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Marketing For Local Businesses: Your Options – Media Buying – Part 2

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Marketing For Local Businesses: Your Options – Media Buying – Part 2

Now that we have seen what media buying consists of and the various business models available when it comes to paying for your ads, it is time to take a look at two things that are just as important: what type of ads you can run and also where you can place your ads.

There are various types of ads to choose from:

Text Ads – These are similar to the sponsored ads that you would find on Google search results, except that they are served on various websites rather than on search engine results. Depending on the network, you will have a certain amount of characters that you can use for your title and for the body of the ad. Remember, you want people who are interested in what you have to offer to click on your ad, but also to avoid those who are merely curious or looking for freebies. This is especially important if you are paying on a CPC model, as you don’t want to waste your advertising budget on non productive visitors to your site. As such, your ad should inform the viewer of what you have to offer as well as be cleverly worded and attractive.

Banner/Graphic Ads – These are another popular type of ad in the media buying industry. You basically create a graphic ad, which can have various shapes and sizes. Some are the classic horizontal banner, while others are more in a vertical “skyscraper” format. There are also banner ads available in a smaller, usually square format. When you create a banner, you want to do the same thing than with a text ad: captivate the viewer’s attention, but still give them enough information to decide whether your business offers them something they need. Banner ads are basically an animated GIF file, which can easily be created with a graphics program. Or you can also pay a freelancer $5 – $10 to create a banner ad for you.

Popup/Popunder Ads – These types of ads are still being offered, although they have lost most of their efficiency, due to the fact that browsers now have integrated popup blockers and if an ad does get past those, most people simply get annoyed and close it. As such, it is not recommended that you use them if you are promoting a local business, as they are more suited for affiliate offers.

Video Ads – This is a relatively new type of ad, but is growing in popularity. It is basically a mini commercial, like one that you would see on TV. The video is played either before the user watches another video on a video sharing site, or plays automatically when the page serving the ads is loaded. You will, however, need to create a video ad by yourself and have it approved by the ad network. Since this is a new type of ad, their success rate has not yet been fully tested, so unless you have a significant budget to devote to your media buying, it is best that you try the other ad types first.

Tomorrow, we will see where you can put your ads and how to optimize them in order to take maximum advantage form media buying.

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Marketing For Local Businesses: Your Options – Social Media

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Marketing For Local Businesses: Your Options – Social Media

Even those who know nothing about online marketing are aware of the fact that social media is having a big impact on our world today. Sites like Facebook and Twitter are keeping people from around the globe informed and entertained on a daily basis. But what does that mean to you, as a small business owner? Is it possible to use social media sites to your advantage? The answer is yes. How you do it will depend on your goals and budget.

Social media is very versatile in terms of an advertising medium. This is because there are free options and paid options to advertise on it. You can use any of them, or both at the same time to maximize your impact. Let’s explore what you can do with social networking sites:

Paid Option

Many social media sites, like Facebook and MySpace, have a paid advertising option that helps advertisers get traffic to their websites, while bringing in revenue to keep the social site running. The payment model varies from one network to the other, but in most cases it is a CPC (cost per click) type, where you pay an amount that you bid for each click.

The advantage of social media ads is that they can be very highly targeted. You can, for example, select who will get to see your ads based on factors such as location, age, gender, marital status, etc. This will allow you to get better quality traffic.

But since you are paying for this traffic, you will need to track and test your campaigns accordingly, in order to get the maximum benefit from them and avoid wasting your funds.

Free Option

This is a bit more simple and doesn’t involve you paying for traffic, but requires more work on your part. Depending on the network, you would normally build a page for your business, which provides contact info, a link to your site, news updates, and details of your products.

You will then need to attract people to become fans of your business and follow what you are saying on your page. This can be accomplished by various means. You could put social media buttons on your main website that will allow people to instantly become your fans. You could also include a link to your page on your communications with customers, such as on invoices or in your email newsletter.

If you have a very good product, or a page that is quite unique and engaging, your fans will do the marketing for you, by spreading your page around to their friends, who can also become fans of your business. This is called “viral marketing” and can cause your page to be seen by millions of people in a short time. But of course, you will first need to have something interesting to offer on your page which will captivate your audience. When you put together your page, look at what other businesses have done with theirs for clues on what made them successful on social networks. This will give you a good idea of what to do and what not to do.

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Paid Social Media Ads – Are They Good For Internet Marketers?

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Paid Social Media Ads – Are They Good For Internet Marketers?

Advertising on social media has been a topic that is widely discussed in internet marketing circles. Given the fact that social networks are receiving millions of visitors daily and have hundreds of millions of active users around the globe, it is no wonder that internet marketers are trying various ways to make profit from them. It is, of course, possible to create a page for your business on social networks and have people add you to their profiles. While it can be quite effective if you run a local business, such as a bar or restaurant, or otherwise provide a very unique and interesting product, this may not always be the best choice when trying to market something on social networks.

There is an alternative, however. Social networks such as Facebook and MySpace have an advertising platform in place where you can pay for ads on a cost per click (CPC) or cost per thousand impressions (CPM) basis. The way that these advertising networks operate are similar to the Google Adwords content network, but with a few differences. First, your ads are only distributed on pages in the respective social network’s site and not on third party sites. You also have the opportunity to include a small graphic next to your ad text.

One of the main things that makes buying social media advertising attractive to internet marketers is that you get the ability to targeted various groups of users with your ads. You are not limited to simply targeting people based on their location. You can choose things such as gender, age, relationship status and interests in order to better target your ads.

But one question remains and is subject to a lot of debate among internet marketers: is it really possible to make a profit when using paid social media advertising? Well the answer is yes. It actually HAS to be. You see, if no one was profiting from these ads, advertisers wouldn’t pay for them and social do networks would lose their source of funding.

The main consideration for an internet marketer using social media ads would be what type of offers you would be running. Remember that those visiting social networks are usually not currently on the lookout for things to buy. Check out the social networks for yourself and see what kinds of ads are being served on their pages. You will notice that most of them are offers that do not require the user to buy anything, such as ads for survey sites, dating sites, coupons, credit card applications, insurance quotes, etc. These are the types of offers that typically are the most successful when promoting via social networking ads. A good strategy would be to check out the ads that you get served with while browsing the site. Ads that stay there for longer than a week or so are usually the ones that are bringing in some profit for the advertisers.

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If you’re reading this site, you’re probably at least familiar with the terms SEO and SEM, but do you know the difference between the two? Let’s take a look at the two, and what circumstances you should be using each under.

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization is the process of organizing the content on your site, and tweaking the site itself so that it will appear higher up in search results. There are two basic steps to making a site SEO friendly. The first is to optimize the site itself by using the right keywords in the site’s code, and the site’s copy. Make sure the title of each page is relevant to the topic discussed on that page, and that the copy contains keywords relevant to the topic at hand. You should also be sure to give your images descriptive names, and take the time to fill out the alt tag for each image. Once your site is optimized, be sure to update it on a regular basis with relevant content. Search engines look at how often a site is updated, and how long it’s been since the last update when determining where that site shows up in search. Try to update your site with interesting, or entertaining content. The more incoming links you have, the better your search rank. The more entertaining the content on your site is, the more incoming links you’ll get.

SEM, or Search Engine Marketing is the “buy your way to the top” strategy. By buying pay per click ads on a search engine, you’re ensuring that a link to your site will show up in the “sponsored links” section of the search results, which usually appears at the top of the page. It’s important to do some keyword research before diving into SEM. Broad terms, like science tend to be very crowded, and as such, you will have to pay a higher CPC (cost per click) to get your ad to appear more often. By picking a more specific term to place your ad on, you can lower the amount of competition, and consequently, the CPC you’ll need to pay.

Now that you know how they work separately, it’s time to put the two strategies together. When you first launch a site, it’s a good idea to invest some money in SEM. A brand new site, even an SEO friendly one, probably isn’t going to show up on the first page of search results for your keyword of choice right away. By spending some money on SEM, you can ensure your site will receive traffic until the benefits of SEO kick in. By using the two together like this, you can get steady traffic to your site from day one.

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Affiliate marketing website business

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Affiliate marketing website business

affiliate marketingAffiliate Marketing Success Secrets Revealed

In affiliate marketing, you start selling other people’s products online. Every product owner will pay its affiliates a part of the transaction which can amount to anything upto 75% of the cost of the product. Most of the affiliates with the right tools and knowledge can earn anything up to ten thousand dollars every month from affiliate programs.But a majority of the affiliates fail miserably in their affiliate efforts or earn insignificant amount of money. Here are some of the Secrets of Success in affiliate marketing:

 Secret #1: Treat Affidavit Marketing as a Business

This way, you will be able to give more due and attention to your campaigns. Market an affiliate product as if it were your own. Build a business around it, pre-sell the product by having a pitch page of your own, offer free stuff, follow up and have backend offers to maximize profits from every product you promote. Following this cycle is the Formula of Success in Affiliate Marketing.

Secret #2: Promote Quality Information Products 


People are hungry for information. Every day, millions of people are searching online for information. If you really want to make money fast, then I highly recommend that you start selling information products. These products are available for immediate download, have high profit margins and affiliates earn high commissions. If you want to search for information products, visit Clickbank.com, open an account and enter ClickBank Marketplace.

Secret #3: Pick up the right products

Choose products that pay about 50% of the sales. Also look for % referred for the product. Anything above 50% is a reasonably good figure. You can search Top 10 products by category i.e. popularity, gravity, $ earned/sale, % earned/sale and % referred.

It may work out that you have chosen a product, but there is very high competition for that product which may force you to pay a very high CPC price. You can chose products for which there is less competition but you still have good chances of making good money as a lot of people are searching for those keywords. Remember, this exercise will involve a lot of home work by carrying out the market analysis. If you have time to spare, ‘https://adwords.google.com/select/KeywordToolExternal’ can help you to some extent. But I recommend Keyword Elite.

Secret #4: Know your Product

If you want to be successful in affiliate marketing, you have to know the products you are promoting. One option is that you buy the product. That will make your task of selling the product easier as you know the product and so can easily convince the people to buy it.

If you don’t want to buy the product, do a good research about the product by going to merchant’s site and know everything about it. Giving your unbiased opinion or review is the best way to warm your prospects up for better sales.

Secret #5: Create quality Ads

This task requires a lot of involvement and innovation on your part. First you have to choose how to advertise your product. PPC advertising is the best bet as your Ads are seen by only targeted visitors. Few points you should keep in mind for while writing your Ads are:1. AdWords allow a limited amount of text in Ads. Hence ‘brevity’ is the keyword.2. The only way to stand out from the rest is to be different.

3. Always pre-sell your product with your pitch page.4. Instill some sort of urgency in your prospects for buying in some limited time.

5. Always bring out free offers if any.

Secret #6: Capture Leads First

Fewer than 5% of the people those see your Ads will buy the product on the first visit. So what happens to the 95% or more who don’t buy?Another big mistake that people generally make is spending time and money on advertising and send buyers directly to a product owner’s website.The truth is…If you aren’t capturing your visitor’s name and email address, you’re wasting your money on advertising.
For long-term success in affiliate marketing, you must build an opt-in list of buyers…people who trust you and purchase the products you recommend. You can sell multiple products to the same prospects and maximize your advertising efforts. All you need is a simple pitch page to capture leads and an autoresponder.

Secret #7: Offer a Strong Incentive
If you want people to opt in to your list, you have to give them a strong incentive. If you can create a PDF report on a high-demand topic that’s actually good enough to sell and then give it away, people will like to download it. But how much information you should give away in your free product. Give your customers just sufficient information to make them want more and then recommend a product that fulfills their needs.

Secret #8: Track Your Ads

Tracking is critical for determining how well you’re converting visitors to leads and leads to sales. Sometimes you just need to tweak your ad copy and run the ad again for better results. You may also like to disable the keywords which are not converting.You need to know how many visitors, leads and sales you get for each ad you place so you can determine whether or not you want to keep using that traffic source or discard it.

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