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Common Mistakes in Affiliate Marketing

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Common Mistakes in Affiliate Marketing

If you’re new to affiliate marketing, you should know that there are some mistakes made by many newcomers to this industry that you should avoid if you want to build a business that is profitable both in the short term and in the long term. Here are some of the most common mistakes done by newcomers to affiliate marketing and how you can easily avoid them:

Joining Every Affiliate Program Under the Sun

The experts always talk about how building multiple streams of income is important for success in affiliate marketing and with business in general. They show you how they’re part of dozens of affiliate programs and make money from them. But should you do the same? Not right from the start. Exploring various earning opportunities is definitely great, but when you’re just starting out, you should rather focus on a few programs and not overload yourself. This will make it far more complicated to find the right offers to promote, as you will have way too many to choose from. You will also get plenty of promotional emails from affiliate networks and managers urging you to run their campaigns, but you simply won’t be able to handle all of this at the same time when building your business.

Not Testing the Links and Merchant’s Page

If you make a mistake when copying the affiliate link over to your landing pages, this could be quite costly, as it will probably mean that any sales that you make won’t be tracked and so you won’t get paid for them. You should test your links to ensure that they work correctly. Also, you should check whether the clicks you make register correctly in your affiliate account, though bear in mind that there could be a delay between 15 minutes and a few hours before they appear. You should also see that the merchant’s site is loading correctly and not experiencing any technical problems at the moment. Obviously, sending traffic to a site that doesn’t work is pretty pointless as you will be left wondering why you haven’t made any money from your visitors.

Not Tracking Properly

Chances are, you will be promoting your affiliate offers through different channels. If you want to increase your chances of success, then you need to set up a tracking solution that will allow you to know how many clicks and sales came from which of your websites or advertising channels. This will be very helpful when you want to optimize your campaigns, as you will know which methods that you’ve used in promoting the offers worked and which ones didn’t really do anything. Many affiliate programs will allow you to generate different link codes for the same offer, allowing you to track your clicks more easily. There are also simple scripts that you can integrate into the back end of your website that will let you know exactly where your conversions came from, such as the keywords used, which ad was clicked by the buyer, etc. Any serious affiliate marketer maintains detailed statistics and has a good tracking solution set up.

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Protecting Your Online Business: Understanding the Types of Attacks

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Protecting Your Online Business: Understanding the Types of Attacks

If you run any type of online business, knowing how to protect yourself from malicious attacks on your site is important. The simple reason behind this is that these attacks can affect your business in a very negative way and cause serious losses. One of the things that you need to do first is to understand the types of attacks that your online business could fall victim to. Here are the most common types:

  • Denial of Service Attacks

A Denial of Service (DOS) attack occurs when attackers flood a website with too many requests so that it goes offline as the server can’t handle the traffic. This has the effect of making your website unavailable.

  • Theft of information

This happens when hackers break into a site and steal sensitive information. This could include the personal information of your clients and members, or the contents of your email messages. This can lead to serious problems for those whose information was compromised as well as a loss of reputation for the business in question.

  • Site defacing

Pretty much a form of vandalism in the online world. A website is hacked and the home page is changed to a different message. Often times it would just be a “Hacked by (insert name here)” message, but can also take different forms. For example, your website could be redirected to another site, or it could be used to deliver malware. This can obviously make you lose revenue and affect the reputation of your business.

  • Affiliate link hijacking

This form of intrusion is a lot more subtle. A site that is compromised will have its affiliate links changed so that all sales go into the account of the hacker rather than yours. This could also be done with hosted pay per click ads, where the ad code on your site is replaced by that of the hacker. Users will not really notice anything too different about the site, but it obviously will make you lose revenue until you realize what is going on.

  • Comment and post spam

This is obviously a serious problem with any site that accepts user generated content, such as blog comments, forum posts or reviews. The spam is either done manually or through the use of automated tools. Usually, this can easily be recognized as the messages posted will look quite nonsensical and have links to websites that are completely unrelated to the context of your site. When done manually, it can be more subtle and be harder to detect. Having a site full of spam comments will reduce the user experience, as a legitimate visitor will have to wade through dozens of spam posts to find anything useful. Having such spam on your website can also affect your SEO and get you penalized by Google.

There are, however numerous ways that you can use to protect yourself from these attacks, which we will see tomorrow.

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Tips for Running CPA Offers on Craigslist: Part 1

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Tips for Running CPA Offers on Craigslist: Part 1

Even though it may have gotten more difficult in recent times, it is still possible to use Craigslist (and other classified ads sites) to promote some CPA offers, and there are still many merchants and networks which allow this kind of promotion. While these tips work for Craigslist, they will obviously be good for any other similar classified ads site out there.


However, many people report having problems, such as getting their ads flagged within minutes, or having their ads not appearing. Here are some tips that will help you get the most out of classified ads sites when used with CPA campaigns.


  • Don’t direct link to a CPA offer


While this may seem pretty obvious, a lot of new marketers seem oblivious to the fact that if you put an affiliate link directly into your ad, you will get flagged down rapidly, or your ad will not appear at all. You basically have two ways that you can use to direct traffic from a classified ads site to an affiliate or CPA offer. Either you build your own landing page and register a domain for it, or you have people email you and then reply to them by email. The approach that you will use will vary depending on what you are promoting, but the second option seems to be the most popular and effective for the majority of CPA offers.


  • Don’t use an autoresponder


An autoresponder is an email feature which automatically sends a reply with a pre-formatted message to anyone who sends you an email. Autoresponders have their value and are in fact extremely useful for some types of marketing. However, for classified ads, they are not a tool that you can use. Whenever someone gets an automated response to an email that they’ve sent, it automatically shows that something “spammy” is going on. Therefore, you are highly likely to get your ad flagged as spam very quickly if you use an autoresponder. I know that replying to emails personally takes time, but this is something that needs to be done if you want to have success. The task could be outsourced very cheaply as well. If you have to use an autoresponder (not recommended and we will get into more reasons later on) at least use one which is on a delay of a few hours and does not reply to emails automatically as soon as they are received.


  • Be creative in your ads


There are certain words such as “make money online” which will get your ad flagged right away. Furthermore, avoid copy pasting ads that you saw in an e-book or in a forum post that details some money making method for Craigslist. These have a high tendency to get flagged right away, since chances are there are many other people who have used them before you. Therefore, the bottom line here is: the ad that you post needs to be creative.

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Start Your Own Web Marketing Agency – What Services To Provide

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Start Your Own Web Marketing Agency – What Services To Provide

Starting your own web marketing agency and acquiring clients who will pay you for your services is not as difficult as it seems like in the first place. You can start this with just a part-time, one man operation and then scale things up when business starts picking up later on. Now we’ve already covered the basics on what you need to get started in the previous post. It’s now time to actually put things into action and get going.

First thing you need to do is to build your website. Just a simple one will do, all you actually need is to describe the services that you are offering as well as give customers your contact information to get in touch. Putting in a simple contact form works well too.

Now some of you may be wondering here: what kind of services will you have to offer? The short answer would be everything needed for a business to maintain an online presence and make profit from it.

The first thing you would need to do is to offer basic web site creation. If you are experienced in building multimedia, flash websites, then you can offer that too. However, all that is really needed is the ability to create a functional website for a business that will showcase their products/services, give background information on their company, and allow customers to contact them. You can either opt to host it on your own hosting account (it’s better to use reseller hosting, so that the client can also log in and make changes to their site). Or you could have the client sign up for a web hosting plan with your affiliate link and manage their own site after that.

What you also have to offer is web promotion services. How will you make this happen? Easy. You will need to offer a combination of various ways to attract traffic to your client’s site. Here are some:

Classified ads

Very simple to do and practical. A lot of small, locally owned businesses use these sites to advertise online. All you would have to do is post ads on a regular basis for the client, based on their specifications.

Social networking

Here, you will create a social media page for your client. Again, nothing complicated. All you would need to do is create a page with information about what they do, their products, current promotions that they are running, etc.


Optimize your client’s website so that it gets a decent rank for relevant keywords. Depending on competition in the niche that they are in, this could vary in difficulty from easy to quite hard. Follow best practices for SEO, create and upload original articles to high traffic sites which have a link back to their site, etc.

Paid ads

You could also create a pay per click, or media buying campaign in order to attract traffic to your clients sites if you are experienced in this method of advertising. You will simply charge them a bit more than what you are spending on advertising to make profit.

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How To Place Your Affiliate Links

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How To Place Your Affiliate Links

Unfortunately some of the best ways to place affiliate links involve black hat methods, we will cover one of these methods but are mostly interested in how to place you links using all white hat methods (the two in this article are enough to build a successful affiliate career that is completely white hat).

Linking in eBooks

It is no secret that people on the internet love ebooks, however most beginning internet marketers become suspicious after their first few “Sell this ebook on forums” ebooks that they purchase.  Avoid and reshape this mentality by creating (or buying the rights for) ebooks and giving them away for free, now this activity might seem counterintuitive “How can I make money by giving stuff away?” but it is truly ingenious. What you are looking to do is create an ebook about how to make money online using different products, explain the overwhelmingly positive benefits of each of these products and each time you mention the product place it as a hyperlink with your affiliate link as the target.  You can use this technique with all sorts of different niches and some say targeting niches that are not internet marketing are more profitable because people tend to not be expecting affiliate links (did you know the average person does not know that there is any such thing as an affiliate link?).

Article Marketing

This technique will again be focusing on giving people free content and sneaking in your affiliate links. While article marketing can be sort of a shot in the dark, it is a nice way to put some of you links out on the internet and never have to think about them again. Your goal in article marketing is the same as with writing an ebook, provide quality content and advice that causes the user to realize they really need the products in the book, then put your affiliate links and the targets for the product hyperlinks. Article marketing is a much faster way to get your affiliate links out to the world.


This one is definitely blackhat, so only read ahead if you have no problems scamming ordinary everyday people out of their money.  One of the best ways to work affiliate links into craigslist is in the jobs section, when searching for jobs people are nearly as desperate as ever and will go to great lengths to get a job. Another excellent way is in the for sale section, you can actually get away with posting straight affiliate links to Amazon and surprisingly people will purchase through your link! Again, these methods are blackhat and can get you flagged on craigslist.

That’s all there is to it, it takes a little bit of work and patience once you have the links placed, but the internet is a big place and over time you will start seeing sales rolling in via your affiliate links.

Image Source: Bill Board Mama

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Using A Review Site For Affiliate Offers

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Using A Review Site For Affiliate Offers

If you are promoting any type of affiliate offer online, such as a Clickbank product or certain types of CPA offers, you will probably be searching for ways to increase your conversions and thus your revenues. Generally, there are two ways to promote an offer, either direct linking to the offer or creating a landing page. But there is a type of landing page that is being often used by internet marketers out there due to its potential to bring in more conversions: the multi product review page.

Now how does it work and is it complicated to set up?

What this type of landing page consists of is basically creating a comparison of a few offers (usually around 3) of the same category. So if you are promoting a dog training guide on Clickbank, you will basically include information and your affiliate link to 3 different Clickbank dog training products. Your reviews will need to be informational and generally positive, but it is possible to give ratings to the products and make one product appear as slightly better than the other ones. The other products are still “good” and useful to the buyer, it’s just that the top one offers the best value, or the best information, etc.

Setting it up is quite easy. Of course, the page needs to look good to the user and “professional”, not like something an 9 year old put together for his elementary school computer class. You just need to use a template that is related to your niche and structure the information well. You can find many review site templates for free just by browsing internet marketing forums or by doing a quick Google search. Some minimal web design is required, but you only need to know how to use a basic web editor. No need to design fancy graphics, logos, flash movies, etc. Then just get a domain related to your niche and upload it to the server. For some ideas on how the page is supposed to look like, just take a peek at how your competitors pages are doing and structure yours accordingly.

Why should I use this method? Will it be profitable?

This is profitable due to the fact that the user will feel more as if you are “on their side” and presenting information on various products, rather than pitching one product which will look like you are trying to sell them something.

While it is quite unlikely that someone will buy multiple products from the review site (since they all do pretty much the same thing), this is different for free offers. For example, if you are promoting survey sites, free biz opp leads or free dating site signup offers, a user could register at more than one of the sites thus making you more revenue than if you would have only been promoting a single offer. Feel free to try this method with different kinds of offers and see what the results are, then adjust your campaigns accordingly.

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Advertising Options Overview – Classifieds Sites

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Advertising Options Overview – Classifieds Sites

When you are promoting an affiliate or CPA offer, you obviously need to advertise in order to get traffic to your site. After all, people will not magically type your affiliate link in their browser if they don’t know it exists. There are various ways to post ads online, let’s take a look at one of them:

Classified Ads Sites:

Some examples of these sites are Craigslist, Backpage, Gumtree and Kijiji. Of course there are many others but they all have one thing in common: the ability to place classified ads for free. Using these sites to get traffic to your CPA offers has brought great results to many people, but it needs to be done properly in order to be effective. Furthermore, you would need to check with your network manager to see if promoting a certain offer on a classifieds site is allowed. Some networks may ban this type of promotion altogether or restrict it only to certain offers.

There are also a few points to remember if you don’t want to get in trouble.

Don’t post ads that are misleading or deceptive. Some examples of this is posting business opportunity offers in the “Jobs” section and making it appear like you are offering an actual job, then requiring the applicant to fill out a lead form to prove that they are “qualified”, or requiring someone to sign up for a video conferencing trial for an “interview” that will never take place.

Due to complaints to merchants and in some cases investigations by the FTC, networks are cracking down on such “blackhat” advertising.

What you should rather do is post in the appropriate category and explain what the offer is about and what benefits it could bring to the customer. Since many affiliate sites are immediately flagged as “spam”, you will probably be better off getting your own domain name and landing page for your offer.

While this flagging of ads which are not spam and posted in the correct category could get annoying, remember that these sites are mainly there for local businesses to get clients and not to push affiliate offers. If there was no system in place to deal with overposting or postings in the wrong section, these places would soon be over run with hundreds of spam messages drowning out any legitimate content.

On certain offers, such as car loan or mortgage leads, another tactic that works would be having people contact you by email. You would then send them a reply with details of the offer and your affiliate link.

While posting is usually free, some sites allow your ad to be placed on top for a certain period of time or highlighted for a small fee. This will bring some additional attention to your ad and will ultimately result in more clicks for you.

In any case, remember that some networks may forbid advertising on these sites mainly due to past abuses. Therefore, be sure to get the OK from your affiliate manager before beginning.

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What Type Of Blog Should You Start?

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What Type Of Blog Should You Start?

If you’ve decided to start an online business of any sort, you probably know that blogging is a great marketing tool. A blog can help you get the word out about any products you’re promoting, and adding a blog to your marketing campaign is a great idea. There are a few different types of blog you can use, and it’s important to pick the right one to suit your needs.

Personal Blog

Personal blogs are typically written from the first person perspective, and they detail the happenings of someone’s life. Personal blogs are very effective at creating a sense of trust between the blogger and the reader,  because the blogger is sharing pieces of their personal life with the reader. As you make mention of any products or services you might be promoting on your personal blog, include affiliate links to them so that you can use your blog to bring in some money. Personal blogs tend to be the easiest for people to write, but the hardest to profit from. It can be difficult to work in links to products you’re promoting without sounding fake, or impersonal, and being personal is the cornerstone of a successful personal blog.

Niche Blog

You’ve probably read at least one niche blog today – in fact you’re reading one now. A niche blog is just a blog that covers a particular topic or set of topics on a daily basis. Niche blogs are a great way to generate ad revenue. Just write about what you want to write about, and put ads related to that topic on the blog. As time goes on and your traffic grows, you’ll start generating ad revenue without even trying.

Product Blog

A product blog displays various products in an informative or entertaining way. Most of the time, those products are tied together by some common factor, and most every product displayed on the blog leads to an affiliate link so that the blog owner can generate profits from the blog. If you’re going to run a product blog, it’s very important to keep the writing high quality. If the blog is boring, or if it comes of as “spammy” to the reader, your blog won’t get very far. Whether or not a product blog succeeds is directly related to how good the write ups for each product are.

Each type of blog has some strengths and weaknesses, and it’s important to figure out which one is right for your project. Choose carefully, and you’ll have a profitable blog in your future.

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3 Ways to Make Money Blogging

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3 Ways to Make Money Blogging

Making money while blogging is a great sounding idea, but it is even harder to put into practice. Writing takes time, dedication, and creative thoughts. Then there is the promotion, networking, social networking, blog design, and blog maintenance to keep up with. The other areas take away from the core of writing for a purpose and should be the secondary thing after your content. If you write an article per day, do that first, then promote and maintain second. Great content is still king.

Making money should be the next thing to worry about – after you do the other stuff and after you have some great content. There are plenty of ways to make money from your blog, such as advertising, but today we are going to touch on three very different ways you can make a great profit from your website. Most professional bloggers do at least one of these, allowing them to rake in sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. But don’t worry, most of us aren’t that lucky. Being able to break even on a blog is a great start, then after that focus on paying for your gas every week for your car. Once you have reached that, try to pay for your cellphone bill and gas. Keep moving up until you have scaled to the point you want to be at that you can maintain while staying sane. With that, let’s look at 3 ways to make money blogging.

Affiliate Revenue
Signing up to be an affiliate for products that are close to your niche can be a great way to create some income. You can promote established products and link to them from your blog. You will receive a portion of the sales of those products when someone visits and purchases the product from your affiliate link. This is a great way to get your feet wet before trying to create your own products. A good example is Copyblogger.com where he promotes professional blogging software such as Thesis theme.

Create a Product
Creating your own product related to your niche is a great way to make a lot of money, especially if you have a big audience of 2-3k unique visitors per month. Create an enticing ebook, membership site, or video series and promote them on your blog and through affiliates on other websites.

Write for Someone Else
If you are just getting started, don’t be afraid to write for someone else so that you can start getting some income right away. It will help offset your startup costs and give you some real cash to spend.

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Introduction to Ezine Article Publishing

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Introduction to Ezine Article Publishing

EzineArticles.com is one of the leading article directories online today and has been established for a very long time in the marketing and article space.

Ezine Articles essentially lets your post your articles (rewritten for Ezine or as you posted on your own blog) to their database of articles with millions of visits each month. What that does, is it brings you visitors and backlinks to your website creating a lot of value for your business.

Some people make a living by posting to Ezine and linking out to affiliate products or their own products and selling people from their articles on the products and websites.

Ezine is a very powerful tool that should be in every internet marketers business plan.

There are two differing camps when it comes to article publishing on article directories. Some people believe that all the content must be unique that you post on your blog, therefore you should never post vanilla posts from your blog onto article directories. Then, there are other internet marketers who have claimed they have had no ill effects from publishing the same article from their blog a few days later on the most popular article directories. Personally, I have no problem posting my articles from my own blog onto article directories, but I usually wait at least a week before I do so, that way I have time for my own articles to be indexed and to appear as the original article source.

Once you are ready to start publishing, it is a good idea to go through and read some of the Ezine Articles to see what style are most popular and which topics seem to be as well.

You are not allowed to use affiliate links directly in your Ezine articles, so instead you need to set up a sub directory with 301 redirect to your affiliate link, if that is the way you are going to go.

Linking is also very closely monitored, you can not have links in the first 2/3rd’s of the article, so be conscience of that so that you can save yourself some frustration, there is also a limit on the number of links that are allowed.

Ezine Articles can be a very powerful tool to incorporate into your business, learning the ropes first and taking it slowly (so you don’t get banned) is important so that you can create unique content that will garner you some great responses to your links, in turn making you some money.

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How To Make Money With CPA Networks – My Recommend Networks I Use To Make $100 A Day

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How To Make Money With CPA Networks – My Recommend Networks I Use To Make $100 A Day

CPA_Networks_Make_MoneyCPA stands for Cost Per Action.  CPA networks are becoming very popular for internet marketers to make money online because companies are paying high commissions for leads.

To give you an example i use a number of CPA networks which ill talk about in a minute that have a number of companies that will pay you commission for every lead you send them.  For example if you send your email lists/website traffic to the advertisers landing page and your referrel puts in their email address to receive whatever they are selling you can earn upto $15 just from your referrel putting in their email address.

I did an experiment the other day and put a link on my facebook status for anyone who wants to make $10 to fill out a free survey.  5 of my facebook friends clicked on the affiliate link in my facebook status and i made $50 just from them completing a quick 2 minutes survey on the advertisers website.

Big named brands spend millions of dollars a year on advertising and the reason they pay so much for leads is because once they have your referrels contact details they can then create a relationship with them and send them offers via email or even sell on their contact details to third partie companies which is a massive business.

I recommend the following CPA networks as they pay the based commissions.

CX Digital MediaClick Here To Register

NeverblueClick Here To Register

When you fill out your application make sure to fill out the following:

Your complete address, contact telephone and email address that is registered with one of your domain names, e.g john@yourdomain.com , also one of your main websites that you will use to promote their CPA offers.  Make sure your website is upto date and looks professional and related to the niche your hoping to promote.  As your will go through a verification process before you can get accepted onto the network.

You will get a phone call to verify your account, which is normal.  Activation takes about 48 hours

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Google Adsense Websites

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Google Adsense Websites

google adsense websitesGoogle Adsense Websites

Google adsense are google adverts that are put on your website and everytime a visitor on your website clicks on those adverts you instantly earn commission. Anything from $0.01 – $5 depending on the type of link.

If you already have a website established with a good amount traffic coming in and are looking for some extra income from your website then it could be a good idea to experiment adding google adsense to your website. Its very easy to add, simply create an account with Google and when your application is approved you will be given the html code to add to your website. Its very simple.

If you don’t have a website and are looking for a website idea then you could try create a Google adsense website. This simply is creating a website on a particular topic and having a alot of content about this subject and on each page having your Google adverts nicely spread out on the page enticing users to click on the links and earning you commission.

Some webmasters have create a search engine website that uses the Google adsense search bar. This means when ever a user hits your website and does a search for anything, a full list of results is displayed and whenever someone clicks on those links you instantly earn a commission

Another good way to generate adsense sales is by having a blog, as you can update your content everyday and for each blog have one google adsense advert in each blog tempting the reader to click on the advert and earning you commission

Once you have your google adsense website established and making money you can then start to experiment with adding affiliate links which earn you commission everytime someone buys something. Affiliate links are product links to other websites that sell products or services. If a user clicks on an affiliate link on your website and goes to buy that product you instantly earn a nice commission

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