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Common Mistakes in Affiliate Marketing

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Common Mistakes in Affiliate Marketing

If you’re new to affiliate marketing, you should know that there are some mistakes made by many newcomers to this industry that you should avoid if you want to build a business that is profitable both in the short term and in the long term. Here are some of the most common mistakes done by newcomers to affiliate marketing and how you can easily avoid them:

Joining Every Affiliate Program Under the Sun

The experts always talk about how building multiple streams of income is important for success in affiliate marketing and with business in general. They show you how they’re part of dozens of affiliate programs and make money from them. But should you do the same? Not right from the start. Exploring various earning opportunities is definitely great, but when you’re just starting out, you should rather focus on a few programs and not overload yourself. This will make it far more complicated to find the right offers to promote, as you will have way too many to choose from. You will also get plenty of promotional emails from affiliate networks and managers urging you to run their campaigns, but you simply won’t be able to handle all of this at the same time when building your business.

Not Testing the Links and Merchant’s Page

If you make a mistake when copying the affiliate link over to your landing pages, this could be quite costly, as it will probably mean that any sales that you make won’t be tracked and so you won’t get paid for them. You should test your links to ensure that they work correctly. Also, you should check whether the clicks you make register correctly in your affiliate account, though bear in mind that there could be a delay between 15 minutes and a few hours before they appear. You should also see that the merchant’s site is loading correctly and not experiencing any technical problems at the moment. Obviously, sending traffic to a site that doesn’t work is pretty pointless as you will be left wondering why you haven’t made any money from your visitors.

Not Tracking Properly

Chances are, you will be promoting your affiliate offers through different channels. If you want to increase your chances of success, then you need to set up a tracking solution that will allow you to know how many clicks and sales came from which of your websites or advertising channels. This will be very helpful when you want to optimize your campaigns, as you will know which methods that you’ve used in promoting the offers worked and which ones didn’t really do anything. Many affiliate programs will allow you to generate different link codes for the same offer, allowing you to track your clicks more easily. There are also simple scripts that you can integrate into the back end of your website that will let you know exactly where your conversions came from, such as the keywords used, which ad was clicked by the buyer, etc. Any serious affiliate marketer maintains detailed statistics and has a good tracking solution set up.

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Finally, Some Other Ways to Promote Your Membership Site

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Finally, Some Other Ways to Promote Your Membership Site

Finally Some Other Ways to Promote Your Membership Site


We have seen that you can use forums, email, social media, as well as your own members to promote your membership site. But there are still a few other ways that you can attract members. Here they are:


  • Create an affiliate program


In the online marketing world, many products have affiliate programs which pay a commission to the affiliate for each new sale. If you would like your site to be more successful, you could create an affiliate program for it and pay your affiliates around 50% of the monthly fee that you would make from members. You can promote this affiliate program on online marketing forums, just like you would promote the site itself. It is also possible for you to join an affiliate network. ClickBank is the most popular one out there, as they deal with digital products such as ebooks and membership sites.


  • Use offline marketing


Even though your product is based on the internet and deals with internet marketing, it doesn’t mean that you can’t use any offline methods to promote it. Some ideas of offline methods include distributing fliers promoting your site or putting up ads in print media like newspapers and magazines. Some membership site owners have even created TV and radio commercials, but obviously these are quite expensive when compared to other advertising methods.


  • Use pay per click ads


Pay per click ad networks such as the ones on the Google and Bing search engines are an excellent marketing tool and can be used to promote IM products. However, you would need to carefulyl plan, manage and optimize your campaigns in order to be successful. You would also need to have a decent budget, as the whole internet marketing niche is very competitive.


  • Use media buying


Media buying simply means buying advertising space on another site. You can sometimes buy text ads, banner ads or even video ads. The payment model depends on the site where you buy the ad space from and could by a flat rate per week or month, a CPC (cost per click) or a CPM (cost per thousand impressions) model. You could deal either with an advertising network or make a private deal with a webmaster to advertise your membership site on their website.


All of these are excellent methods that you can make use of to promote your site and get some new members. However, the best way to generate revenue from your membership site is to keep your existing members, rather than constantly try to sign up new ones. This is actually much easier as you don’t need to do any advertising to retain your current members. All you need to do is to keep them interested in your site by adding new content on a regular basis, as well as listen to any feedback that they may have regarding the content of your site or how it runs.


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Full Time Online Business: Part 3 – What Makes a Good Affiliate Marketer

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Full Time Online Business: Part 3 – What Makes a Good Affiliate Marketer

When looking at full time online business opportunities, many people ask themselves whether affiliate marketing is a good thing to go into. While there is definitely a lot of money to be made in this business, it is not the most simple thing to set up. One of the reasons behind this is that you will have plenty of competitors who are going to be after the same kind of traffic that you are and pushing the exact same types of affiliate offers. So what do you require in order to become a good affiliate marketer and make a profitable business out of it? Here are certain things you will need:


  • Patience


While some people did make a few thousand in their first months, there is nothing guaranteeing that you will be able to emulate them. Becoming a successful affiliate marketer will take some time. First, you would need to make various efforts to make your business become profitable. Next, you would need to consider the fact that most affiliate programs pay you one month after the end of the current month, so it is not instant money like if you would be selling things on eBay or offering services. If you need to make some money right away, like cash to pay some bills, you can try a different business model for the time being and then move onto affiliate marketing later.


  • Money to invest


While it is possible to get started here with just a few dollars for a web hosting account, if you want your business to be successful, you will need to invest a lot of money into it. Some of the things that you may need to pay include: hosting, advertising as well as paying other people to do some tasks for you, such as creating landing pages or putting up ads if you don’t want to spend too much time doing these yourself.


  • Ability to stay on top of things


The world of internet marketing is one that is always changing. As such, there are new offers for you to promote, new networks for you to do business with, new advertising opportunities, etc. that appear regularly. If you want to maximize the amount of profit that your business will be making, then you will also need to spend some time scouting for new opportunities in addition to running your existing campaigns. This will require some good planning and time management on your part.


  • Having no fear of failure


There are many great methods to make money online, however no one will tell you the exact steps that you will need to take to build a successful affiliate campaign. This is something that you will need to figure out on your own. Along the may, it is very well possible that you will make mistakes. The important thing here is not to be afraid to try new things and to learn from your errors so that you can gain a better understanding of what works and what doesn’t.

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Affiliate Programs and CPA Networks: How to Recognize and Stay Away from Scammers

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Affiliate Programs and CPA Networks: How to Recognize and Stay Away from Scammers

Many internet marketers make their money by dealing with affiliate programs or with CPA networks that have various kinds of offers they can push in order to make money. Most of these companies are legitimate and will pay you the earnings that you have made on time, every single time. But there are a couple of bad players in the industry. Here are some ways to spot and avoid them:

  • Do some research first

Before even signing up for a network simply doing a Google search for their name can bring you a lot of information about the company. You will often find blog posts, forum posts and articles that mention them. Read these. See what other internet marketers are saying about them and look at whether the general opinion is positive or negative.

  • Be wary around “start ups” and smaller networks

If a company has not yet established their reputation in the industry, remember that things can go in two ways with them. Either they will grow to become a productive and successful network or they will fold. If it’s the second thing that happens, things are not likely to be pretty. There have been several cases of networks going under and skipping out on tens of thousands of dollars of payments to affiliates. The large majority involved CPA networks which were operating for less than a year.

  • Be careful around networks who seem to approve everyone

While there are some notable exceptions to this, such as Commission Junction and ClickBank, which are very reputable networks, as a general rule you should be quite wary around a network that seems to approve every publisher that applies without giving them a phone call or emailing them to ask them about their marketing methods. While you may think it is convenient, this can cause problems down the road, if large amounts of fraudsters manage to sign up and merchants start dropping the network.

  • Carefully check the terms of any offers that you run and ask questions if necessary

This is especially the case for “trial” or “membership” offers. While you may be offered a good amount for every sign up, some merchants have been known to use underhanded tactics if not enough of the sign ups that you refer have converted to full members on their end. Some may falsely accuse you of sending fraudulent leads or deliberately using bad quality traffic and refuse to pay you. For this reason, it is very important that you check the terms of the offer to see if the merchant has any special requirements with regards to the type of traffic you can send and its productivity.

  • Work with multiple networks and run different offers

It is not a good idea to focus all of your marketing efforts for the month on just one offer or on offers from only one network, no matter how profitable they may seem. Spread out your traffic around several different offers in the niche on different networks. That way, if there is any problem with one of them, you will still be getting paid by the others.

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An Overview Of Some “Make Money Online” Ads You Will Come Across – Part 3

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An Overview Of Some “Make Money Online” Ads You Will Come Across – Part 3

“Earn money playing roulette” / “Guaranteed sports betting method” / Various gambling related products.

These are all advertised in a similar fashion. Someone claims to have developed an “ultra secret” method that would let them win at a game of chance (such as roulette or sports betting) and surprise, surprise, they are willing to share it with a “limited few exclusive buyers”… for a price, of course. Many people will (and rightly so), discard such ideas straight into the rubbish bin where they belong. But the language used on the page is especially designed to draw you in and to make you leave your reason and logic at the door. Don’t do that… Let’s analyze these claims a bit:

“Guaranteed to win”. No. Wrong. If there was such a system, then casinos and book makers would have all gone bankrupt by now. There are systems which can, if used properly, increase your chances of winning (slightly, only slightly). But none can guarantee that you will be able to walk away a winner every time. Gambling is a game of chance, not a way to make stable income.

“Super secret, only shared with limited amounts of people”. Lie. Big one on top of that. Their sites have been up for months, and sometimes even several year. Almost all have affiliate programs which encourage other marketers to re-sell the ever-so-secret system to others. Not exactly the type of thing you would engage in if you wanted to keep something “secret”.

And here’s the kicker, ladies and gentlemen. The site owner claims he has a system that can make you rich by gambling (which is super secret, don’t forget). Then WHY, oh WHY is he selling it? Doesn’t he make enough money already from using his system? Why does he care about the $39.99 or $77.77 or $99.97 that he will make by selling his system, if he can simply use it and win thousands every day?

Avoid these types of sites. The “systems” are usually little more than basic strategies you can find for free online or in any gambling book. If not, they are simply variations of the “martingale system” (doubling the amount of your bet every time you lose in a hope to eventually regain your losses and come out ahead) or simple bankroll management strategies that while they may increase your chances of winning, will not guarantee it and are also freely available online as well.

When searching for ways to earn money online, we can easily get sucked into beautiful marketing materials that promise everything. The important thing is not to stop using common sense. If something looks too good to be true, then it probably is. Before spending money on any “system” or “method” carefully examine all the claims and see whether they make sense to you or are simply hype.

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Starting an online business – How to be prepared

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Starting an online business – How to be prepared

When you are thinking of starting an online business, it is important that you prepare yourself, just like you would when you start a “brick and mortar” business. Here are some things to do in order to make sure you are ready to begin your operations.

Think about what exactly you are going to do: There are many ways to earn cash on the internet. Which method or methods will you be using to make profits? Will you be providing services, selling physical goods, selling digital items, running a membership site or promoting affiliate offers? Of course, you don’t need to limit yourself to just one of these categories of things that you will be doing, but you need to have a rather clear cut idea of what you plan to do.

Formulate a business plan: This doesn’t have to be complicated. It would basically include elements such as what products you will sell / promote, how you will sell them, how will you advertise and what services or materials you will need. You should also formulate a budget that will detail on what you will initially spend your money.

Register your business: Depending on the jurisdiction that you are in, you will have various options. You can register a sole proprietorship or incorporate. There are various legal and tax implications depending on what form your business will have and once again these will vary from country to country and state to state. Therefore, it is always a good idea to seek advice from someone experienced in these issues, such as an attorney.

Open a business bank account: You will need one to receive payments and to deposit checks received from customers or affiliate programs.

Set up your main website: When conducting business online, you will need to own one or several different websites. If you own several sites, you should begin by creating a “main” one for your business. The good news is that web hosting and domain names are now cheaper than they have ever been before, so it will not be such a major expense.

Seek advice from others: There is a wealth of information available online on any type of activity that can be performed online. Why not take full advantage of it? You can use forums and social networking sites in order to exchange information and form partnerships or joint ventures with those that are involved in activities similar to yours. You will also get the ability to share information and experience that you have acquired along the way with others, thus helping them succeed in their online ventures as well.

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Some Ideas On What to Do Online – Providing Services

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Some Ideas On What to Do Online – Providing Services

In the online world, there are a lot of different ways to earn some cash. So if you are seeking to start an online business, you will find that there are many opportunities which await you. And since you are effectively your own boss, your earning potential is actually unlimited. So whether you are trying to build a six figure income or just get a few dollars a day in revenue, there will always be something to do on the internet.

Providing services

We had previously talked about using affiliate offers and CPA programs to earn some cash online. Of course, these are fine ways to earn money, but they do come at a certain disadvantage. It is mostly the delay before you get paid. Many affiliate programs pay on a NET 30 basis, meaning that you get paid 30 days after the end of the month. But there is something that you can do in addition to, or instead of using affiliate or CPA programs. You can provide your services to those who do.

To put it simply, those who sell or promote products online need to spend a lot of time and resources on their marketing work. This includes setting up web pages, putting up advertisements, writing content, designing good templates and graphics for their site, etc. Those who are making the big bucks out there seldom do all of this work by themselves: they hire external consultants to do it for them. This is where you could come in.

There are many examples of services that you could provide to those who are either selling their own products or running affiliate offers, for example:

  • Reselling web hosting services
  • Building backlinks
  • Designing web pages
  • Writing sales copies
  • Posting ads on classifieds ads sites or business directories
  • Driving traffic to websites through various means
  • Doing SEO work to improve someone’s web site rankings
  • Creating advertising campaigns on social media
  • Creating, editing and uploading promotional videos
  • Etc

These are just some of the examples of what you can do for other marketers. Now how much will you earn? This will largely depend on what you are doing, and how skilled you are at it. So this is where you will put your online skills to the task. For example, if you are good with Photoshop, you could go into creating web page graphics. If you are skilled at creating videos and animations, someone could use you to create a promotional video for their product.

There are many places where you can find work, but the best place to go to would be an internet marketing forum, like the Warrior Forum or Digital Point. There you will find a section where members can offers to buy or sell various types of services. As your reputation increases, you will soon start getting a lot more customers as well.

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Some Ideas On What to Do Online – Affiliate Programs

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Some Ideas On What to Do Online – Affiliate Programs

If you have just started out and decided to build an online business, you may feel a bit overwhelmed by all of the opportunities out there. Indeed there are many opportunities to earn online, so choosing the right one is important to your success. Here is an overview of some of the most common ways to make money on the internet and get your new business going.

Affiliate programs

In essence, an affiliate program pays you to promote a certain product or service and you get a commission in return. This commission amount will vary depending on a few factors, such as the type of product/service you are promoting, the merchant, as well as your past experience with that particular affiliate program. It is not uncommon for many programs to have tiered structures where you get to earn a higher commission amount if you drive a certain number of sales to them.

There are also various ways that the merchant will pay you per sale:

Fixed amount. Just like the name implies, you will get paid a specific dollar amount for each sale that you refer. This amount may vary depending on different products or services that are purchased by the referred customer.

Percentage of sale. This is most commonly used by merchants which sell dozens of different items which have different prices. The percentage that you get will once again vary greatly depending on what you are promoting. In the case of high priced physical goods, the commission percentages are usually quite low and range from 2 to 5%. But this is made up by the fact that the percentage will be based on an overall higher sale amount. For digital goods, such as ebooks and membership site subscriptions, it is not uncommon to be offered commissions ranging from 50% to 75%. However, it is worth noting that the sale price is much lower and normally ranges between $25 to $50.

Recurring commissions (also called revenue sharing or rev-share). This type of payment plan is sometimes offered by merchants who have a subscription based service, such as informational membership sites, dating sites, etc. You would get a percentage of the amount that a customer that you have referred to the site was billed. Once again, the exact percentage will vary, but is usually in the range of 25% to 75%.

Finding affiliate programs

As you have probably noticed, there is no shortage of affiliate programs that you can sign up to participate in. However, due to the complexity involved in running an affiliate program, many online merchants have chosen to join a bigger affiliate network. This network will take care of tracking the commissions owed and issuing payments to you after they have been paid by the merchant at the end of the month.

Some popular affiliate networks are: ClickBank (www.clickbank.com) for e-books, membership sites and digital products; Commission Junction (www.cj.com) and Linkshare (www.linkshare.com) regroup hundreds of different merchants, such as clothing retailers, online phone services, etc.

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Want To Earn A Bit Of Extra Cash Online?

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Want To Earn A Bit Of Extra Cash Online?

Let’s face it, there are literally thousands of ways to earn money online. While a lot of us will want to make a decent amount every month by means such as CPA networks, affiliate programs, etc., what about someone who is just starting out and wants to build a bit of capital to spend on their online business. Or someone who just wants to earn a few dollars each day, without going complicated work such as setting up websites, advertising campaigns, signing up for affiliate networks, etc. Here are a few basic ways to earn money online. While some people have made a living out of these methods, they aren’t exactly things that will make you five figures each month. Just some extra cash.


By far, one of the most popular methods of earning money online. You basically provide your services and skills to others, in exchange for payment. What you can do will largely depend on your skills: writing articles, making blog or forum posts, designing web sites, creating logos and graphics, etc. Many internet marketers, especially those who run many websites, often outsource certain tasks (like graphic design and article writing) in order to save time. Where do you find work? Here are some places to start:

Fiverr (www.fiverr.com). A simple freelancing site, where you post up small jobs, called gigs, that you are willing to do for $5. The jobs that people do on this site are varied, and include things such as writing articles, doing a video review of a product, transcribing audio, and many other things that you can easily do in a few minutes.

Amazon Mechanical Turk (www.mturk.com) Once again, you will be doing simple tasks in exchange for payment. However, the tasks on this site will likely be much shorter and more repetitive than on Fiverr and will include things such as: gathering information online, categorizing pictures, etc. The pay for each task accomplished is usually a few cents, but the tasks seldom take more than a few minutes to complete. While you probably won’t make much, some people have managed to make close to minimum wage on it.

There are of course some other freelancing sites online. These tend to be a bit more “formal” and require you to create a profile detailing your skills, experience, a portfolio of some samples of your work, etc. The way they work is similar to this: client posts project, workers place bids, client selects one or more workers to complete the task. While it may take some time for you to find projects to work on, you could earn a decent amount depending on what services you offer. Some examples of freelancing sites are Guru (www.guru.com), RentACoder (www.rentacoder.com) and oDesk (www.odesk.com). A good thing about freelancing sites in general, is that if you are reliable and produce good quality work, clients will often hire you for regular projects, which means that you would spend more time working and earning money, rather than scouring the internet for work to do.

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Not All Traffic Sources Are The Same

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Not All Traffic Sources Are The Same

If you are new to internet marketing, you may be in search of some reasonably priced traffic sources in order to send traffic to your sites and the offers that you promote. After all, if no one clicks on your links, your will not make any sales or earn any commissions from affiliate programs. There are many ways to get traffic to your site. Some are perfectly legitimate and will give you productive and targeted traffic that will result in conversions for you. Some other sites sell you what could be referred to as “garbage traffic”. Allow me to explain a bit more in detail:

Bulk traffic sites

Sites such as BuyHitsCheap offer to sell packages of thousands of visitors for very low prices. They also make claims that this is “real traffic” from “real visitors” and will result in “potential customers”. While the first two statements are technically true, the second one is quite unlikely to occur. Here’s why: these sites use “popunders”, which basically load the website in a popup that goes under the browser’s current window. Few people will actually bother to look at your site and most will simply find the popunder annoying and close it right away. So you definitely won’t get any customers. Now think logically for a second. They sell 10 000 visitors for $12.50. If you promote a product that gets you a $15 commission and you get a conversion rate of 1/2000 (which would be atrociously low in other means of advertising), you would earn $75, more than 5 times what you spent. If this was possible, a lot of us would be millionaires right now.

Paid to click sites

These sites often claim that they can get you “real visitors” at very low costs. Now make no mistake about it, the visitors will probably be quite real. But the problem is, they won’t really care about your site or your product. These sites pay their visitors a fraction of a cent in order to click on a link and keep your site open for a period of time, such as 15 to 30 seconds. Most people on these types of sites won’t even bother looking at the websites that they have clicked through to and will simply end up closing your site after the timer expires, so that they can move on to the next site and possibly end up earning a few pennies a day.

Traffic exchanges

Many of these services claim to give you free traffic and the ability to earn views to your site simply by looking at other people’s sites. Anyone with half a brain will know that this concept is quite flawed. No one will be interested to sign up for anything on your site, much less buy something from you. All they will want is to get visitors to THEIR site as well. Traffic exchanges are simply little more than a waste of time.

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Be An Affiliate Marketing Success

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Be An Affiliate Marketing Success

Affiliate marketing can be a great way to bring in some money. There are a lot of affiliate programs out there that pay well, but if you don’t know how to use them effectively, you won’t get very far with them. There’s no single strategy that’s going to work for everyone, but there are a few things you can keep in mind that will help you grow your affiliate marketing strategy.


When you’re picking an affiliate program, it’s important to choose one that’s relevant. You want to promote products that other people are interested in, and searching for. Take the time to do a little keyword research for any products you’re thinking of promoting. Get a feel for the level of interest that exists for that product before you dive in. You want something that gets a fair amount of searches, but it’s best to avoid extremely popular products. If a products is getting millions of searches a month, your marketing efforts are likely tog et lost in the sea of information that exists about that product.

Know Your Audience

Once you pick an affiliate program to work with, it’s important to understand the audience it appeals to. Do some market research and figure out who you’re audience is. You don’t want to use the same marketing methods to communicate with a 20 year old male as you would a 50 year old female. In order to craft an effective marketing strategy, you have to know who you’re target audience is first.

Potential For Profit

If the product you’re thinking about promoting has poor profit potential, then there’s no point in wasting your time on it. Products with lower demand but higher profit margins can be profitable, and products with high demand, and low profit margin, it can still be profitable. If the profit margin is low, and the demand isn’t very high, you should probably steer clear of the product.

If you take the time to find the right product, and do the research to determine your target audience, you’ll be able to craft an effective affiliate marketing strategy. If you’re selling the right products to the right people, you’ll be bringing in a decent amount of revenue before you know it.

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Selling Your Information Product Online

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Selling Your Information Product Online

Information products like ebooks, and reports can be a great way for a strong writer to bring in some money online. You’ve probably heard that part before, but just how do you go about selling an ebook online? There are a few effective methods you can use to get your information product out there.

Clickbank offers services other than affiliate programs. By registering with them, you can sell your information straight through them, and they’ll even help you set up a network of affiliates that push your product for you. If your product gets enough affiliates, you’ll have to do very little active selling in order to make a profit. If other people are doing the legwork for you, you can spend your time working on your next ebook rather than spending your time selling your current ebook. Click bank does charge for these services, but the fees are reasonable, and there’s a good chance you’ll be able to offset the fees  easily with a strong product.

Commission Junction offers similar services, but they offer you a little more control.  With CJ, you can choose to approve each potential affiliate who wants to promote your product. By choosing your affiliates carefully, you can minimize the risk of fraudulent transactions, as well as minimizing any damage a bad affiliate could do to your brand.

Of course, you could always just opt to sell your information product straight through your website. You’re going to need a few important things if you decide to go this route. First you’re going to need a well designed website. If your site looks unprofessional, your customers are going to be reluctant to purchase anything from you. You’re also going to need a method for accepting payments. Paypal is an affordable method to take payments, and you can also go through a bank in order to get a credit card gateway set up.  Be sure to shop around for the right credit card gateway for your needs. There are often a lot of fees associated with accepting credit card payments, and you might find that those fees can eat into your profits if you’re not careful.

Whichever method you choose, your success will depend on the quality of your information product. Take the time to write a good product, and be sure to promote it heavily after you launch it, and your information product will sell well.

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The Essential Components Of A Strong Blog

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The Essential Components Of A Strong Blog

No matter what your niche, it can be tough to launch a blog, and have it become popular. If you’re thinking of launching a new blog, there are a few essential elements you should include in it.

Domain Name

A strong domain name can help your blog in a few ways. If the domain name is short, and easy to remember, it will be much easier for your readers to browse directly to your site. It’s also a good idea to try and include keywords relevant to your niche in your domain name. If your domain name includes strong keywords, your site will show up higher in search results for those keywords.


It’s important that your site’s appearance reflect it’s purpose. Pick colors and imagery that directly reflect the subject matter of your site, and be sure to stick with that theme throughout the entire site, as well as in any videos you produce.

RSS And Social Media

It’s important to make it as easy as possible for your users to find, and share your content. You should include an RSS button on your site in a prominent place. Each blog post should also include links to automatically share the post on various social media sites, like Facebook, Digg, Twitter, and Reddit.

Affiliate Programs

Chances are, you’re hoping to be compensated for your time in some way when you launch a new blog. Sign up for some affiliate programs, and try to include affiliate links and other ads in each blog post. As you get more and more traffic to your site, you’ll also start to see more and more ad revenue.

Quality Content

If you want your new blog to succeed, you have to give your readers a reason to keep coming back. In other words, you have to provide high quality content for their enjoyment. You can choose to either entertain or inform your readers. If you’re going to entertain them, think about what your audience might find humorous or interesting, and try to craft a post around that. If you’re going to inform them, think about what problems your readers might have, or what questions they might be asking. Try to solve their problems, and answer their questions, and you’ll have some high quality content on your site in no time.

If you put these essential elements together to create your blog, you’ll be on your way to blogging success very quickly. If your users can find and share your high quality content easily, you won’t have any trouble building up; your traffic.

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Use Article Marketing To Your Advantage

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Use Article Marketing To Your Advantage

Making money by using article marketing can be a little tricky, but under the right circumstances, it can also be very profitable. Before you jump into article marketing, take a minute and think about what you’re marketing, and what you want to get out of article marketing. Do you have a website of your own? Do you sell products of your own? Are you relying on affiliate programs to generate income?

If you’re starting with a clean slate, the very first thing you should do is set up a website. If you produce a product of any sort, an site dedicated to that product will do just fine. If not, consider launching a blog, or other informative site that you can post affiliate links on. Whatever you decide to do with your website, make sure it has the potential to generate income. After all, what’s the point of marketing your site if it can’t bring in any profit?

Now that you know what you’re marketing, it’s time to start writing some articles. Sites like Ezine Articles let you post articles on a variety of different topics. Each article you post can be an indirect advertisement for you, your website, and any products or services you might offer. It’s important to keep that in mind as you write your articles. Each article should contain a link to your site. That’s pretty obvious. What might not be so obvious, is that each article should also be SEO friendly. Your article (and by proxy, your site) will get some attention from regular visitors to the article directory you submitted your work to, but a good portion of your traffic is going to come from search engines. Remember to use keywords in the title of the article whenever possible, and the body of the article should be keyword rich.

Having an SEO friendly article on an article directory like Ezine Articles can help you in a few different ways. If the article itself is SEO friendly, more people will find it, and some of  those people will click through to your site. Sites like Ezine Articles have bene around for a while, and as such, they have a fairly high volume of traffic, and they also tend to come up high in search all on their own. By having a site like that linking to your site, you’re increasing your own search rank.

By writing SEO friendly articles on article directories, and linking them back to your own site, you can bring in some traffic, and boost your search rank all in one shot. At the end of the day, more traffic leads to more revenue, and that’s never a bad thing.

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