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Why Offering Coupons Can Be Beneficial for E-Commerce Site Owners

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Why Offering Coupons Can Be Beneficial for E-Commerce Site Owners

If you’ve bought anything from an online retailer, you may have seen an option to use a coupon code during checkout and you may have even used one yourself. But if you’re selling things online yourself, would it be a good idea to make coupons available to your customers? There are many reasons why this strategy can be beneficial for you in the end. Here are some of them:

Drivers Budget Conscious Customers and Comparison Shoppers

One of the main reasons people shop online is because they have the ability to quickly and easily compare prices between different retailers. An ever increasing number of people are more conscious of how much money they’re spending when shopping online and they want to get the best deals. This is why searches for coupon codes are getting a lot of traction on Google. Sure, some people may simply buy something because it had a flashy ad, or will just buy whatever they want without considering the price. But unless your target audience is “lazy rich people”, including coupons as part of your marketing strategy will be a good idea.

Encourages Affiliates to Promote Your Site

There are now thousands of websites which list coupon codes for various e-commerce sites. If you do a search for [merchant name] + coupon on Google, you will see plenty of them pop up. Some are specific to a certain genre of retailer, while others are more general coupon sharing sites. But those who run these websites don’t do this simply for fun. As you’ve probably noticed, they include affiliate links to the sites that they have coupons for, so that when someone uses a coupon from their website and clicks through to the merchant, they will get a commission. There are many other affiliate sites which promote specific merchants more simply because they offer discount and coupon codes that make them more attractive to their audience. Therefore, making coupons available gives an incentive for your affiliates to promote your site more. It can create a win-win-win scenario for everyone: the customer gets a lower price, the affiliate gets a commission and you get increased traffic and sales to your business.

It Encourages Social Sharing

Coupon codes for online shopping sites are rapidly becoming an item that is shared a lot on various social media sites. In fact, people are far more likely to talk about an online shopping site if they offer discounts, special promotions and coupon codes. If you include coupons on your social media page, this draws more attention to your post and makes it more likely that it will be shared. Tomorrow we will take a more detailed look at how coupons can be a part of your social media marketing strategy. If you’re thinking of making your social media use more efficient, including them in your posts can be a definite way to turn things around for your business.

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Holiday Selling Tips for Affiliates – Part 2

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Holiday Selling Tips for Affiliates – Part 2

So you’re an affiliate and are promoting products that may be of interest to shoppers during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. If you do your campaigns the right way, you definitely stand to make some money from this popular holiday shopping event, as millions of shoppers go online to buy what they want instead of going to retail stores. Here are some final tips to help you run your affiliate campaigns:

Price is Important but So is Value

It is not enough for products to have a good price, they must also be valuable in the eyes of many shoppers. For this reason, you should try to put an emphasis on promoting online retailers that are known brand names and also emphasize products made by manufacturers which have a good reputation for quality. While it’s true that budget conscious customers may want to get the lowest price possible on a product that they want and won’t care whether it’s a “no name” brand, the majority of shoppers will be more comfortable with brands that they’ve seen before.

Know at What Times People Shop

Remember that online shoppers are human too and many of them will be working on Cyber Monday. Previous statistics show that traffic increases begin in the morning around 7 AM, then taper off at around 9 AM. Things start to pick up again after 5 PM when people return from work. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should only be running your ads and promotions during these times. After all, there are many people who can do their shopping from work or who won’t be working on Cyber Monday. However, you should keep in mind that traffic will be the heaviest during this period and you should therefore take action in order to profit from it.

Black Friday Isn’t Just one Day

If you’ve been watching some online shopping sites, you will find that many online retailers now begin their Black Friday promotions at the start of November, then make even bigger promotions and discounts on Black Friday itself. Bigger discounts for customers and better payouts for affiliates are common during that 24 hour period. Again, if you want to maximize your profits, don’t focus exclusively on that 24 hour time frame. Shoppers will begin searching for items to buy before that day.

Ensure Backup Plans are In Place

In internet marketing, things can sometimes go wrong. Retailers may change promotions, products or affiliate deals for whatever reason. Affiliate networks, merchant websites or tracking systems could run into problems due to technical failures or deliberate sabotage by DDOS attacks. Same goes for advertising services. While you may think you have a good strategy in place, don’t put all your eggs in the same basket. You should have preferred offers to promote, as well as preferred advertising channels, but you should always have a backup plan in place. This would mean that if something goes wrong, you can still make money, even if it’s not as much as you may have originally planned.

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Holiday Selling Tips for Affiliates

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Holiday Selling Tips for Affiliates

So Black Friday and Cyber Monday are right around the corner, which means that e-commerce site owners as well as affiliates are all getting busy to give their shoppers the best possible experience and try to draw as many of them as they can to their site. But how should you do it as an affiliate? What sites should you promote and why? Here are a few pieces of advice that affiliates will find useful:

Look for Merchants that Offer Great Deals and Free Shipping

There are many reasons why people shop online: good prices, convenience and the ability to find products that they wouldn’t be able to get in stores. But in the case of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, people will be looking for more than “good” deals, they want great ones. Look for merchants who will be giving their customers special offers that have prices far below what they would normally charge during the shopping holiday.

Also, another thing to watch out for is free shipping. Research has shown that online shoppers are more likely to make a purchase at a site that offers them free shipping on their order. After all, what good is it to save $25 on a product if you need to pay $30 to have it shipped to you? This is why you need to look after sites that ship for free, either just for the holiday or all the time. Also, be careful about free shipping that comes with conditions, such as requiring that shoppers spend $50, $100 or more before being eligible to get their items delivered for free. While this may work for certain items, you should prioritize sites that give free shipping without any conditions attached. Finally, make sure to emphasize the “free shipping” part in your marketing materials.

Be Mindful of Mobile Shoppers

A recent survey published at Market Watch finds that about 4% of e-commerce transactions come from mobile devices and this is expected to nearly double in the next 4 years. This shows that there are many people who shop from their mobile devices like tablets or smartphones, but these aren’t yet the platforms that are preferred by shoppers, who will mostly be using a regular PC. Smartphones are the most popular mobile device at the moment, but tablets are rapidly catching up and are expected to become the main mobile device used for shopping in the next 5 years. Still, this doesn’t mean that you should ignore mobile shoppers.

The most simple thing you should do is ensure that your site will display properly when viewed on a smartphone or tablet PC. Even though the percentage is small, remember that there are millions of online shoppers out there and that there’s a relatively good chance that some of your sales will come from them. Test out your sites and also ensure that any affiliate links work properly when they are accessed from a mobile device.

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Becoming A Merchant – The Other Side Of CPA – Part 2

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Becoming A Merchant – The Other Side Of CPA – Part 2

Now that you have your idea on the product, you need something else: funding. Yes, that’s right folks, this business will require an investment, and a rather significant one from you.

The amount that you will need will vary depending on the operation that you are setting up and how you will structure your business. In any case, at the very least you will need an amount in the five figures to invest in this. The main reason behind this is that you will need it in order to get on to CPA networks as a merchant.

The way the big CPA networks operate is that they get they get the funds from the merchant and pay affiliates for their commissions. They need to make sure that the merchant will be able to pay them and with good reasons. If the merchant is unable to pay the network for the commissions generated, the CPA company is stuck between a rock and a hard place, so to speak. If they pay affiliates out of their own pockets, they risk taking a big loss if the merchant folds without paying them. If they refuse to pay the affiliates (under most terms of service, it is their right to do so if they don’t get paid by the merchant), they will get the scorn of webmasters everywhere who often spent great amounts of money in advertising for promoting the offers as well. Tales of “Network X is a scam they didn’t pay me!!!!!! OMG!!! OMG!!!!” will rapidly fill up forums and blogs everywhere, leaving the network in full damage control mode. Potential webmasters who would sign up for the network will now avoid it. Current ones will start dropping their offers in fear of this situation happening again.

Due to all of this, many networks will need you to deposit an amount in excess of $10 000 before even considering running your offers. You will also need cash for various overhead expenses: product creation, the design of your main site and scripts, hosting, landing page design, etc. You aren’t starting your own car company or cell phone provider, so you don’t need millions. But this is not something that can be started with pocket change either.

How do you get funding? A few options are available for you. You could enlist the help of private investors. There are forums where entrepreneurs and investors meet to discuss funding various start-up businesses. You could ask a bank for financing. You could also see if the government in your country/state provides grants or loans to entrepreneurs. Since you will probably need to hire a few helpers and therefore create employment opportunities, this might qualify you for some form of help from the government. The important thing is that unless you have the cash at hand, you will need to spend some time actively looking for funding options for this project. It won’t be easy, but others have done it before and so can you.

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Some Ideas On What to Do Online – CPA Networks

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Some Ideas On What to Do Online – CPA Networks

If you have just started out and decided to build an online business, you may feel a bit overwhelmed by all of the opportunities out there. Indeed there are many opportunities to earn online, so choosing the right one is important to your success. Here is an overview of some of the most common ways to make money on the internet and get your new business going.

CPA Networks

CPA – or Cost Per Action networks are a form of affiliate program that are very popular with a lot of internet marketers. There are various reasons for their popularity and we will explore them as we take a look at how exactly a CPA network operates.

CPA networks basically regroup various merchants which are seeking individual affiliates to promote their products or services online. This is due to the fact that managing hundreds of affiliates “in house” can be quite demanding on a business and require the creation of specific departments to do just that. For this reason, many companies both big and small, opt to outsource all of that work to CPA networks. The network will be responsible for recruiting and verifying affiliates, tracking results (such as number of clicks, conversion rates, transactions, etc), and issuing payments to affiliates after the merchant has sent them payment.

What differentiates a CPA network from any other type of affiliate network is the type of offers they have for you to promote. Most affiliate networks require you to actually sell something to the visitors that you refer. However, CPA networks have many different types of offers, most of which do not require the visitor to buy anything in order for you to get credit for the action. Here are some examples of things that could earn you a commission, depending on the offer being promoted:

*Submitting their email address

*Submitting their cell phone number

*Registering for free on a membership site

*Filling out a survey

*Filling out a quote form


The amount that you will get paid for the action will vary according to what is required from the customer and on the offer that you are running. On the lower end, an offer which only requires the visitor to enter their email address will pay you anywhere from $0.75 to $2. But an offer that requires them to complete a four page questionnaire with their personal info, like an insurance quote request, could pay you anywhere from $10 to $50.

The reasons merchants can afford to pay for actions which are not immediate sales is because they know a certain percentage of these actions will result in the customer actually signing up for a paying service, or making a purchase at their site. There are also a few offers which pay you a fixed amount or a percentage of a sale if the visitor needs to buy something. However, they are the exception, rather than the norm, when it comes to CPA campaigns.

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Creating Incentives for Affiliates

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Creating Incentives for Affiliates

Affiliate marketing is something we talk about quite a bit here, but one area we don’t always touch on enough is creating your own products. We have talked about it a bit, but I haven’t touched on one very valuable area of affiliate marketing — creating an incentive for your affiliates to try and sell your product.

Below are four rock solid ways for you to help your affiliates to sell your product and to make it easier on them.

Create Banners For Them
One of the easiest things you can do is create banners and graphics for your affiliates to display. It saves them time and money creating them banners for themselves to sell YOUR product, and it will keep your branding and identity of your product consistent.

Give Away a Prize
At launch, giving away a high valued prize can be a great incentive for people to work hard and sell your product. For example, a lot of affiliates give away a MacBook Pro or Apple iPad to the top selling affiliate after so many weeks or months. Nothing gives more incentive than cool gadgets and cold hard cash.

Make it Easy
Create a great product that people want to use. Don’t take shortcuts on your landing page design and make sure your sales copywriting is rock solid. Having a good product and a good website and layout is essential in getting affiliates in the first place. Every time I sign up for an affiliate program or to sell someone’s product, I go to their product page to see 1) Does the product fit my niche? 2) How well is the website laid out? 3) What is the sales copywriting look like? 4) Is the site easy to use, uncluttered and is it easy to find the “order” page (the most essential page!)? Create a good product and great site and you will be very successful if you take care of your affiliates.

Have a High Payout
Do not be cheap when it comes to payouts, because people love making money. If they are going to go through a ton of effort for your product, they better have a great reason why — money. If your product is $30, you should think of $15 as the minimum and $20 as a number down the road potentially. Why? The more people selling your product the more products you will sell, so you will try and make it up in mass sales.

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Selling Your Information Product Online

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Selling Your Information Product Online

Information products like ebooks, and reports can be a great way for a strong writer to bring in some money online. You’ve probably heard that part before, but just how do you go about selling an ebook online? There are a few effective methods you can use to get your information product out there.

Clickbank offers services other than affiliate programs. By registering with them, you can sell your information straight through them, and they’ll even help you set up a network of affiliates that push your product for you. If your product gets enough affiliates, you’ll have to do very little active selling in order to make a profit. If other people are doing the legwork for you, you can spend your time working on your next ebook rather than spending your time selling your current ebook. Click bank does charge for these services, but the fees are reasonable, and there’s a good chance you’ll be able to offset the fees  easily with a strong product.

Commission Junction offers similar services, but they offer you a little more control.  With CJ, you can choose to approve each potential affiliate who wants to promote your product. By choosing your affiliates carefully, you can minimize the risk of fraudulent transactions, as well as minimizing any damage a bad affiliate could do to your brand.

Of course, you could always just opt to sell your information product straight through your website. You’re going to need a few important things if you decide to go this route. First you’re going to need a well designed website. If your site looks unprofessional, your customers are going to be reluctant to purchase anything from you. You’re also going to need a method for accepting payments. Paypal is an affordable method to take payments, and you can also go through a bank in order to get a credit card gateway set up.  Be sure to shop around for the right credit card gateway for your needs. There are often a lot of fees associated with accepting credit card payments, and you might find that those fees can eat into your profits if you’re not careful.

Whichever method you choose, your success will depend on the quality of your information product. Take the time to write a good product, and be sure to promote it heavily after you launch it, and your information product will sell well.

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Highest Payout Affiliate Program, Join Today!

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Highest Payout Affiliate Program, Join Today!

earnaffiliateprogram25We have now launched our affiliate program paying our affiliates a very high commission rate of £25 per sign up or $40 for our US affiliates.

Sign up today for free and place our banners and links on your website and earn £25/$40 per visitor you send us who signs upto our membership programme

Our website niche is perfect for webmasters who run “work from home” “make money online” “turnkey website sales” “webmaster types” type niche websites


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Earn £50 / $80 Per Sign Up With Our Affiliate Program

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Earn £50 / $80 Per Sign Up With Our Affiliate Program

makemoney1.jpgWe have now launched our affiliate program and offering our affiliates £50 ($80) per user you send us who signs up to our membership program.

Our affiliate membership is free for webmasters to join and you can track your sales and traffic reports online.  Simply join our affiliate program and add our banners to your website and when ever any of your customers clicks on our banners on your website and signs up to our website we will pay you £50 ($80) per signup


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