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Micro Online Business: Being More Efficient

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Micro Online Business: Being More Efficient

We’ve seen some ways that you can make money by providing services and only spend 1 to 3 hours a day doing it. This is a good method for those who want to earn some money in the online world but do not have much time to invest in their online business activities.

But how do you maximize your earning potential? Here are some excellent tips on doing so. This will basically allow you to earn more money in less time.

  • Eliminate all distractions

You’re supposed to be working. Therefore, sign out of Facebook, Myspace or Twitter. Sign out of MSN, AIM, Yahoo Messenger or Skype, unless you actually need these to communicate with your clients. Close all other tabs and browser windows that you don’t need. This will help you concentrate on the task at hand. Sure, some people are able to work and talk to a friend on Skype at the same time. But it is not recommended, as it will simply take away from the time you have to make some money online.

  • Build a good reputation

As you will be getting projects mainly from forums and freelancing sites, building a good reputation is important. Depending on the site, clients will be able to leave you feedback every time you complete work for them. The more positive feedback you get, the more of a good reputation you will get and this will increase your chances of getting more work.

  • Pick longer and more profitable tasks

Let’s say you are writing articles. Which do you think is better: writing 3 1000 word articles or writing 10 300 word articles? Even if the pay would be the same, choosing one or two bigger tasks rather than a few different small ones allows for better use of your time. This is because you will not have to stop as often and do some research on what to write about or check the clients requirements.

  • Strive to get regular work from the same clients

Getting regular work from the same people is much better in terms of making more efficient use of your time than getting work from different people all the time. The reasons for this are pretty common sense. You will be spending much less time making posts offering your services, accepting projects and answering questions from clients and a lot more time actually doing the work. Your clients will already know you and what you are capable of doing and will therefore be more likely to assign work they need done to you rather than picking out a completely new person from the forum or freelancing site.

Getting regular work is not that hard. You first need to start by doing a couple of projects for various clients and build up your reputation. Eventually, someone will assign some more work to you and it could turn into a regular project.

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Some Questions and Answers about Online Marketing

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Some Questions and Answers about Online Marketing

There are many people who are new to internet marketing and the whole “make money online” scene and who naturally, have many questions about online earning opportunities. Here are some answers to questions that are frequently asked by newcomers.

  • How do I earn money online?

There are plenty of opportunities, which are quite varied. The most common earning opportunities found online are:

  • Becoming an affiliate of another merchant and getting a commission on sales that you get for them.
  • Creating a web site, then selling ad space and getting paid for each click on the ads, for the number of views they get, or a fixed amount per day, week or month.
  • Creating your own (digital or physical) product and selling it to customers.
  • Reselling someone else’s product through your website or a marketplace like eBay or Amazon (buy low/sell high concept, similar to what a physical retail store does).
  • Providing services to others (writing, web design, graphic design, translation, etc).
  • How much money will I make? Are these ads that say I can make $1000 a day online true?

The amount of money you will earn will depend on what you do specifically. The earning potential is technically unlimited, but it will take a lot of work and dedication to reach good results. While some people can make $1000 a day, it will take much more than simply buying a product or signing up for some course to do the trick.

  • Are all of these guides/courses/ebooks/membership sites about making money scams?

Some of them are, but the majority can’t really be considered a scam. Rather, they do give you some ideas and information that you can put to good use and start an online business of your choice. However, most of them stop short of holding your hand to the point of telling you exactly what to sell, exactly how to word your ads, etc. This is something you will need to figure out on your own.

  • Do I need any startup money? Can I get started with nothing?

This depends on what you are trying to do to earn money. Some forms of online business can be started with absolutely $0, some others will require a small investment of $10 – $20 for a website and domain name, while others will need you to pay a few hundred or a few thousand for things like advertising, merchandise to re-sell, etc.

  • Where are the best places to find information on earning money online?

If you do a Google, search, you will find that there are quite a few websites or blogs that provide useful information, but make sure that they are not simply a “front” that is trying to sell you some guide or get you to join a membership site. The best sources of free information remain internet marketing forums such as Digital Point, Warrior Forum and Wicked Fire.

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Some Ideas On What to Do Online – Providing Services

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Some Ideas On What to Do Online – Providing Services

In the online world, there are a lot of different ways to earn some cash. So if you are seeking to start an online business, you will find that there are many opportunities which await you. And since you are effectively your own boss, your earning potential is actually unlimited. So whether you are trying to build a six figure income or just get a few dollars a day in revenue, there will always be something to do on the internet.

Providing services

We had previously talked about using affiliate offers and CPA programs to earn some cash online. Of course, these are fine ways to earn money, but they do come at a certain disadvantage. It is mostly the delay before you get paid. Many affiliate programs pay on a NET 30 basis, meaning that you get paid 30 days after the end of the month. But there is something that you can do in addition to, or instead of using affiliate or CPA programs. You can provide your services to those who do.

To put it simply, those who sell or promote products online need to spend a lot of time and resources on their marketing work. This includes setting up web pages, putting up advertisements, writing content, designing good templates and graphics for their site, etc. Those who are making the big bucks out there seldom do all of this work by themselves: they hire external consultants to do it for them. This is where you could come in.

There are many examples of services that you could provide to those who are either selling their own products or running affiliate offers, for example:

  • Reselling web hosting services
  • Building backlinks
  • Designing web pages
  • Writing sales copies
  • Posting ads on classifieds ads sites or business directories
  • Driving traffic to websites through various means
  • Doing SEO work to improve someone’s web site rankings
  • Creating advertising campaigns on social media
  • Creating, editing and uploading promotional videos
  • Etc

These are just some of the examples of what you can do for other marketers. Now how much will you earn? This will largely depend on what you are doing, and how skilled you are at it. So this is where you will put your online skills to the task. For example, if you are good with Photoshop, you could go into creating web page graphics. If you are skilled at creating videos and animations, someone could use you to create a promotional video for their product.

There are many places where you can find work, but the best place to go to would be an internet marketing forum, like the Warrior Forum or Digital Point. There you will find a section where members can offers to buy or sell various types of services. As your reputation increases, you will soon start getting a lot more customers as well.

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