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Are MLM Opportunities a Good Way to Earn Money? Part 3

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Are MLM Opportunities a Good Way to Earn Money? Part 3

Previously, we’ve seen some of the issues regarding making money online with MLM offers. But what if you’ve decided that you would like to make some money with them? Here are a few tips that will help you profit from this kind of business opportunity.

  • Don’t stay stuck on only one opportunity

If you take a look at some of the leaders in the MLM business opportunity world, you will see that they participate in various different money making opportunities. The reasons are simple: if one opportunity dries up, there are others that can be scaled up to make more money. Therefore, don’t get attached to only one program and treat MLM opportunities for what they really are: a vehicle for you to make some money.

  • Choose business opportunities with good products

The product is an important part of any business opportunity. There are certain things that you need to ask yourself about it: is it something that is really useful? Is it priced in a way that will enable you to make a decent profit from selling the product instead of constantly hounding others to become distributors? It is something that will last for at least a few years, or just a fad that will be over in a couple of months?

  • Go with MLM opportunities that do not focus exclusively on promoting to friends and family

While some people may be able to pull this off with success, promoting to friends and family is not the best way to go. Sure, a few may sign up, but if you limit yourself to just people you know, then you have a limited pool of prospects, who are actually low quality prospects to begin with (they probably aren’t interested in a business). A good business opportunity to take part in is one that will provide you with some tools and training on generating leads and prospects by advertising online.

  • Join an opportunity early

This gives you a good advantage over those who come later on. There will be less marketing material online about the business that you are in, meaning that you will be dealing with a lot less competition when you start out. Essentially, this will make acquiring leads and prospects, as well as clients who are interested in the products, much easier than an opportunity where there are already hundreds of thousands of distributors competing for the same resources.

  • Learn independently

While many MLM businesses give you some training materials on how to make your business grow, there is plenty of third part material available online for free that will teach you how to do that as well. You may even discover some things that you didn’t know and that wasn’t covered in the training materials of your business opportunity. Therefore, if you want to succeed, you need to be able to find information independently and use that information to build and grow your business as needed. Spending a few hours a week on research and learning can definitely go a long way.

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Why Multiple Streams Of Income Are Important In The Online World

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Why Multiple Streams Of Income Are Important In The Online World

If you’ve been reading certain guides on online business, you may have been told that in order to succeed you need to have “multiple streams of income”. Now what does this mean? And most importantly, is it actually true or is it simply a gimmick that is used by product creators to try and have you buy their guides?

Simply put, having multiple streams of income means that you are making money online through various different sources. It’s actually as simple as that. And it is also a concept that can be applied to any online money making activity, whether you are running affiliate offers, selling your own products, providing services or publishing pay per click advertisements on your site.

Now is it something that is really necessary to have? If you are running a business that is bringing you a full time income, then the answer is yes. Now why is that? So that your business can keep operating even if one of your income sources declines or dries up completely. Sure, you may think that it won’t happen to you, but if you’ve read any internet marketing forum, you will find plenty of stories about it happening to other marketers.

There are certain products or offers which are only popular during a certain time and then their popularity decreases. Think of the Acai Berry CPA offers that were all the rage about a year ago. Sure, a lot of marketers made money from them. Some made very serious amounts of cash. But a few months after it peaked, the offer started going down due to the fact that the product received some negative press due to questionable claims made by manufacturers, plus many people complaining that they were having a hard time canceling their subscription to this rebill offer.

There has also been cases where some smaller CPA or affiliate networks were having trouble paying those who run their offers. Some people were getting paid late, others ended up not getting their money at all in some cases. Obviously, if you only work with one network and they have trouble paying their affiliates, this will spell trouble for your business as well.

Organizing multiple streams of income is not difficult at all. Say if you are a CPA marketer, you simply have to work with a few different networks and run some different campaigns on each. You don’t even have to do it all at once if it would be too hard for you to manage. For example, you could run offers from network A for the first half of the month and network B for the other half.

If you are a freelancer such as a content writer or web designer, advertise your services on a few different sites and not only one. Also, work with a few different clients if possible. That way, if one of your regular clients who you’ve worked for during many months suddenly doesn’t need any work done during this month, you won’t be left scrambling to find other ones.

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Some Ideas On What to Do Online – Creating Your Own Product

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Some Ideas On What to Do Online – Creating Your Own Product

As you are learning to earn money online, it is important to find out about various money making methods that you can use. Even though you may not be planning to use a certain method right away, it is always a good thing to know about various ways to make cash. This is in case one of your previous money earners dries up, you would always have a backup strategy in place.

Creating your own product

If you’ve been into the online money making scene for a while, you have probably seen the names of various gurus come up, such as Frank Kern, Mike Filsaime, Jeff Walker and company. These people are without a doubt earning millions of dollars by selling something that a lot of people online are searching for: information.

Now, can you become as successful as them? Maybe, maybe not. But one thing that is true, it’s the fact that if you make significant efforts, you are likely to earn a decent amount of money by creating and selling your own informational products online. But first, don’t get sucked into all of the hype out there. Success in this industry doesn’t come overnight. Even the top names in internet marketing did not become rich the first time they have put something up for sale online.

The first thing that you would need is an idea for a product. Ask yourself, what are your areas of knowledge? And you don’t need to be a professional on the subject matter either. You simply need to have gained a level of knowledge on the subject matter that is above that of the average person. If you take a look at many of the info products out there today, they consist of little more than information that is either simply common sense or freely available online if one would spend a few hours searching for it. The info is simply neatly arranged and rewritten in a way to make it simpler to understand for the target audience.

You would also need a web site, payment system and sales page for your product. Notice those long sales letters, filled with underlined words, calls to action, bullet lists of how the product will help the customer, etc? You can easily find freely available or inexpensive templates for your sales page that will make it resemble that of the top gurus. Of course, the words on the sales page matter: they will basically say to the reader “You have a problem, and I have a solution for you.” The most professional sales pages are designed by professional copywriters who charge thousands of dollars for their services. At the beginning, you probably won’t be ready to put up such an investment on your first product. You should know, however, that there are freelancers out there who can write a decent sales copy and even customize your product’s complete web site for around $50 to $100.

Once everything is set up, now is the time to promote your product. There are various ways to do so, but one of the most effective one is to advertise by buying ad space on websites, blogs or forums that are related to your niche. For example, if you are selling a dog grooming guide, you could buy ad space on a dog related forum.

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