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Mobile Apps Are a Profitable Business

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Mobile Apps Are a Profitable Business

When it comes to making money online, there are certainly hundreds of different ways to make this happen. But if you have coding experience, it may be even easier for you to pull in some profit. Sure, you can freelance and help others develop applications, but wouldn’t it be better if you could create your own apps and make money from them? Who knows, you might create something that will be liked by millions of users.

The possibilities are endless as far as app types go. Remember, what you create doesn’t have to be particularly advanced or even too useful. You could make an app whose only purpose is to play animal sounds and still get hundreds of thousands of downloads.

If you’re new to mobile app development, there are plenty of resources that will help you get started out rather quickly. You can find guides, as well as software development kits for both the iOS and Android platforms. Now that an ever increasing amount of people own a smart phone or tablet device (many times they have both), there has never been a better time to get in and start cashing in on this new trend. All statistics show that the number of downloads for mobile applications is only expected to grow.

But how do you actually make money from the apps? There are two ways. The first one is to charge people a fee to purchase your app, which is often relatively small, usually ranging from $1 to $5. But this may not always be the best approach, especially if you’re new to the game and people don’t really know who you are or what your app is supposed to do.

There are other solutions in that case. You can release the app for free and still make money from it, by embedding mobile ads in it. These can either be links to affiliate offers, or ads that pay you for each click or impression. However, remember not to over do it. Remember that mobile screens are small and nothing ruins the user experience more than an app which has ads that cover nearly half of the screen.

You can also do a combination of both. This is often called the freemium model and is used by some of the best app developers in the world. You release one version of your app for free, which has basic features. A “pro” or advanced app is also made, but this version has a small cost. You can entice your users to upgrade to the paid version by offering more functionality as well as reminding them that the paid version doesn’t display any ads.

If you’re thinking of joining the market, be sure to do some research first. Look at some success stories, but also some failures and problems that other developers had. Try to find a specific niche and an idea that is truly original. The apps that were the most successful are usually those who were the first to offer something which wasn’t previously available.

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Building Your Online Reputation: Which Channels to Use

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Building Your Online Reputation: Which Channels to Use

Your online reputation is essentially everything that can be found about your business online, whether it’s content that’s created by you or by other people. Obviously, if you want to build a solid online reputation, there are certain basic things that you need to do, right from the very beginning. If your business is brand new, it may seem to be a bit difficult to get started, but in reality you just need to take a few steps in the right direction. We will now present you some useful tips on how to make this all happen:


  • Have a Website With All the Necessary Information


Obviously, you know that if you want to be found in the online world, your business will need a website. But your site should also be complete, with detailed information about your products, as well as information on what they’re good for and how to use them. This will give more pages from your company in search results and will also help your site get found more easily.


  • Allow User Reviews and Ratings of Your Products When Possible


When people shop online, they not only want to find the product that they’re looking for, but they also want to know if it’s good or not. One advantage of online shopping versus in-person shopping is that on the internet, you can quickly read some comments that were left by other users about a product. If what you offer is of good quality, then allowing users on your site to leave a rating or comment about the product will be beneficial for you, as an online shopper will instantly see that people were satisfied with their purchase.


  • Get Your Company in Business Directories


This serves several purposes. It helps people find your business, it provides useful backlinks for SEO purposes and it also helps you build your reputation in a few different ways. First, the more your company is “out there”, as in listed in several online business directories, the more it appears to be a stable and legitimate business. Furthermore, many online business directories have a feature that allows their users to leave reviews about businesses that they’ve used in the past. Another excellent way to get positive user comments to show up when someone Googles your company’s name.


  • Participate in Social Media


Again, this is great for marketing, but is also great for building your reputation online. All you need to do is to set up accounts on social media sites such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. People can now comment about your company and leave reviews of your products. You can also use your social media accounts to release important announcements related to happenings in your business.


There are also a few other channels that you can use to quickly build your online reputation. We’ll take a look at these tomorrow.

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Smartphone Searches Much More Likely to Convert

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Smartphone Searches Much More Likely to Convert

Smartphone usage has been seen in different ways by marketers all around the world. As an ever increasing number of consumers now use the internet on a mobile device, this naturally brings in more opportunities that a a lot of online marketers have been nothing but happy to take advantage of. But for some, learning to market to mobile users has been a bit complicated. It’s true that mobile users share many similarities to those on PCs, in fact most consumers that have a smartphone also use the internet on a regular PC. But the way that marketing should be done, as well as the expected results are quite different.


One thing that marketers have often questioned themselves about is whether mobile ads have a higher conversion rate than ads geared towards PC users. The answer, of course, will vary depending on the niche of your website and the marketing channels that you are using. But as a general rule, mobile ads will bring a higher conversion rate, especially in the select industries of dining, auto and travel.


In fact, the numbers are in from a Nielsen Panel that surveyed over 6000 smartphone users. The conversion rates may look surprising to a few. Results show that 85% of searches for dining, 51% of automotive searches and 46% of travel related searches result in a purchase made the very same day. This is a simple fact that marketers should not ignore if they want to experience success. Smartphone users are more likely to be “ready to buy”, while PC users may be unsure or still in the “comparison shopping” phase.


It doesn’t take a marketing expert to figure out why. People use their smartphone quite often when they need to find something quickly and don’t have the time to do intense research. They’re searching for a product that will fill a need and when they find it, they’re quite likely to buy it if the attributes of that product and the price range is acceptable to them.


Take someone who is traveling to a city they’ve never been to before. They’re sitting in their hotel room and are wondering which restaurants are nearby. They do a search for a type of restaurant that they would want to eat at. They then see a list of results. It is quite likely that they would just look at the pages of one, two, maybe three restaurants before heading out and getting their food.


For automotive, many users who do a search need to find a replacement car part quickly. With travel, it’s quite possible that the user needs to travel urgently to their destination and are looking to find transportation that will get them there, whether it’s by bus, train or air.


But how do marketers ensure that they’re able to capture the attention of those mobile searchers and make the sales that they need to keep their business going? It’s actually quite simple, but may demand some adjustments for certain marketers. Tomorrow we will take a look at a few techniques that can be employed to increase success.

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What Social Sites are Used by Marketers?

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What Social Sites are Used by Marketers?

Are you using social media sites and want to know which types of sites are being used by other marketers today? Is Google + picking up steam or will it probably stay behind for a while? A study of over 3 500 marketers and business owners asked them what they use to market their business or products in the social media world. Here are the results:


  • Facebook: 92 %
  • Twitter: 82 %
  • Linked In: 73 %
  • Blogs: 61 %
  • YouTube and other video sharing sites (Vimeo, DailyMotion, etc): 57 %
  • Google + : 40 %
  • Photo and image sharing platforms: 21 %
  • Discussion groups and forums: 19 %
  • Social bookmarking and news sites: 16 %
  • Geo location services: 14 %
  • Daily deal-type coupon sites: 6 %


As we can see, Facebook is at the top. There’s no need to go into too much details as to why it’s there, as we all know that Facebook is currently the most popular social media site in the world and marketers tend to go where the most people are. After all, you wouldn’t install an advertising billboard in the middle of the forest.


But there’s not just Facebook in the social media world. Google + is starting to gain some steam, with 40% of marketers using it. Even though it had a slow and difficult start, it’s now beginning to attract more users, both consumers and businesses. In order to boost the network’s popularity, Google encourages users to visit it in different ways, such as by integrating Google Places with Google +. Marketers also have an interest in Google’s social networking service. 70% indicate they want to learn more about it and 67% are planning to increase their participation in it for the future.


Now let’s not forget that by “social media” we don’t just mean social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google + and LinkedIn. Other types of sites are “social” too, as they allow sharing and interaction between their users. This explains why many business owners and marketers also create videos to post on YouTube and maintain blogs where they provide industry news & updates, while giving users a chance to respond to the content in the comments section. Discussion forums could be an excellent way for a business to gain visibility in their industry through active participation in the forum, as well as using its advertising features such as signature links, “Buy/Sell” section, paid ads, etc.


Marketers and especially local business owners also need to be aware that there is a lot of traffic that can be captured from the smaller or more local sites too. For example, in the field of arts, video sharing sites like Vimeo and Daily Motion remain quite popular, even though YouTube is still the most popular video sharing sites. Understanding where your target market is online will be very helpful in getting your message in front of them.

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Is Google + a Good Business Marketing Tool? Part 1

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Is Google + a Good Business Marketing Tool? Part 1

Whether or not Google + actually has enough potential to be a useful marketing tool has been a matter of debate for quite some time in online marketing circles. There are those who believe that the social network launched by Google has some potential and will end up growing in popularity. On the other end, there are those who believe that it will be a flop and join Google’s list of “failed products” and therefore businesses shouldn’t waste their time building a significant presence on it.


But what is going on with Google + in reality? Is it something that you should bother paying attention to as a business owner that is seeking different ways to advertise online? The decision as to which marketing channels you will use to promote your business online is all up to you. Remember that in addition to social networking sites, there are plenty of other online advertising avenues that you can use. And if these are already working for you, then you should by all means keep using any method that is bringing you a satisfactory amount of website visitors and revenue. But what about those that are seeking to enlarge their online advertising options, or who have just started a new business and are looking for ways to get some traffic going to their website?


There are a few things that you should know about Google + and about how it can be used to promote your business in social media.


Google has Fixed Several Problems With the Site


When it was launched, Google + was only meant to be used as a platform for individuals to connect to each other. This meant that business accounts were not allowed. However, Google has quickly changed course, allowing businesses to use the platform for networking, just like Facebook now allows different types of organizations to use their social networking service to connect with fans, customers and potential customers.


Certain functionality issues, such as the ability to put in additional page managers, as well as verify a profile to make sure that it is the official Google + page for your business, have now been resolved and are working quite well. Google has also worked on improving the overall look and feel of the service, which is always a bonus point for increasing use.


Adoption Among Consumers Remains Low


Google has reported that there are now 90 million users of Google +. Of course, this is far less than its rivals, which are now chiefly Facebook and Twitter. Furthermore, the amount of time that users spend on the service on average is not too encouraging at the moment. Reports show that users of Google + spend just 3.5 minutes on the service. Again, this is low compared to other social media websites. However, there are a few reasons as to why you may not want to discount Google + as a marketing tool just yet and may want to create a profile on the service for your business.



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Good Customer Service is Important for E-Commerce Websites

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Good Customer Service is Important for E-Commerce Websites

Previously, we’ve seen an example of how you can improve your online shopping site by ensuring that your site is fully functional and easy for your customers to navigate. There is however another thing that is important when running an online shopping site: providing good service and support to your customers, both before and after they make a purchase.


The service level provided by an online business could also determine whether a visitor will turn into a buyer and whether someone who has already bought an item from your website will come back to buy from it again. Here are some ways to make sure that you provide the best possible service to the visitors on your site:


Pay attention to their comments.


If you have a social media page, pay attention to what the people on your wall are posting. Also, take into consideration any comments that they send to you by email. This could give you some good opportunities to improve your site and business, such as by getting a product that many customers would be willing to buy, or improving an element of your site.


Respond to emails promptly


Try to respond to emails from your customers within a few hours if possible. The faster you answer one of your customers, the more likely it is that they would be satisfied with your business.


Provide different ways to contact you and make it easy for your visitors to do so


Your visitors shouldn’t have to spend 15 minutes combing through your site to find a way to get in touch with you if they need to have a question answered. For this reason, you need to ensure that your contact information is featured prominently on your website. There are many different methods that you can use to provide support.


The most simple one is email. Simply provide an e-mail address on your website where your visitors can contact you. If you run a relatively small operation, this could be sufficient for you to provide support. You could also integrate a form on your website that your customers could fill out with their inquiries.


A live chat option is also possible to set up easily and there are even free scripts available that are provided by web hosting companies which could allow you to do so. One of the other ways that you can provide customer service is by phone. It is possible to get a toll free number that you can redirect to another phone. No matter what methods you use, simply make sure that you remain accessible to your customers.


After you’ve sold a product, it’s always a good idea to send a follow up message with a survey asking for feedback about your products and your business. This is another way to show to your customers that you care about their opinions and are available to solve any problems that they might have.

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Using Social Media to Get Information About Your Market

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Using Social Media to Get Information About Your Market

Social media websites can be a very effective marketing tool for businesses, but you must develop methods to use these sites there right way. One of the things that social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter can be very useful for would be to acquire information about your customers, competitors, partners and other players in the market. Here is how you can do that:


  • Look Things Up


Facebook, for example, has a great search engine that can let you find a certain word being posted on pages, as well as discussion groups. By using the search feature, you will be able to see if people are talking about your business, or about your industry in general. Find out what people are saying, what kind of questions they are asking and what kind of comments they are posting.


By doing this, you will get many benefits. First, you will find out who your target customers are and what they are saying. You will also be able to see what your competitors are doing on their pages and in discussion groups. Also, you will be able to spot any potential vendors and business partners that could be useful to your company.


  • Interact with users on your page


Having a Facebook page or a Twitter profile would be quite useless if you simply use it for one way communication just like a static HTML page on a website would work. The great advantage of social networking sites is that they are built for two way communication which will allow you to interact with your users in a number of different ways.


So if you post something on your Facebook page, for example, you can get some comments from your users about your post. Find out what they are saying and if necessary respond to them. Your users will feel re-assured that you are there and are actually listening to them, which shows that you actually care about their satisfaction level. With this considered, they are more likely to become your customer or to return and buy something from you again in the future.


Another tool that is offered on Facebook which can be very useful for businesses is polls. You see, polls are not just for teenage girls to post “ZOMG Is this guy hoooooot LAWLZ!!!!111”, but can be used as an effective market research tool for your business.


You can create a poll about what kind of products or services people would want to see in the future. Or you can ask them just how satisfied they are with some recent changes that you have made to your website, or to one of your offerings. Then, take a look at the results, interpret the data and act accordingly. As we all know, if you give your users what they want, once again they will be more likely to become profitable customers for your business, as they will see that you are actually paying attention to what you are saying.

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Some Ideas On What to Do Online – Providing Services

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Some Ideas On What to Do Online – Providing Services

In the online world, there are a lot of different ways to earn some cash. So if you are seeking to start an online business, you will find that there are many opportunities which await you. And since you are effectively your own boss, your earning potential is actually unlimited. So whether you are trying to build a six figure income or just get a few dollars a day in revenue, there will always be something to do on the internet.

Providing services

We had previously talked about using affiliate offers and CPA programs to earn some cash online. Of course, these are fine ways to earn money, but they do come at a certain disadvantage. It is mostly the delay before you get paid. Many affiliate programs pay on a NET 30 basis, meaning that you get paid 30 days after the end of the month. But there is something that you can do in addition to, or instead of using affiliate or CPA programs. You can provide your services to those who do.

To put it simply, those who sell or promote products online need to spend a lot of time and resources on their marketing work. This includes setting up web pages, putting up advertisements, writing content, designing good templates and graphics for their site, etc. Those who are making the big bucks out there seldom do all of this work by themselves: they hire external consultants to do it for them. This is where you could come in.

There are many examples of services that you could provide to those who are either selling their own products or running affiliate offers, for example:

  • Reselling web hosting services
  • Building backlinks
  • Designing web pages
  • Writing sales copies
  • Posting ads on classifieds ads sites or business directories
  • Driving traffic to websites through various means
  • Doing SEO work to improve someone’s web site rankings
  • Creating advertising campaigns on social media
  • Creating, editing and uploading promotional videos
  • Etc

These are just some of the examples of what you can do for other marketers. Now how much will you earn? This will largely depend on what you are doing, and how skilled you are at it. So this is where you will put your online skills to the task. For example, if you are good with Photoshop, you could go into creating web page graphics. If you are skilled at creating videos and animations, someone could use you to create a promotional video for their product.

There are many places where you can find work, but the best place to go to would be an internet marketing forum, like the Warrior Forum or Digital Point. There you will find a section where members can offers to buy or sell various types of services. As your reputation increases, you will soon start getting a lot more customers as well.

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Make Money Online With Your Talents

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Make Money Online With Your Talents

One of the biggest questions on everyone’s minds these days is how to make money on the internet. Everyone has their own hobbies, and talents, and some of them can be turned into a source of income on the internet if you know how to do it. Depending on what your hobby of choice is, you might be able to make a fair amount of money on it online.


If you’re a photographer, you can bring in a good bit of money on the internet. There are two main ways to go about making money from your photography. You can sell stock photos, and prints. There are a few different ways to sell each on the internet, and picking the right ones for you is really going to depend on the type of work you do, and the audience is’t most likely to appeal to. For stock photos, two of the biggest sites you can sell your work on are iStockPhoto, and Getty Images. Getty Images is mainly used by journalists looking to get stock photos for articles, so if you have a lot of work covering people and places, you’ll do well there. If your work is diverse, iStockPhoto may be a better place to sell your stock photos. Their customers are looking for a wide variety of things. As for prints, your best bet is to set up an Etsy store. Etsy has a great community of both sellers, and customers. It’s easy to set up an Etsy store, and have it become profitable.


If you can write, you can bring in some money on the internet. A lot of different websites are looking for writers, and if you can’t find a site that’s hiring, you can always list your services on a site like oDesk, or Elance. Fiverr can also be a great place to find clients – just offer up one article for $5, and see if anyone takes you up on it. Once you get a client on Fiverr, there’s a good chance that they’ll keep coming to you for work over time.

Other talents can be turned into profits on the internet. Take the time to do some research about your hobby, and see if there’s any way you can do it professionally. If there’s a market for it, you can make money on the internet with your hobby.

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Find Legitimate Ways To Make Money Online

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Find Legitimate Ways To Make Money Online

There are a lot of different companies offering a lot of different ways to make money on the internet. Unfortunately, not all of them are legitimate. Some of these companies are just scams in disguise looking to get a little money out of you by promising you big profits down the line. There are a few things you can do to avoid these scams, and find legitimate work on the internet.

Do A Search

If you find an opportunity on the internet that sounds like it might be legit, but you’re just not positive, take the time to do a Google search for the company that made the offer. Chances are, you’re not the first person to find that offer, and if it’s a scam, someone else will know about it. Even if the offer sounds pretty solid, take the time to do a search for the company’s contact information. If they’ve ever been involved in an illegitimate scam, it will show up when you search their contact information.

Read The Fine Print

Before signing on for any money making opportunity on the internet, take the time to read the company’s FAQ, and terms of service agreement. If a company is going to try to rip you off, or pull some sort of scam, most of the time, you’ll be able to find signs of it in their documentation.

Start Up Fee

This one’s simple – if they want you to pay them so that you can make money from them, they’re trying to scam you. There’s no reason that a legitimate organization would ask you to pay them for training, or for a one time “good faith” payment or anything like that. If they want your money, chances are they don’t intend on giving you any of theirs.

Get Rich Quick

If any company is promising that you’ll make a huge amount of money in a short time, there’s a good chance they’re lying to you. There just aren’t any easy and quick ways to get massive amounts of money, other than winning the lottery of course.

There are a lot of scams on the internet, but don’t let that discourage you. There are also a lot of great ways to make money online. Just keep these things in mind when considering an online money making opportunity, and you’ll be able to spot, and avoid the scams.

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Five Steps To Starting Your Online Business

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Five Steps To Starting Your Online Business

So, you’re thinking about starting an online business, but you’re not sure about what steps to take to get it off the ground. While there is no “one size fits all” method for reaching success, there are a few basic steps you should take when you’re starting out. It’s important to start with a strong foundation for your online business, and these steps will help you do just that.

Define The Purpose

Your online business should be based on a goal, or a series of goals. Those goals will dictate the other steps in your business strategy, so it’s important to establish them before doing anything else. For example, if your business is geared at selling a product, your strategy will be different than if it’s geared at getting subscribers, or making ad revenue.

Define Your Target Audience

It’s important to know who you’ll be gearing your online business toward. Different audiences require different marketing approaches, Take the time do do some research on who is interested in your niche. Is your audience mostly male, or female? What age group do they fall into? What level of income do they have? What other interests do they have? All of this information can help you to create a more effective marketing strategy for your new business.

Look At The Competition

Your target audience probably has certain expectations from a site like yours based on what other sites are already doing. Take the time to look at your competition, and see what they’re doing. You should be offering all of the basic features they are, along with any additional features that you feel you can provide to your customers.

Marketing Strategy

Now that you know a lot about your audience, and what they expect, it’s time to form a marketing strategy. There are a lot of different ways to go about marketing your product, including ads, social media, and article marketing, but you’re going to have to pick the strategies that work best for you. There’s no guarantee that every strategy will work for every online business, so pick and choose your methods carefully based on what you know about your audience.

Learn And Earn

Online business requires you to learn as you go. Test different marketing strategies against one another, and see what works best for you. Keep looking for new methods to reach your target audience, and keep looking for ways to lower your costs. As technology changes, so too does online business.

Keep these five steps in mind as you start out, and you’ll be off to a good start with online business.

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Bundling Packages of Content

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Bundling Packages of Content

One of the areas a lot of internet marketers overlook is creating their own product. Many think in one way: affiliate revenue.

Now, affiliate marketing is great, however you sometimes need more than one way to generate revenue, and creating your own products is one of the best ways to do it.

The content doesn’t necessarily have to be 100% unique either, sometimes rebranding some parts of master resale rights products along with some unique offerings of your own can build a great product for potential buyers.

Here is a hypothetical example. Imagine that you are a prolific SEO specialist that is great at giving speeches and presentations, but lack the attention span to do long form writing such as ebooks or reports for potential clients.

Creating a video series could be a great way to create some passive income for yourself as well as your affiliate revenue. But sometimes you need to have more than just a video series. Luckily, you have several options, including hiring a virtual assistant or contractor to create an ebook for you. You could have them create a unique offering for your, including all of the areas you touch on in the video series as well as other things you may have overlooked at the time of recording. Or you could have them write a supplemental ebook that gives different looks and case studies on different websites and proper SEO work in practice.

Building a package of content like this is very enticing for potential buyers, because it will give them more content for the same price. If you could buy one ebook that comes with an audio only version, or an ebook on the same subject with a video series, a free case study, and a follow up series giving tips and tricks for 3 months after your purchase, which would you choose (given the prices are in the same ballpark obviously).

Packaging different product types together is the best way to reach a broader audience, every person learns differently — so having different ways to reach them with the same consistent message is very important and essential to a great product launch. Make sure you diversify your offerings in order to reach the most people.

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3 Ways to Make Money Blogging

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3 Ways to Make Money Blogging

Making money while blogging is a great sounding idea, but it is even harder to put into practice. Writing takes time, dedication, and creative thoughts. Then there is the promotion, networking, social networking, blog design, and blog maintenance to keep up with. The other areas take away from the core of writing for a purpose and should be the secondary thing after your content. If you write an article per day, do that first, then promote and maintain second. Great content is still king.

Making money should be the next thing to worry about – after you do the other stuff and after you have some great content. There are plenty of ways to make money from your blog, such as advertising, but today we are going to touch on three very different ways you can make a great profit from your website. Most professional bloggers do at least one of these, allowing them to rake in sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. But don’t worry, most of us aren’t that lucky. Being able to break even on a blog is a great start, then after that focus on paying for your gas every week for your car. Once you have reached that, try to pay for your cellphone bill and gas. Keep moving up until you have scaled to the point you want to be at that you can maintain while staying sane. With that, let’s look at 3 ways to make money blogging.

Affiliate Revenue
Signing up to be an affiliate for products that are close to your niche can be a great way to create some income. You can promote established products and link to them from your blog. You will receive a portion of the sales of those products when someone visits and purchases the product from your affiliate link. This is a great way to get your feet wet before trying to create your own products. A good example is Copyblogger.com where he promotes professional blogging software such as Thesis theme.

Create a Product
Creating your own product related to your niche is a great way to make a lot of money, especially if you have a big audience of 2-3k unique visitors per month. Create an enticing ebook, membership site, or video series and promote them on your blog and through affiliates on other websites.

Write for Someone Else
If you are just getting started, don’t be afraid to write for someone else so that you can start getting some income right away. It will help offset your startup costs and give you some real cash to spend.

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Use Article Marketing To Your Advantage

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Use Article Marketing To Your Advantage

Making money by using article marketing can be a little tricky, but under the right circumstances, it can also be very profitable. Before you jump into article marketing, take a minute and think about what you’re marketing, and what you want to get out of article marketing. Do you have a website of your own? Do you sell products of your own? Are you relying on affiliate programs to generate income?

If you’re starting with a clean slate, the very first thing you should do is set up a website. If you produce a product of any sort, an site dedicated to that product will do just fine. If not, consider launching a blog, or other informative site that you can post affiliate links on. Whatever you decide to do with your website, make sure it has the potential to generate income. After all, what’s the point of marketing your site if it can’t bring in any profit?

Now that you know what you’re marketing, it’s time to start writing some articles. Sites like Ezine Articles let you post articles on a variety of different topics. Each article you post can be an indirect advertisement for you, your website, and any products or services you might offer. It’s important to keep that in mind as you write your articles. Each article should contain a link to your site. That’s pretty obvious. What might not be so obvious, is that each article should also be SEO friendly. Your article (and by proxy, your site) will get some attention from regular visitors to the article directory you submitted your work to, but a good portion of your traffic is going to come from search engines. Remember to use keywords in the title of the article whenever possible, and the body of the article should be keyword rich.

Having an SEO friendly article on an article directory like Ezine Articles can help you in a few different ways. If the article itself is SEO friendly, more people will find it, and some of  those people will click through to your site. Sites like Ezine Articles have bene around for a while, and as such, they have a fairly high volume of traffic, and they also tend to come up high in search all on their own. By having a site like that linking to your site, you’re increasing your own search rank.

By writing SEO friendly articles on article directories, and linking them back to your own site, you can bring in some traffic, and boost your search rank all in one shot. At the end of the day, more traffic leads to more revenue, and that’s never a bad thing.

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