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How Do Bloggers Make Money ?

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How Do Bloggers Make Money ?

blog for moneyA blog can be monetised in so many different ways, for example:

  • Google Adsense (earn money from readers clicking on links on your blog)
  • Amazon Associates (earn money from referring your readers to buy products from Amazon)
  • Affiliate Marketing (earn money from referring your readers to buy products from companies you are affiliated with)
  • CPA Leads (earn money from Cost Per Action, which means referring your readers to other websites that pay you for every lead you send them e.g an email opt in form)
  • Click Bank.  Earn money from selling clickbank digital products
  • Creating an email list.  Building up an email list is a great way to make money from emailing your lists with affiliate products.

If you keep your blog updated daily/weekly your blog will grow nicely and will get good traffic coming to it and you will start to see money being made from your efforts.  Top successful bloggers are making $1,000 a day from commission.  Because they have so many readers everyday and if that reader clicks on a Google advert or clicks on any of the affiliate banners and makes a purchase the blogger earns a nice commission.

If you’re serious about making money online with your own network of blogs then I highly recommend you to join up to my membership program and watch my video tutorials on how to set-up a successful blog and drive traffic to them and make money from affiliate marketing.

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How to add affiliate banners to a wordpress blog

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How to add affiliate banners to a wordpress blog

b8d2_1_bIf you would like to add affiliate banners to an article within your blog this is what you need to do:

1) First login to your affiliate merchants accout e.g (cj.com, affiliatefuture.co.uk,etc.)

2) Copy the html banner code the company you are affiliated with has supplied you (preferbly – 468×60 code is ideal for articles)

3) login to your blog and edit or add a new article you would like the banner to appear in and click on the html tab as shown in the following pic and simply paste in the html code. Click publish and your article is live on your blog and you should be able to see the banner. 


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Make Money Online With Our Business Opportunities

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Make Money Online With Our Business Opportunities

125bannerWe have now introduced new designs for our internet business opportunities using custom php wordpress themes.

Our new websites have a backend system that allows you to log in and update your website with new products,affiliate banners and a blog feature to write about new products you have and reviews. They are very easy to use for anyone and great for search engine optimisation

We have many websites for sale take a look at our main website – CLICK HERE to see how you can make a living by running one of our successful websites

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