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Building Authority Through Social Media: What is It All About?

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Building Authority Through Social Media: What is It All About?

Many people who have been following online marketing news for the past few weeks know that Google has stated that social linking will have an effect on how a page ranks in search results. This has of course, generated a lot of interest in the topic of social linking. Those who use social media already are wondering what they could do to integrate their SEO efforts together with social media. Those who don’t are now rushing to create accounts on Google +, Twitter and Facebook for their businesses and websites.


Search engines using the social media standing of a website as one of the factors in determining its page rank shouldn’t surprise anyone. Whether you like it or not, social networking sites have become a powerful tool where users share information with each other and this includes the websites that they’ve visited. It’s only normal that search engines look at how popular a site is getting on a social network.


Another word that is often used in online marketing circles is “authority”. Being an authority online means being a excellent source of information on a certain niche. An authority site is one that receives a lot of traffic and has shown that it can give users what they want on a consistent basis. This is different from a website that goes viral and gets a few hundred thousand visitors who go to it and look at a funny picture or video and then progressively disappear as the popularity fades away.


But how do you combine social media with your overall online marketing strategy and use it to truly become an authority in your niche? If you heard some self proclaimed gurus claim that they have a strategy to become an authority quickly and easily, then you should know they’re not telling the whole truth about the matter. Building an authority site is difficult and involves a lot of work. It also involves a lot of time. Remember, a site can’t be considered to be authoritative in its niche just because it receives a sudden spike in traffic over a few days. This popularity among visitors needs to be consistent. So you should opt for gradual growth.


What you want is for your content to be widely shared on social media by the user’s own actions. People have to come to your site, see some of the content and then decide to share it with others, giving an indication that they’ve found it interesting. Self-promotion efforts, such as linking to a blog post that you’ve made on your Facebook fan page, will not lead to your site being authoritative in itself. You can spend all day publishing news stories on your feed and providing links to every page on your site, but if nobody shares it, you’re really out of luck.


There’s a whole lot more to it and there are differences between the various social networks. Later, we will take a look at how you can leverage Facebook and Twitter to get your site the respect that it can have in the online world.

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Better Marketing Habits to Establish: Part 2

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Better Marketing Habits to Establish: Part 2

Previously, we’ve seen some good habits that you can establish to start off the year well with your online marketing efforts. Here are some more tips that will help you make the most of your online marketing activities, no matter what line of business you’re operating in.

  • Understand Your Audience and Target It Correctly

There are still many businesses which aren’t targeting their audience right when it comes to promoting their products and services online. While advertising on a “general” site can sometimes be profitable, most businesses will get better results with advertising that is targeted towards customers which are more likely to buy their products. If you use search based advertising, then you’re already doing this if you’re targeting the right keywords, meaning keywords which people are likely to search for when they’re interested in buying something that your business sells.

But if you use on-site advertising, such as by buying text ads, pay per click ads, video or banner ads on various websites, then you will need to be more careful as to whether you’re really displaying your ad to the right audience, meaning people who will visit your website because they’re likely to buy your products, as opposed to being simply curious. Many advertising networks now let you choose the sites on which your ads will be displayed. You can also target your advertising to specific geographic areas, such as cities and states, plus also select demographics such as age, gender, income level, etc. By thinking about who your buyers are and targeting the segment of the population that they represent, your ad campaigns will be a lot more likely to be successful.

  • Track Your Results on a Consistent Basis

One important advantage that using online marketing brings you is that you can track your results and see how you’re doing, often in real time. However, there are still too many online marketers that aren’t taking full advantage of these tracking capabilities. There are free tools and scripts which you can install on your web server that will tell you exactly where the clicks to your website are coming from, how long a visitor has stayed on your website, which pages they have visited, etc. Since they’re available to you for free, you should definitely take advantage of them.

Many advertising networks also provide you with detailed information about how your ads are doing, such as which ads and keywords get the most clicks, etc. Use these metrics to determine which of your ad groups and advertising methods are performing at their best, so that you can focus on using these, and get rid of or make changes to ads or marketing methods that are simply causing you to waste time or money. Keep tracking how your ads are doing each day and at the end of the month, compare the statistics to see how each ad group has done. This will give you a much clearer picture of what works and what doesn’t work too well for you.

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Improving Search Traffic To Your Site

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Improving Search Traffic To Your Site

Search engine traffic is one of the most important ways to be successful online. When people can find your blog or website just by typing into Google your keyword, that is a very powerful thing.

Google and other search engines love new content. It has been said that Google prefers websites that have new content on a consistent basis. So one of the ways to get to Google’s heart is to consistently update your blog or website.

New content is a powerful thing for many reasons, not just search engine ranking.

New content brings visitors back again and again.
New content means your RSS feed goes out, again and again.
New content keeps you engaged with your site.
New content forces you to continue promotion of your site, you’d hate for that great content to go to waste, wouldn’t you?

New content is one of the driving forces behind the next big part of organic, search engine traffic. In order to get that content to show up and rank in Google however, there are some things you have to do first.

Make your site SEO friendly, use good title tags and make good use of heading tags as well. Also make sure you submit your Sitemap to Google’s Webmaster Tools, this will help Google crawl your site more efficiently.

Getting backlinks to your site will also help your site start to rank higher and get crawled more often. What happens when the Google Bot gets to another site with your link on it, is it then follows it back to your. A lot of people call this “Google Juice.” Call it whatever you want, it is one of the most important parts of the organic traffic equation.

If you are just getting started on your website, be patient and make sure you submit your site to all of the search engines so that they can begin crawling your site as soon as possible.

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