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Final Advice on Content Marketing

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Final Advice on Content Marketing

Recently, we’ve gone through many things related to content marketing and how you can better use it to promote your business in the online world. While creating web content may seem easy, there are some things you need to know about if you want your efforts to actually be beneficial to your business. Here are some additional tidbits of advice on the topic:

Organize Your Content Well on Your Site

Don’t just throw articles around randomly on your website. Make sure that it is structured, so that the users can rapidly find the content they’re looking for and also navigate efficiently to the rest of your website. You can consider adding a blog to your main site as a place where you will put most of your articles too.

Your Articles Should Also be Well Structured

Nothing will annoy a reader more than a poorly written article. And this doesn’t simply refer to the quality of the English used either. The general structure of the article should make it easy for the reader to get answers to their questions, without having to go through the entire piece to see if it contains what they’re looking for. Don’t write a wall of text. This is unbearably hard to read. Structure the article by using paragraphs and include lists or bullet points if the type of article that you’re creating can benefit from this.

Vary the Types of Articles You Post

Unless you have a content-based site that is strictly reserved for certain types of articles (such as technology reviews, political commentary, etc), you should try your best to try to vary the type of content that you include on your site. Include some news, company announcements, reviews, how to articles, etc.

Include an Image in the Article

Ever notice how industry magazine articles very often have an image, such as a piece of clip art that is related to the topic? This can serve many purposes, such as focusing the reader’s attention on the article and making it more inviting to read. Just like on this blog, you should include a small image that is related to the topic of your article in it.

Don’t Forget to Let Readers Share Your Content

We’re in 2012 and are living in a world where sharing information through social media has become more commonplace than ever. So why not let readers share your content with others who may be interested in it? Include various social media buttons, like Twitter, Facebook, etc. which will allow readers to share the article with their friends and followers. You can also include an option that will allow the reader to forward the article by email to their friends. Sure, someone dedicated enough to share your article can copy/paste it and share it that way, but we’re not in 1995 anymore. The easier you make it for readers to share your content, the more likely it is that they will actually do so. And this means more readers, more exposure and more traffic to your website.

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Holiday Selling Tips for Affiliates

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Holiday Selling Tips for Affiliates

So Black Friday and Cyber Monday are right around the corner, which means that e-commerce site owners as well as affiliates are all getting busy to give their shoppers the best possible experience and try to draw as many of them as they can to their site. But how should you do it as an affiliate? What sites should you promote and why? Here are a few pieces of advice that affiliates will find useful:

Look for Merchants that Offer Great Deals and Free Shipping

There are many reasons why people shop online: good prices, convenience and the ability to find products that they wouldn’t be able to get in stores. But in the case of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, people will be looking for more than “good” deals, they want great ones. Look for merchants who will be giving their customers special offers that have prices far below what they would normally charge during the shopping holiday.

Also, another thing to watch out for is free shipping. Research has shown that online shoppers are more likely to make a purchase at a site that offers them free shipping on their order. After all, what good is it to save $25 on a product if you need to pay $30 to have it shipped to you? This is why you need to look after sites that ship for free, either just for the holiday or all the time. Also, be careful about free shipping that comes with conditions, such as requiring that shoppers spend $50, $100 or more before being eligible to get their items delivered for free. While this may work for certain items, you should prioritize sites that give free shipping without any conditions attached. Finally, make sure to emphasize the “free shipping” part in your marketing materials.

Be Mindful of Mobile Shoppers

A recent survey published at Market Watch finds that about 4% of e-commerce transactions come from mobile devices and this is expected to nearly double in the next 4 years. This shows that there are many people who shop from their mobile devices like tablets or smartphones, but these aren’t yet the platforms that are preferred by shoppers, who will mostly be using a regular PC. Smartphones are the most popular mobile device at the moment, but tablets are rapidly catching up and are expected to become the main mobile device used for shopping in the next 5 years. Still, this doesn’t mean that you should ignore mobile shoppers.

The most simple thing you should do is ensure that your site will display properly when viewed on a smartphone or tablet PC. Even though the percentage is small, remember that there are millions of online shoppers out there and that there’s a relatively good chance that some of your sales will come from them. Test out your sites and also ensure that any affiliate links work properly when they are accessed from a mobile device.

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More Tips to Build Your Authority Online: Part 2

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More Tips to Build Your Authority Online: Part 2

For those who want to make their site an authority in their respective niche, there are quite a few tips that could be beneficial for them. Here is some more advice about building up your website’s authority.

  • Remember That it Takes Time

If you want to get recognized as a useful source of information in your niche, then you must be aware of the fact that this is something that will take time to build properly. Building authority isn’t about adding a lot of content to your site in a short amount of time. The content needs to be of high quality and the visitors interested in your niche will need some time to arrive to your site. Remember that this is a long term project and treat it as such.

  • Reserve a Place on Your Site For Informational Content

Building authority with a website that simply sells products or that just talks about the advantages of products that you sell is going to be very difficult. Therefore, your website should have a section where you talk about your niche in general. Of course, you can always explain to your users how some of your products can be helpful for them, but this section shouldn’t be a constant sales pitch to the visitors. To make things easier, you can add a separate blog to your website, as blogging systems such as WordPress and Joomla are perfectly designed to share information with your visitors and have many features that allow sharing and information exchange, such as the ability to easily include social network and bookmarking links, plus allowing your readers to respond to what you’ve posted by putting a space for comments.

  • Don’t Be Alone in Creating Your Content

If you look at websites that are ranked very high in their respective niches (like ZDNet in the IT niche, for example), you will obviously see that they have many different people who write articles, create videos, etc. for them. Trying to build an entire authority site all by yourself might be possible, however it may get quite difficult and tedious in the end.

There are ways around this problem. You can, for example, invite guest bloggers who will write blog posts for you. There is also the possibility of outsourcing some of the website content creation to others who are experienced in your niche. You should have no trouble finding people who can write blog articles, create videos and interactive presentations, etc. This will mean some additional costs for you, however your website will be a lot richer in information for the users and therefore will stand a much higher chance of getting recognized by others as a genuinely useful source of information on your niche.

  • Ask Users What They Want to See

By doing so, you will make your website visitors feel more important. This will also make them more likely to return to your website and share the stuff that they’ve seen with others. Remember that the happier your users are, the more likely they are to go back to your site.



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Tips To Start Your Blog Right

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Tips To Start Your Blog Right

If you’re thinking of starting a blog, then there’s obviously some things that you would need to do in order to get started. While starting a blog may look easy, if you’re going to make some money from it, then there are a few things that you need to think about before you get going. Here are some things that you need to do in order to start a profitable blog:

  • Decide on a Domain Name

Avoid using free hosting services that don’t give you your own domain name. It’s now possible to get a domain for about $8 and the most basic hosting service for less than $5 a month, even without paying in advance or taking a commitment with a web host.

  • Install Blogging Software

There are a few blogging platforms that are now popular, however WordPress remains a favorite. Other content management systems that you can use for your blog are Joomla and Drupal. It’s recommended to go with WordPress if you don’t have too much experience as a webmaster, due to the fact that it allows easy customization and is also relatively simple and straightforward to use.

  • Customize the Look and Feel of Your Blog

Actually changing the design is quite easy, since WordPress has a library of hundreds of free blogging templates. There are also many more commercial templates that you can buy and use together with your WordPress blog. The main issue is that these templates will determine just how your blog looks, so it’s important to pay close attention to them. What you can always do, is to install some templates, make some test posts and look at them one by one to see which of them would be the best suited for the type of blog that you’re going to be putting up. You can also ask others for advice about which blog theme would work best for you.

  • Think of Your Content

Create a strategy to add content to your blog before you even launch it. This is because content is the most important element of your blog and what draws readers to it. The more interesting content you post on a regular basis, the more others are likely to find your blog informative, come back to it and also link to it from their own blogs.

Will it be something informative, something related to recent news, or will it be more of an opinion blog where you share your views on a variety of topics with your readers? Will you add other kinds of content besides text, such as graphics, diagrams and videos? How often will you post? Will you be doing all the content writing yourself, or will you hire a freelancer to do all or part of your blog posts? Before you launch the blog, these are the most important questions that you will need to ask yourself.

Tomorrow, we will see some more ideas on how you can get more traffic to your blog and optimize it to get the maximum amount of visitors possible.

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Building Your Blog for Online Marketing: Part 2

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Building Your Blog for Online Marketing: Part 2

Previously, we’ve seen a few tips that would help you build a blog that you can use for online marketing. While deciding on the kind of content you will have on your blog, choosing a good hosting provider and monetizing your blog are important things to consider, there are also a few other tips you should keep in mind if you want your new blog to be a great tool that will help you make more money online. Here are some more of them:

Choose a Good Theme

When you create a blog by using a system such as WordPress or Joomla, you get thousands of options when it comes to themes for your new blog. A theme is basically an overall design, sort of like a template, that will determine the look and feel of your blog. Choosing a theme is relatively easy, as when you look through WordPress or Joomla, you will see thousands of free themes, as well as some paid ones that you can instantly apply to your blog. However, this is not something that you will want to rush into. It’s better for you to look carefully at all the designs available and select one that will work well for you.

The theme that you use will need to match well with your business and should be similar in appearance to your main website. Don’t hesitate to ask colleagues for advice on which theme will be better for you.

If you have some graphics and programming knowledge, you can design your own blog theme, or edit an existing one to make it match your needs better. You can also pay someone to make a custom made theme just for your blog, however the services of a professional theme designer could cost several hundreds of dollars.

Make Sure Your Blog is Inviting to the User and Easy to Navigate

One of the most common complaints that blog readers have is that the blogs seem to be filled with ads, opt in boxes and other monetization options, so much that it is difficult to actually see what link will lead them to an actual content page and which one is an ad. Of course, it’s important for you to make money from your blog and this is probably one of your primary objectives. But remember that the first purpose of the blog is a communication tool that you use to convey information to your visitors. Therefore, it needs to be easy to navigate for the user.

To determine whether you’re doing things right, create your blog and install your theme, make any customizations necessary and add a few test posts. Then show the result to some people to see whether they like it or not. Get some input on what they think should be changed or improved on your new blog. This will allow you to make some changes before you officially launch your blog.

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Why Many Internet Marketers Give Up – Part 2

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Why Many Internet Marketers Give Up – Part 2

We all know that there are plenty of success stories to be found when it comes to the online marketing industry. Some people have built million dollar businesses right from their homes. But what about those who simply gave up. Let’s keep looking at some of the common reasons. But, maybe you are asking yourself: why does this guy want me to see what people who failed did? I want success!! Well the answer is simple: because you sometimes need to see where people messed up so that you don’t repeat their errors. There is a quote that I often like to use: “The wise man learns from his mistakes, but the genius learns from the mistakes of others.” Now let’s get back to seeing some of what causes people to give up:

  • They Let Others Talk Them Out Of It

This happens, and it does quite often actually. Somebody could have a million dollar business plan, but then their friend/wife/mother/uncle/dog tells them that “that’s stupid, it will never work” or that “you can’t make money on the internet, it is all a big scam” and then they simply put their plans behind. To have success in any business, whether its online or not, you have to believe in yourself. Do you really think that nobody was laughing at Bill Gates when he quit college to start Microsoft? Well, considering the fact that he’s now the richest man in the world, I somehow have a feeling that these people are saying: “Damn! If only I was more friendly with that geeky guy in glasses!!”.

  • They Wanted Someone To Hold Their Hand Every Step of the Way

Part of running any business is that you need to be able to make the right decisions by yourself. There will be nobody explaining to you what you have to do, how to do it and when to do it. YOU will need to look up the information necessary to build, operate and expand your business. While you may partner up with others who can give you advice, remember that these people also have their own businesses to run and therefore won’t want to constantly be looking out for you.

  • They Had a Problem or Setback and Quickly Got Discouraged

Again, this is a common occurrence. If I said to you that everything will always be A-OK in the online business industry, I would be lying to you. Things can go wrong. Sometimes, your ads and sales pages will not convert as well as you want them to. A “super money maker method” could turn out to be completely worthless. An affiliate network could go bankrupt, leaving hundreds of affiliates high and dry. This happens. Deal with it. When a problem occurs, the best thing to do is to start thinking of logical solutions: what could I have done differently so that this doesn’t happen to me again in the future? That is the question that you need to be always asking yourself in case of an issue with your business.

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Understanding the Importance Of Long Tail Keywords

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Understanding the Importance Of Long Tail Keywords

If you are doing search engine optimization or search engine marketing, it is possible that you have seen some advice pertaining to long tail keywords. It is quite possible that you may have asked yourself: what exactly is a long tail keyword? And what benefit does it bring to my site exactly?

To give you a quick answer, long tail keywords are those which have more than 2 words in the main keyword phrase. What makes them so powerful is that these keywords are often what people search for when they are ready to purchase a certain product or service online. By making your site rank high for these keywords, you increase the chance that a buyer will see your site and therefore make a purchase from you.

Targeting long tail keywords during your online marketing efforts has a lot of advantages. Here are some of them:

These keywords convert better than general ones

Traffic that comes from long tail keywords is more likely to convert than traffic which comes from general ones. This is a known fact throughout the internet marketing industry. The reason behind this is because these keywords are a lot more targeted and specific than general ones. People who are searching for more detailed keywords such as “buy iphone” or “iphone discount” or “used iphone New York” are more likely to buy a product rather than someone who is just seeking for “iphone”.

You can put in your product name in them

Basically, people who are looking for a specific product online can be in two categories. They either have already made a decision to buy a certain product or they are seriously considering to buy it but they are seeking more information about it. In both cases, what you need to do is to target the necessary keywords and have a landing page that will be able to convince visitors that your product is exactly what they have been looking for.

Don’t require as much efforts to rank higher

In the internet marketing world there is plenty of competition. Unless you have a product or service that is extremely unique with no competition (highly unlikely… chances are somebody will copy you sooner or later) or is in a very obscure and specific niche, you will see others online promoting the same product or service that you are.

If you are in the dog training niche, you will see, for example that keywords such as “dog training” or “dogs” are already dominated by your competitors. The problem is that many of these competitors are large businesses which have a large budget and staff that is making sure that they stay on top of search engine results. Therefore, going against them is not the best idea. However, if you target a more specific, long tail keyword, such as “make your dog stop barking”, you will find that there are far fewer pages with that keyword phrase. This means that you will not have to do as much SEO work if you want to rank high for it.

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