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A New Way to Profit From Ebooks

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A New Way to Profit From Ebooks

Anyone following the online marketing industry, even a bit, will know that sales of info products such as eBooks are vastly increasing. In fact, it is a billion dollar industry that is constantly expanding and creating profits for product creators, as well as their affiliates. As of right now, the most popular eBooks that you see being sold online are informational products, that teach people how to do something specific.


However, there is a new trend that is emerging in the online world that is definitely worth exploring. A few months ago, popular online book seller Amazon.com has announced for the first time that sales of eBooks on its website has surpassed the sale of physical books. Now what does this mean?


Not that “people don’t read” anymore, because this clearly shows that people are still interested in books. It’s just that the format of books is changing and many books, including fiction books, are increasingly being published in digital format. Amazon has capitalized on this by creating the Amazon Kindle store, which sells millions of different book titles in electronic format, as well as releasing an e-reader device called the Kindle.


Can this be profitable for you? Maybe. But it is definitely something worth looking at. You see, one thing that is different with eBooks is that you do not need a publisher or editor’s approval before you can market a book. Anyone can write a book and then sell it online. Are you a freelance author and want to make some money from the books that you have written? Perhaps you have submitted them to several publishers, but were turned down or simply received no reply? Well, in that case, adding your books to the Amazon Kindle store could be just the right solution for you. By doing so, you can sell your eBook online for any price that you want and it will be included in Amazon’s collection.


So no matter what genre your book is, whether it’s a romance novel, horror story, science fiction book or something more practical like a travel guide, you can sell it online through the Amazon Kindle Store. For many, doing so would be much more advantageous than having your own website, as most of the marketing is already done for you. The people who are browsing this virtual store are all there for the same thing: they are looking for books to buy. If you price your books attractively, say at $3 or $4, you can get some people who will buy it simply out of impulse. And if you need a bit of marketing to get your name out there as an independent author, you can leverage the power of social media to do so. There are many groups on Facebook, for example, which deal with literature and books created by independent authors, which could be a great place to showcase your work and find some people who would be interested in reading your works.

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