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Bundling Packages of Content

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Bundling Packages of Content

One of the areas a lot of internet marketers overlook is creating their own product. Many think in one way: affiliate revenue.

Now, affiliate marketing is great, however you sometimes need more than one way to generate revenue, and creating your own products is one of the best ways to do it.

The content doesn’t necessarily have to be 100% unique either, sometimes rebranding some parts of master resale rights products along with some unique offerings of your own can build a great product for potential buyers.

Here is a hypothetical example. Imagine that you are a prolific SEO specialist that is great at giving speeches and presentations, but lack the attention span to do long form writing such as ebooks or reports for potential clients.

Creating a video series could be a great way to create some passive income for yourself as well as your affiliate revenue. But sometimes you need to have more than just a video series. Luckily, you have several options, including hiring a virtual assistant or contractor to create an ebook for you. You could have them create a unique offering for your, including all of the areas you touch on in the video series as well as other things you may have overlooked at the time of recording. Or you could have them write a supplemental ebook that gives different looks and case studies on different websites and proper SEO work in practice.

Building a package of content like this is very enticing for potential buyers, because it will give them more content for the same price. If you could buy one ebook that comes with an audio only version, or an ebook on the same subject with a video series, a free case study, and a follow up series giving tips and tricks for 3 months after your purchase, which would you choose (given the prices are in the same ballpark obviously).

Packaging different product types together is the best way to reach a broader audience, every person learns differently — so having different ways to reach them with the same consistent message is very important and essential to a great product launch. Make sure you diversify your offerings in order to reach the most people.

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