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Making Your Business Look Trustworthy Online

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Making Your Business Look Trustworthy Online

When shopping online, one of the things that makes many internet users hesitant at buying from a specific site is their perceived reliability and honesty of the business that they’re dealing with. Sure, you can offer the best quality products and offer your customers with top notch customer service, but you will need to convince them that this is something that you truly offer. There are quite a few methods that you can use to make your site appear more trustworthy in the eyes of online shoppers. It’s nothing too complicated, really. All that you have to do is to include certain elements on your website.


  • The main design


Your site should be neatly designed and load correctly in all browsers without errors. Every element should work, such as the links and graphics. Text on your site should be free of grammatical and spelling errors. It has been demonstrated time and time again, a site that looks “professional” will immediately get more trust from visitors than a website that looks like it was put together in 10 minutes.


  • Contact information


If something goes wrong, buyers will want to have the assurance that they will be able to contact you to resolve the issue. They also want a quick way to get in touch with you should they have questions about your products.


The contact information that you provide will depend on the type of products that you sell and the specific kind of business that you run. If you have a physical location, including your address prominently on your site will help reassure visitors that they’re dealing with a “real” business. But even if you only sell digital products, posting some contact information prominently on your site is still a necessity. Include a phone number and email address if possible. Make sure that the “Support” or “Contact Us” button is well visible on your site.


If visitors need to read through the fine print at the bottom of the page just to see your contact information, this gives the impression that the only purpose of your site is to sell things, but that you don’t really care too much as to what happens after the buyer completes the purchase.


  • Social media buttons


Linking to your company’s social media pages from your website will give the impression that you’re a more established company, rather than a fly by night website. Therefore, you should include some links on your website to your Facebook, Twitter or Google+ pages. Not only will this help with marketing, but it also reassures the visitor that they would have a way to contact you or post comments about a purchase that they’ve made from you.


While these are some of the top elements you can include on your website, they’re not the only ones. Tomorrow, we will take a look at a few other things that you can do which will help instill trust in the people who come across your website.

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Advertising and Traffic Generation Methods for Info Products

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Advertising and Traffic Generation Methods for Info Products

In order for you to sell your product online you will need one main thing: traffic. Not just any kind of traffic, but targeted traffic coming from visitors that actually have an interest in your product. Selling a downloadable information product online is similar to selling any other kind of product from a website, but there are a few tips that are unique to this type of merchandise. Here are some ways that you can use to get your website up and running with visitors.

  • Search Engine Optimization

SEO is often overlooked by many creators of digital products, but if done right it can be a good long term traffic solution. It all depends on what you’re up against. When doing SEO, you must first analyze the amount of competition that you have for your desired keywords. Look at the number of sites that are ranked for your main keywords and look at which sites are near the top of search results.

Start developing an SEO strategy including both on page and off page factors. One of the key elements of SEO, which is link building, actually fits in well with other traffic generation methods, as you will not only get backlinks, but also potential visitors from people who click links to your product that are found on other websites. You must remember that good SEO may take some time, especially if you’re in a niche that is quite competitive, so it may not be the best for instant traffic. But for long term traffic, it’s still the best.

  • Article Marketing

Article marketing is a simple and quite effective way of marketing an info product. In fact, it’s one of the simplest and most popular forms of online advertising when it comes to selling digital goods. It consists of writing articles that are related to your niche and address some of the questions and issues that potential buyers of your product may have, without giving them too much information. You then include a link to your product at the bottom of your article inviting the reader to get more answers from your product. Articles can be posted on various article directories, such as Ezine Articles. There are also services which allow your articles to be syndicated for free to blogs that are looking for content.

One of the main advantages of article marketing is that it’s free. You only need to spend some time to write the articles and publish them to the relevant places. However, this can also sometimes get tedious, as you will need to write several unique articles a day and post them to directories before you start seeing any traffic and results. Of course, it’s also possible to outsource some or all of the article creation to a freelancer who can do the writing and posting of the articles for you. However, doing so will require some investment on your part.

There are a few other traffic generation techniques that you can use to get visitors to your product which we will take a look at tomorrow.

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Promoting Your Membership Site: Using Forums

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Promoting Your Membership Site: Using Forums

Now that you have learned about what is necessary to run a membership site that you created, you now need to figure out how you will get members to join. Obviously, this means putting the message out there. People will not just magically type in the URL of your site in the address bar and join. There are a couple of methods that you can employ in order to gain members to your site. Each have their unique advantages, so it is a good thing for you to review all of them before you make your decision as to how you will promote it.


Here are some promotional methods:


  • IM Forums


This is perhaps the best way to promote a membership site, as you will be showing your message to people who are already interested in learning about internet marketing and online money making techniques. The traffic is already there, all you would need to do is to get their attention and to convince them that your membership site is worth joining.


This can be done through various means. When a member of an internet marketing forum sees that a new membership site is being created, the first thing they will want to know if WHO created it. People who frequent IM forums have generally seen plenty of “make money online” products and are more likely to be skeptical than someone who is completely new to the industry and does not frequent any IM related communities online. In order to get better results, it would be good that you would be a reputed member of the forum where you are promoting your new site. This means having been on the forum for at least a few months and have made a decent number of contributions that are both useful as well as informative. Also, it helps if you get along well with other members and do not constantly get into flame wars with others. When a reputed member of an IM forum advertises their site, he is more likely to be taken seriously and listened to than a newbie with 4 posts that just joined yesterday.


It also helps to make some friends in the internet marketing community. This way, you will have some people who would be willing to review your site and vouch for its credibility in front of other members. If several well respected members of the forum say that a site is useful, then people are once again more likely to believe them.


Promoting via forums is simple and the exact steps to take depend on which forum you are in. All the big IM forums have a “Products for Sale” section. Some allow you to put a link to your site in your forum signature, while others will even let you purchase banner ad space on the forum that can be used for the purposes of promoting your website. This may cost a bit of money, but will attract much more attention to your offer.

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