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Creating Your Info Product: The Content – Part 1

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Creating Your Info Product: The Content – Part 1

If you decide to create the content of your info product by yourself, in that case you have quite a bit of work to do. However, just like any other online business project, it can be done if you apply the right methods, knowledge and effort into it. For many people, the creation of the product itself can even be a very enjoyable experience. Before we get started on how to put the product together, there are a few general tips that you need to be aware of, which will help make sure that your product will be well received by its targeted audience, meaning your buyers:

  • Offer something useful and really informative – solve your readers problems and answer their questions

One of the common complaints about information products, especially those in the online marketing niche, is that they don’t offer any real and usable information to the buyer. Think of it this way, a guide on earning money online that simply tells the reader to put up a website, sign up for Adsense or a CPA network and then “somehow” get some traffic to it would be quite useless, as it doesn’t actually give any details or methods on how they can accomplish that.

  • Don’t just rewrite free information that can be found online

This is another complaint that people make about info products that they’ve bought. There is a lot of free information available online to people who are looking for answers to their questions about any given topic. Is your product actually going to give more than that? This is where you get the occasion to really make your product shine. Add some unique methods and strategies that you’ve thought up of and that you’ve tried. Use your experience and knowledge in your niche to share some personal advice with your readers about how you’ve solved the problem that they’ve been having and how you’ve accomplished what they’re trying to do. While some things, such as SEO methods for example, are commonly discussed at length online, this doesn’t mean you just need to rewrite existing information about them. Give something better to your buyers and they will definitely appreciate it.

  • Quality matters more than quantity

When creating a product that is supposed to be informational, you’re not writing a novel or creating the next big movie. You want the information transmitted to your readers to be concise and educate them on your niche. Nobody wants to read an e-book or watch a video course where half of the content is about the author boasting about his accomplishments or telling his life story to the buyer. This doesn’t help the buyer in any way. Essentially, you will want to give your buyers the necessary bits of background information about how some of the concepts work, then give them the actual methods on how they can actually make things work for themselves. Don’t say things simply for the sake of taking up space.

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Monetization Options For Your Blog

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Monetization Options For Your Blog

If you are thinking of putting up a blog on the internet, one of the main things that you would be thinking of would be how to make some money from it. Perhaps you may have heard about some bloggers earning good money from their blog and were wondering whether it would be possible for you to do the same. Well, the answer is yes, but just like with anything else related to earning money online, you will need to put a lot of effort into it to make it work. Here let’s explore some of the easiest methods of monetizing your blog first:


  • AdSense and other pay per click ads


This is considered by many bloggers to be one of the easiest ways to monetize a blog. It is also the most simple and straightforward. Essentially, you would be putting pay per click ads on your blog and will be receiving a certain sum of money whenever someone will click on one of the ads. These could be text ads, or banner ads. These days, advertisement distribution networks will automatically cause ads that are related to the topic of your blog to be displayed, so they will be more relevant and thus more likely to be click on by viewers. For example, if you have a blog that talks about politics, the ads that are displayed are likely to be more or less related to this topic, such as political polls, websites for candidates or political parties, etc.


While Google AdSense is the most popular of pay per click advertisement networks among bloggers, there are several other smaller ad networks out there such as AdBrite and Bidvertiser. The amount of money that you will make from having these ads on your blog will ultimately depend on how many visitors click on them. So the more traffic your blog gets, the higher the amount of revenue that you can generate from pay per click advertisements on it will be. This creates a good incentive for you to promote your blog well and to have regular interesting updates on it.


  • Putting up a “donate” button on your blog


This is quite straightforward. You can put a PayPal (or Moneybookers, or AlertPay, or any other payment system) button on your blog that will be there to let users donate a bit of money to support your blogging efforts. If the content of your blog is very interesting and it is read by a lot of people, you can make some money just by donations from readers. However, don’t expect to make thousands a month, unless you have a REALLY high traffic blog. Sure, it’s possible that a billionaire will stop by your blog, really like it and then decide to make a six figure donation. This has happened. But the odds of that happening to you are roughly equivalent to the odds of winning the lottery. Still you will probably make a few bucks, enough to cover your hosting fees and maybe pay for your internet connection.

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Building a Sale-Securing Landing Page

Landing pages are short one page websites where you do nothing but sell your product, you have probably come across a lot of ugly landing pages with blinking lights and auto playing videos (a couple of tricks to avoid) and while many landing pages look scammy by their very nature it is possible to build a legitimate looking page that will make your product sell.

The Hot Zone
I like to refer to it as the hot zone, there are a lot of other ways of referring to it but they all are referring to the same thing, the part of the screen that is first viewable by a user when they come to your site. One excellent tactic for the hot zone is to stall your visitor, a good way to do this is by asking a compelling question in large font, bolded, something like “Do you want to make $50 every day online?” or “Are you tired of looking in the mirror and feeling depressed?” asking questions of people will either force them to at least answer it in their head (taking up a couple seconds) or spark their interest enough to get them to scroll down the page, once they start scrolling you are very close to making a sale. Other tactics to use in the hot zone are stating compelling facts such as “Doctors make new discover, cigarettes ARE healthy” or something else that will confuse the visitor and make them want to read on to learn more.
Another essential piece of the hot zone is to include a graphic, something related to your topic and also compelling, oftentimes a graphic can draw a visitor in more than text so go for something good like an attractive girl or an adsense screenshot showing hundreds of dollars made.

The Rest of the Page
If a visitor gets to this part of the page you are looking good for making a sale. Here is where you want to do one of two things, either pack in facts about your product or niche, or sell your products benefits like a mad man. Get right in their face about how the product can “CHANGE THEIR LIFE!!!” or whatever else the product can do, do not be shy about this part of the page, what you are banking on is your visitor generating some sort of high, some sort of act-now-or-miss-out-forever feeling deep in their gut where they absolutely cannot reject your offer. Continue including graphics that will draw the eye and lead them to continue reading (many people will exit your page if there are no graphics to draw their eyes). Keep up this sort of text for the length of at least 4 or 5 pages, then drop a sales link in, a common tactic is the “slash price” where you strike out the “old” price and give them a new one, even though this might seem cheesy, it works well, do not be too proud to use tactics that work.

In conclusion, making sales out of your visitors can be done with a landing page but it takes compelling content and pictures that will ruffle your potential clients feathers and get them interested, once you have this covered you are on your way to your own “$50 PER DAY GUARANTEED!!!” method.

Image source:http://anhblog.net/Images/landing-page.jpg

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Three Ways to Profit from Your Blog

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Three Ways to Profit from Your Blog

Bloggers are making money from there blogs in a host of different ways, but there are three clear winners in terms of payout.  Advertising, sponsorships, and other writing opportunities gained are the three top earners for bloggers.  While there are many other ways to make money from blogs, we will focus on just these three for this article.

Firstly, advertising is seen on about 99% of blogs.  Why? Because it makes the most money in the easiest way possible.  Most advertising on blogs goes through Google Adsense, where you can select pre-made templates and plug the code right into your site.  Of course, there are tons more advanced customization options, but many people opt for the plug-n-play feature, which allows them to begin making money straight away.  There are many similar services such as Chikita’s Mini emails as well as Widget Bucks, both of which pay fairly well.  Bloggers can also sell their ad space privately, which makes a lot more money, but also requires time to manage.  So, it’s up to the blogger to choose.  Do they want to spend more time managing the ads to make a lot more money? Or do they just want to do a few mouse clicks and automatically have ads served on their website?

The second top way of making money for bloggers is sponsorships.  Some companies buy exclusive advertising rights on blogs.  Some also pay for bloggers to make posts about their product.  The problem with sponsored posts is that many people lose trust in the blogger for being a “sell out”, and going with the exclusive advertisement way is a much better option.  The occasional sponsored post, though, can be alright, so long as the blogger actually has some experience with the product.

Other writing opportunities gained from writing on their own blog can be a big money maker for bloggers.  Many get publishing deals for books, or columns in local newspapers, or even national ones.  Other blogs or websites might also approach bloggers with the opportunities to get paid to write for the other blog or website.  Obviously, the print jobs generally pay a whole lot more than the other online jobs, but hey, income is income, and some people have to take what they can get in this day’s economy.  Plus, there are many websites out there that will treat their writers very fairly, and of course, there are a fair share that still do not.  Bloggers choosing to work for other blogs should just be aware of what the going rate might be, and what a realistic rate should be in terms of payment per word or article.

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How To Make Money Buying and Selling Websites, Website Flipping

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How To Make Money Buying and Selling Websites, Website Flipping

A great way to make money with a website is to purchase an established website that you know you can add value to the website and flip it at a later date for a profit.

To give you an example of what i mean i will give you an example of how i once made money buying a website from flippa.com for $1800 and then 3 months later sold it for $15,000 making a tidy profit.  The website i bought was a 6 months old blog that was rarely updated by its owner.  It was in the internet marketing niche which i know alot about so i knew i could add value to the blog.

The blog at the time was receiving 3,000 unique views a month and was a PR2 and was making $500 a month from affiliate sales via clickbank.com and a little on google adsense.

When i took over the blog this is what i did to improve the value of the blog:

1.) Made sure i added at least 2 very informal posts everyday to keep my readers and attract new readers.

2.) I offered a fee ebook download with an optin emails form. (i managed to capture 5,000 email addresses) to which i later emailed offers to bringing in $2,000 in commission, mainly clickbank products.

3.) I changed the theme of the blog to a premium wordpress theme.

4.) I installed a forum which help build a community around the blog.

5.) I submitted alot of articles to article websites and built up some good backlinks

6.) I did alot of blog commenting on other similar blogs helping bringing in more backlinks

7.) I sponsored wordpress themes digital point marketplace also helped bring in more backlinks.

After the first month my traffic had reached 6,700 uniques a month and my revenue went upto $1600 a month from commission from various networks i was using.  Most of my income came from my email list because within the free ebook i was given away had links to affiliate products and was earning money from my readers clicking on links within the ebook and purchasing a product.

By the end of month 3 i was adding 3 new articles a day and my email list had reached 5,000 email readers and was making on average $3,000 a month from affiliate commission mainly from Clickbank.com, Cj.com and Google adsense.

Now i knew i could resell the blog as i had added some very good value to the blog and sold it back on flippa.com for $15,000

So the key to buying and selling websites for profit is to look for a website you know you can add value to it.  Pick a niche you know about and would enjoy working on.

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How To Setup An AutoBlog That Makes Money

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How To Setup An AutoBlog That Makes Money

setting up autoblogA great way to make money online is to setup a network of autoblogs.  An autoblog is a wordpress blog that updates itself everyday by adding new articles.  By having a website that updates itself everyday with new content helps increase your websites rankings on search engines as Google in particular loves websites that are updated with new content as Google likes to display results of websites that have upto date information to enhance the users search experience and give them the exact results.

If you join our network we will show you and give you all the software and tools needed to setup an auto blog network.  Lets say for example you set up 100 auto websites all setup as affiliate sites using Amazon associates, Ebay affiliate program and Google adsense.  Lets say each site made $1 a day in commision.  Now times that by the number of auto blogs you have = $100 x 30 = $3000 in commission a month you will earn for doing nothing as your network will be fully automated.  Then slowly build up your network to 1000 autoblogs over time and your income can easily be $30,000 a month $360,000 a year all fully automated.

Autoblogs are taking the internet by storm and still alot of webmasters dont know what they are or how to set them up which is why we have created the Websites For Sale World membership programme that will allow you to setup a massive network of online websites designed to generate income from several different income streams all on auto pilot.


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