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Creating Incentives for Affiliates

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Creating Incentives for Affiliates

Affiliate marketing is something we talk about quite a bit here, but one area we don’t always touch on enough is creating your own products. We have talked about it a bit, but I haven’t touched on one very valuable area of affiliate marketing — creating an incentive for your affiliates to try and sell your product.

Below are four rock solid ways for you to help your affiliates to sell your product and to make it easier on them.

Create Banners For Them
One of the easiest things you can do is create banners and graphics for your affiliates to display. It saves them time and money creating them banners for themselves to sell YOUR product, and it will keep your branding and identity of your product consistent.

Give Away a Prize
At launch, giving away a high valued prize can be a great incentive for people to work hard and sell your product. For example, a lot of affiliates give away a MacBook Pro or Apple iPad to the top selling affiliate after so many weeks or months. Nothing gives more incentive than cool gadgets and cold hard cash.

Make it Easy
Create a great product that people want to use. Don’t take shortcuts on your landing page design and make sure your sales copywriting is rock solid. Having a good product and a good website and layout is essential in getting affiliates in the first place. Every time I sign up for an affiliate program or to sell someone’s product, I go to their product page to see 1) Does the product fit my niche? 2) How well is the website laid out? 3) What is the sales copywriting look like? 4) Is the site easy to use, uncluttered and is it easy to find the “order” page (the most essential page!)? Create a good product and great site and you will be very successful if you take care of your affiliates.

Have a High Payout
Do not be cheap when it comes to payouts, because people love making money. If they are going to go through a ton of effort for your product, they better have a great reason why — money. If your product is $30, you should think of $15 as the minimum and $20 as a number down the road potentially. Why? The more people selling your product the more products you will sell, so you will try and make it up in mass sales.

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