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Tips for Running CPA Offers on Craigslist: Part 3

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Tips for Running CPA Offers on Craigslist: Part 3

Previously we’ve seen some ways to get your ads on classified ad sites to stay there and also to make a maximum amount of money while minimizing problems. Here are some final tips on how you can run successful affiliate campaigns by using classified ad sites:


  • Look at the other ads


When you want to put ads on Craigslist or any other classified ads site, the first thing that you would need to do is to take a look for yourself about how all the other ads in the section look like. Look at the titles, the formatting as well as the wording used in the ads. Do people post pictures? Do they post contact information in the ad? What words or expressions are used more often? These are all things that will help your ad look normal and make it less likely to be flagged or reported as spam. Also, you should obviously avoid making any outrageous claims in your ad to draw attention to it such as “Get a free house!” or things like that. If you do, it would probably be flagged as spam very quickly.


  • Use a local IP


Classified ads sites such as Craiglist and Backpage are mainly designed for local people to post local offers. So if you post an ad in a city that is not yours, you will need to use an IP address that is located in the area that you are targeting. You might not need this for all the classified ads sites, however Craigslist is known to be very strict regarding this and your ads in many categories will not appear if the IP address that you are posting from is not local to the area. To solve this problem, there are various workarounds. You could use a proxy, or a VPN service that will give you an IP address in the area where you are intending to post your ad.


  • Don’t mislead people or make false promises


Selling something from a CPA offer is one thing. However, deliberately misleading people by making false promises is another. Examples of this would include: promising someone a job if they fill out a survey, telling someone they are approved for a mortgage if they get a free credit report from your offer, etc. With some creativity, there are quite a few ways that you can promote CPA offers on classified ads sites without promising people things that don’t exist.


  • Check the rules for the offer you are promoting


Many affiliate networks recognize that classified ads sites are an important source of traffic and are used by thousands of marketers. However, some may have specific rules as to what kind of ads can be posted, as well as the sites they can be posted on. On some offers, classified ad traffic may be banned altogether, while on some you are not allowed to direct link to the offer itself. In any case, make sure you check the terms of every offer you want to promote before starting a campaign.

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Tips for Running CPA Offers on Craigslist: Part 2

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Tips for Running CPA Offers on Craigslist: Part 2

Yesterday, we have seen some tips on how to reduce problems while advertising CPA offers on classified ads sites. You’ve seen some tips such as not using an autoresponder, not direct linking and also being creative in your ads. Here are some more tips for you which will help minimize instances of your ads being flagged or reported as spam:


  • Don’t use a sales copy as your reply


You’ve probably seen what a sales copy looks like. This is what you get to see whenever you get on the home page for any Clickbank product, or any other information product that is sold through other channels. Sales copies are cleverly worded with words that are of different sizes, fonts, underlined, etc. Sales copy writing is a million dollar industry, with professional copywriters charging thousands of dollars for a single sales page. Sounds profitable and useful, right? Well, it may be good for a website, but using a “sale copy” tactic in a reply to someone who replies to your ad, or even worse, in your ad itself is pretty much a guarantee that you will get flagged or reported as spam. Don’t do it. It’s just not worth the effort. Even if most people will not flag you, they will simply pass by your reply, as it will look plainly obvious that you are trying to sell them something or are getting them to sign up for something.


  • Personalize your reply


The person who replies to your ad has written the message themselves. You should too. Use their name in the message. Answer any questions or remarks that they have made in their reply. This will give the person who is reading your message more of an assurance that you are actually a real, human being and not some spam bot that is sending out automated messages to all those who reply.


  • Don’t include your link in the first message


This is another useful tactic in minimizing the amount of times that your ads will get flagged down. In your first email, you will basically acknowledge what the person said to you, answer any questions, add some more information and then ask them to confirm that they are still interested in what you have to offer them. While some marketers may think that making someone jump through hoops to get to the offer is bad and that it will reduce conversions, this is actually not the case.


Yes, there are some people who will flake and not reply to you. Try sending out another message asking them if they are still interested. If they don’t reply, just drop them. The same people who will bail out at this time will be the ones that wouldn’t sign up for your offer in the first place. Plus there are also those who like to play “Internet Sheriff” and reply to some ads, only to see if there will be a web link that looks like a CPA offer included in the message you send to them. If so, they will flag your ad or report it as “spam”.

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Tips for Running CPA Offers on Craigslist: Part 1

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Tips for Running CPA Offers on Craigslist: Part 1

Even though it may have gotten more difficult in recent times, it is still possible to use Craigslist (and other classified ads sites) to promote some CPA offers, and there are still many merchants and networks which allow this kind of promotion. While these tips work for Craigslist, they will obviously be good for any other similar classified ads site out there.


However, many people report having problems, such as getting their ads flagged within minutes, or having their ads not appearing. Here are some tips that will help you get the most out of classified ads sites when used with CPA campaigns.


  • Don’t direct link to a CPA offer


While this may seem pretty obvious, a lot of new marketers seem oblivious to the fact that if you put an affiliate link directly into your ad, you will get flagged down rapidly, or your ad will not appear at all. You basically have two ways that you can use to direct traffic from a classified ads site to an affiliate or CPA offer. Either you build your own landing page and register a domain for it, or you have people email you and then reply to them by email. The approach that you will use will vary depending on what you are promoting, but the second option seems to be the most popular and effective for the majority of CPA offers.


  • Don’t use an autoresponder


An autoresponder is an email feature which automatically sends a reply with a pre-formatted message to anyone who sends you an email. Autoresponders have their value and are in fact extremely useful for some types of marketing. However, for classified ads, they are not a tool that you can use. Whenever someone gets an automated response to an email that they’ve sent, it automatically shows that something “spammy” is going on. Therefore, you are highly likely to get your ad flagged as spam very quickly if you use an autoresponder. I know that replying to emails personally takes time, but this is something that needs to be done if you want to have success. The task could be outsourced very cheaply as well. If you have to use an autoresponder (not recommended and we will get into more reasons later on) at least use one which is on a delay of a few hours and does not reply to emails automatically as soon as they are received.


  • Be creative in your ads


There are certain words such as “make money online” which will get your ad flagged right away. Furthermore, avoid copy pasting ads that you saw in an e-book or in a forum post that details some money making method for Craigslist. These have a high tendency to get flagged right away, since chances are there are many other people who have used them before you. Therefore, the bottom line here is: the ad that you post needs to be creative.

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Using Craigslist for Affiliate Marketing: What Not to Do

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Using Craigslist for Affiliate Marketing: What Not to Do

There is a lot of talk in internet marketing communities about using traffic from Craigslist to publish affiliate or CPA offers. While it is possible to do so, there are certain practices to avoid. Here are some things not to do when using Craigslist.


  • Don’t use it for offers where it is not allowed


CPA networks are aware of the fact that some marketers use Craigslist. Some networks ban this type of promotion outright, some forbid it for certain offers, while certain allow it as long as you follow some rules set forth by them. If you do not want to get banned from the network and possible lose the earnings that you have made, you should comply with any rules that they have. When in doubt, contact your affiliate manager just to be sure.


  • Don’t simply put in your affiliate links and banners all over the place


Craigslist is mainly designed for local businesses and individuals to post ads and not a place to spam affiliate offers. Any blatant affiliate links and offers will be flagged down rather quickly by users of the site. Simply put, do not direct link from a Craigslist post to an affiliate offer. Your post will probably be gone within minutes anyways.


  • Don’t post in the wrong category just to get traffic


If you post an ad in a category that is irrelevant, it will get flagged down almost instantly. The bottom line is, keep your postings to categories where they are relevant if you want them to have any chance of staying up.


  • Don’t attempt to trick or mislead people


This is one of the biggest things not to do when using Craiglist. While it was quite popular with black hat marketers about 2 years ago, Craigslist, affiliate networks and merchants have all come down on this and took action to prevent it from happening.


Now, what exactly is “misleading” people? Some examples would be: posting a fake job offer, telling people that they got the job, but that they simply need to complete a biz opp offer to “verify their info”. Or putting up an ad for an apartment and then telling people that they need to pass a credit check, then sending them over to a credit report affiliate offer. One other trick that was popular consisted of offering people a job and then telling them to buy a video conferencing software from an affiliate offer as the “training” for the job would be done remotely. In all cases, this is misleading people, as the apartment or job that was promised to them simply does not exist.


If you do this, soon enough, somebody will complain to the merchant and say “Hey! You promised me a job if I signed up on your site! How come nothing happened?” and you will simply end up banned.



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Another Use Of Craigslist for Online Entrepreneurs

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Another Use Of Craigslist for Online Entrepreneurs

Previously, we have explored some ways that you can make some money off Craigslist by promoting an e-commerce site that you own, as well as providing services. These are some great uses of this free classified ads site. However, there are some other ways that you can use it to your advantage as an online entrepreneur. Here are some more ideas:


  • Find Temporary Staff to Help You With Your Projects


While you can definitely do this on internet marketing forums, you can also use Craigslist to build up your virtual team of staff members. There are a few advantages of doing so: first of all, the people who respond to your ad will usually have a genuine interest in earning a bit of money for small, part time jobs and will be less likely to be scammers. By getting some staff members on Craigslist, you will also be “creating jobs” for your local city, even if they are just temporary positions. Also, since these people are local, you are far more likely to find people who understand and can write in proper English, as they will be located in your city.


Let’s say you need some regular blog posts for your business blog. You can hire someone and pay them $10 a day or so to create 2 or 3 blog posts for you. Or, if you need someone who can create simple web pages cheaply, you can hire a web designer for $10 to $15 an hour, instead of paying a professional design firm 10 times that amount. There are many unemployed people or students who are looking for part time job opportunities on Craigslist and who would be quite happy to find a legitimate opportunity to work from home and earn a few extra dollars.


But unfortunately, there are plenty of people who are still spamming MLM offers or some other scam programs on Craigslist. For these reasons, avoid using the words “make money online” or “work from home” in your ad. It will often be seen as spam/scam by viewers and will be flagged down rather quickly. Be as descriptive and professional as possible to avoid this.


Here is an example of a bad ad:


Make money online! Looking for people who can work from home today! Email Bob for more details.


Here is a better one:


We are an online advertising firm looking to hire 2 workers for the creation of promotional content. Must have excellent written English skills. Knowledge of web hosting industry is an asset. Contact Bob @ Acme Inc. if you are interested in this position.


Many people ask if you can still use Craiglist for affiliate offers. The answer is yes, but there are a few things that you should do and other things to be avoided if you want to see any kind of results from this. We will take a look at other uses of Craiglist for online marketing tomorrow.

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Is it Still Possible to use Craigslist to Make Money Online?

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Is it Still Possible to use Craigslist to Make Money Online?

Craigslist is a popular and free online classified ads site. While it certainly isn’t as popular as say Google or Facebook, it is still one of the most popular sites on the internet, with millions of users from all around the world visiting it. This has given online marketers a lot of ideas on how to monetize all of this traffic. Unfortunately, Craigslist is not what it used to be when it comes to internet marketing and you have black hat marketers to thank for that. What some people did went far beyond just spamming CPA offers to downright lying to people such as promising them jobs or mortgages if they complete a CPA offer for a credit report or a biz opp. As a response to that, Craigslist has upped its security mechanism and has even posted warning in many of its sections that specifically mention affiliate marketing.


But this doesn’t mean that is is completely useless to online entrepreneurs. There are a few ways to use it for your online marketing efforts. Here are some of them:


  • Promoting your e-commerce site


If you have a website that sells merchandise, then you can still use Craigslist to promote it. For example, if you sell clothes or electronics in your online shop, then you can post an ad in the proper section of Craigslist and get some traffic to it that way. Make sure to post in the right section, or your ad will be flagged down rather quickly. Also, don’t post the same ad in different cities at the same time. While there is nothing wrong with a global e-commerce site posting ads in multiple cities, remember that Craigslist is not mainly aimed at internet marketers, but rather for small, local businesses to post ads in the city where they operate.


  • Providing services


If you offer some services that can be done over the internet, then you can use Craigslist to get some business too. For example, if you create websites for businesses and individuals, then you can put an ad in the right section to promote that. There are plenty of services that you can do over the internet and have your clients pay your by Paypal or another payment system. Some examples include: translation, writing, graphic design, flier/advertising design, promotional video creations and a whole lot more. If you want to appear more professional and therefore more trustworthy when providing these services, you can always create a simple “business” style website that gives details of what you do and your prices, as well as get a toll free phone number to get your clients to reach you. You can get one for a few dollars a month and then forward it to your cell phone, or just leave it to always go to voicemail. Here’s a tip to get more sales: put a special discount or coupon code in your ad and tell readers to mention it when they order.

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Marketing For Local Businesses: Your Options – Free Online Classifieds

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Marketing For Local Businesses: Your Options – Free Online Classifieds

When we talk about internet marketing, many people instantly seem to think that it is related to affiliate offers and building a website to host some Adsense ads. Sure, these things are what many people do to earn money on the internet, but they are not the only components of online marketing. If you have a local business, you can use the internet to draw more clients and above all, to get your business known in the community. There are various options for you to use to get the word out. Yesterday, we have talked about local SEO and your options for doing it. But search engine traffic is not the only way for you to get visitors to your website and clients for your business. Let’s examine a few other ways to get what you are looking for.

Getting Traffic

Whether you are pushing affiliate offers, or have your own, physical small business, you want traffic to your site. Traffic simply means visitors that look at your website. There are many ways to get this traffic: SEO (which we talked about yesterday), online classified ad sites, social media sites and targeted media buying. We will explore these one by one to see what the advantages (and sometimes drawbacks) are of using these methods. That way, you will be able to make a decision on how to advertise your business online.

Classified Ads Sites (Craigslist, Gumtree, Backpage, Kijiji and dozens more).

There are various sites which let you place a classified ad, which is similar to what you would see in a newspaper. There are some main, worldwide sites such as Craigslist, but there are also some local sites which could be geared towards people in your locality. For example, in French Canada where I live, the website Annonce123.com is very popular with people and attracts a lot of local traffic.

In order to maximize your chances of success and to take the highest advantage of the sites it is recommended that you:

  • Post on all the sites. That’s right, both the national sites which have a section for your city and the smaller, local sites (if present in your locality). Posting an ad on these sites is free and takes 2 or 3 minutes. Remember, even if you only get 10 views a day for your ad, one of these viewers could be your next biggest customer. Say if you own a car rental place, the viewer could be a diplomat from Monaco on a temporary assignment in your city, who will rent your most expensive car for 6 months. Think of the money you will make with him. Sure, this is rare… but you never know… and if he doesn’t see your ad, well he never know your car rental business existed and use a competitor instead.
  • Make you ad look interesting. Your ad should stand out and be engaging to the users. Thus, use a good title and also, make sure that you use proper spelling and grammar in the ad. Believe me, it helps.
  • Use the “featured” or “upgrade” options if possible. Many sites, for a small fee of (varies from $0.50 to a few dollars) will let your ad be “featured”. This means that it will be either on top of all the other ads, or will have highlighting that will draw attention to it. If you have a few dollars to spare, use this option.

Tomorrow, we will examine social media sites and how they can be useful for marketing your local business on the internet.

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Earning From Biz Opp CPA Offers – Part 2

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Earning From Biz Opp CPA Offers – Part 2

Promoting free biz opp offers by using online classified ads and various offline methods can be quite profitable indeed, you just need to know what to do in order to attract people’s attention and encourage them to sign up.

Basically here are the things that you will need:

  • CPA offers to choose from (they need to be free biz opps that don’t require a credit card)
  • A hosting account and domain (could be a cheap .info domain)
  • A good looking landing page
  • An free email account
  • A PLR product related to the niche of the specific Biz opp offer you are targeting.

What you will be doing is offering the client a free download (usually an ebook or some training videos) that are related to the biz opp. So if you are promoting an offer about earning cash with eBay, you would offer a download that is related to selling on eBay. If it’s an MLM offer, you would give something related to network marketing, such as a guide on “getting unlimited leads for your network marketing business”.

Now you don’t have to write an ebook or even pay for one. The “gift” that you will be offering will be a free PLR (private label rights) item that you can find for free just by doing a quick Google search for [insert your niche here] +PLR +free.

If you are promoting the offer by online classifieds, you would write an ad that looks like this: “Looking to earn some extra cash? Contact me for FREE information – No obligation and no payment required – Plus, get a FREE training guide worth $299 that is yours to keep no matter what!”

However, instead of linking to a website, you would ask the client to email you for more info. You will probably get a few dozen responses for each ad. Respond to everyone individually, calling them by their name and write something like “Hi Bob! This is John from Craigslist. To join this business opportunity for free and receive your free training guide (normally worth $299) go to [your site here]. Thank you for your time and wishing you great success, John Smith.”

For your website, simply use a free template that looks appropriate for a business opportunity page. Write some information presenting the opportunity in a very good light and emphasize on the fact that it is completely free to join. Include your CPA affiliate link. But also say that out of your great generosity and due to the fact that you want the visitor to succeed, you’re giving them a guide that normally sells for $XXX totally free and that it contains invaluable information on succeeding in online business.

You could also use offline marketing in order to promote your website. It is possible to either give out fliers in public places or place an ad in a local newspaper. Remember to emphasize the free guide that you are giving to draw people’s attention and want them to visit your page.

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How To Get Started With Little Or No Money

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How To Get Started With Little Or No Money

If you are starting out an online business, you have probably heard that you need money to make money. While this may be true in most other types of businesses, in the online world you can get started for little or no money at all. There are many opportunities for you to take advantage of and once your business grows, you will be able to reinvest the profits that you have made.

What you will need to begin will usually be limited to a web site and advertising. Today, web hosting has gotten very cheap. In fact, it is possible to get a website up for $5 a month of less, without needing to pay in advance for a period of time. Two webhosts who provide both affordable and reliable web hosting services are GoDaddy and Hostgator. They also have inexpensive domain registration which usually costs around $8 for a .com domain. In order to save even more, you can Google “hostgator coupon” or “godaddy coupon” to see if you can find any coupon codes that could further reduce the cost of getting a website or domain name.

There are also free web hosting providers, such as ByetHost, which provide you with a basic web hosting package for free without showing any banners or popup ads on your site. You can find them by simply googling “bannerless web host.” Note that although the service will be free, there are no guarantees of reliability.

There are many places where you can advertise your own products or affiliate products without having to pay anything. You can make use of techniques that do not require you to use paid advertising services in order to get some traffic to your site. Some examples include uploading videos to video sharing sites like YouTube, writing articles and submitting them to various article directories like Ezinearticles and GoArticles, and posting on free classifieds sites such as Craigslist and Gumtree.

Even many PPC advertising services can be used for free if you know how to do it. For example, Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Miva, Adcenter and many other advertising providers often provide coupon codes that can get you anywhere from $25 to $150 or more in ad credit when you open up a new account. Those coupons are often given when you sign up with a web hosting services and can also be found posted on certain websites as well. It is also possible to buy many of these coupons on internet marketing forums such as Digital Point. That way, you can get a lot of traffic and test out campaigns and various strategies without you having to spend a dime on advertising.

Remember, in the online world there are always plenty of opportunities to earn some cash without having to put up a significant amount of your own money. All you have to do is use some creativity and you are bound to have success.

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Advertising Options Overview – Classifieds Sites

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Advertising Options Overview – Classifieds Sites

When you are promoting an affiliate or CPA offer, you obviously need to advertise in order to get traffic to your site. After all, people will not magically type your affiliate link in their browser if they don’t know it exists. There are various ways to post ads online, let’s take a look at one of them:

Classified Ads Sites:

Some examples of these sites are Craigslist, Backpage, Gumtree and Kijiji. Of course there are many others but they all have one thing in common: the ability to place classified ads for free. Using these sites to get traffic to your CPA offers has brought great results to many people, but it needs to be done properly in order to be effective. Furthermore, you would need to check with your network manager to see if promoting a certain offer on a classifieds site is allowed. Some networks may ban this type of promotion altogether or restrict it only to certain offers.

There are also a few points to remember if you don’t want to get in trouble.

Don’t post ads that are misleading or deceptive. Some examples of this is posting business opportunity offers in the “Jobs” section and making it appear like you are offering an actual job, then requiring the applicant to fill out a lead form to prove that they are “qualified”, or requiring someone to sign up for a video conferencing trial for an “interview” that will never take place.

Due to complaints to merchants and in some cases investigations by the FTC, networks are cracking down on such “blackhat” advertising.

What you should rather do is post in the appropriate category and explain what the offer is about and what benefits it could bring to the customer. Since many affiliate sites are immediately flagged as “spam”, you will probably be better off getting your own domain name and landing page for your offer.

While this flagging of ads which are not spam and posted in the correct category could get annoying, remember that these sites are mainly there for local businesses to get clients and not to push affiliate offers. If there was no system in place to deal with overposting or postings in the wrong section, these places would soon be over run with hundreds of spam messages drowning out any legitimate content.

On certain offers, such as car loan or mortgage leads, another tactic that works would be having people contact you by email. You would then send them a reply with details of the offer and your affiliate link.

While posting is usually free, some sites allow your ad to be placed on top for a certain period of time or highlighted for a small fee. This will bring some additional attention to your ad and will ultimately result in more clicks for you.

In any case, remember that some networks may forbid advertising on these sites mainly due to past abuses. Therefore, be sure to get the OK from your affiliate manager before beginning.

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Offline Methods Can Also Be Profitable

If you are running CPA or affiliate campaigns, or even selling your own digital product, you are probably used to advertising through various online mediums. Pay per click ads, media buys, online directories, these kinds of things. After all, that’s what an “online business” is all about, right? Maybe so, but there are also many other advertising opportunities for you to explore.

Let’s see some simple examples. Say you’re running a simple email or zip submit offer that gives the buyer a chance to get coupons for pizza, or maybe to get a free gift card from Best Buy or Wal Mart. Sure, there are many places where you can advertise these offers online, but have you tried to do some marketing in the “real world”? It is actually quite simple, all you have to do is this:

  1. Buy a domain that’s relevant to your offer, and have it redirected to it.
  2. Design and print out some fliers promoting it. You can do this with any printer, or pay a professional printing company to print them for you. Many printing companies can print full color fliers at very low prices now, so the cost isn’t something you would worry about too much.
  3. Distribute them at strategic locations.

Now the last part is quite important if you want to see some results and conversions. If the offer that you are running is “Win an iPod Touch!”, putting up your fliers in nursing homes may not necessarily be the best idea. But giving them out in a college campus could be a brighter one. But what if, say, you live in the middle of the desert and the nearest city is hundreds of miles away? There’s ways around that too. You can simply outsource the whole process to someone who lives near a more desirable location for your marketing. You can find someone to do print the fliers out for you and distribute them on places like Craigslist, on forums or on some freelancing sites. Just make sure that they post proof, such as a video taken with their cell phone of them actually passing out your fliers. A popular site where you can find people to do such simple tasks is Fiverr.com. It costs $5 per gig and many people would be willing to do things like pass out fliers, cards or wear your website on their t-shirt for the day for this amount.

Naturally, there are also many other offline advertising methods for you to explore. For example, you can place ads in newspapers and promote your site there. Due to the fact that this costs a bit more than simply giving out fliers, you may want to try it with an offer that pays out a bit more per lead or sale. You could, say promote some dog training guides from Clickbank in your newspaper ad. The possibilities are practically endless, so remember to think outside the box!

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Use Craigslist To Generate Business

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Use Craigslist To Generate Business

Whether you run a local business, or a global one, you might be able to use Craigslist to generate more sales. If you’re not familiar with Craigslist, it’s the biggest set of classified ads on the internet. There are sections of Craigslist with ads for just about any major city on the planet, and even some not-so-major ones. If you live in a suburban area, chances are there’s also a section for your region. In short, no matter where you live, there are Craigslist ads for your area.

If you run a local business, you can generate a great deal of attention for your business by posting about it on Craigslist. There’s a section on Craigslist for just about any type of product or service you can imagine, and that means there’s a section that’s right for you and your business.

If you run a global business that operates primarily online, you can use Craigslist to generate some business. Just pick a major city, and post about your business. Try to pick areas that are going to get a decent amount of traffic – for example, New York gets a lot of attention, so it’s a good idea to post there.

Whether your business is small or large, it’s important to play by the rules when you’re posting on Craigslist. Craigslist is policed almost entirely by Craigslist users, and if your ad breaks any of the official, or unofficial rules, you will get flagged as spam, and your ad will get removed. Avoid filling your ad with a lot of links, don’t post all your information in the form of a single image, and just do your best to sound both friendly and professional. If other Craigslist users get the feeling that you’re ad is fraudulent or spam, they’ll flag you down, even if your ad is legit. It’s also important to post in the right section. If your ad doesn’t fit with the section you put it in, your ad will get removed. Remember, don’t just post  your ad in another section because that section gets more attention. If you do, your ad won’t stay up very long.

Craigslist can be a powerful marketing tool for businesses both large and small. Just remember to post in the right area, and the right section. Keep your ad professional and friendly, and you won’t have any trouble using Craigslist to drum up a little extra business.

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Get A Good Looking Website On A Budget

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Get A Good Looking Website On A Budget

If you’ve ever thought about starting a new website, chances are you have looked into hiring a professional designer. A lot of design firms charge extremely high rates for simple websites, and in many cases there are additional costs for different types of functionality. With design firms charging such high rates, it’s hard to imagine getting a website off the ground on a budget, but it can definitely be done.

Setting up a site using WordPress is actually fairly simple. If you’re comfortable with some light HTML, chances are you could do it yourself, as long as you’re not looking for anything too complicated. Most hosting providers offer an automatic install of WordPress, and once it’s installed, all you really need to do is make a few simple tweaks to the theme to get it looking the way you want it to. If you’d like to add a little bit of additional functionality to your site, there are many plugins and widgets available for WordPress that allow you to do a wide variety of things. There are some plugins to help with SEO optimization, some to add things like polls to your site, and some to allow you to embed a podcast right into a post. Some of them require a little more effort to set up than others, but if you’re on a tight budget it might be worth the time.

If design firm prices don’t fit in your budget, and you don’t feel like you could learn to set up a site on your own, there’s a third option. Sites like elance.com let you connect with many freelance designers. Freelancers can often product the same quality work that a large firm would deliver, but given that their operating cost is significantly lower, you’ll get a much better price out of them. It’s important to go through a site like elance rather than just searching Craigslist for a freelancer. Elance, and other sites like it let you see a designer’s profile, along with reviews of their work. That way, you can be sure you’re getting a designer that can handle your site, and won’t leave you high and dry if there’s a problem.

Don’t be discouraged by the prices big design firms offer. If you take the time to do a little work with your site yourself, or if you can find a freelancer that suits your budget, your site can become a reality, even if your budget is tight.

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