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Start Making Money With Blogging Today

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Start Making Money With Blogging Today

Over the last few years, blogs have grown in popularity and it would seem that now everyone and their dog has a blog. If you check out some opportunities to make money online, you will see that there are many who claim that it is possible to make decent money by blogging. But is this really true?

In reality, it is possible for anyone, with little experience in the blog world to start earning money from blogging. But it may not always be as straightforward as many would think it is. If you want to make money from blogging, you will first need to be patient and learn how to do it properly. There are two main ways to make money from blogs. You can either have your own blog, or write for someone else’s. The second option is far more simple and can allow you to make money more quickly, so we will look into it first.

  • Ghostwriting

Here, you will be creating blog posts for someone that owns a blog and will be paid either as a share of the revenue that your blog posts bring in, or more commonly, a fixed price ranging from $3 to $50 for each post that you make. The blog that you write for could be an informative one, or it could be a businesses blog that serves mainly to promote the products and services of a certain company. Your posts will usually be published under the name of the blog owner or a pseudonym. If you want to get started with blogging quickly, then this is one of the fastest and easiest ways to make money from it. You can make some pretty decent coin if you are hired by numerous clients to update their blogs on a regular basis.

  • Guest blogging

This is similar to ghostwriting, in the sense that you will be writing posts for a blog that isn’t your own. However, there are a few differences. As a guest blogger, the posts that you make will usually be credited to your name, along with links to your own blog, website or social networking profiles. This allows you to gain some notoriety in the online world as people can more easily find the content that you have written online, even if it wasn’t published on a site that you own. If you create good content, it is also very possible that you will get regular assignments.

  • Other tasks that don’t involve writing

You can also make some money without having to create any written content. For example, someone could pay you to design logos and graphics for their blog. Or you could act as an administrator for one, uploading already made content at specified times, moderating and responding to comments left by visitors, keeping track of usage statistics, etc. You might also have the opportunity to take written content and to transform it into another type of media, like videos that will give a better explanation of what is being discussed.

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Another Use Of Craigslist for Online Entrepreneurs

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Another Use Of Craigslist for Online Entrepreneurs

Previously, we have explored some ways that you can make some money off Craigslist by promoting an e-commerce site that you own, as well as providing services. These are some great uses of this free classified ads site. However, there are some other ways that you can use it to your advantage as an online entrepreneur. Here are some more ideas:


  • Find Temporary Staff to Help You With Your Projects


While you can definitely do this on internet marketing forums, you can also use Craigslist to build up your virtual team of staff members. There are a few advantages of doing so: first of all, the people who respond to your ad will usually have a genuine interest in earning a bit of money for small, part time jobs and will be less likely to be scammers. By getting some staff members on Craigslist, you will also be “creating jobs” for your local city, even if they are just temporary positions. Also, since these people are local, you are far more likely to find people who understand and can write in proper English, as they will be located in your city.


Let’s say you need some regular blog posts for your business blog. You can hire someone and pay them $10 a day or so to create 2 or 3 blog posts for you. Or, if you need someone who can create simple web pages cheaply, you can hire a web designer for $10 to $15 an hour, instead of paying a professional design firm 10 times that amount. There are many unemployed people or students who are looking for part time job opportunities on Craigslist and who would be quite happy to find a legitimate opportunity to work from home and earn a few extra dollars.


But unfortunately, there are plenty of people who are still spamming MLM offers or some other scam programs on Craigslist. For these reasons, avoid using the words “make money online” or “work from home” in your ad. It will often be seen as spam/scam by viewers and will be flagged down rather quickly. Be as descriptive and professional as possible to avoid this.


Here is an example of a bad ad:


Make money online! Looking for people who can work from home today! Email Bob for more details.


Here is a better one:


We are an online advertising firm looking to hire 2 workers for the creation of promotional content. Must have excellent written English skills. Knowledge of web hosting industry is an asset. Contact Bob @ Acme Inc. if you are interested in this position.


Many people ask if you can still use Craiglist for affiliate offers. The answer is yes, but there are a few things that you should do and other things to be avoided if you want to see any kind of results from this. We will take a look at other uses of Craiglist for online marketing tomorrow.

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Monetization Options For Your Blog

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Monetization Options For Your Blog

If you are thinking of putting up a blog on the internet, one of the main things that you would be thinking of would be how to make some money from it. Perhaps you may have heard about some bloggers earning good money from their blog and were wondering whether it would be possible for you to do the same. Well, the answer is yes, but just like with anything else related to earning money online, you will need to put a lot of effort into it to make it work. Here let’s explore some of the easiest methods of monetizing your blog first:


  • AdSense and other pay per click ads


This is considered by many bloggers to be one of the easiest ways to monetize a blog. It is also the most simple and straightforward. Essentially, you would be putting pay per click ads on your blog and will be receiving a certain sum of money whenever someone will click on one of the ads. These could be text ads, or banner ads. These days, advertisement distribution networks will automatically cause ads that are related to the topic of your blog to be displayed, so they will be more relevant and thus more likely to be click on by viewers. For example, if you have a blog that talks about politics, the ads that are displayed are likely to be more or less related to this topic, such as political polls, websites for candidates or political parties, etc.


While Google AdSense is the most popular of pay per click advertisement networks among bloggers, there are several other smaller ad networks out there such as AdBrite and Bidvertiser. The amount of money that you will make from having these ads on your blog will ultimately depend on how many visitors click on them. So the more traffic your blog gets, the higher the amount of revenue that you can generate from pay per click advertisements on it will be. This creates a good incentive for you to promote your blog well and to have regular interesting updates on it.


  • Putting up a “donate” button on your blog


This is quite straightforward. You can put a PayPal (or Moneybookers, or AlertPay, or any other payment system) button on your blog that will be there to let users donate a bit of money to support your blogging efforts. If the content of your blog is very interesting and it is read by a lot of people, you can make some money just by donations from readers. However, don’t expect to make thousands a month, unless you have a REALLY high traffic blog. Sure, it’s possible that a billionaire will stop by your blog, really like it and then decide to make a six figure donation. This has happened. But the odds of that happening to you are roughly equivalent to the odds of winning the lottery. Still you will probably make a few bucks, enough to cover your hosting fees and maybe pay for your internet connection.

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Want To Earn A Bit Of Extra Cash Online?

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Want To Earn A Bit Of Extra Cash Online?

Let’s face it, there are literally thousands of ways to earn money online. While a lot of us will want to make a decent amount every month by means such as CPA networks, affiliate programs, etc., what about someone who is just starting out and wants to build a bit of capital to spend on their online business. Or someone who just wants to earn a few dollars each day, without going complicated work such as setting up websites, advertising campaigns, signing up for affiliate networks, etc. Here are a few basic ways to earn money online. While some people have made a living out of these methods, they aren’t exactly things that will make you five figures each month. Just some extra cash.


By far, one of the most popular methods of earning money online. You basically provide your services and skills to others, in exchange for payment. What you can do will largely depend on your skills: writing articles, making blog or forum posts, designing web sites, creating logos and graphics, etc. Many internet marketers, especially those who run many websites, often outsource certain tasks (like graphic design and article writing) in order to save time. Where do you find work? Here are some places to start:

Fiverr (www.fiverr.com). A simple freelancing site, where you post up small jobs, called gigs, that you are willing to do for $5. The jobs that people do on this site are varied, and include things such as writing articles, doing a video review of a product, transcribing audio, and many other things that you can easily do in a few minutes.

Amazon Mechanical Turk (www.mturk.com) Once again, you will be doing simple tasks in exchange for payment. However, the tasks on this site will likely be much shorter and more repetitive than on Fiverr and will include things such as: gathering information online, categorizing pictures, etc. The pay for each task accomplished is usually a few cents, but the tasks seldom take more than a few minutes to complete. While you probably won’t make much, some people have managed to make close to minimum wage on it.

There are of course some other freelancing sites online. These tend to be a bit more “formal” and require you to create a profile detailing your skills, experience, a portfolio of some samples of your work, etc. The way they work is similar to this: client posts project, workers place bids, client selects one or more workers to complete the task. While it may take some time for you to find projects to work on, you could earn a decent amount depending on what services you offer. Some examples of freelancing sites are Guru (www.guru.com), RentACoder (www.rentacoder.com) and oDesk (www.odesk.com). A good thing about freelancing sites in general, is that if you are reliable and produce good quality work, clients will often hire you for regular projects, which means that you would spend more time working and earning money, rather than scouring the internet for work to do.

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Time Saving Tips for Bloggers

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Time Saving Tips for Bloggers

Blogging can take a whole lot longer than needed.  This is generally due to the time eating activities available to the blogger on the computer while they are trying or are at least supposed to be writing.  Effectively earning money from blogs requires the blogger to be focused on updating them.

A good way to keep yourself on task is to give yourself a lot of work.  This way, mentally, you will say I don’t have time for this because I have so many articles to write.  Whereas, when you only have one or two to write, you might think that you have time to take breaks, when realistically, you do not, because time is a precious resource, and it could be used elsewhere or on something else.  Writing a lot of posts at one time can save a lot of time as well as effort, because many writers can get on a roll, where they can pump out very articles very quickly, allowing them more extra time later to work on other things.

Using a white screen writing program, or a word processor in full screen mode can be very beneficial, because then, it will be the only thing you can look at, and nothing else on the screen can possibly distract.  This obviously doesn’t account for things outside of the computer, such as the TV or people, but those can be easily minimized as well.  Working with a full screen word processor in a closed off room without a TV is the best way to ensure you are writing what you need to be.

Social media sites are the biggest time sink for bloggers.  The sites themselves are designed to keep you on them, with so many different feature and things to do, you can’t even think of them and list them all in one hour.  They keep users coming back for more, which is what they are designed to do, and should be voided at all costs when trying to write.

During your down time, while you are just browsing the web, you should have a quick and easy way to jot down blog post ideas.  This may come in the form of a program, such as Microsoft OneNote, or EverNote, or even by just, old fashioned, pen and paper.  Whatever works for you, so long as it allows you to quickly and easily record what you want to write, and the source if you need to.

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How To Make Money Buying and Selling Websites, Website Flipping

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How To Make Money Buying and Selling Websites, Website Flipping

A great way to make money with a website is to purchase an established website that you know you can add value to the website and flip it at a later date for a profit.

To give you an example of what i mean i will give you an example of how i once made money buying a website from flippa.com for $1800 and then 3 months later sold it for $15,000 making a tidy profit.  The website i bought was a 6 months old blog that was rarely updated by its owner.  It was in the internet marketing niche which i know alot about so i knew i could add value to the blog.

The blog at the time was receiving 3,000 unique views a month and was a PR2 and was making $500 a month from affiliate sales via clickbank.com and a little on google adsense.

When i took over the blog this is what i did to improve the value of the blog:

1.) Made sure i added at least 2 very informal posts everyday to keep my readers and attract new readers.

2.) I offered a fee ebook download with an optin emails form. (i managed to capture 5,000 email addresses) to which i later emailed offers to bringing in $2,000 in commission, mainly clickbank products.

3.) I changed the theme of the blog to a premium wordpress theme.

4.) I installed a forum which help build a community around the blog.

5.) I submitted alot of articles to article websites and built up some good backlinks

6.) I did alot of blog commenting on other similar blogs helping bringing in more backlinks

7.) I sponsored wordpress themes digital point marketplace also helped bring in more backlinks.

After the first month my traffic had reached 6,700 uniques a month and my revenue went upto $1600 a month from commission from various networks i was using.  Most of my income came from my email list because within the free ebook i was given away had links to affiliate products and was earning money from my readers clicking on links within the ebook and purchasing a product.

By the end of month 3 i was adding 3 new articles a day and my email list had reached 5,000 email readers and was making on average $3,000 a month from affiliate commission mainly from Clickbank.com, Cj.com and Google adsense.

Now i knew i could resell the blog as i had added some very good value to the blog and sold it back on flippa.com for $15,000

So the key to buying and selling websites for profit is to look for a website you know you can add value to it.  Pick a niche you know about and would enjoy working on.

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