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Google Social Ads Aim To Make User Experience Better

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Google Social Ads Aim To Make User Experience Better

In social media marketing, there are several ways for marketers and advertisers to get their messages in front of their buyers. One of them includes creating a social media page or profile, then using it as a vehicle to deliver advertising messages to users who have shown interest in the company. In order to increase the usefulness of the social media page, users are encouraged to share the content found in it and to display that they’re subscribed to the page on their profile. But this works only in a limited way. Therefore, there is another method of social media advertising that is widely used and that is including small ad messages while the user is browsing the social media site, no matter what page they are on.

This is a strategy employed by Facebook, however Google has a different approach. With their Google + service, Google agrees on the fact that when users are busy socializing with others, this would not be the right time to display ads to them. For example, if a user is busy looking at funny pictures of their friends dog, displaying ads for a plumbing company will usually just irritate the user, unless by some type of coincidence that user also has a clogged toilet.

According to Google, ads are more useful if they’re displayed to a user showing “commercial intent” by searching for a product or service. But this will not simply result in the typical “Adwords” ads being displayed, in addition to organic search results. Google plans to integrate social media into its search engine. Thus, if someone looks for a plumber, Google will first display social recommendations from friends, if the user has one that recommended a particular plumbing service on social media. This actually integrates advertising into user generated content very well, without invading the user’s personal updates by including ads where users would not be interested in seeing them at all.

According to information collected from online marketing news providers, this is a strategy that works. Google is currently reporting that ads which have social annotations have much better click through rates. On average, improvement of CTR is from 5% to 10% versus standard ads.

For users, it means a better experience as the ads not only contain promotional material, but also a personal mention from their friends. For marketers and business owners, it also changes the game somewhat. For those who don’t use Google + now would be a good time to start. Create your page, get it out there. Make sure people are talking about it. And of course, if you want good results, then you better make sure that they’re talking about it in a positive way. The more social your company is, the better products it provides (generating good feedback from users), the more effective your standard search ad campaign is actually going to be.

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