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Profiting From Tablet Devices

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Profiting From Tablet Devices

We‘ve seen how tablets tablets are becoming a lot more popular among the general population and new models, like the Kindle Fire are getting a lot of attention. Tablet PCs have actually had a run that is similar to smartphones. Previously a business tool that was used only by a segment of the population, they have now fallen into mainstream consumer devices, with all classes of people having an interest in owning one.


There are, of course, several different models of them on the market today, so if you want a comparison of their features and specifications, there is plenty of free information to look at. But as marketers and online entrepreneurs, what interests us mainly is the online money making opportunities that come from these devices. Actually, there are several ways that you can make money off the surge in popularity of tablets. Here are some of them:


  • Selling the devices themselves


If you look at eBay, for example, you will find that there is a large selection of tablets available, sometimes at prices that are better than what you would pay if you go through the official channels like in an Apple store. There is also a growing market for refurbished or used devices, as plenty of consumers would like to get a tablet, without paying the full price for a new one.


To profit from these, all you need is to find a source that can supply the devices at a low price and then you can resell them online (or even offline if you want) at a profit. There are now businesses which make money by buying back damaged tablets, fixing them and then selling them again as refurbished to budget conscious consumers.


  • Selling accessories and parts


Now that there is a bigger demand for tablets, there is also a bigger demand for items that are related to these devices. All kinds of cases and skins are now being sold to owners of tablet PCs. There is also a market for other aftermarket accessories like wall chargers, USB cables, innovative charging devices that let someone recharge their mobile device by using solar power and more.


Finally, just like with PC parts, we have tablet parts that are being sold, which are often bought by independent repair technicians, as well as some individual consumers that want to try and fix the device themselves after the warranty runs out. Most common parts that sell well online include replacement screens and batteries. Again, the simple concept of buying low and selling high applies. You check which items are in demand, find a good supplier that provides them at a lower price and then resell them at a profit through online marketplaces or an e-commerce site that you’ve put together.


There are a few other ways we can make money from tablet PCs. Check back tomorrow for a few other ideas that could let you make some money.

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How B2B Email Marketing Works: Part 2

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How B2B Email Marketing Works: Part 2

One thing that you need to do when you run email campaigns for B2B offers is to do your research properly before you execute them. And what better way is there to research than by taking a closer look at some of the successful marketers doings and examining how they run their campaigns. For those who want to get a bit of insight into the B2B email marketing world, the 2012 Pardot survey on B2B email marketing has recently released its figures. Plus, we have some information that was collected from experienced email marketers on how to better run the campaigns.


Here are a few other things you need to consider:


  • Your messages MUST properly display on mobiles


Mobile phones have always been a business tool, ever since they came out about 3 decades ago. So it’s not really any secret that a large number of business professionals are using smart phones right now to check their email messages. For this reason, you will need to run a few basic tests to ensure that any message you sent out will properly display on a mobile phone. Unfortunately, not all marketers seem to “get it”. In fact, survey results show that only 25% of marketers check their messages to see if they will properly show up on a smart phone. You should be part of that 25%. Because if someone can’t see your message on their smart phone, they probably will just skip or delete it. And now you have a lost opportunity.


  • Date and time where your messages are sent matter a lot as well


In the business world, there are times where people are more motivated to do work and other times where they’re “busy” daydreaming or just waiting to get out of work. So it’s quite obvious that your email messages will have a bigger impact if they come to the recipient at a time where they’re in “productivity” mode.


53% of marketers say that Friday, the last day of the work week, is the worst day to send out emails due to poor open rates. On Friday, people may simply ignore any emails that aren’t seen as important, believing that they’ll get to them on Monday.


Also, 53% of respondents say that sending a message between the hours of 8 and 12 in the morning will yield better results in terms of click through rates.


Of course, these are just survey results and show the opinion of 100 people. So if you want to find out for yourself when your emails will get the best opening and click through rates, there’s only one sure fire way to do it: run some tests yourself. This will let you see the dates and times where your messages get the most attention. Then, you can of course set up your campaigns so that most of your messages get sent out during these periods.

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Better Use Of Social Media for Business Networking: Part 2

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Better Use Of Social Media for Business Networking: Part 2

Now that you know some ways to ensuring that your social media profile can be a good business tool, here are some more tips that you can use to ensure that it will always stay a valuable asset to you.

  • Be Clear About What You Do

For some business types, it can be pretty self evident. But for others, you need to ensure that your description details the specialty services that you provide. For example if you run an online marketing firm, you can give details as to the type of services that you provide, such as SEO, on site advertising, etc. That way, your profile visitors will have an immediate idea of what services you provide.

  • Keep Your Page Updated

Keeping your page updated on a regular basis has many benefits. For your end customers, it can keep them interested in your business and make them want to keep coming back to be repeat buyers. It can also keep them up to date on new products and developments that you’re making. For those who may want to partner up with you or offer a valuable product or service to you, keeping your social networking pages updated serves to show that your business is “alive”. This will increase the chances that someone will contact you about it.

  • Start By Getting Some Connections

Creating a page on a social media site for your business is not really difficult. In fact, it can be done in just a few minutes. But one of the harder parts would be to get people to like, follow, connect, or whatever term the social network you’re on currently uses to denote the fact that someone has subscribed to your page and will be receiving its updates. Of course, it goes without saying that if you’re the only one that sees your page, it won’t be too useful.

Getting customers to follow you on social media involves various strategies such as putting up buttons on your website, etc. But what about getting other business people to pay attention to you? Start by making your employees, clients and current partners to like your page. This will give you a bit of exposure to begin with.

Another good way to get more people to see your page and subscribe to it is to participate in discussion forums that deal with your industry. You will get to connect to like minded people and many of them would be interested in networking with other entrepreneurs in their industry. Include your social media link in your forum profile or signature, as allowed by the forum.

  • Link Your Personal Account and Your Business One

This is quite easy to do. On Facebook, for example, all that you would do is to like your business page. You can also add a link to it under the “occupation” section of your personal profile. Again, this will serve to give more exposure to your business page.


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Is Google + a Good Business Marketing Tool? Part 2

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Is Google + a Good Business Marketing Tool? Part 2

Previously, we’ve taken a look at some of the talking points related to Google +. There is still ongoing discussion as to how useful this new social networking service can be for businesses that are looking to establish or to increase their online presence. While it may look like Google + is nowhere near its rivals in the social networking sphere and recent numbers don’t look too encouraging, there are more points that someone will need to consider when evaluating whether establishing their business presence on the network will be worth the time. Here are some more points to consider about the site:


  • Some of the Top Businesses Have Already Established Their Presence on Google +


A study of the world’s top 100 brands by financial performance has shown that 64 of them have established a page on Google +. Statistics collected during the period from November to March 2012 show that these top brands have made more than 5 000 updates during that period. Furthermore, they have more than 250 000 “points of engagement”, which are responses to their updates, users indicating that they like the content (the “plus”) and the content being shared by the users.


Now ask yourself this: if the top players in the business world are doing something, shouldn’t you be at least considering it? These brands have become financially successful for a reason and creating a Google + page for your business will not cost you anything, just the time needed to create your profile and update it from time to time.


  • Not All Social Networking is Focused on the Consumer


One thing that creating a social networking profile can help you with is finding new business opportunities and connecting with other business owners. Remember that social networking use for businesses doesn’t have to be simply about interacting with consumers to sell them your products, but can also be used to network with other businesses. Data shows that business owners are increasingly using Google services and are including Google + as part of the list of websites that they check on a regular basis. Even though LinkedIn is currently the champion when it comes to business to business networking, Google + may have some interesting potential in this area.


  • Google + Pages Can Become Significant for Search Results

Search marketers may find it useful to create a Google + profile, if only for the possible SEO benefits that it can bring, either now or in the future. Again, the topic of whether Google + profiles will have a significant influence on SEO and search engine marketing in general is one that is now being talked about a lot in online marketing circles, with no clear answer being given. But in any case, it is highly possible that the Google + profiles, as well as individual pages and posts that a company makes could have some impact about how visible they will be in search engine results. Participating in Google + would then be seen as a low expense way of improving a company’s SEO standing.

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Creating a Good Social Media Page

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Creating a Good Social Media Page

If you are going to create a Facebook page for your business, then you may be asking yourself as to what you should put on the page. Social media sites such as Facebook can be a very useful business tool, however in order for them to be effective for your business, you would need to use it in the most efficient way.

Obviously, establishing your presence on social networking sites such as Facebook is the first thing you would need to do. Getting started is very easy and doesn’t cost anything, unlike with some other forms of online advertising. All that you need to do is to sign up and create a page for your business. Generally, this will be named after your company, however if you are running a specific marketing campaign or want to promote a specific product, you can also create a fan page based on that specific product.

Another creating your page, the first thing that you would want to include is your contact information. While Facebook is definitely not a search engine like Google, people still use it to find information, thanks to its search feature that presents relevant pages on the network. As such, in the info section of your Facebook page, you should include contact details such as a link to your main website, phone number, address, email, etc. This will ensure that someone who was interested in dealing with your company and found your Facebook page has your contact information.

Next, on the page itself, you can create different sections besides the main wall. For example, you can put in an email capture box, information about a new promotion or contest that you are running, etc. This is done simply by making use of the tabs on the side of your Facebook page.

The “wall” of your page will be the main place where you will share information with your visitors. Use this to make new announcements about your products and services, as well as about your upcoming promotions. Your page visitors can also leave comments on your posts. Make sure that you monitor these comments so that you can answer questions rapidly. By being active on your Facebook page, you automatically give your visitors a trustworthy appearance, as they will know that you are available to answer their questions.

Remember to keep your Facebook page updated at least every few days, even if you do not have anything that is spectacular to announce. If your page looks like a ghost town and hasn’t been updated in months, visitors are less likely to want to Like your page and add it to their profile.

You have the option of either creating your business Facebook fan page by yourself, or there are also companies which can create one for you. Remember that the more professional and attractive your fan page looks, the more useful it will be as a tool for promoting your business throughout social media websites.

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Using a Blog to Promote Your Business

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Using a Blog to Promote Your Business

Blogs are increasingly being used by businesses, who are making it an important part of their overall internet marketing strategy. Thus, blogs are not only a tool for individuals to share some information with their friends, but can also become a very effective business tool. Even though they can be effective for business, there are certain things that you need to keep in mind before you put together a blog with the goal of promotions your website or your business.

The primary advantage of using a blog is that it will serve to give your business some personality as well as originality. Unlike a website where the primary purpose is to sell the product or service that you are offering to the visitor, a blog gives you the chance to connect more with your visitors and provide them with some useful information about your line of business. So, let’s say that you own a web hosting company. In that case, you can make a blog and make posts about the various types of web hosting, the differences between them, providing web development and online advertising advice, etc.

This will give you the opportunity to better connect to your audience and not sound like you are trying to sell them things all the time. Your blog should also feature images, graphs and videos where applicable. Don’t choose a bland template as a design for your blog and simply make it a wall of text. Many readers would be turned off by this and even though the content may be very interesting, they will not be very inclined to read it if it is not presented in a good way to them.

Another important point that every webmaster needs to keep in consideration when building a business blog: don’t start a blog with the simple intention of advertising your products, services or websites. While you can include links to your website and your offerings, don’t make blog posts whose only purpose is to promote what you have without adding any real value for the reader.

The rise in popularity of affiliate marketing and CPA offers has had the effect of also increasing the number of fake blogs or “flogs”, which are websites that are designed to look like a normal blog, but where all the posts are actually thinly disguised advertising. If a user is web savvy, chances are they have seen such pages a few times before. So if you make your blog look too much like a flog, readers will assume that it is one and will simply move on to another site. Obviously this is not something that you want.

The best thing to do is to create a blog that is informative to the users, friendly and does not contain too much advertising material. Your site visitors will be more likely to find interest in it if the blog looks attractive to them and provides them with information that they find useful.

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Selling Websites To Small Businesses? Here Are Some Quick Tips

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Selling Websites To Small Businesses? Here Are Some Quick Tips

Do you market web site creation to small business owners? If you do you may have come across some business owners who are reluctant to get an online presence. Here are some of the most common objections and their responses.

I don’t want to sell anything online so I don’t need a website.

Even though you don’t plan on selling your products or services on the internet directly, customers who are interested in a type of product or service that you offer will search online for someone that can provide it to them. According to recent statistics, people of all ages are increasingly turning to the internet when shopping. You may have the best quality and the best prices, but if they can’t find you online, chances are they won’t even know your business exists and you may lose many customers that way. A website with just a list of your products and your prices can go a long way.

It is too complicated to maintain, I’m not good with computers.

Having a website doesn’t require much in terms of computer skills these days. There are simple tools that you can use to update your site with new information or products. It is very easy to figure out once you get the hang of it.

I don’t want to spend money on a website, it’s too expensive.

Web design, as well as web hosting services have gotten much more affordable in the past few years, mainly due to increased competition from various service providers and an increase in the number of customers that these providers get. As your website is a business tool, it will help you get more clients and thus get more sales.

If you run a small business that only provides one main service, such as a moving company, you don’t need a complicated website. A simple site with a description of your services, your rates, some background about your company and your contact information will be enough to inform your customers. You don’t have to get a site with fancy graphics, videos or multimedia content if it won’t be useful for you.

I’ve heard all of these stories about hackers attacking business websites. I’m scared this will happen to me.

Most of the news coverage surrounding these incidents is overblown by the media. The majority of recent attacks are not actually security breaches where private information was stolen, but rather denial of service attacks designed to flood a web server with data to bring it offline. These types of attacks are mostly targeted against large companies and governments by people who have a grudge against these entities for whatever reason. As a small business owner, your website is unlikely to become the target of such an attack.

I already advertise in the newspaper or distribute fliers with info about my products. These methods have been effective for me so far, what’s the use of changing?

Setting up your website and promoting your business in the online world doesn’t mean that you will have to stop other marketing methods that you use. Internet marketing is designed to complement, rather than replace other marketing activities. Don’t forget, some people don’t read newspapers (they get all their news online) and throw any advertising fliers that they get in their mailbox straight in the trash can. By having an online presence, you will be able to get in touch with a larger segment of the population.

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