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Some Overrated “Work From Home” Offers: Part 2

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Some Overrated “Work From Home” Offers: Part 2

We’ve seen a few kinds of work from home offers that are often hyped online as excellent ways to make money but very often end up producing results that were far less than what they buyer would expect. And in many of these cases those involved have actually lost money instead of making any. While there are definitely many perfectly legitimate work from home opportunities which can help people earn money online from the comfort of their home, one needs to be very careful in evaluating the programs that they join. Think of how an experienced investor or business man would act when investigating a million dollar business opportunity. They would check out every detail of the deal, as well as the people behind it, to make sure that any claims that were made are actually true. What you need to do is similar.

Here are a few other examples of home based business opportunities that are often little more than hype:

  • Product Distribution

This shares some similarities with multi level or network marketing, but is actually a different business model. While you may get bonuses or commissions if you recruit new people into the business, the main focus here is to sell the actual products to consumers interested in them. This doesn’t mean, however, that the deal is going to be 100% legitimate and profitable. What you first need to do is to look at the products that you’re going to be selling. Is it something that people will really want to buy and keep buying in the long term, or is it just a “fad” product that will go out of style in a few months, if not weeks? What prices are you going to pay the supplier for the product and at what prices will you be able to sell it? Is there a real market for the product and which distribution channels can you use to sell it (online auctions, classifieds, e-commerce, physical kiosks/stores, etc)? You need to find an answer to all of these questions before you should jump into such an opportunity.

Also, you should be wary of any company that requires you to make a large bulk order before you can begin distributing the product. Very often, people who failed to pay close attention and get answers to the above questions have run into big problems. They ended up with a garage full of nearly worthless items that they simply had no way of selling at a profit, either online or offline.

When you sell physical items, you will also need to take into considerations the related costs of selling the products when you calculate the potential profits you can make. These costs include advertising fees, payment processing fees, online auction charges and more. While they may seem easy to ignore at first, the reality is that they can affect your profit margins in a significant way.

Tomorrow, we will take a look at some more work from home opportunities to watch out for.

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Tips for Online Entrepreneurs

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Tips for Online Entrepreneurs

Do you want to build an online business that is both successful and profitable? Many other people have the same objective. There are certain things that you can do which will increase your chances of building an online enterprise that will work well. Here are some of these tips:

  • Focus on building long term results

While this may seem to be common sense, surprisingly a lot of those seeking to earn money online don’t practice it. They spend countless hours searching for the best business type, the best product, the best marketing methods, etc. You may have considerable short term success selling certain products, that is if you manage to get in before thousands of people flock to the same type of business. After the sales dry up, you will however be back to the drawing board and searching for another thing to sell. Constantly chasing after a good product is not a good strategy, but it is nonetheless practiced by a lot, especially those in the multi level marketing sector.

But what many of these people don’t realize, is that those who use the internet to successfully market anything, whether its MLM products, affiliate offers, digital products, etc. always have several different products that they are promoting at the same time. They are also constantly thinking ahead and looking to add new revenue streams before current ones run out. Even though the online marketing world is seen as an ever changing one, where you can’t predict what will still work in a few years from now, by having long term foresight you can ensure the profitability of your business.

  • Look at successful people and follow their example

There are many kinds of online businesses that you can get involved in. Each sub type will have people who are highly successful and have built a solid reputation of earning big money online. Do you want to be like them? It’s possible. What you need to do is to study what successful people in your business niche are doing. How did they get to where they are now? And most importantly, what are they now doing? Look at the products that they promote, how they work, how much they sell for, as well as the marketing and advertising strategies that they use. By gaining an understanding of how other people have had success online, you have the potential of becoming successful yourself.

This doesn’t mean that you would simply be copying someone else’s business. You can take the lessons that you’ve learned and apply it to your own activities. You can take many strategies that other people do and then modify and adapt them so that they would be much more suitable for your type of business and more in line with the goals that you are trying to achieve online.

These two are some of the most important tips that can help you gain success online. But there’s more. Tomorrow, we will see some other strategies that are employed by some of the most successful entrepreneurs to keep their businesses running smoothly at all times.

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Are MLM Opportunities a Good Way to Earn Money? Part 3

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Are MLM Opportunities a Good Way to Earn Money? Part 3

Previously, we’ve seen some of the issues regarding making money online with MLM offers. But what if you’ve decided that you would like to make some money with them? Here are a few tips that will help you profit from this kind of business opportunity.

  • Don’t stay stuck on only one opportunity

If you take a look at some of the leaders in the MLM business opportunity world, you will see that they participate in various different money making opportunities. The reasons are simple: if one opportunity dries up, there are others that can be scaled up to make more money. Therefore, don’t get attached to only one program and treat MLM opportunities for what they really are: a vehicle for you to make some money.

  • Choose business opportunities with good products

The product is an important part of any business opportunity. There are certain things that you need to ask yourself about it: is it something that is really useful? Is it priced in a way that will enable you to make a decent profit from selling the product instead of constantly hounding others to become distributors? It is something that will last for at least a few years, or just a fad that will be over in a couple of months?

  • Go with MLM opportunities that do not focus exclusively on promoting to friends and family

While some people may be able to pull this off with success, promoting to friends and family is not the best way to go. Sure, a few may sign up, but if you limit yourself to just people you know, then you have a limited pool of prospects, who are actually low quality prospects to begin with (they probably aren’t interested in a business). A good business opportunity to take part in is one that will provide you with some tools and training on generating leads and prospects by advertising online.

  • Join an opportunity early

This gives you a good advantage over those who come later on. There will be less marketing material online about the business that you are in, meaning that you will be dealing with a lot less competition when you start out. Essentially, this will make acquiring leads and prospects, as well as clients who are interested in the products, much easier than an opportunity where there are already hundreds of thousands of distributors competing for the same resources.

  • Learn independently

While many MLM businesses give you some training materials on how to make your business grow, there is plenty of third part material available online for free that will teach you how to do that as well. You may even discover some things that you didn’t know and that wasn’t covered in the training materials of your business opportunity. Therefore, if you want to succeed, you need to be able to find information independently and use that information to build and grow your business as needed. Spending a few hours a week on research and learning can definitely go a long way.

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Are MLM Opportunities a Good Way to Earn Money? Part 2

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Are MLM Opportunities a Good Way to Earn Money? Part 2

We have previously seen some of the drawbacks of taking part in an MLM program. While there are some ways to make money from such MLM activities, there are a few obstacles that you would need to overcome before you are able to profit from them. Here are some more:

* A lot of competition both online and offline

The thing about any type of MLM system is that you will not be the only one promoting it. This is especially the case if you will be using the internet to get leads in order to recruit participants. Simply search for the name of your program on Google. You will come up with thousands, sometimes even hundreds of thousands of results. You will see reviews, lead capture pages, information about the program, as well as thousands of different websites set up by individuals who are promoting the same offer than you. While many programs will give you access to a pre built website that you can use to get leads, simply using that will not be enough, unless you have gotten in really early and are among the first ones to push that particular program. If your website is very similar to others with the same search terms, you will simply not be able to rank very high in natural search results and will need to resort to other means of marketing your offer online in order to get the results that you wanted.

The “offline” world is not quite different. Almost every person has had a friend, family member or even complete stranger try to solicit them to join an MLM opportunity in the past. There are plenty of “Make Money Working From Home” ads in newspapers as well. Therefore, once again you will need to be quite creative in your marketing approach if you would like to stand out from the crowd and get your ads noticed to get you the leads that you are looking for.

* Being Successful with an MLM Program is Not Easy

Even though the advertising materials for them often tell you a different kind of story, being successful with an MLM program will take countless hours of hard work developing your business. Because after all, this is exactly what you will be doing: building a business. You will need to find people who will buy your products, as well as find ways to market these products successfully. You will also need to get people to join in the offer and become distributors just like you. While it looks like all you need to do is to create a pre-fab website and then let the prospects come to you, this is not how it works in real life. You will need to find ways to advertise, get leads and then spend time communicating with these leads by phone, email and sometimes even give presentations in person if you would like to recruit enough people to make you some good money in the end.

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Using Fiverr to Make Money: Part 1

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Using Fiverr to Make Money: Part 1

A lot of people have heard about Fiverr.com, which is a type of freelancing website that allows you to do two things: both hiring people to do certain tasks and doing the tasks yourself. You can actually profit from the site both as a buyer and as a seller. But first, let’s take a look at what the site is and how it actually works:


All the tasks, called “gigs” cost $5 and you cannot change that amount. So this makes it suitable for relatively short tasks that do not take much time to complete. Now some people wonder how Fiverr makes money from people who use the site. In reality, their business model is very similar to how other freelancing sites function. They take a small commission from the amount that someone gets paid when they do a gig. At Fiverr, that amount is $1. So the buyer pays $5 to have a gig done. The person who provides the service gets $4.


Fiverr uses PayPal as their (only) payment system as of right now. The buyer deposits funds and then can buy some gigs. As a seller, you can withdraw funds to your PayPal account when you have earned some money doing gigs. However there is something very important that you need to consider: as a security measure, the amount can only be withdrawn 14 days after the gig has been completed. So you don’t really get paid “instantly” as you need to wait 2 weeks before you can transfer the funds over to your PayPal account.


Now, as a seller, what kind of gigs can you provide that will allow you to earn some money?


The most popular ones are:


  • Article Writing


Usually involves writing articles or blog posts that will be used as web content. Very easy to do, all that you have to do is to write an article based on the requirements of the buyer.


  • Website Creation


You can create a small website that has a few pages for the buyer. Also, there are many buyers that need a landing or squeeze page done in order to market affiliate offers online.


  • Social Media Marketing


Do you have a Facebook fan page or a Twitter account with thousands of followers? In that case, you can offer to put up a promotional message on your social media page to advertise the website of the buyer.


  • Video Creation


This usually involves you talking about a product or service that somebody else is promoting online. However there are also plenty of other topics that buyers request videos to be made for. If you like making videos, this could be an interesting gig for you.


  • Offline Marketing


This simple involves you printing out fliers and then distributing them in a high traffic location. This gig works really well if you live in or near a big city and doesn’t really require a lot of work, it’s just that you need to get out there and distribute those fliers.

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Full Time Online Business: Getting Ready

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Full Time Online Business: Getting Ready

Previously, we have seen some of the things that you can do to earn money online if you wanted a micro or mini online business. This would allow you to earn a part time income or some extra cash from your online marketing activities. While this might be satisfactory for some of you, what about those who would like to make more money, like a full time online business.


Of course, this is possible and has been done by many other people. Some regularly make six figures a year online. Some have even made millions. While doing this kind of money is definitely possible, it is not something that is easy to accomplish, no matter what you have heard. Sure, some of the tasks to do this may be “simple” from the technical point of view, but doing them correctly will still require some time, effort and commitment from you.


We will get into various methods to make money as part of a full time online business, but first let’s discuss some of the things that you will need in order to get started:


  • Time


Running a full time online business will mean that you will need to spend at a minimum 30 hours per week on it. This is the bare minimum and depending on what you do, you may need to work more than that.


  • Money


While there are certain types of business that can be started with little or even no money, this is the exception, rather than the rule in terms of full time online business. But it doesn’t mean that you will need hundreds of thousands to get started, either. You can start up slowly, and then use the money that you have made to grow your business. Basically, if you don’t have too much start up funding, you will need to be able to reinvest the profits that you have made at the beginning right away.


  • The understanding that you will start out slowly


Many people would like to make $1000 a day from the very first day they have started their business. Of course, this is possible. Pretty much everything is in the online world. But this is an exception again. You need to accept the fact that it will take at least a few weeks, sometimes a few months, for your business to grow to the point where you will be truly making the amount of money that you had hoped for. Online business, while often very profitable, is not a get rich quick scheme. Those who think of it in this way are the first ones to get discouraged after they realize that becoming an instant millionaire is nothing more than a fantasy.


  • Willingness to learn, take risks and experiment


You must be capable of learning on your own and be willing to try new methods and techniques to make money. You need to put the fear of failure behind you, otherwise you will never succeed.

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Micro Online Business: Being More Efficient

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Micro Online Business: Being More Efficient

We’ve seen some ways that you can make money by providing services and only spend 1 to 3 hours a day doing it. This is a good method for those who want to earn some money in the online world but do not have much time to invest in their online business activities.

But how do you maximize your earning potential? Here are some excellent tips on doing so. This will basically allow you to earn more money in less time.

  • Eliminate all distractions

You’re supposed to be working. Therefore, sign out of Facebook, Myspace or Twitter. Sign out of MSN, AIM, Yahoo Messenger or Skype, unless you actually need these to communicate with your clients. Close all other tabs and browser windows that you don’t need. This will help you concentrate on the task at hand. Sure, some people are able to work and talk to a friend on Skype at the same time. But it is not recommended, as it will simply take away from the time you have to make some money online.

  • Build a good reputation

As you will be getting projects mainly from forums and freelancing sites, building a good reputation is important. Depending on the site, clients will be able to leave you feedback every time you complete work for them. The more positive feedback you get, the more of a good reputation you will get and this will increase your chances of getting more work.

  • Pick longer and more profitable tasks

Let’s say you are writing articles. Which do you think is better: writing 3 1000 word articles or writing 10 300 word articles? Even if the pay would be the same, choosing one or two bigger tasks rather than a few different small ones allows for better use of your time. This is because you will not have to stop as often and do some research on what to write about or check the clients requirements.

  • Strive to get regular work from the same clients

Getting regular work from the same people is much better in terms of making more efficient use of your time than getting work from different people all the time. The reasons for this are pretty common sense. You will be spending much less time making posts offering your services, accepting projects and answering questions from clients and a lot more time actually doing the work. Your clients will already know you and what you are capable of doing and will therefore be more likely to assign work they need done to you rather than picking out a completely new person from the forum or freelancing site.

Getting regular work is not that hard. You first need to start by doing a couple of projects for various clients and build up your reputation. Eventually, someone will assign some more work to you and it could turn into a regular project.

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Money Making Ideas Consistent With Your Objectives

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Money Making Ideas Consistent With Your Objectives

There are a lot of people who want to earn some money on the internet. There are also plenty of guides, some free, some paid, which describe various ways to do so. The problem with these is that they often tend to take a “one size fits all” approach and make no difference between someone who just wants a few extra dollars to pay their bills or someone who wants to make a six figure income by building a complete online business.

Also, the issue is that these guides, courses and ebooks, while useful and interesting, tend to focus exclusively on one online money making activity, such as affiliate marketing, digital product creation or eBay selling. This, in itself, is not entirely a bad thing. After all, if someone wants to learn how to be a Power Seller on eBay and make thousands of dollars in sales each day, it would be much better for them to have a complete guide on the topic, rather than just reading a few pages in a more general money making ideas guide.

However, for those who do not yet know which specialty, or specialties of online money making they want to get into, this may not be the best choice. In that case, it would be much better for these people to read something that describes various ways to make money on the internet, so that they can choose which activities they would want to perform to earn.

Even though many individuals with no knowledge of online business wouldn’t know much about different money making activities, they typically know what their objectives are in terms of income. Some people only want to make a hundred or so dollars each month, while others want to make a thousand dollars each day.

There are basically three different categories of objectives in terms of income:

Micro online business: $0 to $500 a month.

This is for those who only want a few extra bucks at the end of the month, to do things like pay some bills, buy a few extra things that they want, etc. These people typically do not want to invest much time or money in their business and just want methods that will bring them a bit of cash without being too complex.

Part time online business: $500 to $2500 a month.

This is often used by people who want to supplement an existing income or those that are willing to put in a bit more effort in their online activities and spend about 15 to 30 hours a week on it. Some investments might be required, but they will usually be relatively small sums of money.

Full time online business: $2500 a month +

Here, things start getting serious. Those who have this objective need to know that they will essentially be building a complete online business and they must be willing to put in 30 or more hours per week into it, as well as make the necessary financial investments to get their business off the ground and to keep it growing.

We will keep exploring some money making ideas for each of these categories tomorrow.

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Some Questions and Answers about Online Marketing

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Some Questions and Answers about Online Marketing

There are many people who are new to internet marketing and the whole “make money online” scene and who naturally, have many questions about online earning opportunities. Here are some answers to questions that are frequently asked by newcomers.

  • How do I earn money online?

There are plenty of opportunities, which are quite varied. The most common earning opportunities found online are:

  • Becoming an affiliate of another merchant and getting a commission on sales that you get for them.
  • Creating a web site, then selling ad space and getting paid for each click on the ads, for the number of views they get, or a fixed amount per day, week or month.
  • Creating your own (digital or physical) product and selling it to customers.
  • Reselling someone else’s product through your website or a marketplace like eBay or Amazon (buy low/sell high concept, similar to what a physical retail store does).
  • Providing services to others (writing, web design, graphic design, translation, etc).
  • How much money will I make? Are these ads that say I can make $1000 a day online true?

The amount of money you will earn will depend on what you do specifically. The earning potential is technically unlimited, but it will take a lot of work and dedication to reach good results. While some people can make $1000 a day, it will take much more than simply buying a product or signing up for some course to do the trick.

  • Are all of these guides/courses/ebooks/membership sites about making money scams?

Some of them are, but the majority can’t really be considered a scam. Rather, they do give you some ideas and information that you can put to good use and start an online business of your choice. However, most of them stop short of holding your hand to the point of telling you exactly what to sell, exactly how to word your ads, etc. This is something you will need to figure out on your own.

  • Do I need any startup money? Can I get started with nothing?

This depends on what you are trying to do to earn money. Some forms of online business can be started with absolutely $0, some others will require a small investment of $10 – $20 for a website and domain name, while others will need you to pay a few hundred or a few thousand for things like advertising, merchandise to re-sell, etc.

  • Where are the best places to find information on earning money online?

If you do a Google, search, you will find that there are quite a few websites or blogs that provide useful information, but make sure that they are not simply a “front” that is trying to sell you some guide or get you to join a membership site. The best sources of free information remain internet marketing forums such as Digital Point, Warrior Forum and Wicked Fire.

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A Virtual Staff Can Propel You To Success – Part 1

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A Virtual Staff Can Propel You To Success – Part 1

These days, there are many people who earn a living online through various ways. While there are plenty of methods that allow you to make cash online, providing services to businesses and other internet marketers is one of the top ways to get cash flowing in very quickly. There are a few reasons for this. Basically, there is a huge demand for services that help others market their products on the internet. You also have the advantage of being paid right away. No more waiting for months for affiliate checks to arrive in the mail.

If you would like to make money by providing services, there are plenty of things that you can do, such as:

  • Creating short online videos
  • Building Backlinks or other SEO work
  • Web page design
  • Article writing
  • Blog post writing
  • Sales page creation (copywriting)
  • Any other service that is in high demand and useful to those who conduct business online

Now, we all know that providing services to other participants in the online business industry is something that can bring in a lot of cash right away. So, why aren’t more people doing it? Do they not recognize the potential that it has?

Well, the thing is, many people recognize the potential. But there are two main reasons why they don’t take a piece of the profits:

  • Lack of time
  • Lack of necessary skills

The thing is, providing services online takes some time. Imagine if you have to write 50 blog posts each day for a client. This will require you to be at your computer almost 24 hours, even if you are a skilled blog post writer. While this would probably bring you a decent profit of around $200 to $300 if you made 50 blog posts, what draws people to the online marketing and work at home scenes is the ability to earn money without spending too much of your time working.

The other thing that keeps some people from this activity is the fact that they may not necessarily know how to provide many of the services that their clients would need. Sure, writing good articles and blog posts may seem easy to someone from the United States or the UK, but it won’t be that easy for someone who is from another country and can’t write in English very well. Someone could be very skilled at creating beautiful web pages, but could be a complete zero at making videos.

But there is a solution to both of these problems. If you look at ads on IM discussion forums for people who provide services to other internet marketers, you may notice that some of them seem to be taking in dozens of orders a day. There is just no way that one person could do all that in a single day. What they do is simple: they outsource their work to a virtual staff. Tomorrow, you will learn more about how YOU too can do just that.

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What Offers To Promote With Yahoo Answers

We’ve seen that you can use Yahoo Answers in order to get some free traffic to your website. But some people wonder whether it is the right place for them to get traffic for THEIR site. Let’s take a look at what types of offers or products that you can successfully promote using them.

Affiliate/CPA offers.

This is the main thing that online marketers do to earn money: push some affiliate offers. You can get traffic to your offers by using Yahoo Answers, but you need to do it the right way. First, don’t post affiliate links on Yahoo Answers. Doing so will rapidly get you banned, as remember, it is not a place to advertise, but rather to share useful information. Therefore, you will need to build a landing page and get a domain name for your site. A $0.99 .info domain will do here.

Now, what kind of offers will do well here? While some people have had success with offers that require a credit card or a purchase, I have noticed that offers which simply require the person to sign up for a site or fill out information do better.

For example, if you are targeting the “make money online” niche, you have some options. You could build a simple, one or two page site that gives information on various paid survey opportunities and insert your affiliate links there. When you answer the question, provide some useful information about how online surveys work and how they can make some easy money and then send the reader to your site in order to compare various survey sites. You could also build a landing page for a free biz opp offer and send the reader there. You get $2 – $5 for every person that fills out the form.

There are other niches for you to explore as well. Many people ask questions about how much car insurance costs or how to get a student loan. There are plenty of pay per lead offers which are related to these niches. Just answer the askers question, and then tell them that “you found this site” which lets them compare car insurance quotes or get proposals for student loans, etc. Try out various types of offers and see what converts best.

No matter what you do, do not simply spam your website link all over the place. You should appear as a genuine participant in Yahoo Answers. Ask questions yourself. Answer some questions in other niches without linking to any website.

You could do this in about 1 or 2 hours each day. But if you want to save time, you can always hire a freelancer to answer the questions and participate for you. There are plenty of people who would be willing to do the work for you for a small amount, such as $0.25 per answer they post on the site.

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Getting Started In Online Writing – Part 2

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Getting Started In Online Writing – Part 2

Online article writing can be a great way to make some quick money online. If you have what it takes, you can also turn it into a full time freelancing job. But to get started, the first thing that you need to do is to find some clients who will pay you for your writing. Here are a few places where you can do so:

Internet marketing forums:

These are forums such as Digital Point and the Warrior Forum. They are a meeting place for those who want to earn money online to discuss ideas and network with each other. They are also a place for people who offer their services, such as article writing or graphic design to make acquire some customers and make money. Internet marketing forums are a great place to find work due to the fact many people are seeking content for their website in order to advance in search engine rankings or simply to present their products or affiliate offers to prospective clients. A lot of online marketers either aren’t good enough in English to write quality articles, or simply don’t have the time to write the necessary amount of content each day. This is why they seek to outsource this part of the job to others and why these forums are a good place to get clients.


  • You set your own terms and prices. For example, you can offer discounts to repeat customers or those who make larger orders.
  • If your work is of good quality and liked by clients, you can get a lot of repeat business. In this line of work, it is much better to work with a few different clients than to be constantly hunting for more work after writing a few articles.
  • You get paid immediately. There is no waiting period of 2 weeks or 1 month to get your money.


  • Some forums require you to pay around $20 to post a thread to offer your services. Some of them also require that your thread be approved by a moderator before it is posted.
  • If you are new to the forum, a lot of the people will be wary of dealing with you and may only give you small orders to begin with.
  • Possibility of getting scammed. While the majority of people on internet marketing forums are there to conduct honest business, there are always a few scammers out there who would simply have you submit the work and then disappear without paying. This can be mitigated by using common sense: if you are dealing with a new member with only a few posts and they are making a large order, arrange to split the work in a few parts. You would then send part of the work, get paid for it, and then go on to complete the remainder. Watch out for excuses such as “I can’t, I’m only getting paid in a few days, I will pay you then, etc.”

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An Overview Of Some “Make Money Online” Ads You Will Come Across – Part 3

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An Overview Of Some “Make Money Online” Ads You Will Come Across – Part 3

“Earn money playing roulette” / “Guaranteed sports betting method” / Various gambling related products.

These are all advertised in a similar fashion. Someone claims to have developed an “ultra secret” method that would let them win at a game of chance (such as roulette or sports betting) and surprise, surprise, they are willing to share it with a “limited few exclusive buyers”… for a price, of course. Many people will (and rightly so), discard such ideas straight into the rubbish bin where they belong. But the language used on the page is especially designed to draw you in and to make you leave your reason and logic at the door. Don’t do that… Let’s analyze these claims a bit:

“Guaranteed to win”. No. Wrong. If there was such a system, then casinos and book makers would have all gone bankrupt by now. There are systems which can, if used properly, increase your chances of winning (slightly, only slightly). But none can guarantee that you will be able to walk away a winner every time. Gambling is a game of chance, not a way to make stable income.

“Super secret, only shared with limited amounts of people”. Lie. Big one on top of that. Their sites have been up for months, and sometimes even several year. Almost all have affiliate programs which encourage other marketers to re-sell the ever-so-secret system to others. Not exactly the type of thing you would engage in if you wanted to keep something “secret”.

And here’s the kicker, ladies and gentlemen. The site owner claims he has a system that can make you rich by gambling (which is super secret, don’t forget). Then WHY, oh WHY is he selling it? Doesn’t he make enough money already from using his system? Why does he care about the $39.99 or $77.77 or $99.97 that he will make by selling his system, if he can simply use it and win thousands every day?

Avoid these types of sites. The “systems” are usually little more than basic strategies you can find for free online or in any gambling book. If not, they are simply variations of the “martingale system” (doubling the amount of your bet every time you lose in a hope to eventually regain your losses and come out ahead) or simple bankroll management strategies that while they may increase your chances of winning, will not guarantee it and are also freely available online as well.

When searching for ways to earn money online, we can easily get sucked into beautiful marketing materials that promise everything. The important thing is not to stop using common sense. If something looks too good to be true, then it probably is. Before spending money on any “system” or “method” carefully examine all the claims and see whether they make sense to you or are simply hype.

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An Overview Of Some “Make Money Online” Ads You Will Come Across – Part 2

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An Overview Of Some “Make Money Online” Ads You Will Come Across – Part 2

MLM / Multi Level Marketing

These offers are often touted as a great way to own your own business and be your own boss. Very often, the advertisements that you will find for these type of opportunities will be worded vaguely and appear to be quite generic, rarely going into detail as to what exactly this “business opportunity” will consist of. In a nutshell, MLM consists of becoming an “independent distributor” for a company where you will resell their products at a commission. You will also need to recruit more independent reps into the business, for which you will also earn money.

This isn’t to say that the whole industry is bad or that it is not possible to earn money in it. Indeed, there are many people who have been quite successful in it. However, in many of these opportunities the sales pitch to get you to join will be quite misleading and only present the positive aspects of the business. While it is often touted as being something “easy”, in reality you will have to do a lot of work to achieve success. Depending on the program, you will also need to pay in order to join or to buy merchandise, the costs of which could end up quite significant. If you decide to pursue such as opportunity, be sure that you do some independent research on what the company is, what products are they pushing, what their compensation plan is and what the general rules are. Unfortunately, many people don’t do this and are thus out of the fee they paid to join and stuck with boxes full of useless, overpriced merchandise that is hard to sell. They then realize that the only way to recoup their losses is to dupe other people into joining the business.

Forex Trading

While retail Forex trading has been around for many years, it has just recently seen a surge in popularity and is often advertised as a way to make money on the internet. You see ads touting that you can make $1000 a day or more just by trading foreign currencies online. If you are a beginner and have zero experience in the foreign exchange market, you will be in for a very rough ride indeed. The whole point of Forex is to take profit from the fluctuations in the value of foreign currency pairs that occur each day. You will of course, you need money to invest. The problem is, most people who sign up for these sites and play the market end up losing money rather than making the large amounts that are claimed in the ads.

If playing the foreign exchange markets interests you, start by reading as much independent information as you can. Then, open a practice account and trade with play money until you are confident enough to risk real funds. Remember that in addition to the opportunity to earn money, you will have plenty more “opportunities” to lose some if the markets don’t move your way.

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