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Some Questions and Answers about Online Marketing

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Some Questions and Answers about Online Marketing

There are many people who are new to internet marketing and the whole “make money online” scene and who naturally, have many questions about online earning opportunities. Here are some answers to questions that are frequently asked by newcomers.

  • How do I earn money online?

There are plenty of opportunities, which are quite varied. The most common earning opportunities found online are:

  • Becoming an affiliate of another merchant and getting a commission on sales that you get for them.
  • Creating a web site, then selling ad space and getting paid for each click on the ads, for the number of views they get, or a fixed amount per day, week or month.
  • Creating your own (digital or physical) product and selling it to customers.
  • Reselling someone else’s product through your website or a marketplace like eBay or Amazon (buy low/sell high concept, similar to what a physical retail store does).
  • Providing services to others (writing, web design, graphic design, translation, etc).
  • How much money will I make? Are these ads that say I can make $1000 a day online true?

The amount of money you will earn will depend on what you do specifically. The earning potential is technically unlimited, but it will take a lot of work and dedication to reach good results. While some people can make $1000 a day, it will take much more than simply buying a product or signing up for some course to do the trick.

  • Are all of these guides/courses/ebooks/membership sites about making money scams?

Some of them are, but the majority can’t really be considered a scam. Rather, they do give you some ideas and information that you can put to good use and start an online business of your choice. However, most of them stop short of holding your hand to the point of telling you exactly what to sell, exactly how to word your ads, etc. This is something you will need to figure out on your own.

  • Do I need any startup money? Can I get started with nothing?

This depends on what you are trying to do to earn money. Some forms of online business can be started with absolutely $0, some others will require a small investment of $10 – $20 for a website and domain name, while others will need you to pay a few hundred or a few thousand for things like advertising, merchandise to re-sell, etc.

  • Where are the best places to find information on earning money online?

If you do a Google, search, you will find that there are quite a few websites or blogs that provide useful information, but make sure that they are not simply a “front” that is trying to sell you some guide or get you to join a membership site. The best sources of free information remain internet marketing forums such as Digital Point, Warrior Forum and Wicked Fire.

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Why Many Internet Marketers Give Up

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Why Many Internet Marketers Give Up

If you look at information on internet marketing, you will find plenty of success stories coming from people who have “made it” in this industry and who have made very good amount of money in online business. But what about those who haven’t? Let’s take a closer look at what causes many online marketers to simply give up rather than want to do everything they can to make their business succeed.

  • They Set Their Income Expectations To An Unrealistic Amount

Advertisements for IM products are partly to blame for this one. They show money falling out of the sky, flashy cars, big houses, etc. All of that, with promises that you can make thousands of dollars every single day. While these amounts are achievable, after all, some people have made millions on the internet, they are not what you will be earning when you start. Every business starts out small and brings in a modest amount of profit at the beginning and the online business world is no different.

  • They Thought Everything Was So Easy

Again, ads for products that teach IM methods are partly to blame for this. They use language like “all you have to do is put up a few ads on Google each day and you might make thousands!!” Well, this is technically true. You CAN make thousands by putting up a few ads on Google. But then again, you need to know which products to promote, what to write in the ads, what keywords to select, etc. And this requires work and dedication. When some people realize that actual work will be required, they seem to back out of the deal rather quickly, instead of actually giving it a shot to see what works and what doesn’t.

  • They Thought That You Would Never Have To Invest Any Money In Their Business

Some people come to internet marketing thinking that since this is the “virtual world” starting a business that will bring them hundreds of thousands a year in “real” money will not require them to spend anything. When they realize that they will need to spend a few dollars on domains, hosting, advertising, tools, etc. they once again run away thinking that this must be some kind of scam or conspiracy to get them to lose money. The funny thing is when you consider that those people are not unable to get the cash necessary to start their business. They are rather unwilling to invest in it. And if you look even closer, very often you will find that the people who complain about having to pay $10 for a domain would not think twice about spending $2000 on a vacation trip, or would run to the mall to buy a $300 pair of shoes that they would wear a few times only. While there are ways to cut down on your initial expenses, if you want your business to grow then you MUST invest some money in it at some point.

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Getting Started With Your Online Business

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Getting Started With Your Online Business

Recently we gave you some pointers on setting up your new online business. Once you’re all set up and ready to go, then what? There are some tips you’ll need to get off to the right start with your online business, and we’re going to share them with you now.

Take It Seriously

Just because you’re working for yourself, and you’re working out of a home office, that’s no excuse to slack off, and treat your work like it’s not important. Being your own boss requires a lot of dedication, and effort. You won’t succeed if you don’t buckle down, and work hard every day, just like you would if you were working for someone else. Once your business is up and running, and everything is going smoothly, you’ll be able to take the occasional long weekend, and be a little more flexible with your schedule, but when you’re starting out, you’ll have to work hard, and spend some long days working to get your business up and running.


It’s important to set yourself some goals to keep your efforts focused, and your business on track. That being said, it’s also very important to make sure those goals are reasonable. If you set the goal of making a million dollars in your first year of business, you’re probably not going to meet that goal. Instead, try to set goals based on your current business operations, and where you see them going in the near future. Instead of setting goals that are a year off, try to set goals that are only one or two months off. That way, you’ll always have an impending goal to work toward.


Running an online business doesn’t require a huge amount of money, but you will still need to spend some cash in order to keep things running. You’re going to need web hosting, and if you intend to do any email marketing, you’re going to need an autoresponder. Beyond that, your costs are going to vary depending on your marketing methods, and your overall business plan. If you have the budget to invest in high quality services, like video production, and professional writers, your business will benefit from it in the long run. Just be careful not to overspend. There are a lot of free services out there that match the features of the paid ones. For example, if you’re looking for software to manage your social media accounts, try Tweetdeck. It helps you to keep everything in one place, and you can run multiple Twitter, Facebook, Buzz, and Foursquare accounts from within it. Spend money when you have to, but spend wisely whenever you can.

Keep these tips in mind as you start out with your new business, and things should go smoothly.

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The Right Reasons To Work Online

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The Right Reasons To Work Online

A lot of people really don’t understand the true benefits to starting an online business. Some people assume it’s a walk in the park, and starting an online business means you’ll have instant success, while others assume there’s no actual money to be made online. The truth of the situation lies somewhere in the middle.

Make More Money

When you’re first starting out with an online business, it’s not likely to generate anything above and beyond some additional income. You’re not going to want to quit your job today, and start your online business tomorrow – before your profits are going to soar, you’re going to have to put in a lot of hours for little gain. With dedication, and determination, you’ll make your way to high profits, but don’t expect the road to be a smooth one.

Work When You Want To

Running an online business does give you the opportunity to set your own schedule, but it’s important to keep in mind that you’e only going to get out of it what you put in. When you’re working for yourself, no one’s going to yell at you for getting up a little late, but if you don’t put in a full day’s work, don’t expect to see a full day’s return later on. When you’re starting out, it’s extremely important to dedicate as much time to your online business as you can. There’s always something more to be done, so don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today.

Quit Your Job And Retire Early

If you get an online business off the ground, there’s a very good chance you’ll be able to quit your day job soon after. Retiring early is another story entirely. If you really throw yourself into your online business, and set aside as much of your profit as you can for a retirement fund, you might just be able to retire sooner than you think, but it won’t be easy. Planning for an early retirement with an online business means working very hard to ensure your business is extremely successful. It can definitely be done, but don’t expect it to happen without putting forth some effort.

Working online can lead to a lot of great things. Just remember, working online is still work. You’ll have to put in some effort to reap the rewards of having your own online business.

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