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Using Fiverr To Make Money: Part 3

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Using Fiverr To Make Money: Part 3

Previously, we have seen how it is possible to make money from Fiverr by selling your services. But there are other ways that you can profit from this unique freelancing site and this is by being a buyer. While making a profit buying things may not seem very obvious at first, there are actually some ways that you can make this happen. Let’s take a look at some of these ways:


  • Buying Traffic and Social Media Promotion


Let’s say you have a product or service that you are selling online and could use some traffic to get some exposure for it. There are many sellers who offer social media promotion on Fiverr, such as sending out Tweets or putting a link to your website on their Facebook fan page. Many of these people have tens of thousands of Twitter followers or Facebook fans, meaning that your message will be seen by a lot of people. However, it is still important that you check the reputation of the seller, just to make sure that their fans or followers are actually real people rather than bots. You can do this by checking their feedback and seeing what others have left as comments about the service that they offered. Still, for just $5, you are getting a lot of potential exposure and are not risking a lot of money if you don’t get the results that you were hoping for.


  • Outsourcing Services


While I have mentioned it in another post some time ago, I will say it once again: there is a lot of profit to be made from what is referred to as “services arbitrage”. What does it consist of? Quite simply, you would sell your services at another place, such as an internet marketing forum and then outsource it to people on Fiverr for a lower price. So let’s say that you get paid $7 to write a 600 word article based on an offer that you’ve made on an IM forum. You would then outsource that article creation to someone on Fiverr and have them write it for $5. You keep the $2 difference as a profit. Sure, the $2 doesn’t sound like much, however this can quickly add up. So if you are outsourcing 10 articles a day, this can generate a profit of $600 a month. Not bad, considering the fact that you could spend less than an hour a day managing this.


Here again, the trick is to make sure that whoever you are outsourcing the work to will do a quality job so that you can maintain your reputation as being a provider that offers great services to your client. Check the seller’s past feedback to see if it is good and give them a small assignment to begin with. If you notice that they do good work and follow your instructions well, you can then send them more regular work and you will have found a great partner that you can outsource your work to.

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Can You Really Get Free PPC Traffic As Some Products Claim?

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Can You Really Get Free PPC Traffic As Some Products Claim?

While searching for ways to reduce the cost of your pay per click advertising, you may have come across the terms “advertising arbitrage.” There are quite a few products based on this concept, including one called “Get Google Ads Free!” which was quite popular about two years ago. Many other products tout that it is possible to get your pay per click ads for “free” by simply “inserting a few lines of code” in your page. But the question remains: is this really possible?

I will get right to the point with the answer: technically, yes. But these methods will not be suitable for most affiliate marketers or even those who have their own products to sell. Why? Aren’t the ads supposed to be free?

Well, they aren’t. You will still be required to pay for your traffic just like anyone else. The whole idea behind the “advertising arbitrage” concept is that you hope to make up the cost of your pay per click campaigns by selling ad space on your website. Claiming that your pay per click ads will be “free” in this case would be the equivalent of saying that you can get a free 8 bedroom house by renting out 7 of the rooms in order to cover your mortgage payment.

This will simply not work if you are actively selling something on your site, whether it’s a product of your own or affiliate offers that you are pushing. The first problem is that by selling ad space on your landing page you will be potentially leaking traffic away to your competition. Advertisers typically buy ad space only on relevant sites. So the only people interested in buying space on yours would usually be those in the same niche. Have you seen an ad banner for Pepsi on the Coca Cola website? What about an ad for Ford on the Honda site? I don’t think so.

To further add to the problem, it will be very hard to sell ad space on your site if it is a relatively new one with limited traffic. If your only source of traffic is pay per click ads, it will also be extremely difficult to sell enough ads to cover your costs.

Now, can this method of “traffic arbitrage” actually work for some people? Yes, it can, but only if the goal of your site is not primarily to sell something. Let’s say you own a discussion forum, a free image host or a free web hosting service. You could sell some ad space on your site (one of the main ways of getting revenue from these kinds of sites) and then buy pay per click traffic in the hopes of getting more members and thus drumming up more recurring visitors to your site. This is, to my knowledge, the only way to make traffic arbitrage work. The only true way to get free pay per click traffic is if you find a promotional offer or get a voucher for X amount of dollars of free ads somewhere.

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Services Arbitrage – Another Great Way To Earn

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Services Arbitrage – Another Great Way To Earn

Many of you are wondering if there is a quick and easy way to earn some cash online that doesn’t require much technical skills and lets you get paid very rapidly. If this interests you, keep reading. Sure, working with affiliate networks and CPA offers can be very rewarding. Some may even say that this is what internet marketing is “truly about”. But there are some other ways to make some cash online.

You probably know that you can freelance and offer some services to webmasters and fellow marketers. These include things such as logo design, article marketing, web design, etc. Now this is all fine. But there are a few drawbacks. First, these take time to do. Second, you would need to actually have the skills required to complete the client’s project.

But in comes the concept of arbitrage. It is a concept that has existed since antiquity and simply means profiting form price differences between two markets. Basically: buy low, sell high. You get clients to pay you an amount of money for a project. You then outsource it to workers and pay them less than what you get paid. So if your client pays you $100 to create a basic website for their company, you hire a web designer that can do it for say $70 and pocket the difference. Nothing complicated, your job simply consists of finding clients and maintaining a team of freelancers who can do the job at competitive rates.

Now where do you find the workers? There are plenty of places that you can look at. There are several internet marketing forums such as Digital Point where you can get people to do various tasks at inexpensive rates. Microworkers is a freelancing site where you can find the same. And for really small projects, such as article writing, try Fiverr. All workers there can charge only $5 per task.

What about the clients? Now, hey! Wait a minute… Won’t they simply go directly to the source and get workers who can do the project for cheap? The thing is, not all people are involved in the whole internet marketing scene. Many do not know where to find low-cost workers to perform the tasks. Some may prefer to deal only with local businesses. The best channels to advertise your services would be online classifieds sites, such as Craigslist, Kijiji, Backpage and Gumtree. If you are doing web design for businesses, you can also try some offline methods, such as advertising in classified ads or send out fliers.

Remember to tweak and adjust this method to your unique needs and tastes. Start out small, create relationships with your workers, create regular clients and build a reputation for yourself. Some people have built seven figure businesses by doing pretty much what was described in this post. With some dedication and entrepreneurship on your part, you can turn this into a full time business if you wanted to.

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