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Running a Successful Blog: Why SEO Shouldn’t Be Ignored

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Running a Successful Blog: Why SEO Shouldn’t Be Ignored

There are millions of blogs found online today. Some are quite famous, while many others receive practically no traffic at all. One thing that determines the success of a blog is the amount of people that visit it on a daily basis. So just like any other website, getting traffic is of great importance here. Using search engine optimization to get visitors to a blog is definitely one of the top traffic generation methods. However, there are still those who don’t use it at all. There are a few reasons given by bloggers who don’t take advantage of SEO methods. Here are the most common:

  • Other sources of traffic are available

These bloggers get most of their traffic from other sources, such as social media, links from forums, etc. and believe that deploying SEO efforts is simply not worth it, considering that they are usually  happy with the amount of traffic that they’re getting now.

  • Belief that SEO is too complicated

This one is actually quite common. Some bloggers believe that SEO is something for “computer geeks” and that even basic SEO techniques are too complicated to handle.

  • Belief that SEO is expensive

Some believe that in order to get good rankings on search engines, they would need to spend a fortune. They simply don’t have the budget to spend money on getting traffic and for this reason skip out on SEO.

All 3 of these reasons aren’t really good ones. First, SEO is a good way of getting additional traffic to a blog, even if for some it isn’t the main one. By using SEO, more readers will come to a blog who may not have seen it otherwise. These readers can then share the blog with others, resulting in even more traffic coming in without any effort from the blog owner.

While SEO does take some time to learn, it is by no means a very complicated traffic generation method. It’s not like you would need to be coding scripts manually or spend hours calculating complex formulas. There are plenty of guides for beginners related to SEO and many more are directly related to how SEO can work well with a blog. All it takes is a few hours to learn and to begin implementing the methods.

SEO being expensive is another incorrect assumption. In fact, if you do everything yourself, it could very well be free. There could be some tools that you can buy, or services you can hire to make your SEO work easier and less time consuming. But if you don’t want to spend a dime on it, then there are ways to do everything for free. You would just need to spend a little bit more time working on making your blog more likely to get better search engine rankings. Basic SEO tools and services, if you do choose to use them, are actually quite affordable and will pay themselves in the end as you get more traffic and thus more opportunities to profit from your blog, which is a win win situation.

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Establishing Your Blog as an Authority in Your Niche

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Establishing Your Blog as an Authority in Your Niche

If you want your blog to become popular, you may have heard that it would need to become an authority in its niche. Many bloggers and online marketers wonder how this could be accomplished. The steps to take are relatively straightforward, however they will take time to complete fully. Here’s what you can do to put your blog on the road to being a respected site in its niche:

  • Create Quality Content for Your Blog

There’s really no way around this one. Your blog, in order to be viewed as an authority and respected by both readers and search engines, must have something interesting for the readers in it. This means that the content must be original and likely to appeal to your audience. Don’t just repeat what others have said, especially if you post on topics such as news. If you post about something that’s been in the news lately, for example the controversy surrounding the SOPA act in the United States at the moment, users will want to read something original about it and not just a rewrite of what the major press outlets have said. Add information from different sources. Add your own opinion, as well as the opinions of others. Include graphics, images and videos when it becomes necessary.

  • Participate in Niche Communities

Discussion forums, other blogs, social media pages, etc. are all great places where you can get some exposure for your blog. Include a link to your blog in your profile. Include a link to your blog in your forum signature. Share your blog posts with others when others whenever possible. People who are already interested in your niche are more likely to visit your blog and follow it if they find the content to be useful and interesting to them.

  • Make References to Previous Blog Posts and Link to Other Posts as Well

Make references to other posts in your blog when appropriate. This will increase readership of your other blog pages with your visitors and can also have some very good benefits when it comes to search engine optimization. Readers are more likely to come back to your blog if they find that it provides a complete explanation of the topics covered by having links to posts that are related to the current one that they’re reading.

Linking to and referencing other blogs is also recommended. While it may seem counter productive to send traffic to other websites without making any direct profit from it, remember that this is a blog and not a landing page for a product that you’re selling. In the blogging community, it is frequent for bloggers to link, quote and reference contents on other blogs and websites. It all comes down to sharing. Other blog owners frequently look at where their traffic is coming from and they’re likely to check out your blog too. This will give you opportunities to have your content shared and possibly even get you links on blogs and related niche websites too.

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Monetization Options For Your Blog

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Monetization Options For Your Blog

If you are thinking of putting up a blog on the internet, one of the main things that you would be thinking of would be how to make some money from it. Perhaps you may have heard about some bloggers earning good money from their blog and were wondering whether it would be possible for you to do the same. Well, the answer is yes, but just like with anything else related to earning money online, you will need to put a lot of effort into it to make it work. Here let’s explore some of the easiest methods of monetizing your blog first:


  • AdSense and other pay per click ads


This is considered by many bloggers to be one of the easiest ways to monetize a blog. It is also the most simple and straightforward. Essentially, you would be putting pay per click ads on your blog and will be receiving a certain sum of money whenever someone will click on one of the ads. These could be text ads, or banner ads. These days, advertisement distribution networks will automatically cause ads that are related to the topic of your blog to be displayed, so they will be more relevant and thus more likely to be click on by viewers. For example, if you have a blog that talks about politics, the ads that are displayed are likely to be more or less related to this topic, such as political polls, websites for candidates or political parties, etc.


While Google AdSense is the most popular of pay per click advertisement networks among bloggers, there are several other smaller ad networks out there such as AdBrite and Bidvertiser. The amount of money that you will make from having these ads on your blog will ultimately depend on how many visitors click on them. So the more traffic your blog gets, the higher the amount of revenue that you can generate from pay per click advertisements on it will be. This creates a good incentive for you to promote your blog well and to have regular interesting updates on it.


  • Putting up a “donate” button on your blog


This is quite straightforward. You can put a PayPal (or Moneybookers, or AlertPay, or any other payment system) button on your blog that will be there to let users donate a bit of money to support your blogging efforts. If the content of your blog is very interesting and it is read by a lot of people, you can make some money just by donations from readers. However, don’t expect to make thousands a month, unless you have a REALLY high traffic blog. Sure, it’s possible that a billionaire will stop by your blog, really like it and then decide to make a six figure donation. This has happened. But the odds of that happening to you are roughly equivalent to the odds of winning the lottery. Still you will probably make a few bucks, enough to cover your hosting fees and maybe pay for your internet connection.

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Commenting On Other Blogs in Your Niche

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Commenting On Other Blogs in Your Niche

Commenting on other blogs in your niche is essential in order to get readers to come over to your own blog and to build relationships with other bloggers. This is sometimes an overlooked area of internet marketing and promotion for your website, and usually, it is done horribly wrong.


When going for readership with your commenting, make sure you create engaging and thoughtful arguments and conversation on the blog. If you disagree, disagree politely and state why you think it is wrong and what you think is right. Engage in the conversation. Don’t simply write “nice post,” but instead give insight into the topic, add to the list of reasons “x is so great” and offer some sort of value. If readers always see your name popping up next to smart responses they will be more likely to click on your name to see what you are about.

Build Relationship

Building a relationship with the author is essential. Reach out to them on social networks, on their blog comments, and through their contact form. Introduce yourself and state that you are in a similar niche and really like their work. Creating this relationship will help them recognize you on the blog, be more likely for them to subscribe to your blog, and will increase the chances of them linking to your blog and adding to your conversation as well.

Great Content

Give the people what they want – great content. It is no different than creating content on your own blog, give value and you will get value in return.

Real Name

Don’t use your niche or keywords as your name, you can on some occasions but trying to be more personal can go a long way. Don’t hide behind an alias, as you will have a hard time getting any response from that. If you want to use your keywords, insert them into your reply, or leave a link to your website in it’s entirety at the bottom of your post (make sure you have awesome content or you will risk being marked as spam, and even some spam bots will register you, so be careful with this one).

Never, Ever Spam

Don’t spam other bloggers. Think about how much you hate when you have people spamming your articles on your blog, so don’t do it to them. Create engaging content that will create a sense of urgency and interest in checking out your own work.

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Google AdSense Ad Network Marketing

Google Adsense is one of the most overlooked areas of monetization of projects in internet marketing sometimes. A lot of bloggers and content creators know about Adsense, but many affiliate marketers and straight internet marketers over look it for other more lucrative offers.

The thing is, however, is that Adsense can be used alongside other offers of CPA, Affiliate links, and more. Adsense doesn’t get in the way of those offers and the bright shiny pictures of your affiliate links will overshadow the text based Adsense stuff, and that is a good thing. Adsense can be a compliment and not the major source of income, but can be a great supplemental offering.

The process to market for ad revenue from Google is fairly simple. Of course the ads which are served on your websites will have two ways of being shown on your website when using AdSense:

  1. Ads served will be based off of keywords searched through Google to bring viewers to your site.
  2. Ads will derive from relevant content on your site when they arrive from links or direct URL input.

So it is necessary to build up the content on the site to where the ads that appear are relevant to what you will want to be paid for. To look up the value of keywords you will be getting paid for, you can use the keyword tool from Google AdWords (under previous interface) to see the average cost per click of keywords and their synonyms.

Composing content for the website will then need to pull from these keywords that you want to rank for on Google and other major search engines. The content, once created with the appropriate keywords will then be posted to the site and will be indexed by Google over time. When traffic makes its way to the site and the ads are served for the content you provide, it will be more likely that the ads are targeted appropriately.

One of the important things to take note of is to never try to rank for keywords with too much competition. Although the payouts in cost per click on these ad keywords is higher, you will more than likely not rank high enough for those keywords to actually receive ads for those keywords. The best strategy is to try and rank for a range of keywords with average or little competition so that people who do see the site when they search will more likely to click ads when they arrive.

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Build a Successful Blog

Building a successful blog isn’t easy. It takes a ton of work, long hours promoting, writing, submitting to directories, and doing other mundane tasks.

But, luckily building a successful blog is possible. There are so many niches that need a top site still, and the field is wide open. Maybe you are an expert pottery maker, photographer, or management consultant. There are numerous people each day looking for content on your topic avidly online and you can be the site that they come to.

Writing good content is really important to having a successful blog. Content should be aimed at readability for your visitors, but also for search engine optimization.

It takes a delicate balance between writing for the search engines and for your users.

The best way I can suggest to do it is to use keywords as part of sentences only when you need it. For example, if I have a website about chocolate pancakes, I do not need to include that in every sentence or even every other sentence. However, I can use the keyword in the opening sentence or as part of a sentence when needed. The other thing you can do is add your keyword to your content using h2 title tags within the content. You can have your opening sentence or “thesis” at the start of your paragraph even with your keyword in it, as a way to draw attention to your main idea for your reader, and to improve your search engine optimization (SEO) rank.

Marketing your blog can be a chore unless you want to do it the right way. Marketing can be a lot of fun — visiting your favorite blogs on your specific niche can be a great way to market your blog through commenting on their recent posts. Engaging with top bloggers can get your name out there and get people to follow your blog when you write engaging comments and participate in discussion.

Another marketing method is to join forums that are related to your niche. Promote your blog lightly, through your forum signature only — or else you will just seem like a spammer.

Start slow building your blog and relationships with your readers. Find and engage your audience, promote it through social media, bookmarking and forums and take your time to build it, it will not come over night so be patient.

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