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Simple Business Types You Can Start: Part 2

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Simple Business Types You Can Start: Part 2

Yesterday, we’ve seen an example of a simple type of business that you can start online. The majority of easy to start online businesses involve either selling a product or providing some type of useful service to your target market. Here are some more examples of small online businesses that you can start:

  • Social Media Marketing Services

Social media has gained a lot of popularity in the past few years, so much that many businesses have seen it useful to build their presence on various social networking websites, such as Facebook, Google + and Twitter. Of course, there are still small businesses that, even though they may have an online presence through a website, don’t currently use social media even though it could be profitable for them. If you have knowledge on how to promote products, services and ideas through social media, you can offer your services to local businesses.

There are many types of services that you can provide. The most simple ones would be creating a social media page for your clients, filled with information about their business and products, and done in a style that matches their main website. You can also offer to manage the social media presence of a business entirely, by making the updates as well as creating events, groups, etc. when necessary.

  • Web Design and Web Building Services

Here again, you will offer your services to other small businesses in your area. You can offer to create web sites completely from scratch, or to update existing ones in order to improve their appearance. You can also offer to create mobile compatible versions of websites, which is something that is quite in demand lately due to the increasing use of smart phones by consumers to look for products and services that they want to buy.

In addition to designing and building websites, you can also offer additional services that will make you look more valuable for your clients. For example, you can offer to manage a website completely, by adding content and making updates when necessary. You can also provide your clients with web hosting services as part of your web design packages, which can simply be done by getting a reseller account with a good quality web host.

Naturally, you will need some good web design skills working with different software, plus graphic design skills would be useful as you can then create completely customized backgrounds, logos, etc. for your clients websites. Advertising can be easily done through free or low cost methods, such as on social media, through classified ad sites, forums, etc. If you do a good job and are priced competitively, you could also get some word of mouth referrals which will boost the amount of clients that you get.

These two are other examples of online businesses that you can easily start if you already have the right skills. There are plenty of other ways to make money online by starting a small, home based business. You just need to be creative in finding useful services that you can offer and that people would be willing to pay for.

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Building Your Blog for Online Marketing: Part 2

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Building Your Blog for Online Marketing: Part 2

Previously, we’ve seen a few tips that would help you build a blog that you can use for online marketing. While deciding on the kind of content you will have on your blog, choosing a good hosting provider and monetizing your blog are important things to consider, there are also a few other tips you should keep in mind if you want your new blog to be a great tool that will help you make more money online. Here are some more of them:

Choose a Good Theme

When you create a blog by using a system such as WordPress or Joomla, you get thousands of options when it comes to themes for your new blog. A theme is basically an overall design, sort of like a template, that will determine the look and feel of your blog. Choosing a theme is relatively easy, as when you look through WordPress or Joomla, you will see thousands of free themes, as well as some paid ones that you can instantly apply to your blog. However, this is not something that you will want to rush into. It’s better for you to look carefully at all the designs available and select one that will work well for you.

The theme that you use will need to match well with your business and should be similar in appearance to your main website. Don’t hesitate to ask colleagues for advice on which theme will be better for you.

If you have some graphics and programming knowledge, you can design your own blog theme, or edit an existing one to make it match your needs better. You can also pay someone to make a custom made theme just for your blog, however the services of a professional theme designer could cost several hundreds of dollars.

Make Sure Your Blog is Inviting to the User and Easy to Navigate

One of the most common complaints that blog readers have is that the blogs seem to be filled with ads, opt in boxes and other monetization options, so much that it is difficult to actually see what link will lead them to an actual content page and which one is an ad. Of course, it’s important for you to make money from your blog and this is probably one of your primary objectives. But remember that the first purpose of the blog is a communication tool that you use to convey information to your visitors. Therefore, it needs to be easy to navigate for the user.

To determine whether you’re doing things right, create your blog and install your theme, make any customizations necessary and add a few test posts. Then show the result to some people to see whether they like it or not. Get some input on what they think should be changed or improved on your new blog. This will allow you to make some changes before you officially launch your blog.

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Some Web Store Ideas: Part 3

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Some Web Store Ideas: Part 3

Yesterday, we’ve taken a look at some examples of products that you can profitably sell online in your very own web store. All of these are products that you can order ready made from the manufacturer or wholesaler. You can then either ship them directly to the consumer, or in some cases, you could add your own branding and packaging to them, but it’s not too much of a necessity for most categories of products. We’ve seen that you can sell computers & electronics, electronic parts and pet supplies online. Still not inspired? Here are a few more ideas that have shown to be profitable over the years and are expected to continue being so in the near future.

* Car parts

Perhaps someone’s car broke down and needs a certain part replaced. In this case, the person would usually be looking for the relevant car part online if they want to save as much money as possible on their upcoming purchase. Or, you could have people that want to improve the performance and the appearance of their cars. There is a very lucrative market for those who sell car parts online.

* Clothing and accessories

This is an industry that has gained a lot of traction in terms of online sales. Most people who buy clothes online already know the item and brand that they want to buy, however, they are looking for a price that is better than what they charge in stores. Again, this is where you can come in to fill that need. There are plenty of suppliers of brand name clothing, and it is possible to buy items either on a wholesale basis (i.e. shipped to you in quantity and you the ship it to the client), or drop shipped to the client directly.

* Nutritional supplements, vitamins, etc.

This is essentially a billion dollar industry and is rapidly expanding online. There are plenty of weight loss supplements, body building supplements, as well as a whole host of herbs, pills, lotions and whatnot which claim to do things such as give you more energy, reduce the signs of aging, increase sexual pleasure and performance, relieve stress, etc. Of course, there is a lot of debate as to whether many of these products actually do what they are supposed to, but the bottom line is people all over are buying them. While there is quite a lot of competition, with the right marketing strategy you can make some money from this niche. Basically, you would either find an existing branded product that sells well and is not too saturated, and then sell it on your site. Or, you would purchase “generic” ingredients and apply your own branding, meaning having your own product name on the label and box, etc. However, you need to be mindful of the various regulatory and legal requirements to take part in this industry if you would like to run a web store based on this niche.

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How to add an options page to a wordpress theme

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How to add an options page to a wordpress theme

If you are a wordpress developer and would like to add an options page to your wordpress theme to allow users easy options to administer your theme then follow the steps below.

Option your functions.php file and add the following code (the code hightlighted in red is what you change to what you want).:

add_action(‘admin_menu’, ‘givenickname_menu’);
function givenickname_menu() {
  add_theme_page(‘Your Sites Name’, ‘Options Label’, 8, ‘theme-options’, ‘givenickname_options’);

function givenickname_options() {
  echo ‘<div><h2>Your Themes Options Title</h2>';
  echo ‘<p>Then you simply add your option functions here what you want to be displayed on your themes page</p>';
  echo ‘<h3></p>';
  echo ‘</div>';

If you now click on Appearance within your dashboard you will see the option page you just created with a blank page.  Now you simply add the function back to your funcations file of what you would like displayed on your newley created page.

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The Essential Components Of A Strong Blog

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The Essential Components Of A Strong Blog

No matter what your niche, it can be tough to launch a blog, and have it become popular. If you’re thinking of launching a new blog, there are a few essential elements you should include in it.

Domain Name

A strong domain name can help your blog in a few ways. If the domain name is short, and easy to remember, it will be much easier for your readers to browse directly to your site. It’s also a good idea to try and include keywords relevant to your niche in your domain name. If your domain name includes strong keywords, your site will show up higher in search results for those keywords.


It’s important that your site’s appearance reflect it’s purpose. Pick colors and imagery that directly reflect the subject matter of your site, and be sure to stick with that theme throughout the entire site, as well as in any videos you produce.

RSS And Social Media

It’s important to make it as easy as possible for your users to find, and share your content. You should include an RSS button on your site in a prominent place. Each blog post should also include links to automatically share the post on various social media sites, like Facebook, Digg, Twitter, and Reddit.

Affiliate Programs

Chances are, you’re hoping to be compensated for your time in some way when you launch a new blog. Sign up for some affiliate programs, and try to include affiliate links and other ads in each blog post. As you get more and more traffic to your site, you’ll also start to see more and more ad revenue.

Quality Content

If you want your new blog to succeed, you have to give your readers a reason to keep coming back. In other words, you have to provide high quality content for their enjoyment. You can choose to either entertain or inform your readers. If you’re going to entertain them, think about what your audience might find humorous or interesting, and try to craft a post around that. If you’re going to inform them, think about what problems your readers might have, or what questions they might be asking. Try to solve their problems, and answer their questions, and you’ll have some high quality content on your site in no time.

If you put these essential elements together to create your blog, you’ll be on your way to blogging success very quickly. If your users can find and share your high quality content easily, you won’t have any trouble building up; your traffic.

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