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Increasing Visitor Engagement For Better SEO: Part 2

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Increasing Visitor Engagement For Better SEO: Part 2

Creating good engagement with your visitors is important for various reasons. First, it helps you build a connection with the people who visit your website, giving you a better chance of converting visitors into sales. Also, with the updates to the way Google ranks websites, pages which feature ways for visitors to interact with the site may receive a better position in search results. Yesterday, we’ve seen some ways to accomplish that. Here are some more methods that webmasters and marketers can use to better connect with their audience:

  • Include social bookmarking buttons and RSS feeds

Social networking sites like Facebook are one way that your visitors can subscribe to your website and receive its updates. But that’s not the only way. There is also RSS feeds and social bookmarking services like Digg. Including the relevant buttons on your site can be helpful.

  • Have a “contact us” form on your site

Sure, your visitors can call you or send you an email at the address listed on your site. But why not make it easier for them? By including a contact form on your website, you make it more likely that someone who has a question about one of your products will get in touch with you, as this requires less effort from the user.

  • Put a live chat button

Being available, at least during business hours, to answer your visitors questions can go a long way as far as getting conversions goes. If someone isn’t too sure how one of your products works or whether it will be suitable for them, a live chat button will allow them to get a fast answer. It also shows that your site is good not only at selling things, but at providing customer service as well.

  • Include an e-mail capture box

This lets people subscribe to receive updates about your website and business by email. Remember that email is still a powerful marketing tool and an excellent way of communicating with your potential and current buyers.

  • Have a discussion forum on your website

This may not work for all sites, but it can sometimes be a good way of getting to know your site visitors and to provide them with helpful information. It will also help fill your site with free user generated content that can be quite helpful as far as SEO is concerned.

These are just a few ways that you can use to create more engagement from your website visitors. Of course, these are just examples in general and not all of these ideas may suit your business. The main idea is that your site should be easy for your visitors to get around on and they should also have easy ways to subscribe to your updates and get in touch with you. Remember that visitor engagement is just one piece of the overall SEO puzzle. You will still need to work on other elements, such as on site and off site factors that make your website rank better.

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Why Create a Membership Site?

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Why Create a Membership Site?

When it comes to creating their own products, you can see a lot of online entrepreneurs creating an ebook or a more complete course that comes with videos and several bonuses. Of course, these are all good ideas and can be very profitable. The issue, however, is that if you use this business model, you would only make one sale from each customer and will have no residual income from them. Sure, you can get them on your mailing list and try to sell them some of your other products or promote a new product that you have created to them, but this will require additional marketing efforts on your part. Creating a membership site will eliminate these issues. There are several advantages that creating a membership site has:


  • Recurring income


Instead of just making a sale once, you will be able to get a monthly fee from your buyers. As long as you update your site on a regular basis and thus provide them with interesting and new content every month, they will stay. In fact, some of them could stay for many years as long as they find your site to be useful for them. This is much better than simply making a “one off” sale.


  • Better perceived value from your buyers


Many people have seen a lot of ebooks, especially in the internet marketing niche. Plenty of them have bought these ebooks before and have been disappointed with their content. However, there are a lot of buyers out there who see membership sites as more valuable and useful to them than just a course or a guide. This is because the sites often have a collection of tools, several sections of learning material, a discussion forum, etc.


  • Increased marketing and money making opportunities


With a membership site, as opposed to a stand alone product, you have more opportunities to sell to people, especially once they become members. Sure, having a mailing list can be very good and can make you successful. But the issue here is that plenty of ebook buyers are already on the mailing list of every guru (real or wannabe) in town. They get so many of these emails each day that they might read one or two and ignore the rest. But if they become a member, they will pay a lot more attention to what you have to say.


So if you are promoting another product, whether it is an affiliate offer or one that you created, they are a lot more likely to take interest in it. Also, if your methods involve the use of services, like web hosting or online phone services, you can become an affiliate of these and include your affiliate link in the relevant section of your membership site content. This gives you an even greater opportunity to make some money from your buyers.


Of course, setting up and managing a membership site will require a bit more work than just selling an ebook. But it is not impossible to do and remember that in terms of profits, it can be a very beneficial activity for you.

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Marketing For Local Businesses: Your Options – Media Buying Part 3

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Marketing For Local Businesses: Your Options – Media Buying Part 3

Now that you know about the kinds of ads that you can run when you buy media, let’s take a look at where you can actually place your ads. While there are plenty of places where you can place them, you will need to choose wisely so that you are able to get the maximum benefit from them. Many websites sell advertising space to cover their hosting costs and make a profit. You will often see “advertise here” or “your ad here” somewhere near the ads on the site. If you don’t, you can always contact the webmaster directly to see if you can place an ad for your business on their site.

  • Sites Often Visited By People from Your City

These could be the websites of local newspapers, TV stations, radio stations, etc. Basically any website where people that live in your city will visit. This will give you exposure to the local traffic that you want.

  • Sites Related to Your Niche

Obviously, you can’t advertise on the website of a business that offers the same thing than you. Would you ever see an ad promoting Honda cars on a Ford dealer’s website? Definitely not. But you can find websites of businesses that are related to your niche without being competitors. For example, if you run a moving company, then you could advertise on a site that people who are about to move will visit, such as real estate sites or websites that list rental properties.

  • Discussion Forums

Web forums that are related to your niche can be an excellent place to get traffic from. For example, if you sell mobile phones, placing your ad on a mobile phone discussion forum would be a great match. However, if you only do business locally, be sure to deal only with forums that have mostly local traffic, or at least that offer geo targeting for their ads, which will let you display your ads only to people who are from the area in which you do business.

Advertising Networks

When you look for places to place your ads, you will see that many websites are affiliated with an advertising distribution network such as Adbrite. The main reason is that managing advertising on a website can be quite time consuming for the webmaster, as he will have to manually put up the ads, collect payment for them, etc. This is why many websites instead sell advertising space to networks, who then resell them to advertisers.

This is also advantageous to you as an advertiser. By signing up for an advertising network, you will discover many other sites on which you can promote your business. All you would need to do is select the payment options, choose any settings such as geo targeting and then give them the ad copy you want to use. You can thus easily manage your media buying campaigns and keep track of things more efficiently.

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