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How Mobile Payment Solutions Work: Part 2

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How Mobile Payment Solutions Work: Part 2

You’ve now learned a lot more about how mobile payment solutions work online and what they’re good for. But before you implement them as a method of payment on your site, there are a few final considerations that you would need to keep in mind. This will let you know what you can expect if you want to use mobile billing with your online business.

Everyone Gets a Share of the Action

Getting the funds from the customer’s mobile account into your hands may seem simple in theory, but the reality is far more complex than that. There are thousands of mobile carriers around the world. In order for a payment processor to be able to collect money from them, they need to go through some rather complex networks of financial agreements and clearinghouses. Of course, this means that they will discount a fee for each transaction made. So you can’t really expect to get the full $5 if a customer makes a $5 purchase on your site. Due to the fact that billing to a mobile is far more complex than billing to a credit card, the fees charged to merchants are usually very high. For each transaction, you can expect to receive only 40 to 70% maximum of the total amount that was actually paid for by the customer. Now there is a possibility that the system will change in the future and more efficient networks will be set up to deal with collecting the payments and forwarding them to the merchants, but for now, high transaction fees are simply part of the game and it will probably stay that way for a few years at least.

Getting Paid is Slow

Don’t expect to get the money in your bank the next day, or even next week. In fact, settlement for all transactions can take anywhere from 30 to 90 days after they were made. This is because the payment processor needs to collect the funds from each mobile phone carrier before they’re able to pay you as a merchant.

On the Bright Side, Fraud and Chargebacks are Low

When a customer disputes a mobile billing transaction with their carrier, due to the low amounts involved, most simply have a policy of crediting the customer the amount they’re disputing and giving them information on how to cancel the subscription. This happens quite often when a teenager buys a few dozen songs or items for an online game and then claims not to know anything about it when his parents get the mobile bill. Therefore, unless there is evidence that a merchant attempted to mislead customers about the cost of the transactions or otherwise deliberately engaged in malicious business practices, chargebacks, although theoretically possible, are very rare.

With all the information presented here, you should have a clearer picture of what accepting mobile payment entails to you as a merchant and can now make a better decision as to whether or not you will want to accept them on your website.

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How to Keep Your Google Adwords Account Safe: Part 2

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How to Keep Your Google Adwords Account Safe: Part 2

Previously, we’ve seen some ways to keep your Google Adwords account from being banned. However, there are some other things that you should be aware of when using Adwords. I also have two more tips for you to avoid getting your account banned:


  • Don’t run banned campaigns again


Sometimes, instead of banning you, Google will simply disable a campaign that doesn’t play by their rules. This could appear in two different ways. Either Google will actually send you an email saying that your campaign doesn’t play by the rules and has been stopped, or they will simply “ghost” it, meaning that your ads will no longer be displaying, no matter what your bid amount is. If your campaign is stopped and you don’t know why, the best course of action is to contact Google Adwords Support. Sometimes you will get an explanation of what’s wrong with it, while some other times you will just get a generic “this is against the rules… you figure out which one” type of email. What NOT to do, would be to simply take down the campaign, get a new domain, change a few ads and keywords and start again. If you haven’t figured out what’s wrong with the campaign and Google is of no help, then try asking for some explanations on a webmaster or internet marketing forum. Many people there use Adwords and could help you. It could be something simple that you didn’t think of, such as your landing page not complying by the rules (i.e. a mobile offer that doesn’t clearly show the charges per SMS, etc) or simply a product that Google doesn’t like (i.e. many re bill offers).


  • Don’t create a new account if you are banned


If you get banned from Adwords, then chances are you are banned for life. That’s right, no more Adwords for you, ever. There are some people who think that they are sneaky and will try to sign back up again, often using the same domains, ads and of course the same name and credit card. That won’t work. Even if it does, it is usually a matter of hours before you get caught and booted again. When you are banned, you are not able to create a new account with the same name, credit card, home address and IP address again. So trying to be sneaky will simply lead you nowhere fast.


But is it possible to use Google Adwords again after you got banned? Oh, come on, you may be saying, it’s not like I was selling crack on my website or something. Well there are a few ways to get back on board with Adwords, however I want to warn you that it is not as easy as you could think it is. Tomorrow we will be taking a closer look at some ways to use Google Adwords again if your account was perma banned.

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Selling on eBay: Choosing a Good Drop Shipper: Part 2

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Selling on eBay: Choosing a Good Drop Shipper: Part 2

Previously, we have seen some tips on how you can test the dropshipper that you intend to use and the fact that it is much better to have more than one dropshipper to do business with. But how do you find a good dropshipper? There are a few ways to do this. Here are some of them:


  • Look through dropshipping websites


There are some website out there such as DH Gate, TradeTang and Alibaba that are a real treasure trove for all kinds of merchandise. Anything like clothing, electronics and jewelry can be found there. The good thing about these sites is that they are mostly aimed at business owners who are looking to acquire merchandise rather than at individual consumers. This means that you can easily find dropshippers or buy merchandise in bulk. This is the good thing. But the bad thing about these sites is that they also contain many scammers who will either rip you off and not send anything, or ship something different than what they advertise.


But there are ways to protect yourself from that. Obviously, you can apply what we covered in the previous article which would be to make a test order first to see if they deliver. But you should also check the seller’s feedback on the site. See how long they have been active and how many positive comments they have from others who have done business with them. Also, look to see whether they have a website and phone number. While this is not a guarantee of safety, it does make it more likely that you will be dealing with a legitimate supplier rather than a scammer. If possible pay with PayPal or a credit card and avoid sending money through Western Union or Money Gram, as these services are preferred by scammers due to the fact that the transaction cannot be reversed.


  • Look at internet marketing forums


Most “make money online” forums will have a section that is dedicated to eBay selling or dropshipping. Check it out to see what others are saying. You may find the contact information for some good suppliers, complete with comments from forum members who have used them and were happy with their transaction. You might even find some members of the forum who are suppliers for a wide variety of merchandise and who can drop ship to your eBay buyers.


Dealing with someone from a forum can be safer than dealing with a seller on Alibaba, as the supplier will often be well known in the forum and have members who can vouch for him. But this is not a guarantee that everything will go well. Don’t forget to use common sense when you are looking for a dropshipper, no matter where you find him. Always try to check their reputation out before you decide to use them as a supplier for your eBay online business. If you are careful, then you will reduce the chances of getting scammed when doing business with one.

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What Offers To Promote With Yahoo Answers

We’ve seen that you can use Yahoo Answers in order to get some free traffic to your website. But some people wonder whether it is the right place for them to get traffic for THEIR site. Let’s take a look at what types of offers or products that you can successfully promote using them.

Affiliate/CPA offers.

This is the main thing that online marketers do to earn money: push some affiliate offers. You can get traffic to your offers by using Yahoo Answers, but you need to do it the right way. First, don’t post affiliate links on Yahoo Answers. Doing so will rapidly get you banned, as remember, it is not a place to advertise, but rather to share useful information. Therefore, you will need to build a landing page and get a domain name for your site. A $0.99 .info domain will do here.

Now, what kind of offers will do well here? While some people have had success with offers that require a credit card or a purchase, I have noticed that offers which simply require the person to sign up for a site or fill out information do better.

For example, if you are targeting the “make money online” niche, you have some options. You could build a simple, one or two page site that gives information on various paid survey opportunities and insert your affiliate links there. When you answer the question, provide some useful information about how online surveys work and how they can make some easy money and then send the reader to your site in order to compare various survey sites. You could also build a landing page for a free biz opp offer and send the reader there. You get $2 – $5 for every person that fills out the form.

There are other niches for you to explore as well. Many people ask questions about how much car insurance costs or how to get a student loan. There are plenty of pay per lead offers which are related to these niches. Just answer the askers question, and then tell them that “you found this site” which lets them compare car insurance quotes or get proposals for student loans, etc. Try out various types of offers and see what converts best.

No matter what you do, do not simply spam your website link all over the place. You should appear as a genuine participant in Yahoo Answers. Ask questions yourself. Answer some questions in other niches without linking to any website.

You could do this in about 1 or 2 hours each day. But if you want to save time, you can always hire a freelancer to answer the questions and participate for you. There are plenty of people who would be willing to do the work for you for a small amount, such as $0.25 per answer they post on the site.

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Can “Cheap” Traffic Be Effective For CPA Offers?

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Can “Cheap” Traffic Be Effective For CPA Offers?

When looking for a way to advertise some CPA offers online, you may have come across providers which offer cheap traffic coming from popup, popunder and intersitial (your page is displayed while another page is loading) ads. By browsing the internet, you may have seen these ads yourself. They are especially popular on sites which offer downloads, flash games, video sharing or picture uploading. As an internet marketer, the main question that might come to your mind is: does the traffic coming from these ads have the potential to earn me money?

The short answer is yes. However, you need to be aware of a few things before you run a campaign with traffic coming from these ad sources. Here are a few things that you need to consider:

The offer type that you should promote:

People who will be viewing these ads will NOT usually be in buying mode. That is, they will not be shopping for a product to buy. This is due to the fact that most of these ads are served on sites which primarily provide entertainment and distractions to the viewers. Therefore, promoting any offer which requires the buyer to use their credit card (even for a completely free trial) or to buy anything will usually give you poor results. So poor, that you have better odds of winning $50 in a scratch-off ticket than getting a conversion.

They work best with CPA offers that require very little action from the viewer. Email submit offers are pretty much the best thing to use them with. Even though they pay quite little (between $1 and $1.50 per lead usually), the traffic is very inexpensive and this makes it possible to turn a profit if you do it the right way.

Catching the users attention:

If you link directly to the offer, you will get poor results. The user will probably just get annoyed and ignore your ad or just close it. Therefore, you need to build a simple landing page that includes elements designed to get their attention to your ad and make them take the necessary action, which is clicking through to the offer and entering their email address.

There are various ways to do this. The first one would be to include a simple Javascript code that will make a dialog box appear (similar to a Windows error message). The dialog box can say “You have been selected to get [whatever your CPA offer is giving] for FREE! Only your email address is required to claim your gift!” Another tactic that you can try using is making use of an audio recording that tells the user they have been selected to receive a prize and they should enter their email address on the next page to claim it.

Don’t be afraid to experiment and try various things to get conversions. Remember, the traffic is quite cheap (you can get 1000 US visitors for less than $2 on some sites) so even if 1 out of every 200 people that see your ad actually do the email submit, you will still come out ahead.

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