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Are MLM Opportunities a Good Way to Earn Money? Part 3

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Are MLM Opportunities a Good Way to Earn Money? Part 3

Previously, we’ve seen some of the issues regarding making money online with MLM offers. But what if you’ve decided that you would like to make some money with them? Here are a few tips that will help you profit from this kind of business opportunity.

  • Don’t stay stuck on only one opportunity

If you take a look at some of the leaders in the MLM business opportunity world, you will see that they participate in various different money making opportunities. The reasons are simple: if one opportunity dries up, there are others that can be scaled up to make more money. Therefore, don’t get attached to only one program and treat MLM opportunities for what they really are: a vehicle for you to make some money.

  • Choose business opportunities with good products

The product is an important part of any business opportunity. There are certain things that you need to ask yourself about it: is it something that is really useful? Is it priced in a way that will enable you to make a decent profit from selling the product instead of constantly hounding others to become distributors? It is something that will last for at least a few years, or just a fad that will be over in a couple of months?

  • Go with MLM opportunities that do not focus exclusively on promoting to friends and family

While some people may be able to pull this off with success, promoting to friends and family is not the best way to go. Sure, a few may sign up, but if you limit yourself to just people you know, then you have a limited pool of prospects, who are actually low quality prospects to begin with (they probably aren’t interested in a business). A good business opportunity to take part in is one that will provide you with some tools and training on generating leads and prospects by advertising online.

  • Join an opportunity early

This gives you a good advantage over those who come later on. There will be less marketing material online about the business that you are in, meaning that you will be dealing with a lot less competition when you start out. Essentially, this will make acquiring leads and prospects, as well as clients who are interested in the products, much easier than an opportunity where there are already hundreds of thousands of distributors competing for the same resources.

  • Learn independently

While many MLM businesses give you some training materials on how to make your business grow, there is plenty of third part material available online for free that will teach you how to do that as well. You may even discover some things that you didn’t know and that wasn’t covered in the training materials of your business opportunity. Therefore, if you want to succeed, you need to be able to find information independently and use that information to build and grow your business as needed. Spending a few hours a week on research and learning can definitely go a long way.

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A Virtual Staff Can Propel You To Success – Part 1

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A Virtual Staff Can Propel You To Success – Part 1

These days, there are many people who earn a living online through various ways. While there are plenty of methods that allow you to make cash online, providing services to businesses and other internet marketers is one of the top ways to get cash flowing in very quickly. There are a few reasons for this. Basically, there is a huge demand for services that help others market their products on the internet. You also have the advantage of being paid right away. No more waiting for months for affiliate checks to arrive in the mail.

If you would like to make money by providing services, there are plenty of things that you can do, such as:

  • Creating short online videos
  • Building Backlinks or other SEO work
  • Web page design
  • Article writing
  • Blog post writing
  • Sales page creation (copywriting)
  • Any other service that is in high demand and useful to those who conduct business online

Now, we all know that providing services to other participants in the online business industry is something that can bring in a lot of cash right away. So, why aren’t more people doing it? Do they not recognize the potential that it has?

Well, the thing is, many people recognize the potential. But there are two main reasons why they don’t take a piece of the profits:

  • Lack of time
  • Lack of necessary skills

The thing is, providing services online takes some time. Imagine if you have to write 50 blog posts each day for a client. This will require you to be at your computer almost 24 hours, even if you are a skilled blog post writer. While this would probably bring you a decent profit of around $200 to $300 if you made 50 blog posts, what draws people to the online marketing and work at home scenes is the ability to earn money without spending too much of your time working.

The other thing that keeps some people from this activity is the fact that they may not necessarily know how to provide many of the services that their clients would need. Sure, writing good articles and blog posts may seem easy to someone from the United States or the UK, but it won’t be that easy for someone who is from another country and can’t write in English very well. Someone could be very skilled at creating beautiful web pages, but could be a complete zero at making videos.

But there is a solution to both of these problems. If you look at ads on IM discussion forums for people who provide services to other internet marketers, you may notice that some of them seem to be taking in dozens of orders a day. There is just no way that one person could do all that in a single day. What they do is simple: they outsource their work to a virtual staff. Tomorrow, you will learn more about how YOU too can do just that.

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Earning From Biz Opp CPA Offers – Part 1

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Earning From Biz Opp CPA Offers – Part 1

Here’s another way to earn money quite easily from a certain category of CPA offers. This method focuses mainly on business opportunity (biz opp) lead offers. Before we begin, let’s take a look at what these offers are and how they work in order to gain a better understanding of what we will be doing here. Biz opp lead offers are CPA offers where the visitor fills in some contact details in exchange for information about joining a business opportunity or getting some tools to make money online. This could be anywhere from a single field email submit to complete contact details with name, address, phone number, etc.

The main difference between these and other biz opp offers is that the buyer will not be required to provide a credit card number or pay anything for you to get credit. The merchant makes money either by trying to upsell a paid membership (similar to dating offers) or by attempting to have the client join a paid business opportunity (most often used for offers related to multi level marketing programs). In any case, you don’t earn any additional money if they buy something later on and you also don’t lose anything if they don’t. The goal is just to get the visitor to provide their contact info.

How much do these offers pay? The exact payout will vary from offer to offer. It can go anywhere from $1 for a simple email submit to $6 for submitting 2 pages of information.

Now that you know a bit more background information about these offers, the question remains, how to get good quality traffic to them? Of course, there are various ways to send traffic to CPA offers. However, they won’t all be profitable for you. Advertising via Google Adwords is pretty much out. The competition for keywords such as “make money online” or “make money with eBay” is very intense and the price per click can get very high. Due to the fact that the payout is only a few dollars per lead it will be quite difficult to make a decent profit.

You will need to use a traffic source that is both free and can bring a relatively large amount of visitors to your site. There are two traffic sources that you can use for this: offline marketing and online classified ad sites.

Now in online classifieds it may sound easy to just post ads and send clicks to your website, this is not the way to go. Your ads will often be either ignored by the viewers or marked as “spam” and deleted. There is another approach that you can take in order to increase the effectiveness that your ads have and make viewers much more willing to sign up for the offer you are pushing. Check back tomorrow for part 2 to see more details on how to give people that extra “something” to convince them to pay attention to your ads and offer.

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Some Ideas On What to Do Online – Selling on eBay

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Some Ideas On What to Do Online – Selling on eBay

As we all know, there are many different ways to make some cash online. Whether you simply want to earn a few extra dollars, or are planning to start a full-time online business, there are various methods that you can use to generate income. One thing that you should do is to familiarize yourself with as many of them as possible. This will not only help you determine what you want to do to make money, but you will also have knowledge of some extra methods should your primary ways of making money slow down for some reason.

Selling on eBay

eBay is definitely the world’s best known online auction site. It also receives millions of visitors from around the world, every single day. This makes it one of the largest online marketplaces and a great place to sell all kinds of merchandise.

Now the question is what to sell on eBay. You can either sell items that you produce yourself or resell merchandise bought somewhere else at a profit. I’ve personally known a few people who have a small clothing label and made a good amount of money selling their items on eBay. One of my friends specializes in selling t-shirts with funny slogans or pictures of internet memes. He sends the design over to a local business who print it on the t-shirt for a few dollars, and then resellers the t-shirts on eBay for a profit.

You don’t really need to make your own items in order to profit from eBay either. You can simply apply the concept of “buy low, sell high” to many different types of merchandise. The key here is to find a supplier that will sell items at a relatively low cost that will enable you to make a decent profit on the markup. Remember to take into consideration eBay fees as well as PayPal fees when determining how much profit you will actually be making.

The best sources for cheaply priced merchandise are most definitely trading websites such as AliBaba, TradeTang and DH Gate. You will find many different items, such as clothing items, electronics, jewelry, etc. for sale there. Usually, those items are sold directly from the manufacturer or from wholesalers. As for distributing the items to your end customers, you basically have two choices. Either you can place an order for a quantity of items in bulk, or you can have the supplier ship directly to your customer, which is a process called “drop shipping”.

A word of caution when ordering merchandise through these sites. While the majority of trading partners there are honest, there are still quite a few scammers operating there. Therefore, it is always best to place a small order, typically one or two units and have it shipped to you in order to determine whether the provider actually sends you an item and whether the items sold accurately match the description given on the site.

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