
  • Can be quite difficult to get accepted for projects if you are new and have no feedback. Clients will be wary of assigning an important project to someone new who has not yet built a reputation on the site. Therefore your first projects will probably be small ones worth a few dollars, such as writing one article.
  • Possible delays in getting paid. While the money will be credited to your account at the freelancing site as soon as the client approves your work, the freelancing sites sometimes require a waiting period ranging from a week to a month before you can withdraw the amounts that you’ve earned to your payment method.

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Getting Started With Clickbank – Choosing A Product To Promote

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Getting Started With Clickbank – Choosing A Product To Promote

In the online marketing world, you’ve probably seen the name Clickbank mentioned quite a few times. In fact it has been the topic of many informational products and many of the “proofs of earnings” that you see posted online by successful marketers are screen shots of their Clickbank accounts. Obviously, since that network is so popular, it must have something good to offer to marketers and allow people to earn significant amounts of money.

Clickbank is basically an online marketplace for digital products. Affiliates make money from it by promoting products created by others through various means. Most of the products sold are informational products, such as guides on how to make money online, how to train your dog, how to lose weight, etc. Practically all the products being sold on Clickbank have one thing in common: they fill a need that people have, which is to find answers to their questions.

So how do you make money from it? Getting started is quite easy. You just sign up. Unlike certain other affiliate networks, everyone is approved and there is no need to speak to an affiliate manager before you are let in.

You will then need to select the product that you want to promote. As you can see, there are thousands of different products to choose from. When looking at a product in the list, you will see something called “gravity.” This is a number that is calculated by Clickbank and designed to reflect the overall popularity of a certain product, taking into account the number of sales and how recently they happened. A higher gravity means that a product is very popular, but it also indicates that you will face a lot of competition when promoting it. An ideal choice would be to select a product which has a gravity that is around 100. You will get a product that is getting many sales, but doesn’t have as many people promoting it as the top ones are.

Knowing how much competition you have will be important. No matter how good or popular the product that you are promoting is, the more affiliates you have that are pushing it, the more difficult it will be for you to make a profit, as they will be plenty of ads online for basically the same offer.

Another thing to look for when selecting a product to promote is the resources that the creators have given to the affiliates who will promote their creation. Simply go to their sales page and look at the bottom for a link called “affiliates.” In many cases, you will find various tools to help you out such as keyword lists, articles about the product, pre-made banners, various landing page templates, etc. All of these can save you a lot of work when you get started in your campaign to market their product.

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A Quick CPA Idea – Survey Offers

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A Quick CPA Idea – Survey Offers

We all know that you can make money from survey sites by completing various surveys. But the issue often encountered with this money making method is that it doesn’t generate much revenue. Plus, some of the surveys could be long and on topics that don’t really interest you. This could make it quite tedious.

But there is another way to make money from these sites. Many survey sites are found on CPA networks. These offers pay anywhere between $1.50 to $5 for each panelist that signs up through your CPA link. All you would need to do is build a simple website that lists some of the survey sites, along with details about them (how much they usually pay per survey, how long it takes to get paid, etc.). It’s also a good idea to include some information that will teach visitors how survey sites work and how to maximize their earnings with them. The site itself doesn’t need to be fancy. A simple one-page site with a good layout will do.

Now, you are probably wondering how to get traffic to the site. After all, traffic is the key when promoting any type of CPA offer online. While it is possible to use pay per click ads, this niche is very competitive and it will be quite hard to turn up a profit, unless you are willing to do a lot of testing and optimizing.

There are some more efficient and less expensive ways:

Buy banner space on “Get paid to” web sites. These are sites where people get paid to read emails or sign up for web sites. One example of a decent, high traffic site with good advertising rates is DonkeyMails.com. Since the people on these sites are already seeking to earn money, the traffic would be quite targeted. Design an attractive banner or have a freelancer do it for a few dollars.

Another, more indirect advertising method is to use online classifieds sites, such as Backpage, Gumtree and Craigslist. However, it is not recommended that you link directly to your site, as the ad will look “spammy” and get flagged down rather quickly. Instead, write an ad that looks like this “Market research panelists needed. Earn $$$ today for your opinion. Contact Bob at (insert email) for more information.” You will get plenty of responses. Simply send them the link to your site by email.

Another effective way is to distribute paper fliers locally. Simply design a good looking flier and pass it out in the streets. For best results, pass these out on college campuses, or outsource the task to a student. College students are often looking for quick ways to earn money, so you will get more sign ups from them than from most other demographics.

To earn even more money, create one page for each country that you have CPA survey offers for. There are many offers that are only for the USA, Canada or UK. Then, target your advertising to these countries, for example by posting on Canadian cities in Craigslist.

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Adsense Alternatives – Bidvertiser

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Adsense Alternatives – Bidvertiser

Sometimes, publishing pay per click ads on your website or blog is a very good way to monetize your site. It has the obvious advantage that you simply get paid to send traffic to advertisers. Unlike with CPA or affiliate offers, there is no need to worry about whether the click converts or how many sales you will get. Of course, it is a known fact that Adsense is the leader for publishers who want to put PPC ads on their site or blog. But there are other companies out there, some big ones and some smaller ones too, which function pretty much the same way.

Teaming up with a network other than Adsense to publish PPC ads can be very rewarding, but you need to choose that network wisely. After all, you are doing this to earn money from your site, so it is important that you sign up for a quality network that will be honest and fair, in addition to allowing you to earn a decent amount of money.

One alternative to Adsense is called Bidvertiser. They are a smaller advertising network that is growing in popularity and their ads are seen millions of times each day.

One of their main advantages is that they offer more flexibility in terms of payment options. You can choose to either get paid by check or by Paypal. If you select Paypal as a payment option, the minimum payout amount is only $10. If you would rather be paid by check, then it is $50. The Paypal payment option makes it more convenient for webmasters who are outside of North America to get their payment. Payments are done on a NET 30 basis, which means that you get paid 30 days after the end of the month during which you earned money. This means that earnings made during the month of April will be processed at the beginning of the month of June.

You can select from many templates of ads that you want to run on your site. These templates include skyscrapers, banners, inline ads, etc. All of this makes it easy for you to better integrate the ads in the content of your site. The amount that you will get for each click will vary. However, you have the option of selecting a minimum bid amount with regards to the ads that you want to display on your site. So, let’s say you don’t want to show advertisers who have bid less than $0.30 per click. You may select this in your account settings after you sign up.

The only drawback is that since the network is not as popular as Adsense, the amount that you earn per click will typically be less than what you would get with Adsense. However, Bidvertiser is growing in popularity and can be a very profitable option if your site has a decent amount of traffic.

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Start Using SEO Now to Profit in The Future

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Start Using SEO Now to Profit in The Future

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an important part of marketing which allows for greater exposure to your website(s) through the continued use of techniques which propagate positive influence. This influence will affect both internet users browsing websites as well as the Search Engines which serve up these websites. The way that this influence occurs is fairly simple to understand, although how it works exactly is not entirely known due to the constant changes being made to the Search Engine algorithms. Profiteers will wish to make the most amount of money in the least amount of time with these methods, but the best option is to build up earnings slowly and gradually for consistent results.

Simple Tricks to Taking Advantage of SEO:

SEO Software – SEO Software is available in many fashions and makes it simple to automate the process of Search Engine optimization. These options will usually guarantee a top ten ranking for keywords that are searched with little competition. Although you may not rank for the top keywords, you will rank for alternatives.

Blogging - Blogging helps to build a knowledge base for customers and interested parties to learn more. Not only does this help the image of the website, but it provides several opportunities to link back to the original website which is being promoted which in turn affects the ranking positively on the Search Engines. The fresh content from blogs also helps your site stay relevant in the search engines – and it also increases your chance on getting more links back to your website. A great tool is Ping-O-Matic for this, which basically “pings” (or notifies) all of the major search engines and blog engines when you make a new post. All you have to do is go to their website and input your details once (then save your information via a bookmark) then every time you visit that bookmark it will ping all of the major search engines to notify them of your changes you have made.

Using SEO Services – Many content providers and services will be able to make the process less time consuming for the original website owner/manager. The content provided will be made by real people and this is what makes it more visually appealing to the target audience. This method helps to connect emotionally to future consumers of your products to increase sales and improve profit margins.

Over time, using these techniques will help you increase your PageRank, increase the number of backlinks, and ultimately the number of sales or visitors you get to your website.

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Things to Consider When Hiring a SEO Consultant

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Things to Consider When Hiring a SEO Consultant

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of those things that is either really hard for you to grasp or very easy. The good news is there are a ton of people out there that are willing to help you with your SEO plan. The bad news is there are a lot of people out there that can claim to help you with your SEO plan.

When you hire a contractor, whether online or not, it is best to check their references. Ask them to give you past work from clients or from themselves and to give a short bio about themselves so you can get to know them a little bit.

Hiring a contractor can be a great experience, or it can be a constant struggle and fight to get the work done as it was promised and a complete waste of time. In order to make sure you receive the former experience, rather than the latter, there are a few things you can keep a look out for.

Pay Rate
If one contractor who is bidding on your project is extremely low, they probably aren’t going to be of high quality. I know that this may seem like common sense to a lot of people, but it gets over looked. You will see a trend of where the average is on a project for good work (when 10 people are $300 and 1 is $50, I don’t think the $50 is going to do as good of a job for you). Also, don’t take the highest bidder, either get them to come down in price with the rest of them or pick the best out of the following criteria.

How long has the contractor been active on the website you are using? If they have been their for 3-4 years compared to someone who signed up yesterday, I am going to go with the person that has the better reputation and experience on the website.

Most websites like Elance.com or Odesk.com allow users to post reviews and feedback from completed assignments. Read through the reviews thoroughly and create a list of information about each contractor so you can keep their offers straight. Also see how much earnings that have made from working on the site. Someone with $30,000 vs $100 is going to have a lot more experience and better reputation.

Make sure you do not jump at the first SEO consultant that comes your way, do your research and find the right person for your job.

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